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      1. Hey everyone It was organised that @ellicat, @GregOug, @Old Scaley, and @Cavvy would be coming out for a fish. I was on ellicat's boat with Cavvy, and Old Scaley and GregOug's son, were on GregOug's rig. We met at the North Manly ramp at 7:00AM, and after a quick chat and introducing/saying hello to one another we launched. After a relatively quick boat trip, we were out of the harbour and at the first spot. We got a bit of bait ready, which consisted of good quality squid, and some prawns, and dropped the lines down. The first bit of action came from a (I better not say), but it was ellicat's and we kept it for bait. After that, I got the next hit. Some nibbles followed by a big run on my 10lb setup made me slightly nervous that I would get busted off. The fish just kept running around, but eventually I made progress and got it to the surface. It was my first ever catshark - woohoo! It was a ripper fight, and after de-hooking it and untangling it from the line it was released. Here it is - We would've spent about 20-30 more minutes at this spot before it went a bit quiet. As we were reeling our lines in to move, I realised something had eaten my bait and must've been sitting on the bottom. It had two lunges and then went screaming off... Not for long - it also busted me off. "Bugger", I said. It was mildly disappointing but we think it might've been a ray as it stayed on the bottom. Then again, we'll never know now. We then fished at an artificial reef area, which yielded no success. It was a bit of a bummer, but we continued onwards. The same baits were used here, but we got some good pillies out ready for our next spot. As we were leaving for the next spot, we managed to lose GregOug and Old Scaley, so we did some drifts... The first part was quiet, but then we started to get pickered. They were pretty small, as we didn't manage to hook them. This continued for a while, and we were basically donating baits. The other party had still not found us, and while we were just drifting we saw a leather jacket or something swimming in the top water column, right up close to the boat. My dad actually fluked a strike which got one of the pickers in the guts. He skull dragged it up, and up came a grubfish (red rock whiting, or I think that is the correct name). Since they are good eating, we kept this one. It is soon to be cleaned and eaten. Not many things better than fresh fish. Yummo! We left soon after this, as GregOug and Old Scaley had gotten back to us. They said they'd gone for a zoom around the bay, and in GregOug's rig, it was roughly at 70Km/h. The bay was nice and glassy by now, and we were travelling around comfy and smooth. We got to the next spot for some more fishing. We were soon to have lunch on Peel, so this was close to a nice area where we could get up to the beach. It didn't take long for some nibbles though. I wasn't getting touched with my grinner fillet, but ellicat and Cavvy were getting nibbles. My Dad managed to strike and actually pulled in one. While they are tiny squire and they don't really count as a catch, it was our first so we got a quick piccy - We then went to Peel to eat lunch (salad rolls, yum!), had a bit of a chat about the day so far, and enjoyed the nice beach . The tide was rising so it looked like Greg's son had to swim out to the boat in the chilly water . We got back to the boat, but not before saying goodbye to Greg, Steve, and co. We headed to the next spot, but we quickly found out the tide was way to fast for our small sinkers, so Brian and my Dad switched to heavier sinkers but I kept the lighter one on. The decision was made to change spots, and we were going to the general spot Ted (crazywalrus) and Brian got their mackies. Unfortunately, time got the better of us and we had to head back to the ramp. Probably should've gotten a group photo!!! It was a great day overall, and good to meet @GregOug and @Old Scaley. Brian, it was great to catch up again. Thanks for the ripper day out guys, I hope to do it again soon! I hope to hear some other perspectives on the trip too. Here are the stats of our trip - Statistics of Trip - Tide - Manly - 5:40AM, 2.1M, high, 12:40PM, .4M, low - we fished the rise and the run out Moon Phase: First quarter moon Fish caught: Grinner x 1, Catshark x 1, Grubfish x 1, Squire x 2 Bait used: Squid, pillies, prawns, grinner Weather: A glassy bay - beautiful! Tackles Used: I believe Brian (ellicat) had 15lb and 20lb rigs, whereas I had 10lb and 30lb rigs (20lb and 15lb leaders for both of us). I was using 4/o circle hooks, a size 3 ball sinker, on a Rogue Firepoint 2M rod, and an Ugly Stik 6"6' rod. We had about 40cm-60cm of trace. I had size 1000 Shimano Sienna and a size 650 Penn reel. Brian had two Nordic Stage rods, but i do not remember what reel. Air Pressure: 1024 Overall Success Rate: 80% - a fabulous day out on the water!!!! Cheers Hamish
      2. Off to Hinze western arm with Rick and Joy today for a change of scenery. Had a good run with the traffic and lights so we arrived in the dark with no moon or stars No worries said I we will just use the gps. Only problem the sounder would not read the card which left us with no navigation and more importantly no access to all my marks. Headed off using silhouette of hills till we could pick out Ians Island looking for fish on the sounder. Found a school on Ians Island where we boated 40 odd bass which were on the small side so we then decided to explore. Neal had told me where he found some bass last week on the old submerged point that went over to Allens Alley and we found some fish on the flats in 48 feet of water on the edge of the drop off and some more hard up to the isolated trees. Finished up with 94 bass no tandans and no barred grunter. Luckily Michael went up to Moogerah for the weekend and donutted so he gave us his left over shrimp.
      3. Hey Legends, I'm gonna head to Fraser on Sunday. We will be camping at Teebing Spit for 4 nights. I know the spotties will be gone by then but what else can we expect to get? Anyone got some sneaky GPS marks they want to share?
