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      Found 9,166 results

      1. Hi Everyone Just a brief report on recent trip to Ningi with my Grandson, got onto a quite a few spotted and barred Javelin, majority of the spotties were legal 35cm + however all the barred caught were under legal although in same range length as the spotties. Javelin are plenty of fun on light mono with a 6kg mono trace, however best to use circle hooks as they will generally swallow the bait. Couple of pics of a spotty and a barred both 35cm to fork Thanks for reading MSB
      2. A mate suggested we go for a fish last Sunday, then he had too much jungle juice and bailed. No biggy, thought I'd explore another part of Lake S with the tube. Bush-bashing with 1.5m wide tube on the back is interesting to say the least. Anyway, got through the scrub without a puncture then on to the lake. Second cast snapped my brand new second hand Sage rod in half. So I summoned my inner Rod Harrison and kept at it casting a sinking line with a 4.5 foot rod. (Not easy!!!) Glad I did, a nice 45 plus Bass, one similar size dropped at the tube plus a few more However the bugger spiked my tube so I listed badly most of the morning until I thought I'd better bail:) before i sunk Oh and first tail hooked bass. #givenormanewsagex #50plusbass?
      3. Went down the gold coast yesterday with lance to fish for mackerel with cyclone Oma approaching as we won't get another chance for a while. We headed for mermaid reef once we got out of southport seaway with the sea calm I put the hammer down. We floated out pilchards and a live yakka but with no mackerel hits after a few hours the decision was made to move. We headed back up near the seaway and found a nice bommie on the sounder to sit on. We jigged up some bigger yakkas and as I was winding in a small yakka we set early to change it for a bigger bait when the little yakka was hit and the reel screamed. The fish took a few long fast runs with a spotty mackerel darting from 1 side of the boat to the other he finally was slowed and we had our 1st Mackie in the boat. As we got the fish bled and in the box there was no time to rest as soon as another yakka was set it was inhaled and the rod buckled over. Lance took the rod and fought a likely Spanish mackerel but it spat the hook after a quick run. This happened again as soon as another live yakka was set and I fought what I thought was a small fish but after it's 2nd run it really woke up and speed increased on a couple more runs. A nice Spanish came into view and we got a 1.2m long Spaniard in the box. With more burleigh came more spotties and they were soon swimming right up to the back of the boat eating the cubes of pillies drifting out. It started a hour of power with spotties taking every bait we could get out but most fish were lost. We boated another 3 spotties losing many more mainly to them running around the anchor rope. It was fun watching them in the burleigh trail and able to see them take the bait. Lance hooked another Spanish but it must of shook its head and the hook then foul hooking it and he then had no chance of turning this big fish. The wind finally got above 5 knots and the fish went off the bite so we headed for home. Fantastic day on the water and a few nice fish for a feed is what makes a happy fisherman.
      4. rayke1938

        south queensland NPD 20/2/19

        Back to NPD this morning with Steve and Neil the novice. Neil had never been fishing before and it took a while to educate him to not wind the fish to the tip of the rod and lift it into the boat. Fortunately he was only catching tiddlers at first before he got some larger ones. I quite did not catch what he muttered when he dropped a 50cm plus yella at the side of the boat. We knocked off at midday with 58 bass and 2 yellas on the counter and a feed of redclaw for Steve and Neil to share. Cheers Ray
      5. Going to head out offshore tomorrow before the cyclone blasts the coast line and chase some pelagics. The water temperature is high around 26 degrees + and nice and clear in close so the mackerel should be chewing. Stay tuned for the report this feels like it could be a cracker of a day.
      6. Little Grey Men

        south queensland Windy And Weedy

        I stood casting into the breeze while watching the brave kayakers struggle passed me on their way across the dam. Would have been sketchy when the wind really got going. Most fish were taken on the edge once again with light lures zipped across the tops of the weed. I'll tell you that the kayakers are making the fish a bit lure shy. Still plenty still in there though if you get creative with lure choices. I did have one kayaker come over when he saw me fighting a fish and cast right near me, like there's a lack of places to cast in there. What a dingus !
      7. Had a really short bank session this morning, 5am until 6am. Last saturday plenty of fish, this morning only a couple. Dino
      8. Dinodadog

