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      1. It was a nice morning on NPD yesterday, no rain and light winds, made it very comfortable.Bass were slow to start but a few small schools saved the morning. Managed a few jigging to start with and finished up with a few on bait. Managed 31 bass with a tagged 51cm and another at 50cm. One bass had a sore on its face and the culprit was still attached, so I scraped it off before releasing. Dino
      2. Hi, I'm taking by Brother and my Boss fishing Wendesday morning and was thinking of putting my boat in at cabbage Tree point. has anyone got any advice and spots for Fishing that area? What bait should we use. We will be targeting the normal species for that area, bream, flathead etc. Thanks
      3. Went most of the way down the dam without seeing hardly a fish. Finally found a small school and managed to get a few on spoons, then when they wouldnt take them anymore I swapped over to bait. I did this to 4 small schools and ended up with 58 bass. Slow blat jig matched the hatch. Dino
      4. Once again had to work for some fish in NPD with some scattered and 3 good schools found one opposite end of Koala straight, one start of second rock wall,one andrews drop off. we left them biting when it started to rain. No pot of gold under rainbow but pile of fish 102 bass 3 tagged, 4 trophy best 102.5) 3 yellas best 56cm 2 tandans All caught on live shrimp. My rain jacket kept the top part of me dry and waterproof pants did excellent job of keeping water from exiting. Few deer about again
      5. Hey, Haven't fished for bass in an impoundment in winter before. Thinking of hitting one up in SEQ while hopefully the skiers aren't around! Am I best focusing my efforts in the more shallower bays, or do they hang in deeper water during winter? Cheers, Ryan
      6. Hello everyone, I have decided to build myself a baitcasting rod for my Calcutta 200B. I want a long rod (I already have a shorter one) for flats fishing and landbased casting. I have gotten myself a 7 foot blank. It's a lightish action and rated for around 4-5kg. Will this rod be able to pull in a sizeable barra or good size fish in the snags or will it just snap? I will run 25-30lb braid on this setup and a 40lb leader.
      7. Nice cool day to start with at NPD, but it warmed up quick and got very hot.Managed 23 from the first school I found, 54 from the second school and although I stopped on top of a massive school on the way home I only managed one from it. So 77 bass with a very skinny 50cm and a fat 50cm amongst them. Dino
      8. Heading out to do some fishing down there tomorrow. I've had no luck at Wellington point Jetty or the canal mouths at Birkdale. Anybody know of any good spots to hit up that don't require a king tide to fish in besides the respective Jetties? Cheers.
      9. Managed to snag a solid 88cm flat one. 6lb braid 8lb leader. She put up a good fight and swam away without a problem.
      10. Foggy and cool start at NPD yesterday morning .The bass had moved on from one of our usual spots taking an hour and a half to raise 20 bass along the length of koala straight. We then did the shrimp traps ad moved downstream to Andrews drop off where the bass were more prolific but still slow and by 11 am we only had 60 on the counter so we headed towards fad number 2 and saw a good show on the counter where the fish were sitting on a 3 foot high hump in 40 feet of water. We brought the tally up to 165 with some very good sized bass plus 3 X 50cm plus forkies. 4 tagged bass We all caught a trophy bass and thought that Anthony was going to have a heart attack when he cracked his 50 barrier, I even checked to see if he had wet himself.