      4. Hey all I'm going to put up the report from Thursday arvo/night, where I was at the normal haunt (local park). I'll say it straight up - it was a donut. It was also pretty cold, and despite putting in my best effort I could not catch one at all. I'll go from the start though, and try to make this a not so long report I arrived at about 2:45PM, and got the lines out. The two smaller lines were baited with good dead prawn, and I needed to get some livies for the bigger line. It wasn't the best tide, about 3/4 full, but I decided it didn't matter to much. The first cast I got a small prawn, and in about 3 more casts I got a couple more. These were then baited on the lines. I kept getting a consistent amount of prawns, around 1 or 2 a cast. The first take was a while away, where the line went off. I was too slow to set the hook and whatever it was, it was just a small one as it didn't pick up/take the full bait. This happened about five more times over the session. I was doing a bit of cast netting in this time, and I got a good silver biddy. It was immediately deployed, and I hoped for the best. Eventually, after many more prawns and some missed strikes, it was getting dark. My mate was still yet to come down, so I'd decided I'd do something I haven't down in a while - a night session. I put everything back into the cart except the rods, so it would be easier to leave when we did. The line in the cod spot was baited with a live frogmouth pilchard, the heavy salmon one with the biddy, and the lighter one with a prawn. "We're all set", I thought. My friend came down soon after and we were set. While I was a bit chilly, he was all set, with a puffer jacket (lucky). The first action came about 15 minutes in, with a run on the lighter line. I'd assume it would just be another perch/picker, but I'll never know, seeing as we didn't hook up. The next hour or so was fun, we just sat there and waited. Nothing. At. All. At the end, when my dad came down, we reeled in the salmon line. The biddy was still lively and swimming, which was really quite annoying. I would've thought it would make the perfect bait, but obviously not. Here are the statistics of that 'short' report. LOL. Statistics of trip - Tide: High tide, 1:40PM, 1.7M, Low tide, .4M. 7:50PM Moon Phase: First quarter Weather: Cold, slightly windy Tackle used: 14lb mainline, 30lb mainline (both braid), 15lb fluorocarbon leader, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 650 Penn reel, size 2 and six ball/bean sinkers, large barrel swivel, 6"6' and 8" Ugly Stik, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod. Bait used: Live prawns and silver biddy Fish caught: - Bait caught: Prawns and biddy Overall Success Rate: 30% - A nice fish That's that one done, which, I admit, was quite boring . Here is the next one, which thankfully wasn't a donut. I woke up at 5:40AM after going to bed early and setting an alarm. I ended up departing at about 6, and had the lines in at about 6:15AM. My dad was down for the first part to do some cast netting (and he also didn't let me go by myself when it was still dark). The first cast he got some prawns and a good sized frogmouth pilchard, which I live baited straight away. We now had all the lines in, with a mix of live prawn and frogmouth pilchard. Dad kept getting good prawns, but while this was happening, nothing was (happening) on the lines. By about 10 past seven, Dad had gotten plenty of prawns, and he headed off. In about five minutes, I saw some nibbles on the line. It was while I was cast netting, so I quickly pulled the net up and ran up. The rod was now going off, and line was screaming off the reel. I picked it up and striked. Realising it was a perch, I was surprised - it actually had ran pretty fast. This prompts me to think whatever was taking baits from the report above must've been small perch. I landed him, de-hooked him with a couple pulls with my hands, and then got a photo. I noticed he was bleeding, so I thought he might not swim off. Fortunately, after a proper swim off the jetty, he swam off fine. Here it is - After the perch, everything went quiet again. There was one more run, and the cod line was repeatedly pickered to bits. It seemed I was just wasting prawns on this, but I kept going because I wanted to see if I could entice anything with size. I also just kept getting prawns, which was good. My dad had caught a big prawn when he was throwing, and after a couple bait checks the frogmouth pilly seemed a bit, well, dead, so I put it on. I will say it looked great, with the prawn clicking around like no tomorrow. It was fired out, and after I caught a few more prawns off the end of the jetty (as well as one herring which found its way to the top of the net), I saw the salmon line go over, but then come straight back up. "Pickers!" I thought. I was right, as the prawns eyes and legs had been ripped off obviously killing it. I threw it back out, hoping a salmon might like an extra fresh bait. No fish wanted it though, so I let the prawn join the frogmouth pilchard in the esky and put on the live herring. It was fired out and left in the holder (a hole in the jetty which my rod fits very snuggly into). After numerous picker attacks in the cod hole (only one real strike), the line there got snagged. Luckily I had a fourth rod ready, but instead of putting it in the cod spot I put it on the other side of the wooden part. This meant that the current would be pushing it under the jetty, so I thought it might be good for a bream or cod. When I went down to the cast net next, this thing fell out. It just so happens that when reading old threads on this forum about the park, an ID thread came up with this fish. I couldn't remember the name then, but now I know it is a Butis Butis, or Crazyfish. Here it is (it looks and acts very much like a stick) - I threw it back, and it swam off. I caught some more prawns, and for the next twenty odd minutes I spent my time doing this (one time I got a few glassies which were annoying, but only one of them ended up as berley ). Then, I looked up. The rod positioned next to the pylons was going off. I yanked my net up as quick as I could and ran up to the rod. Luckily, it was still on. The fight began. I first got it out of the pylon area, so now I had a clean fight. When it surfaced, I realised I had an OK bream on. It ran around for a good couple minutes, and once I got it on the surface I waited a few more for some people to pass me my landing net. They netted him up for me, and then I took it from there. The photo of me wth it is dodgy because I needed