        south queensland On The Weed Again

        I thought because the sun was up early, I would have to be satisfied with some trolling. Well the trolling was OK and so was casting to the weeds. I would move over to an edge, judge how far out the weeds were growing and then put a long cast lengthwise along the weed edge. It paid off I managed 48 bass with 2 very skinny over 50cm models. Dino
      9. Luc53

        south queensland Windy Weekend

        Looks like a very windy weekend forecast. Good time for gear/boat/tailer maintenance!!
      10. Weather was looking pretty mint today and was dead keen on going to chase some Pelagics outside, but after yesterday couldn’t help but have another crack at the tuskies so didnt event make it over spb. So up at birds fart again to frig around chasing baits. Unfortunately didn’t Land any bigguns like yesterday , but am gonna start putting in some hours to solely chase these big blues as I reckon they’d give a big red a run for their money.Still had a ball though as even the smaller ones in between 35 and 60cm pull like trains in the shallows on 30lb gear. Got smoked plenty of times. Ended up putting together a good feed and a heap of fresh squid too. But with this forecast I don’t reckon I’ll be seeing the water for a while. Hopefully the fishing goes nuts straight after this big southerly blow and I’ll be interested to see how the spb changes from the huge swells.
      11. Went out with a mate This morning attempting our first go at chasing a big blue tuskie. Hit the first spot on sunrise and managed to land three small tuskies straight away which filled us both with confidence. Hung around in the shallows for a bit waiting for the tide to change. As the tide change approached we changed spots and within ten minutes we had nailed our first big blue ever. Unfortunately we came across two more decent ones but pulled hooks on both. Things slowed down after the tide change so we kept it short and headed home early with a bit of by catch aswell. Pretty damn stoked for first go at them. Will be having another crack at Em real soon I know that much. Big one weighed in at 11 kg and measured 80cm when we got home. ps. Should have taken a photo straight up when it was alive as this one dosnt do it justice. It had the mintest colours when it first came out of the water. 🦜 not worth a report in itself but anyone chasing a prawns I’d be giving Southside a miss until we get some rain. All the usual spots have been really poor for this time of year. Best bet is to try pine or Cabo . We’ve managed to get a couple buckets up that way on each trip. But be prepared to put in the work for them. We really need some big rain soon or this prawn seasons gonna suck I reckon
      12. Hey, Can anyone let me know any good spots around the Sanctuary cove area? And can someone let me know if you are allowed to fish at the little lake at Jenny Park Place at the entrance of Sanctuary cove, I've seen some good sized jacks and mullet in there, but I don't know if you're allowed to fish there. Thanks
      13. Hi all, How does one go about catching eels for bait ? I see a pdf from Fisheries that details a proper net but I can't see too many of you with that arrangement ! Does one need a license ? Rgds, Steve
      14. straddiebrad

