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      1. Finally got back out to the dam this morning, managed to fish the edges while the sun was hiding behind the clouds.Even trolled a few up on the spinnerbaits as well, havnt done this for years. Managed 42 bass and one yella on lures, 2 bass on bait. Dino
      2. The good news is I have booked my flights to Perth for the another Kimberly adventure. The bad news is I have to wait till end of July before it rolls around. Be there for 3-4 weeks and it will be fantastic like last time.
      3. Saturday was to be a family day on the water with a little bit of lunch thrown in. Julie and the kids were going to meet me at Spinnaker Sound around 10am. I solo launched at 5.30am and could not get a park at the ramp with it being so busy. It was a calm morning with the wind forecast to rise after lunch. Sunrise gives you special feeling. As I headed out there were a few birds at the bottom end of Bribie and I could see good shows of bait. Rather than heading to a spot 20km away I thought I would give it a try and save some fuel. For the next few hours as most boat past me by and some stayed the tell tail bust ups of Long tail tuna were everywhere. Although there were plenty there they were very spooky and hard to get close to. That's Moreton Bay tuna fishing though, with the typical boats coming in at high speed and putting the tuna down. This was not getting anyone any fish so I moved off and marked schools of bait everywhere I could. Once I had plenty of marks to choose from I then positioned the boat so I would drift over a number of them and be away from all the other boats. I didn't have @Poddymullet phone number so I messaged him on AFO but, it seems he doesn't like catching tuna (He didn't get the message till that night) A lot of patience was needed as schools of tuna demolished the bait just out of casting range. There were some isolated splashes as I drifted with the current, I was deep jigging a soft plastic when it was hit at speed and I played a nice LT to the boat and after many circles out of net range the hook let go for some reason and it won its freedom. The adrenaline was rising and shortly after a small bust up in casting range presented an opportunity. The cast landed right in the middle of the foam resulting in an instant hook up. While playing the fish in I was thinking I hope they stick around till the family arrive. This one I got to the net safely and it went a little over 80cm and a nice solid fish. It's most satisfying when you put a plan in action and it comes together. I hooked another one and pulled the hooks. As the morning marched on the aggression of the feeding tuna slowed and it was then time to pick the up the family. We loaded lunch and drinks and headed out with the kids pretty excited to hear there were tuna about. Like before the tuna were still hard to approach without them going down but with the kids on the front of the boat at the ready to cast we managed to get a cast here and there. Luke was the first to land one which we released, to no avail because a shark was hot on it tail and exhaustion of the fight the shark caught up to for a bite to eat. James then picked one up that was sharked under the boat. Julie and I had a double hook up and this was to be Julie's first ever Longtail however the shark was still hungry. I managed to get mine in because Luke's gaff shot was good as the Tuan swam by. We kept a couple for dinner and some bait. James with some by catch. A great morning out and after lunch the wind picked up as predicted and we headed home. As hard as it may, I can not find where this doughnut shop is the @kmcrosby78 keeps going to
      4. its been hard going to get livies on the grounds just east of spb anyone been out know where there hidding been there 3 times with only getting a few.
      5. On my way for a sleep over the island to get a early start tomorrow hope the fish play the game will try for some squid once I sit the boat
      6. G'day I was wondering what thoughts may be out there as for how the weather and conditions may play out for a fish at 1770 this weekend or next. I'd be interested to hear your views on what effects tides, swells, current, barometer, lows and highs may have given that Oma has now passed. We can all read the weather, but I'm looking more at condition assessments from knowledgeable fishos with more experience than I as to what other things beside low winds mean to fishing success. Does the reef shut down after a big blow or does it explode into life. Does barometric pressure have bearing on trout in 6m of water etc. Do emperors rise to shallower depths to feed or go deeper etc type stuff. Cheers
      7. Mark and I went to the western arm for the first time since September last year when the dam was at 100%. Now at 93% and has dropped at least 9 feet. I had some shrimp in the tank at home so we went to Ians island where we caught 10 bass to 40cm and fed the barred grunter until we ran out of bait. We then went and checked the pots that had been sitting since our last visit. 5 of them were high and dry but the other 3 had a fair few shrimp in them plus small redclaw so we just sounded in among the trees and picked up another 12 bass and fed more barred grunter before running out of bait again.. Next week we will have to attack the eastern arm and see if any of the pots there are still in the water . Cheers Ray
      8. be pretty crook tomorrow the doc said lack of salt so i have to head off-shore to get some leaving raby bay around 4 hope the day out there will get the salt levels back up.