to take a selfie. Here he is (a tad over 32cm and very fat). Solid! a nice BR Breambo! (I also just realised he is a bit further back than the start, so it might've been a 33cm model). It was just starting to rain, and despite being soaked, I wasn't cold at all because I remembered the thermals. It was another half an hour before my friend came down, and in this time I had basically caught a few more prawns. After my mate came down, I held the rod in the cod spot. It was getting relentlessly pickered. A couple times the rod would load up, like it would with any other fish, but then whatever it was the fish would drop it. This happened until about 11:30AM, and then it was time to go. In the time, the only exciting thing that happened was that I watched a catfish (about 30cm) come right up into about 10-20cm of water, to the edge of the river, and have a go at something... And I finally figured out what was pickering me in the shallows. Baby bream (or so I think). I managed to get one to the surface, and it was having a go at a prawn the size of its body! That was a waste of time! Here is a shot of the esky at the end of the day - On the way home, I managed to loose my landing net without me noticing so I called down my dad when I noticed (just about to leave the park, which is about a 700 metre walk away from the spot) and he came riding down. It took all of 3 minutes for him to find it, and then we walked home together. I was pretty satisfied with the session, so yes, that is this report done. Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you all enjoyed! Here are the stats - Statistics of trip - Tide: 2.2M High, 3:50AM, .4M Low, 10:40AM - I fished the run out and then the change Moon Phase: First quarter moon Weather: Rainy, overcast, and cool Water Temp: Quite cool - not very humid and rainy, miserable day Bait caught: Lots of prawns, frogmouth pilchards, herring Fish caught: Yellowfin Bream x 1, River Perch x 1 Bait used: Live prawns, frogmouth pilchards, and herring Tackle Used: 14lb mainline, 30lb mainline (both braid), 15lb fluorocarbon leader, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 650 Penn reel, size 2 and six ball/bean sinkers, large barrel swivel, 6"6' and 8" Ugly Stik, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod. Overall Success Rate: 60% - Some good fish Cheers Hamish
      5. Bit hard to leave the fire at 4,30 his morning, Found a school just outside the ramp bay first thing and pulled 20 odd good size bass before they moved on. We struggled to add another 13 bass and 2 tandans for the rest of the morning. Trip before last we had to move the shrimp pots out from the edge of the weed beds due to dropping water levels and we only got a few shrimp from each pot so looks like we will have to try a different location in future, Best bass went to Rick at 47.5 cm. Saw a bloke fishing from the shore who must have got lost
      6. Hey guys, new to posting here but long time member. I recently found some of my older land based catches around Brisbane most of them before the floods, back when jewies were 45cm limit lol, which has got me keen to start targeting the jewies again this season. I will update with some more pics and journals soon but thought it was worth posting them before they get lost again.
      7. Has anyone seen the new pontoon that opened up yesterday at Riverhills? Might be dropping down there this arvo to hunt for a Thready end of run out, does rip through there however. Anyway tight lines guys
      8. New to Cairns, planning to go fishing at Trinity inlet on Saturday, planning to fish around low tide (9:15am). Will be fishing off a tinnie. I read that Queenfish and Trevally are going to be best bet in the cooler months. Any one have any advice for fresh bait or lures? Where I can buy some bait? General advice for fishing the inlet?
      9. Love to know what you think and if it’s going to work?
      10. Bit wet and drizzly today and we had to work hard to find fish. We found some very promising looking shows on the sounder with what appeared to be active feeding fish but could not entice them to partake of a feed of live shrimp or to attack a blade.We just ended up sounding along the edges of drop offs and picking up a few fish here and there. On the way back to the ramp we found a few fish concentrated around Andrews drop off which increased the tally to 64 bass,1 yella and one tandan. Shrimp still scarce. Mark caught the most fish including a couple of 50s one of which was blind in one eye possibly as the result of a treble.
      11. Hi all, Have bought a berley bucket to hang off the boat and I am thinking of getting a mincer to make my own. Does anyone have any recipes, techniques, recommended mincers e.g manual or electric etc. cheers Greg
      12. Hi everyone I'm just going on a trip to Wivenhoe with the family. We will be doing a bit of sussing-out at the head of the river and the dam. If I get some good piccys, I'll post them up Cheers Hamish
      13. Only found 2 small schools again, but lucky they were hungry. Managed 62 bass, jigging and bait. Dino
      14. Hello users, My mate and I have been catching these fish in the Jindalee portion of the river, specifically the boat ramps next to the Jindalee Bridge and on Mt. Ommaney drive. I assume it's some species of Perch; however, I'm not entirely certain. All help appreciated, Carl of Arabia
      15. Done my good deed and took the neighbor fishing yesterday.More accident prone than me, I had to keep a close eye on him. There was a chill in the air, but didnt feel that cold and turned out to be a nice morning. We were on one fish each up till 9 am, as most time spent showing Bruce around. Finally found a school and settled in for the next couple of hours and managed 34 bass. Bruce was very happy with his first trip out for over a year and his wife was even happier as Bruce never leaves the house. Spent the night before at the hospital, got cyaticker ( spelling ) in right foot at 8pm,in waiting room 10pm till 11.20 pm,in bed till 2.30 am, given nothing for pain except a script. Managed an hour of broken sleep before keeping my word to take Bruce fishing.Slept like a log last night. Dino