      11. Rous Session Sun 8 June 2020 - Trip plan was to get back into the groove (after not much success last couple of outings) targeting winteries. Launched from Manly boat ramp just on first light. Already quite a few trailers in the car park, about 1/3 full from boats I assume were overnighting given conditions in the bay were very calm starting Saturday night and it was a full moon out. Made the run to Rous passing by Harries and it looked like a fair few had overnighted at harries. Tide and wind was going in the same direction so very nice cruise out. Small Ships channel We started our first few drifts in the small ships channel targeting the higher ground as water was running in. Dropper rigs with combination of either Squid/Prawn/Berkely worm critters Made 3-4 long drifts for nothing but we persevered until we found a very tight patch in about 3.5 to 4m of water where we were getting nibbles but no hookups. They felt like whiting but for whatever reason we were not hooking up. Change in technique Our typical setup for whiting is three rods out in the rod holders on the drift and whiting pretty much will hook themselves. We quickly found out that in this spot, to hook up today rod's needed to be in hand and to be striking on the bigger hit. Once we changed this up we started bringing the fish in. Not in in huge or prolific numbers but all of good quality sizes. All were coming up fat and plump (well fed). I guess they had grown larger by being a bit more shy to the bait. Biggest one went 29cm in the photo. This spot produced 29 whiting all up in the next hour in about 4 drifts. Next spot - Amity banks / Maroon hole The fishing slowed and while we were still catching whiting on the last drift we decided with a feed in hand to try and explore some new ground. Decided to drift over some fishy areas next to Amity green zone and through to maroon hole. We used the same rigs but mostly ended up with baby squire or the dreaded toad fish. Shark! on With fishing getting slower i decided to get a livey out the back with one of the smaller sized whiting (not expecting much to happen) Was thinking maybe i would jag a makerel, but then rod tip bent with a solid first run but on the 4000 bio master my partner was making good progress. Couple of shorter runs, it didn't quite feel like a makerel but as it got closer we could tell it was a small reef shark of some sort about 60-70cm. We got it to the boat but 40lb leader used for the snelled hook rig broke off. It was getting a bit cold and overcast with not much sun so that got the adrenaline pumping. Bigger Shark Wanting some more action i sent out a pike bycatch from the last whiting spot, 3 gang hooked. It wasn't long before rod again lent over with another wild first run. Same feeling as the last one just more power in the first run. This Shark was fun because we were again on 40lb so were unsure we would get it to the boat. The gangs held up we got the shark which would have been around 1m next to the boat but it still had plenty of juice. It was a clean hook up and i didn't want to risk missing toes so we got the shark on the duckboard unhooked the gangs and left the shark to live another day. Flake? Does anyone keep shark for Flake? With the whiting already in the bag we already had plenty of fish to eat but what do people do with their shark bycatches. The last one at 1m would have produced perfect sized fillets. I just wasn't sure on the table qualities. PB Grinner - Third times a charm? Couple of more drifts but we couldn't find any more whiting. I tried the similar setup of pike out the back and landed this monster. Who knew they got that big!! This was our omen to start heading back for the day. We anchored up on our run home near green island boat watching while we relaxed for lunch. Boat ramp mayhem. We were glad we got back early as it was already queuing up at the ramp (around 1pm). Car park must have been chockers as every traffic island, run-off area had trailers parked over gutters and bushes. Boat retrieval etiquette? When we got to the ramp there were about 6 boats queued up all quite orderly fashion waiting their turn. We did have a group after us that drove up to the pontoon to drop off the driver. I didn't think much of it. I eventually got the pontoon, leaving the partner with the boat and making space for another boat to dock up behind us. What happened was that because old mate from 7 boats back was quicker with the trailer he reversed down the ramp to where my boat was docked. With the boat docked behind us and our boat it was near impossible to get old mates boat in. So he asked my partner to move our boat......which my partner respectfully said no (there is no where to go). I was at the car this is where I'm a bit angry, he ignored my partner proceeded to undock my boat to try push it back for more room. My partner isn't the biggest person pushing under 50kg, this made her quite anxious. If it was me I would have told him to bugger off but want to confirm what the etiquette is in this scenario? I was literally the next car to reverse down the ramp except old mate was in the way. I didn't find out until my partner told me but old mate made contact with our boat trying to squeeze onto his trailer. Luckily no signs of damage. Until next time - Tight Lines Hweebe
