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      Found 790 results

      1. Not sure the notifications function is working correctly at the moment. Started a new topic today and was surprised at no responses, but when I actually searched the topic there were several responses.
      2. How do I upload a video to the forum?
      3. Luc53

        resolved New Topic

        I'm trying to post a new topic but can't get past "Tags". Can do title and prefix. Luc
      4. Hi, I am posting photos and I wonder if they still have the GPS location attached when they are uploaded to the site? I did a bit of a check and there was no location on some other photos I have uploaded but I am not sure if there is a way to get this info. I know how to turn this off on my phone but sometimes I forget. I can edit this but wanted to check. It is just that I am posting photos of my new boat and didn't want random people knowing where I am storing it. Thanks
      5. Hi, I normally like to click on unread items and check out who has posted stuff. It is currently clogged with advertising links. Is there a better way for me to view unread posts?
      6. snap1946

        resolved Tag

        how do i tag a post
      7. I'm a newbie on this site and I can't see the pics in the recent posts. I can see them in at least some of the older "stickies" but not in current posts. Is there some criterion that I have to meet (e.g. time or number of posts) before I can see them ???
      8. It has recently come to our attention some issues with the AFO site regarding location blocking. We are trying narrow down the issue and would appreciate a screenshot of the problem if you experience it. We do geoblock several countries from accessing the site to reduce spammers so maybe that is affecting other parts of the site as well?
      9. If you have received a message from Jacky065355 please disregard. Spammer has been removed.
      10. Just a query, What does the letters in coloured circles stand for against posters names. Cheers Gary
      11. Has the site been hacked ? layout all different on my computer photos are smaller cannot find posts wots a cloud tag. Help Ray
      12. I am unable to start a new topic on any forum title and up comes error code EX4096 I can reply to other threads just not able to start my own
      13. Sorry for the interruption to the AFO site tonight, it appears the bank card that is on file for the account had expired, so we had to update the card. This has been rectified now.
      14. ellicat

        resolved Pics Lost

        Pics that have been uploaded to threads are no longer showing. I am using Win10 with FFox 48.0.2 on a PC. Examples in this thread (but there are other threads that have been affected) -
      15. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX1062 Contact Us Getting this every time i post but the post goes up ok cheers ray
      16. Hi AFO For the last few weeks I have been experiencing intermittent slowness on the site, including server not responding messages. Not always, but enough to be a pain. Using iPad with iOS.9.3.3 (was happening on 9.2.2 as well) and happens on 4G as well as home wireless which is NBN fibre to the home. Not happening on other sites. Is it just me? Hope I am not sending you on a wild goose chase. Thanks for the ongoing maintenance of this site.
      17. trying to fint the thread on proposed winter camp and only getting stuf from 2006 and 7
      18. Using an iPad with current IOS version. You can click through but it is a bit annoying. Used to happen a while ago but then stopped. Cheers, Steve.
      19. Hi all, got the message below in my inbox this morning. I don't think this new member is a local fisho. MR PATRICK MOOREIN Email: Hello Friend, I'm Mr. PATRICK MOOREIN a financial consultant. I have a client (a widow) and she has Funds (USDM35, 000,000.00) Thirty Five Million United States Dollars with a Bank which her late husband deposited. She wishes to invest in a stable economy and her interest is in companies with potentials for rapid growth in long terms. My client is interested in placing part of her funds into your company or private businesses, if your country's bi-laws allow foreign Investors/investment. You can contact me for more details with your reference. Yours faithfully, MR PATRICK MOOREIN
      20. Gday AFO administration, was hoping to put up an add in the for sale section, but it's telling me I need to be a club member, I thought I was considering how long I've been on the site. Could you please look into for me thanks iain Ezy mcknight
      21. The outstanding websites issues we currently have logged are: 1. ability for iPhone users to remain signed in when viewing on iPhone. seems to work for android, windows etc. 2. some users have reported temperamental remain signed in behaviour on desktops. 3. Not necessarily a bug, but will look into possible to add the ability to jump to last post, instead of last unread post. We will look into these issues and address them as we can. We are also working on a few things that will also help with the site. More to come in the coming weeks. Enjoy
      22. Webby is the upgrade suggestion in the picture below legit? I could just be over thinking but as part of the upgrade it asks for your username and password so I was like "hmmmm". Cheers. Thought to share it here instead of going direct as others may be seeing it...