      9. he guys heading up to burrum heads on friday for the long weekend ,has anyone on here fished the area and like to share,as i will be fishing blind up there and would have a clue on where to start,well i plann on heading out and troll around to see what i come across,any help would be great thanks brad
      10. Decided at the last moment to go have a session on the spinnerbaits. Legs have been causing a loss of sleep with continual pain, looks like an op is close. Started fishing the edges and 3 hours later I was still at it, getting a steady flow of bass with a couple of spangles thrown in..No 50cm models but some good bass just the same. Dino
      11. Another productive solo day. I was doing ok on Andrews drop off when Graham Round came past and said he got 5 yellas and plenty of good bass on the float. So i headed off and found Colin and his son getting a few yellas so I hit the spot lock and proceeded to get into them. The bass were good quality with the smallest being around 35cm and most in the high 30s and 40+,. Gave a couple of bass and some hints to some newbies so hopefully they will be able to catch their own in future. Cheers Ray
      12. Hi all, Finally got a small window - family wise and weather wise - to get out for a fish...feels like months but it has only been 3 weeks or so. Was going to hit it super early but decided to have a snooze in and have breakfast with the family before heading off around 7.30 for Scarborough. The weather was looking pretty good with only a blow up from lunchtime onwards. Ramp was a bit busy but still managed to get on the water at 8.30 and just decided to take it easy and headed to the mile in the hope of some Macks...but to be honest I just wanted to get the boat on the water and cruise with the new Merc 90CT...having only 3.5 hrs on it makes me itchy. Highly recommend anyone looking in the 90 bracket to take a look at the Merc as well....bloody awesome, quiet and definitely a bit more downstairs in the torque department compared to the Yamaha 90 - which is a great block as well...and my previously preferred choice. Bit of chop on the way out ... nothing the Scout couldn't handle at 28kts got to the mile and there was only one other boat there anchored. Did my stealth crawl in with the motor guide and just keep eyeballing the sounder seeing ridiculous sized schools going underneath me. I kept spinning but to no avail...moved around the beacon trying to get some livies which was hard going but got two small yakka ... both out on a live bait rig but never touched Spent about 2 hrs with not much to show at all. The other guys got some small Macks but nothing else. Plenty of birds on the surface too with schools blowing up here and there. Had to head home feeling a bit down but still had a cracking day... check out this sounder image it was like for most of the morning.
      13. After reading reports the Mackerel were quiet on Mermaid and Palmy on Saturday i headed wide of the Seaway on Sunday morning. Also heard Spanish were caught on Diamond on Saturday and quickly found out a few others heard that too - at least 20 boats there. Fairly lumpy ride out before getting to my area and sounding out some good shows of bait. Fished using spot lock for a while but the current was fairly fast and I only managed a couple of undersize Snapper. Decided to drift over the reef and started to get a few decent fish, with best one going 53cm. Did a few drifts but the jostling started to get to me so went home with 4 legal Snapper. Came across some fish hitting bait on the surface near the Seaway entrance, but couldn't tempt them with a slug - must have been very small baitfish. Looked like Mac Tuna anyway Marty
      14. Been climbing the walls, so decided to go for a quick flick this morning. Took me 17 mins to get to NPD and 24 mins to get home. Passed the new public kayak area at 6am and it was empty, passed it again at 7am and there was only one car. Anyway to break the boredom, had several casts with a spinnerbait and managed a couple of small bass. If I stayed longer I am sure I could have built the numbers up.But that risked the sun burning the lip. Talking about sun did you see it this morning, it was bright orange, before the clouds covered it. Dino
      15. I didn't want to hijack Anglen's post so here’s an open invite if we go. I'm closely watching the weather at the moment. It looks like @Luke Landrunner and I will be heading up there on Sunday and returning Tuesday afternoon high tide. (Hopefully we can answer some of Anglen's questions in our report). We will not make a final decision until next couple of days. If @Anglen or any boats would like to join us you're most welcome. That's our penciled in plan, the more boats the better.
      16. Have heard some crazy reports that the prawns are back on and thick as s#$t! Thinking of hitting the Pine tomorrow or the weekend.
      17. Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts I got a bit overwhelmed with the last one I was supposed to do and didn't end up doing it lol. Been pretty average lately and haven't even taken the boat out but hopefully that will change. Looks like I have to find work in the next two weeks as I will be getting the flick from here. Anyway back on topic, I was wondering if anyone knew any good squid spots by boat or land, it doesn't really matter. Also whats the most popular size, style and colour of squid Jig to use. Anyway I better get back to work. If anyone knows of any work around Brisbane let me know. Cheers Jordan
      18. Decided to head out and make the most of today’s good forecast with some mates. Started off just after dawn trying to nail a few parrot. They didn’t seem to be playing ball so the call was made to go flick for some Jew. Good call it was as first drift my mate nails a 77cm Jew. Did three more drifts with one of us hooking up each time even had a double at one stage. Unfortunately all fish bar one 71cm model were lost to the taxman. Feeling frustrated we focused on trying to nail a big tusky. No luck there unfortunately but did enjoy seeing a mate nearly get pulled over the gunnel fishing a locked drag torsa( This alone is more than enough needed to keep me going back for more lol) Things went quiet after this so headed off to grab some squid and have another crack at some parrot. Water was nice and clear so the squidding went well with a couple of big ones going over a kilo for bait and some good eating small ones. Finally tally for the day was one Jew, 11 parrot of different species, and 15 to twenty squid. Was pretty good to be out in some nice calm conditions especially In the morning. Did pick up a bit in the arvo.