      12. Hi all Here are the two reports from my weekend, and while not much happened they were still somewhat eventful. I am hoping you will not find this boring, but here goes! Once the lines were in, baited with fresh, dead banana prawn, I set the gear up, got the net out, filled the bucket up with water, and threw the net. The first cast resulted in nothing, but in the next four casts I had two solid prawns in the bait tank. I chucked the salmon line out then, and began my long wait. While this was happening, I was talking to two people about a couple years older than me. One of them recognized me from the tennis competition I play in, so we had a chat (I think I've played him once or twice). He said he owns a house on the water, and he told me he'd caught a few bream, a few catties, and one thready. This was just in the duration he lived there I believe, as he said he didn't fish that much. I also told him what I'd caught there, but the thing I find funny is that the species list is becoming too long to remember. They then left, so I gave the lines a quick bait check. They were all pickered, so I rebaited them all. I chucked them back out and set the drag. I then started to cast net a bit more, and to my surprise a whiting came up in the net. After a quick look at it, I noticed it was a Winter Whiting, so into the live bait tank he went. Here he is prior to being deployed - He stayed in the bait tank for another uneventful 20 minutes, and then I checked my line. The prawn was off it, so I pinned him through the mouth like you would with a mullet and chucked him out. He seemed to stay put, so I did a bit more netting. I didn't really get much, but the prawns on the other line were still on. I then just sat around the top to have a bit of a relax and waited. The fishing was very quiet, with no bites. Since it had been about another 20 minutes, I went down to the jetty to check on the whiting. I reeled it in, and to my surprise when I pulled him up, well, he/she was a mess. To give you an idea, look at the above and below images as a before and after Done! I am not sure what it might've been, but my initial thought was a little shark, as I have heard sharks will hit their baits from the tail first, not head first, like other fish do. From second thoughts, I realised it very well could've been a crab feasting on my live bait, or it even could've been baby breamv or something of the likes of that. I guess, unfortunately, I will never know, so I will just have to guess and hypothesize. After that whiting, another live prawn was deployed. It would've been close to dark by now (around 5) so I starting tipping water on the jetty to get mud and gunk from the net off, and put the gear in the cart so it was ready to go. I made sure to keep the rods in though, just for good measure. In another few minutes of pacing around, the rods seemed like they could use a bait check. The two rods were pickerred, and I decided to keep the bottom one out so I had better chance. I re baited and re casted, and hoped something would take my bait in the last few minutes... Well, that never happened and it looked like I was going to finish up with another doughnut. I sadly did, and then I trudged all the way home, dragging my fishing cart along. This was not before I decided to take a quick sunset snap of the relatively gloomy day, so at least the report had some pictures - That is it done and dusted, or the first one anyways, so here are the statistics of the trip - Statistics of the trip - Tide: Low, 11:30AM, .5M, High, 5:15PM, 1.7M Moon Phase: First quarter moon, so not that much run Air Pressure: 1019.8 - a bit lower than my better days have been Weather: Quite cloudy, light winds, gloomy Tackle used: 14lb and 30lb mainlines, braid, 30lb, 15lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb trace, size 2 and 6 ball sinkers, 4/0 circle and suicide hooks, large barrel swivel. Bait used: Prawn, live and dead, and live winter whiting Bait caught: Winter whiting and banana prawns Fish caught: - Overall success rate: 40% - Not to bad of a day out OK, that is the report done. I hope you enjoyed reading, and hopefully you aren't bored out and can't read the next. I hope QLD's COVID-19 cases stay at a minimum as well, and I hope everyone can get out for a fish soon. OK, so here is report two. It was a bit more exciting than the first, and I had three of my mates with me, two who had never really fished before. I met them at the train station at half past one, and we would've had our lines in the drink by about 2:00PM. The first cast I did I got zilch, but on the first cast I did on the jetty bait started rolling in. In about 5 casts, I had three solid mullet and about a dozen prawns, which I happily live baited on the lines. My mates were pretty happy with that, and then we could just sit and wait for a bit. Since