        south queensland Burrum Heads

        he guys heading up to burrum heads on friday for the long weekend ,has anyone on here fished the area and like to share,as i will be fishing blind up there and would have a clue on where to start,well i plann on heading out and troll around to see what i come across,any help would be great thanks brad
      15. To windy for the boat this morning, so I grabbed some gear and headed to the dam to do some bankside fishing. I took about 20 shrimp with me as a backup.When I arrived I found I had forgot my bait rigs, so had to put a shrimp out under a float.While I was setting up my casting rod the shrimp got attacked, a nice medium size bass,so I baited up again and it was fish on again before I had my casting rod ready, another nice med size bass. I thought to myself this is going to be great, but alass that was it on bait not another hit. Finally getting my casting rod into action I was pleasantly surprised to be right in the action,using 1/2oz spinnerbait I soon passed the bait tally by a mile. I kept trying different lures, blades, spoons and micro jiggs, but the bass were only interested in the spinnerbaits.Managed 2 on bait, a dozen on spinnerbaits and a 50+ yellabelly as well. I started at 5am and finished at 7am and was home having bacon and eggs at 7.30am ( I coulld not stand up for another minute).I had to get the frozen peas on both knees when I got home. Dino
      16. Met eye has it under 10 knots all day tomorrow. I have to do some oyster stuff so cant go outside but will put a few rods in and troll some spoons on the way home. There is a decky spot available tomorrow on my boat. If you are keen to come out and learn about oyster farming and oyster reef restoration with a little bit of fishing on the side let me know. It is a late start and will leave Wynnum at about 11.30am due to tides.
      17. Copy of email from PRFMA. The Stocking of fingerlings into Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurwongbah for 2018 / 2019 has now be completed. Detailed below are the details of fingerlings stocked this season Lake Samsonvale 58,000 Australian Bass 22,000 Golden Perch (Yellow Belly) 1,000 Mary River Cod 27 Adult (Average 55cm) Saratoga Lake Kurwongbah 31,300 Australian Bass Our thanks and appreciation go to all those who participated in the very successful releases Regards Barry Tucker Treasurer
      18. Flanker978

        south queensland Mooloolaba Worms

        Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows some good spots for worming around Mooloolaba. Wanting to teach the kids. Thanks
      19. hello to all the hut has become available for the weekend of 17-19th jan. need an idea as to how many would like to come so please get back to me asap as i need to book with hut secratary the sooner the better. cheers ezy
      20. rayke1938

        south queensland F Day

        Mediocre day today 22 bass and numerous forkies plus left camera at home so no photos so it did not happen, First spot looked good on the sounder and after a triple forkie hook up we moved on. Ended up on the floats and at least we were getting the occasional bass on a 3 to one ratio ( 3 forkies 1 Bass) Percy gorged himself downing at least 12 forkies So we went exploring and no more forkies but also no bass. In the meantime Andrew and his mateds tied up to the floats and 35 bass and no forkies . When they moved off we took over the spot and landed more bass and no forkies. Cheers Ray
      21. I was just reading about the coffee rock grounds on the eastern side of Moreton Island just north of South Passage. It made me surprised that I have not heard anyone on here mention them or put up a report in the past few years. Is it a good place to go? Does anyone have much experience there? Anyone got some GPS marks they would like to share? I would like to look for an alternative spot when the Group is not working. Thanks
      22. Went along by myself this morning to assist in the release of 20k bass and 20k yella fingerlings . Jim and Des who had came along to have a look ended up on board to assist me and when I asked them if they wanted to have a look around the dam and maybe catch a fish or too they said yes. First spot we tried there was nothing there so we ended up on the floats where we caught 30 bass and one yella in the 90 minutes we were there. Jim was chuffed when he caught a tagged bass. We checked the redclaw pots on the way back and Jim and Des scored a bucket of redclaw to take home.
      23. Been putting a few hours into the local lately and starting to get a few results. Set a mission to get a fredd off surface and finally nailed a 109cm.
      24. judthesizzler

        south queensland Carp Fishing Brisbane

        G'day Folks, Just wondering where some good carp spots around Brisbane/Gold Coast are?
      25. rayke1938

        south queensland NPD 30/1/19

        Back again this morning We did well from 6 of our redclaw pots that had forkies as bait but the boat is really on the nose even though all that was left in the pots was a few bits of skin and bones. Averaged around 20 redclaw in the pots with forky bait against 4 to 6 in the other few pots that had dog biscuits in them. We got 4 forkies today so they have been converted to redclaw bait but I am not popular with the pongy boat parked outside the bedroom window. We found a good school of bass and managed 12 in quick time before the school moved on never to be found again. Saw the energex boys working on the pylons after being raised up on a mobile tower.Not for me with around 20k of wind blowing. Cheers Ray