      19. I wanted to take advantage of the rare break in the windy weather that we seem to have had forever lately, so organised a morning trip with @Drop Bear in his tub. Left the Port of Brisbane ramp at about 7.30am and dropped pots off at a couple of promising spots. Plan was to throw prawn nets around in Koopa Channel as my research said that was a promising spot. We sounded around for a while, saw a few small shows that may or may not have been prawns. Long story short, we didn’t find a single prawn. We had a look closer in to Nudgee Beach for no result. we decided that prawning was not going to productive so we went exploring and @Drop Bear showed me a few creeks and other “secret” spots. It was a really interesting exercise and I saw spots that I had previously driven past. We ended up at Mud Island for a quick 30 minute session on the run out tide. I had some left over livies (deadies?) from my last trip and the bite was constant with a couple of undersize grassies and squire coming in. Then I had a good hit and In came a nice fat 52cm cod. Donut averted and dinner sorted. Soon after Robbie managed a legal grassy. Time was running out to get to the pots before the tide got too low, so off we went. We had 8 pots out but only managed 1 legal muddie and 1 legal sandy. So, overall, not a great catch, but the weather was brilliant, the company excellent and I got to try out my new net. A couple of photos for you.
      20. Hi Guys Got 20-30 kg squid fresh I'd like to pass on. Not frozen import. Local stuff. SM Arrows Canx order. Boss says must go by midday 07/03/19 as fresh caught. Brisbane pick up. I'll check in again at 11pm then 2-3am off to freezers after that. PM for details
      21. As I have a lip op on thursday I am trying to get my last few trips in beforehand.Lately I just cant get enough of the edge fishing, especially while most mornings start off overcast or rainy. Well yesterday was both, I wasnt in the boat more than 10mins when the skies opened up and the rain was that heavy that I was soaked through by the time it let up.At least it cooled things down for quite awhile. Plenty of bass were along the edges along with a couple of yellas and a few spangles. Dino
      22. There once was a Scaley Bear. There tails of defeat were Rare So they went for a prawn and the nets were all worn But they fished so well it wasn't fare Ok so @Old Scaley and Drop Bear are gonna go for a fish tomoz. heading out to a secret spot of Old Scaleys for some prawn action. Wish us luck
      23. Looking for some advice here. I want to catch some ghost crabs for bait. I remember as a kid seeing good size ones running around on the soft sand up a Noosa and some spots up there. Just wondering if anyone has seen any decent numbers of them anywhere a bit closer to Brisbane or even goldy. Any info would be appreciated. They look like this and usually come out at night.
      24. Went down the gold coast yesterday with lance to fish for mackerel with cyclone Oma approaching as we won't get another chance for a while. We headed for mermaid reef once we got out of southport seaway with the sea calm I put the hammer down. We floated out pilchards and a live yakka but with no mackerel hits after a few hours the decision was made to move. We headed back up near the seaway and found a nice bommie on the sounder to sit on. We jigged up some bigger yakkas and as I was winding in a small yakka we set early to change it for a bigger bait when the little yakka was hit and the reel screamed. The fish took a few long fast runs with a spotty mackerel darting from 1 side of the boat to the other he finally was slowed and we had our 1st Mackie in the boat. As we got the fish bled and in the box there was no time to rest as soon as another yakka was set it was inhaled and the rod buckled over. Lance took the rod and fought a likely Spanish mackerel but it spat the hook after a quick run. This happened again as soon as another live yakka was set and I fought what I thought was a small fish but after it's 2nd run it really woke up and speed increased on a couple more runs. A nice Spanish came into view and we got a 1.2m long Spaniard in the box. With more burleigh came more spotties and they were soon swimming right up to the back of the boat eating the cubes of pillies drifting out. It started a hour of power with spotties taking every bait we could get out but most fish were lost. We boated another 3 spotties losing many more mainly to them running around the anchor rope. It was fun watching them in the burleigh trail and able to see them take the bait. Lance hooked another Spanish but it must of shook its head and the hook then foul hooking it and he then had no chance of turning this big fish. The wind finally got above 5 knots and the fish went off the bite so we headed for home. Fantastic day on the water and a few nice fish for a feed is what makes a happy fisherman.
      25. A mate suggested we go for a fish last Sunday, then he had too much jungle juice and bailed. No biggy, thought I'd explore another part of Lake S with the tube. Bush-bashing with 1.5m wide tube on the back is interesting to say the least. Anyway, got through the scrub without a puncture then on to the lake. Second cast snapped my brand new second hand Sage rod in half. So I summoned my inner Rod Harrison and kept at it casting a sinking line with a 4.5 foot rod. (Not easy!!!) Glad I did, a nice 45 plus Bass, one similar size dropped at the tube plus a few more However the bugger spiked my tube so I listed badly most of the morning until I thought I'd better bail:) before i sunk Oh and first tail hooked bass. #givenormanewsagex #50plusbass?