there was no action in about ten minutes, and one of them kept bugging me to show him how to throw the net, I showed him. Giving him the best instructions I could, he only managed a figure of eight on the first throw, LOL. The second was a slight improvement, but then he decided to put the net down and fish for a bit. I gave the lines a bait check then as well, the mullet was still very lively and the prawns were actually still on, much to my surprise. They were deployed again, and this time the wait was a bit longer. To keep myself from tiring out, I kept catching some prawns in the net. The best throw was three bigs ones, and, boy, they certainly make the net vibrate and pull A LOT for their size. By now, it was about 3:15PM, and with nothing happening, I was starting to think we might doughnut again. Luckily, the fish liked the live prawns and I saw the rod out in the middle of the river (or that area) getting pecks. I figured it was a perch, so I set the hook and told one of my mates they could pull it in. I suspected it was a perch, and I turned out to be right. A tiny one - I de hooked him, got my mate a quick pic (he's only caught a few fish in his life as he doesn't fish often) and then I chucked him back. He kicked off straight down, so another that was another successful release. Once he had dealt with that, everyone wasn't so bred again so I did some cast netting. Since the tide was absolutely rushing in, the net was a big effort. I also wasn't getting any bait, so I decided to give that a break for a few minutes. In that time though, one of the rods went off. To be specific, to cod rod did (no rhyming intended but it does ). I picked it up with haste but to my disappointment it had bricked us pretty good under/around the pylons. At the start, he was right stuck in there but with some rod maneuvering he started to come out. Then, whatever it was, took a run for structure... That had us done, and I could tell we weren't landing that fish, after about a ten minute wait, I started pulling the line out and eventually the braid snapped. That was a pity, because the fish (most likely a cod) felt pretty good. After the liens were re rigged, I had a throw of the net off the jetty. I felt some vibrating in the net, so I thought I might have some prawns. When I pulled the net up though, I realised I had a little perch in it. After a quick photo (sorry it's not to good) I chucked it back in the drink and off he went. Here it is - After that, they were really shut down, or maybe we were just missing them. I know that the lines weren't getting pickered, because when I did bait checks there was still bait. My friends had to go now though, as it was pretty much four thirty (they wanted to be home before it got dark). I said goodbye, but just before this, my other mate (who normally comes fishing with me) said the rod I had positioned in the channel just went off. There wasn't a fish when we reeled it up though, just a headless prawn. Whatever it was (most likely a small perch) had completely missed the hook. This was probably the last event to occur, as it was very quiet for the rest of the duration of my fishing. By about 5, it was getting a bit darker, so I knew it would be wise to load up the cart ready to go. Once this was loaded, I went down to check on the jetty rod. It seemed to be getting picked/pecked, so I picked it up and reeled it in. I assume the culprit was a bream, but both the mullet and the prawn which I had put on were gone. I guess some fish got an OK feed, but not me. I casted it out again, with the last big prawn and hoped. To sum it up, nothing more happened. I left in the dark, miserable that I hadn't gotten anything good. I am also quite tired today as I went out mountain biking this morning (that is the reason I wasn't out this morning). Here are the statistics of the trip - Stats of Trip - Tide: 12:15PM, .4M, Low, 6:20PM, 1.8M, High. I fished the rising tide. Moon Phase: First quarter, so not that much run. Air Pressure: 1019.9. Just realised I got today's air pressure for yesterday's fishing session, so you'll have to do without an accurate one for that one. Weather: Wind, 3Km'h, Humidity 90% (not sure how accurate that is but that's what the weather forecast is saying), and partly cloudy. Fish caught: River Perch x 2 Bait caught: About two dozen prawns, Mullet x 3 Bait used: Live mullet and prawns, dead prawns Time fished: 2:00PM-5:20PM or so Tackle Used: 14lb and 30lb braid mainlines, 80lb mono trace, 30lb and 15lb fluorocarbon leader, large-ish barrel swivel, 4/o circle and suicide hooks, size 2 and size ball/bean sinkers, size 1000 Shimano Sienna, Size 2500 Shimano Nasci, Size 2500 Diawa Shinobi, Size 650 Penn reel, 6'6" Ugly Stik and Rogue Firepoint rod, 8' Ugly Stik Rod. Overall Success rate: 60% - A nice afternoon. OK, that is the double report done. I hope you all enjoyed reading, despite the fact it wasn't the most exciting session at all. I hope you can all stay safe with the virus. Sorry for any spelling errors either. Cheers Hamish