      16. Hey everyone I have been a bit of a slacker posting up some of my reports, and in between school, feeling crook, fishing , and other assorted things I have not had the most time. I am doing it now though, so it is time for a three in one report. The first will be on Sunday the 7th, and the next last Saturday arvo and last Sunday morning. Here is the first trip (probably the most exciting) - So, I arrived at the park at about ten to three and got the lines in (after getting the gear out). I initially baited them with dead prawns, and chucked them out. The tide was going out, which is my preferable tide in that area. I then got to cast netting, which resulted in about five prawns. Two of them were large enough to use for salmon, and the other two were a better size for the bream/cod lines. This took about fifteen minutes, but once I went back up onto the pier to take a break the rod casted towards the middle of the river went off. I sprung up and picked up the line, slowly lifting the rod tip and tightening the drag at the same time so I didn't pull the hooks. I was on, but to my disappointment, after a short fight, a small catty came up. Oh well, I thought. I took a quick pic, and then chucked it back in the drink. Here it is - I did a bit of brightening on that photo as well, because when I took it my lenses on the phone were fogged up. Just after he was released, the rod next to the pylons went off. I picked it up as quick as anything, but to my disappointment I had dropped it, or it had missed the hook up. There was a group of people speaking a different language (Mandarin or another Asian language) watching me pull up the catfish. When I dropped the other fish, and said, "Bugger!", they all laughed. I did some more cast netting, and I watched many small pickers take my baits. I think this is one big problem with dead baits, especially when fishing landbased. While I was cast netting, a couple more smaller prawns came up, which were good for livies on the two smaller lines. After I pinned them through the tail, they looked as good as any other prawn (except for the fact a big metal hook was a feature ). Between sitting down and bait checking lines, the time flew by. It was soon four thirty, and I gave one my re bait. Then, I looked down to the jetty. The salmon line was buckled over! I ran down, really hoping for it to be another salmon. At first, I was adamant it was. It had the right weight, and had taken a good livie. As it came closer and closer to the surface though, I doubted it more and more. After a two minute skull drag, to my utter disgust, a monsterous catfish came up. I asked the passers by to get the net (mainly so I could move the thing), and brang it up. The photo was just a crappy one, but you can still see the general size. (50 cm) Here it is - After that catfish, I only needed to wait about 15 minutes until the next rod went off. I picked it up and set the hook, and proceeded to drag in another catfish. I am actually quite surprised I've been catching some, as it is Winter. I guess that day they were just on the bite, because even if they aren't as active they still need to feed. Here it is - OK, so that is the first report out of this three parter done. Here are the stats - Statistics of the trip - Tide: 11:50AM, 1.8M, high, 5:50PM, .2M, Low Bait used: Prawns, live and dead Bait caught: Prawns Weather: Slightly cloudy, light wind Tackle Used: Ugly Stik 6'6" and 8' Rods, 2500 and 1000 Shimano Nasci and Sienna, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, 650 Size Penn Reel, 14lb and 30lb braid mainlines, 15lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb trace, 4/o circle and suicide hooks, size 2 and six ball and bean sinkers, large barrel swivel. Fish Caught: Catfish, Forktail, x 3 Time Fished: 2:50PM - 5:20PM Overall Success Rate: 60% - At least I got a new PB (yucky catfish ) Now, to the next report. This one isn't going to be very long, as I didn't even manage any photos. I got down to the park at about the same time as last time, and chucked the lines out. The tide was rising this time, so after a couple snags on the line out in the channel, I moved it into the channel/eddy created by the pylons. While I was cast netting, I saw this line go off. I didn't think it was much, and I was right. Pickered. This happened numerous times, and I couldn't stop it. I just had to wait for a hook-up. While cast netting, I had some good live prawns. I chucked them into the bucket, with the aerator on. Since it had been so quiet, I didn't really expect anything... But as I was walking back up, I saw the rod going off. I jogged up, really hoping it would be hooked up. To my surprise/happiness, I could set the hook. The fight initially started with some soft but brutal head shakes, like whatever it was was trying to throw the hook. Then, as I began to bring it up, it went screaming off. It was only a short run, but it was a fast one. I was now very curious to see what this fish would be. I kept the line tight, and I kept pulling it up, but to my disappointment when I pulled it up it was nothing more exciting than a dirty, old, rotten pike. . It would've been about 1 metre, give or take. When I pulled it out of the water, it started having goes at me, so since I am me I was to chicken to lift it over the edge. This turned out to be the fatal decision... In about 20 seconds, my 15lb leader must've frayed, as it snapped. The pike was released, much to my irritation, as it would've been coming home for some baits. I didn't get a picture of this one, sorry. After that, I still had some fishing time left... So, obviously, I kept fishing! Re-baiting the lines and cast netting was quite exhausting, and I went through a good amount of dead prawns. "Oh well", I thought, "That's what they're for". I cannot remember to many fine details of the trip as it was about a week ago from now, and I am no elephant . That is this one done, even though it is shorter than usual. I've decided to not bore everyone with a long report with no fish. Here are the stats of the trip - Tide: .6M, 11:20AM, Low, 1.6M, 5:00PM, High - I fished the running out tide Moon Phase: Third quarter Bait used: Prawns, live and dead Tackle Used: Ugly Stik rods, 6"6' and 8", Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 1000 and 2500, Size 650 Penn reel, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, 14lb braid mainlines, 30lb braid mainline, 15lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb trace, size 2 and 6 ball sinker, large barrel swivel. Bait caught: Prawns Time fished: 3:00PM-5:20PM Overall Success Rate: 50% - At least it wasn't a donut Thanks for reading that one everyone, now you've only got one more to endure (). The last one was on Sunday Morning. It was also quite special, as i took some of the scouts in my troop to show them how to fish. I was required to do this for my Scout Individual Sportsmanship Badge, which goes towards the Pioneer Badge (sorry for nerding out about scouts). I arrived a little before seven, and got the lines out. I then got the cast net out, to try and get some live bait. Since my dad was with me though, he decided to have a go with the cast net. He didn't get many prawns, only a couple, in a short time, he had some herring. Two good ones to be exact. Between this time, all that had happened was a couple picker attacks, so, the day wasn't shaping up to be great. Ideally, we would just be pulling in perch/catfish, one after another, so everyone could have a chance at a fish. Of course, that wasn't going to happen today . The live herring was deployed, and then we waited... But the first fish was not what we expected. I eventually set the hook in one of those 'pickers', which turned out to be a small-eyed gudgeon (yes, it is the thing that we could not identify last time. With the help of Andrew P, we got it eventually) . Here it is - Sorry for the pretty-average photo in that, I just took it in my hand because I couldn't be bothered to do it all again on the ground. Now, I think I am in the process of seeing if they are a variety just washed down from some of the rain we've had lately, and if I should release them, because they ARE rare, or if they are like bay grinners, and I should use them for crab bait, bait, etc. After that fish, it didn't go quiet, but they just kept picking us. I've used a good amount of prawns on them ... The next hook up came about half an hour later. Nothing eventful really happened in that time, except for my dad cast netting a school of frog-mouth pillies, all of which were gilled straightaway (except for one or two). I picked up the line first, and then set the drag. He was just continuously reeling in the whole time, even though I told him to lift and wind as you brang it down, but it didn't really matter as he was keeping a taut line. The fish was taking out line, making me think it was something OK. Unfortunately, it dropped the hook, which was annoying. For the next hour or so, it was very quiet. A couple more herring in the net, and that was really it. But by then, 2 more people had came, and that was everyone who was coming for the day. I gave the net a couple throws (didn't get much) and overall, it was very quiet. Just pickers taking our baits. I could see everyone was tiring, and wanting to catch a fish. Unfortunately, it was not the best time of day to catch fish, as they only came at about 9:30AM. Since it was very quiet, and I had some spare livies, I decided to put one down in the cod spot. I noticed a tangled on the tip of my line though, but it was far, far worse than I thought. Just when I nearly had it done, I feel two big bangs. Immediately after, the line snaps. I was pretty sad, because I think whatever it is would've been a good fish! I dropped a live frog-mouth down after I'd re-rigged and within about 2 minutes the line is screaming. Unfortunately, it missed the hook up. This was the only luck I got on those lines, despite me putting another livie down. Looks like whatever it was got full from my baits. Eventually, they all got hungry. I suggested they get a McDelivery (Maccas) and they all liked that idea. I know it is rubbish food, but I was completely outvoted and at least if they knew they were going to get free fast food they were going to stay. here weren't any bites while we were waiting, but eventually (since we couldn't be bothered to download the app) my Dad came down with the delivery. Yummo! (Of course, I had some too ). We then ended it then, and everyone went home. I was quite satisfied as I showed everyone how to cast and how to bait lines. Here are the statistics of the trip - Tide: 4:40AM , High, 1.8M, 12:00PM, Low, .5M Moon Phase:Third Quarter Bait used: Prawns, frog-mouth pilly, herring - live Bait caught: Prawns, frogmouth, herring Tackle Used: Ugly Stik rods, 6"6' and 8", Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 1000 and 2500, Size 650 Penn reel, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, 14lb braid mainlines, 30lb braid mainline, 15lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb trace, size 2 and 6 ball sinker, large barrel swivel. Weather: Slightly windy, light clouds Time fished: 6:50AM-11:30AM Overall Success Rate: 60% - Went good with scouts OK, I hope you enjoyed reading this big report. My first ever 3 in 1. I have a little bit more study for Science to do now (well, last minute revision as I just want to revise ) and then I'm down all my exams. Sorry for any spelling errors, and that the report is so long. Cheers Hamish
      17. It has been a while since I’ve last gone fishing, mainly due to some pretty ordinary weather, and not wanting to battle with the weekend crowds. I decided to head up to Harry’s this morning for a little poke around, I wasn’t really feeling it though, it was pretty lumpy at 5:30am, slow trip out there, and with the breeze, I was all but freezing, Harry’s was stale, tried a few spots, did some drifts, to no result though, the wind was backing off at around 10am, so thought I’d give the West Peel artificial a go, I haven’t fished it properly before, have always just scooted through it, so I spent a little time sounding around until I found some likely looking ground, I worked the soft plastics pretty hard and eventually ended up nailing a 50cm grinner, dear me, things were not looking good, I knocked some fillets off him and put him to work on a running ball rig with a 7 0 hook, I didn’t take any bait out with me this morning, and was planning on only using plastics, I continued flicking around as my rod holder was taking care of the grinner fillet, I could see in the corner of my eye he was getting touched up by pickers, until all hell broke loose and line started disappearing, I’ll admit, first thought was a shark as it took off in the direction of Coochie, then came the head shakes, oh could it be I was thinking?,he had plenty of go in him and kept me pretty honest on the light gear, he fought the whole way back to the boat. Considering I managed to leave my landing net at home, I was lucky to get him in the boat, I had to resort to an unorthodox method of using the square bucket that’s in the pic, it wasn’t pretty, but I pulled it off. Having fought so hard considering his size, I decided he wanted to live more then I wanted fillets, so after the pic I gave him a little swim and off he went, the plastics didn’t end up firing and all I got after him was a shark around the metre mark on another chunk of grinner, the wind dropped off completely and made for a nice run back to the ramp, turned out to be a pretty good day really.