      13. Hi all Last night my dad and I decided to go out prawning. It was mainly to stock up on some good baits, but I have decided to be a bit adventorous and I'm going to try some of the bigger prawns for a feed. (If it goes to plan, I'll either post them up in the recipes, or make another topic, or post them up in this thread). We were going to the Colmslie boat ramp, which seems to be a reliable location. When we got thee, there was a massive moon (which is good for prawns apparently) but the tide was only about half way up, which is not so good there. It's better when the tide is high for prawns there, or that is what I've read on it anyways. Luckily, on my first cast, which was rather crappy, I got one big one. My dad, who was throwing the twelve footer, got two big ones as well. It continued on like this for about the next half hour, so until about 6:30PM. By then, the tide was really gushing in and it had complete control of our nets. We were starting to get lots of prawns now, which was good. But the bad thing was, they were tiny. These prawns were actually very annoying, because each throw it would take a few minutes to clean them out. As well as the prawns, we were getting lots of something that was not very welcome. The scat were out in plague proportions, and they were the world's biggest pain to clean up out of the net. They got stuck like herring, they were spiky as anything, and they were grimy, grunty and just yucky. LOL. I think they are now one of my least favourite fish to catch in the cast net, and they are certainly up there with glassies and catfish. I have lots of net cleaning to do today, and I am planning on an arvo session so when I finish this I'm going to have to get cracking. It was now about 7:00PM, and I decided I'd throw my tiny net (4 foot) up in the shallows, mainly just to check for any snags. It is a lot harder to get a good circle as the rip from the last time I took her out in the yak (I don't remember what report but I do remember standing in shin high mud throwing my net onto a log) makes a difference. I wasn't getting any big prawns, but I did manage to get a little bream. I think it's good to see there's still some fish at Colmslie, but hopefully all the bigguns haven't been taken. Here it is (I took a photo just for AFO ). - I think this could possibly be the worst picture ever, LOL, but I think you'll all be able to see the bream (tiny). The bream was released and swum off well. I then got back to throwing the net, which really wasn't that eventful for the next 45 minutes or so. My dad only got one big prawn, and that was it. Luckily for us, one of the people who seem to be a regular there was very nice to us, and he actually showed us a new way/tip off throwing the net.He seemed to like my BCF net very much, because it was heavier. Maybe because it sinks quicker that way. To the point though, he picked up my net (10 footer) and showed us how to throw it. To our amazement, he did a perfect circle (like, PERFECT), and when he pulled the net up a few herring were in it. I threw them back, as I already have some herring, but I was very glad. The main point he tried to emphasize though was that you need to hold the net back a little longer. Even a half second. After that, it was about 7:45PM. We started throwing buckets off water on the jetty to clean it off, and we eventually had it looking better than when we got there. Some others came down now as well, I just hope that they cleaned it up too. By about 8:00PM, I was back in the car, ready to leave. We had left with an OK haul of prawns, and while there weren't to many we got lots of big ones. It has become a custom to have a traveller pie on the way back from our cold, cast netting trips, so we stopped off at the Foodary and got a 4 and 20 traveller. Yum! (My reward for cast netting ) We finished them, and were back at home at about 8:45PM. I got some quick snaps of the prawns there as well, so now you can all finally look at the catch. One frogmouth pilchard came home (which you can't see because it's under all the prawns). The funniest thing was though, while I did get some in the net, I found this one floating along the surface, still alive. I scooped him up and put him with the rest off the prawns. Here is the nights haul - OK, so that is the prawning report done. I suppose it is great that we can still catch good prawns from the land, and even though I didn't even get 1Kg, I still got some . Hopefully everyone enjoyed the report, I know it was a bit different to usual. I've got a bit of stuff to do before I go out this arvo but if it goes well a report will follow. Here are the stats of the trip - Statistics of trip - Tide: Low, 4:00PM, .3M, High, 10:40PM, 2.8M. I fished the rising tide Moon Phase: 98% Full Moon. Lots of run. Air pressure: 1021.8 - Might've been OK for a fish... Time fished: 6:00PM-8:00PM Crustacean caught: 30 odd prawns, all large Gear used: 12 foot, 10 foot, and 4 foot Surecatch bottom pocket/top pocket cast nets Overall Success rate: 85% - Good prawns, hopefully they taste good too Cheers Hamish Sorry it's not the best pic...