      18. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together ! Have been avoiding npd the last week as I dont fish weekends and the wind hasn’t been favourable and with willy weather predicting it would drop off today I held off launching the boat till about 10ish. Wasnt too bad at my place when I left but getting to the ramp it was a solid westerly making me wish I had bought along another jumper, bumping into a few of the regulars it was as expected slow fishing up our end and I would have to go looking for them down the far reaches of our boundary , being a quick trip down with the wind behind my back I spotted a wise old fisherman the npd king. Doing the polite thing I dropped in to say a quick gday and a chin wag luckily I did as it saved me a lot time going to look for the fish else where on the dam, he was even good enough to gift me his spot as he was leaving Talk about being spoon fed !Long story short it was a glass our day just as willy weather predicted and the fishing was pretty good too! 31 fish landed 29 bass and 2 yellas some pics to look at. Get out there and do it while you can. cheers
      19. Hi all, with the relaxation in restrictions opening Moreton back up to visitors, the Mrs, offspring and I loaded up the BT and hopped on the micat last Sunday. New experience for all of us - camping with a 5 month old... what could possibly go wrong.... managed to to get all set up and as ready as possible before the rains came - we had about 35mm in an hour but thankfully I’d poured a big bourbon prior to the rain so it wasn’t too bad. monday was looking like my best chance of a kayak so I was up early and down the beach looking for a spot to launch. Swell was up, sweep was huge and tide was dropping - not a good combo. After about an hour and several aborted attempts I called it a nasty name and headed back to camp. Went down the beach an hour later with bubs, swell was down and wind had dropped out. Managed to get out, fishing was annoyingly quiet thanks to a group of spearos. managed one cracker grassy at 41cm. Made it safely back to the beach. had a bit of a flick off the beach that arvo for one long Tom and a bream. found out pretty quickly fishing opportunities were going to be quite limited as it had to work around bubs nap times and not leave mum to do it all on her own... maybe will invite the outlaws next time! I had a quick spin off the rocks Tuesday morning, nothing of note landed. Had a flick on dusk on Tuesday arvo for 5 bream and a decent tailor. wednesday the wind was more SSE but still about 15-20kn. The Mrs wanted some fillets for the freezer so I was back out on the kayak for a full 3-hr session! wind made it challenging but I managed 2 nice size snapper @ 42 and 44, a 35 grassy and a 64cm school Mack. Heaps of undersized and other bits and pieces kept me amused. I released a 38cm bream in there as well. Time for the better of me so I had to head back to the launch spot but decided to troll a slug for the fun of it. In 6m of water, near no structure at all I got a hit and then a screaming run - surely not a mackerel here! Had a good argument and a very solid schoolie at 71cm was boated. Fluke!! Shared some Mack fillets with a family who were a bit short on food - they were extremely appreciative. no fishing Thursday day time, snuck down to the beach on dusk to the same gutter from Tuesday hoping for a couple of tailor to take home. Unfortunately lost a cracker at the shore, teeth and 12lb leader not the right combo. Did land 8 legal bream, best going 34cm. Donated 2 to some guys who were relying on fish for dinner but didn’t have the right gear/technique, rest released. thankfully a dry pack up on Friday and a nice easy trip back to Brisbane. learnt a lot about #dadlife. Bubs loved the trip - hopefully a sign of many more camping trips in the future. No photos of fish unfortunately save the one filleting shot - note the assistant. cheers for reading. benno <‘><
      20. Hit up the Bay today with my first son, Mitch and his girl, Jas. The idea was to have a cruise around and enjoy the water and stop in for lunch at Horseshoe Bay. Threw the rods in as well so we could have a stab at some small snaps at an old mark that had produced some 50's for me in the distant past. Jas was first to register an enquiry but failed to convert. Then Mitch hooked something that spat the hook half way through the fight. Eventually my rod went off and a decent tussle ensued producing a little catshark. Mitch then hooked something that bit him off. I suspect it was a little reef shark. I landed another slightly larger catshark before Mitch finally brought in one a bit bigger. He was happy to have a weighty fish after a long layoff from fishing while he was growing his hair... We moved on so we didn't catch any more and tried a couple more spots without luck. So we headed to Horshshoe Bay and stretched the legs for a bit before returning to the ramp. We left the ramp at 10:30am in the morning and arrived back about 3:30pm. Plenty of trailers in the carpark but the ramps themselves weren't busy at all. So no ramp-rage today which was pleasant. Not a spectacular fishing day but it was great to get out with Mitch as we haven't had a boat fish together since the days of the Force.
      21. The weather forecast Seeing as though last weekend the weatherman predicted 50% chance of showers but it stayed sunny most of the day, we decided to go fishing despite the forecast 1-3mm of rain. At the Manly boat ramp at 1st light - not many braved the weather with the pick of any parking spot available. It had been drizzling all morning but just as we launched the sun was peeking out and the drizzle temporarily stopped. Seeing some reports on FB of people bagging out at Fishermen's last week we headed to some usual whiting spots in 3-4m of water. Tide was running in so this was ideal for this spot. Never seen so few boats at Harrie's on a Saturday - counted 4 boats. Run out was choppy but no whitecaps, we expected some with wind against tide. Zero for Fishermen's We had Fishermen's gutter all to ourselves but drifts over the usual spots for whiting didn't produce. Tried several drift lines for the next couple of hours with no success. The target was whiting but with nothing happening we headed to Rous channel, where we spotted some nice fish arches on the sounder, not huge arches but something definitely there. Rous Channel The drift was SW to NE which kept us on a nice ledge / drop off depth in the channel. Caught a few small pinkies on the drift but nothing sizeable. We came across some nice bait shows so anchored up for brunch and started a burley trail. Using old pillies as burley we started drifting out some fresh pillies and managed one Bonito. My partner continued with bait and I switched over to 30g slugs. Over the next couple of hours we managed 4 baby school macs (~40cm), one 51cm school mac and a second bonito. Guitar fish. In between fish my partner landed her PB guitar fish. It was too big to get in the boat and still had plenty of energy but it would have been 1.3m to 1.4m in length on a 6kg outfit. She was pretty stoked to get it up to the boat as each time we got close to the boat it would make a run before we could ID it. (Needless to say her arm hurts today) Nice fight and runs at the start got us excited before the familiar dead weight right under the boat got us thinking it was some kind of shark. It was not happy get lifted up to the surface. Guitar fish.MP4 Until next time tight lines - next week we are thinking of hitting Jacob's well with the predicted wind forecast. Hweebe
      22. Evening all I went out for another arvo session at the park today, even though it was a bit drizzly. I might start from the start of the day though, so you all have some context in the story. After I'd woken up, I was told tennis wasn't on, which was annoying because if I'd known the night before I would've been going for a morning session today. I just slept in this morning though, which was nice and relaxing. By about 10:00AM though, I had decided I would be going out this arvo. The first thing to do was give all the gear a bit of maintenance, which involved me oiling the reels and other gear. Once that was done, I decided I would make a short length or rope for the floats for our crab pots, so we didn't have to gin around with them as much when pulling them up. I simply cut about one metre of rope, tied a loop in the end of it, and then tied the other end to two milk bottles, as our floats. I also had to burn the ends of the rope so they wouldn't frey. Since I was quite chilly, I went and got some wood shavings from when I did a little bit of whittling, and since it was so damp and cold outside, I decided to cheat... . I went and got a little bit of metho and tipped it on. The flame lit up nicely, and I quickly did the ends of the rope. As I was pulling one out though, it was still on fire. I gave it a shake to put it out, but silly me, ofcourse, also didn't notice the bloody hot wax still on it. Long story short, I ended up with a slightly burnt finger for the rest of the day . Once it was 1:30PM I got ready to go fishing. By about 2:00PM, I was out the door going down to the park. The lines would've been in by about 2:15PM. After I baited them, with dead fresh prawn, I got to cast netting. The first cast brang a few prawns, as I found the prawns first try. I got about 5, so I could bait the lines with some good bait. The salmon line was given quite a few prawns, and the other one that was casted out into the middle of the river was too. On the second cast with my net, I felt some OK tugging as I pulled it up. To my surprise, a little breambo was in the net. I untangled him, grabbed a quick pic, and sent him on his way. Here he is - aw After that, I put up my umbrella up over the cart and shifted everything that couldn't get wet under it, as it had started to spit. This last for about ten more minutes, and then the rain subsided. In this time, I got a few more prawns in the cast net. My lines were still getting picked by something small, so I was going through quite a few prawns. Luckily, I was catching more than I was using. Each cast off the end of the jetty would get my five or so small prawns, maybe a couple less. I would throw the net off the end and let it drift around and in front of the pylon, then pull it up from the other side. It seemed with the combination of a running out tide and the structure, a lot more bait was here than just on the end of the jetty. This trend continued for about another hour, but a bit before this (maybe at three) my mate came down. He was giving me a hand with the cast netting, and watching The lines. The pickers were truly relentless. We must've given them a good feed. I am thinking smaller hooks may be the go but I don't want bigger fish to swallow them straight down their gobs, LOL. While I was standing up on the wooden part of the boardwalk, the rod out in the middle went off. Unfortunately, it didn't hook up. I was about to spit the dummy at the pickers, which probably wouldn't be possible until I landed one, but then my dad called. It started like this, "Hey mate, ya caught any?". I replied by saying I'd caught bugger all, and then my dad said (very disgraceful), "Well, maybe it's time you come home mate, it's getting a bit late" (not that it was). I hung up, and decided I would catch a fish today! I was back on the jetty when I saw the rod (which I pulled out of the drink that time in session #4) going off. I ran up, and to my delight it was still on when I set the hook. It was right under though, but luckily it didn't go running off. I was thinking it may be a pike eel, but after some fun fighting I saw it. At first I just thought it was a catfish, but then I realised what it was. Yes, it was a thready! While it was not that big, I was still stoked as I consider them quite 'prestigious'. I told my friend to get the net, an he jogged down onto the jetty while I walked it down. He scooped it up perfectly, and we then got to work. I measured it hastiy and got a brag mat photo, de-hooked it (well, the hook came out itself) and took a quick photo. Here it is - While in no stretch of the imagination is it big, it is still a threadfin! I then got him back to the water, where he swam off strong. It probably could've done with a longer swim but it