      14. Decided to have a bait day today as the shrimp in my tank were starting to fight each other.Changed locations about 10 times and managed to get 91 bass,2 yellas and 2 tandans. Managed a 53/4 and 5 other 50cm bass.Cant beat the good old shrimp.
      15. GregOug

        queensland Deckie

        I know it’s short notice but looking a deckie for tomorrow morning. Intending to head over to Bulwer to reef fish with my boys. Looking for someone who can reverse a trailer or drive a boat on and off the trailer because my boys can’t yet and my deckie who can just pulled out. Makes it a bit of a pain otherwise.
      16. Hit the Pin yesterday afternoon around 2pm, launching at Cabbagetree Point. The ramp was a bit busy and the trailers were stacked up the side of the road a few hundred metres. This didn't bother me as @benno573 was the tow king. Started out with a troll for some flathead until we saw some bait getting busted up. The temptation was too great and Ben threw the castnet for some little baitfish like glass perch. Managed a silver biddy and a bite size mullet that found their way into the bucket. We trolled some more with the hard body lures after that and Ben had the first hit but dropped it. Then I had a hit on my swim bait but she spat the hooks after a very brief period. I'm certain she would've gone 74.5cm on the brag mat but we'll never know for sure... We then trolled back again and a 39cm flatty was boated then released. Ben 1, Brian 0. After this we hit the mud bank for a supply of yabbies to fish the dark hours. A healthy number of good size were gathered. We then anchored up where usually a few good whiting play the game. We were hoping for at least one whiting of just legal size to use as a livey for those fish from the Synagogue. The full moon was on the rise as the sun set, but not even a touch, so we moved to another spot in Tiger Mullet Channel. Here Benno added a legal flatty and a decent whiting to the esky, but I couldn't get anything decent enough to keep, even though the starting gun for whiting was fired by boating a small ray. I somehow managed to snap my favourite setup, a Nordic Stage Cheater, which was a little disappointing. So I'll be down to the tackle shop this week to replace it before the next adventure. No pics, sorry. Thanks Benno for being the bestest decky ever, again. Your knowledge of this area and others is incredible.
      17. Hello everyone, Once Yarrabah opens up, I will be trying my luck on it's headlands. I was just wanting some advice. Does anyone know of landbased barra, fingermark, jacks etc. been caught of False Cape or near it? I have seen some films fishing there but nothing but grunter and little fish. I will be throwing soft plastics and bait fishing. I cannot cast net off the rocks but will be throwing the net near the Yarrabah boat ramp. Should I be throwing my baits and lures as far as possible or just put them near the rocks. I do know for a fact that a headland right next to false cape (Kings Point) is a gun fingermark spot. This can only be accessed by boat though. Thank you for all your help.
      18. So I started my fishing journey largely all land based many years ago. Pretty simple really, each weekend with a mate and cousin we would scope out canals and bridges (Goldie). Being students we rarely ever purchased bait and fishing for us meant cast netting for bait, if there was no bait we would move to the next spot. Besides rain and tides, wind typically didn't factor into our fishing plans (if we were free we would go fishing) Bream, Flatties, Trevally and Jacks were our common catches. When Iooking at boats and trying to decide open tinnie or bay boat my target was for Northern bay fishing (had enough fun fishing for estuary species) so i went with a bay boat (bar crusher 575c) But where do you go with a bay boat when the Bay is playing up and conditions are rubbish? I did not realise how weather dependent boat fishing was. Wind, rain, tide, moon, swell etc. I live near Brisbane CBD (5km south) where would be some suggested estuary areas that are protected from wind and not too shallow so if when I feel the urge to wet a line i'm not constantly hoping for a forecast change on Seabreeze, met eye, windy each weekend hahahaha. Pumicestone Passage? Broadwater? Southern Bay? Trying to decide where i explore next.
      19. Back to NPD yesterday. When we arrived at the gate at 5.30 there was no wind but still cold. By 6 am when we entered the westerly was blowing strongly but being tough or stupid we proceeded to launch. There were only a few fish showing on the sounder but they soon came on the chew when presented with some live shrimp. They started off at 18 feet before moving on but as soon as we went to 26 feet on the edge of the drop off they were back on the chew. We ended up with 60 odd bass from there. After doing our shrimp pots ( We used left over shrimp from previous trip on sunday for first spot) we proceeded to Andrews drop off and boated another 40 odd bass before they went off the chew . As it was only around 11 am we had a vote whether we would have an early finish or have a go over near fad number 2 and fad won by an unanimous vote. Initially once again nothing much showing on the sounder and they were all down deep and forkies were suspected. We were partly correct but the majority of the fish were bass and Rick was disappointed that he was the only one not to catch a 50+ forky. Final tally was 5 forkies,1 plate sized yella ( Only fish we took home)188 bass. 2 bass over 50cm ( one at 51 and Joys at 52.5) and 4 over 49. Five tagged fish. Not quite as good as Sundays effort but still a good day. By the time we left the wind had dropped off to glass out but picked up a little on the way back to the ramp. Spotted a couple of herds of deer on the way back. On sunday we saw a couple of rubs but no sign of the deer. Cheers Ray
      20. Its a good read this month. Now it is all online and free.
      21. I don't normally launch from Raby Bay but have heard the ramp can get pretty busy on weekends. Anyone have experience launching from there? Any tips on what i should target in and around Peel. (Is Peel productive given how close / accessible it is to brisbanites? ) I have no spots so I plan to do some charting and google maps to drift/sound ledges until i see something that perks the interest.
      22. Hi Guys As some of you may have already read, I am looking to do some over nighters in my boat - was going to consider Yellow Patch is wx was ok, but I was chasing snapper - is Yellow Patch ok for Snapper ?
      23. Arrived at the gate NPD and the trees were bending over nearly touching the ground, I was nearly going to turn around and go home. Glad I decided to give it a go, as apart from some frost bite and icey winds, I still managed to rack up 44 bass before 10am and then headed for home for a hot shower and a bowl of homemade soup. Dino
      24. Got the old fella Ted @crazywalrus out for a session this morning. Put in at Manly and we were on the water at 5.30am. Followed the last GPS track to spot X where we deployed our pilchards on 3 x 4/0 gang hooks about 5 feet under a float. Straight up a nice schoolie. Things were looking promising. Nothing much happened for awhile except for Ted catching some baby squire that were too young to have teeth. Now Ted, being the sporting type, likes to play with the silly string and fished two rods with 4 or 6 pound line. What could possibly go wrong ? Well everything did go wrong but I've ribbed him enough already, but let me just say I had a lot of tag ends on the boat floor when I cleaned it. There were a few missed hits and snip offs happening then the unweighted floating pillie went off on my Ugly Stick with 30lb braid. I jumped at the chance and it felt big and went on a little run. Then it didn't run but I couldn't get it up. I stuck at the game for about 15 minutes before giving Ted a go. Then I took it back until finally/thankfully the leader broke. My arm is now aching. Not too long after the bonito showed up. As my arm was too sore to keep casting I decided to catch two at a time to be more efficient. There were a few boats around but no one was catching much other than small squire. The tide turned us around and eventually Ted hooked a nice schoolie and actually got it into the boat. Then I got another and then it was time to beat the wind back to the ramp where we divvied up the fish. Ted getting a few feeds while I opted to just keep the 2 bonito for bait.. I'll throw up some video later.
      25. Went out fishing in the bay yesterday after the Mackie reports got me itching to nail a few. Robbie said he was heading out to but I got out there early and did my own sounding around. I found some fish and anchored up setting the baits it wasn't long before the school mackerel come on the chew. It was mad fishing at times we had trouble keeping baits in the water. We lost more fish than we landed with the fish snipping us off. We saw the other 2 boats roll up and we chatted amongst ourselves. I found when we burleyed hard we got more fish and the fun followed. The weather couldn't be better but the fishing slowed as the tide slowed. Once the tide started running again the fish come back on. We caught a couple of Bonito and all up 10 schoolies.