took one big splash and it was off. Here is a quick release shot we took - After we let him go, the next five minutes was high fives and cheers! Then, I re-gathered all our scattered gear and re-baited the lines, with live prawns, and kept fishing! There weren't anymore bites for the next half an hour or so, and while we were waiting, the only things I had managed were snags (I need to re-spool a couple of reels but they are well overdue for that anyways) and a few more prawns (not to mention a bloomin glassy). The next cast I did felt no different, and when I pulled up the top of the net there were still prawns. But I got a big surprise when I pulled up the bottom. A big fish, which I initially thought was a catfish, was there. On closer examination, I realised it was a big mullet. "Hooray", I thought. I told my mate to come down and then I dealt with the mullet. It was very squirmy, and I needed a very tight grip on it. Once I got it up, I put it in the esky. It will either feature as crab bait in our next POB trip, or become a strip bait. Since it kept flopping around, I slit it's throat and took a quick picture. Here I am with my '50cm' mullet. A true monster - The oldest trick in the book... It was only 33cm. After him, I was quite satisfied with the day. A salmon and a new PB mullet. Yippee. I think I should learn how to brain spike fish though, as I got a lot of blood on my bait board. I think it is also a bit more humane. Maybe a screwdriver will work next time? Any tips anyone? It was now nearing five, and the tide was changing. The rod out in the channel, which I had just re-rigged with a live prawn, then took off. I set the hook, tighten the drag, and then handed over to my friend to pull it in. Up came an OK river perch, skull dragged from the depths . I de-hooked it, and gave him a quick release. I thought it swam off very nicely, but I may have been wrong... The next perch came practically back to back to that one, and on the next one, which my mate said I could have, had an audience. An Asian family watched me pull it up, and then they all cheered when I got it. This seems to be a normal thing here, but, I'm not complaining . Unfortunately the photo on his one wasn't very good, as we were rushed trying to get it back in and wanted to see him swim off. My friends filter and the focus of his lenses must've clashed. Here it is (I think you can still see that shape of the fish, LOL). We were just about to begin packing up, and my mum was down there as well, but then we saw a poor little perch on the side of the bank. At first I thought it was dead, but then I realised it must've been one of the ones I let go. I was a bit confused, as both of the fish swam off well, but I guess one of them actually didn't. I tried tipping some buckets of water on it, so it might get a bit of energy back, but that didn't work. I didn't manage to scoop it up and give it a proper swim off anyway. "Oh well", I thought. It is a shame, but (from what I have been taught off here ) the fish will go back into the ecosystem, and be recycled by the environment. On the way home, we lost a couple of the tubes from the cart, which fell off, so I will re-do them tomorrow, most likely anyways. I;m going to a mates tomorrow though, and then have school mountain biking on, so I'm not going to manage a fish . I hope you enjoyed the report everyone, I know it is a more memorable one for me... And just another thing which I find funny: there has been a pattern with my better sessions. +5 and then +11. For example, my first good session, or report, was session #5. After that, 11 sessions later, in session #16, was my next good one. #21 was another five session after that, and this one, #32, is 11 sessions after session #21 - funny, ey! Here are the stats of the report - Statistics of trip - Tide: 10:00AM, 1.7M, high, .2M, 4:15PM, Low Moon Phase: The moon is 95.5% full! Air Pressure: 1022 Weather: 13-21 degrees Celsius weather, overcast, and a tad of rain. Tackle Used: Ugly Stik 6"6' and 8", Rogue Firepoint Boat Rod, 2M, Penn 650, 14lb and 30lb braid mainlines, 15lb, 20lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, 4/o circle and suicide hooks, size 2 and six ball sinkers, largish barrel swivel, size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Bait used: Live prawns Time fished: 2:15PM-5:15PM Bait caught: Prawns Overall Success Rate: 100% - Target species caught, as well as some welcome by-catch Cheers Hamish
      23. Extremely slow day today. The shrimp traps were chockers we only did 8 pots and reckon we brought close to 200 shrimp home. Fish were hard to locate and when we found a decent school in 45 feet of water near fad 2 they only hung around for half an hour before moving on. Finished up with 31 bass,1 yella and 2 tandans
      24. With a fairly ordinary forecast for the rest of the week I thought I should sneak out for a quick fish today before the wind kicks in again. I haven’t fished the Port of Brisbane for a while so decided to give it a crack today on the bottom of the tide since that was conveniently happening around midday, so I could have a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast and miss the peak hour traffic. I needed to clean out the freezer of old fish frames so I took the pots for a swim as well, although I was not confident. Had some old pillies to get rid of as well so planned a mix of bait and plastics fishing. Dropped the pots about 10am and then did a bit of bait fishing hoping for a snapper or two. Moved around.a bit between regular spots for no joy so decided to target flathead on the last of the runout. First cast, and first lift of the rod and I was connected to something with a bit of weight. I was fishing light with 6lb braid and 6lb leader on my favourite plastics outfit (2-6lb Samaki Zing Rod with a 1000 Daiwa Presso Iprimi reel) and this fish was giving me a good tussle. I got her up close to the boat and could see it was a good flattie. She didn’t like seeing the boat or the landing net so I had a number of false starts with the landing net. At that point I was starting to wish I had a deckie to manage the net. Eventually I was able to slip the net under her and get her into the boat. A nice fish just on 70cm. An old fashioned Squidgy Wriggler in rum red did the damage. The drift was slow because there was not a lot of run in the water but I repeated the drift a couple of times, but didn’t get another hit. Went back to searching for snapper but could only find bream, mostly about 28cm, but I did hook this fatso. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was only 34cm but fat as a football. No doubt there will be heaps of fat bream around as we go into spawning time. The wind was very kind today and the conditions were beautiful. No crabs, but that was no real surprise. Another great day on the water.
      25. _bjc_

        queensland Coolum

        Any suggestions for fishing from the shore in the coolum area ? (Non surf) Anyone had any luck at the mouth of Stumers Creek ? adults and kids or should I just drive down the highway to Maroochy river . Cheers