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      Found 136 results

      1. Hi, Is there any different between the OLD Sensor Surf IZM comparing the the NEW Sensor Surf (2018)? The only thing i can see different is the shrink tube different pattern. Thanks.
      2. Hi just enquiring if anyone has upgraded the handle knob on there stradic c14, (3000, 4000) just wanting to know what is a direct replacement and where to get them from thanks.
      3. ReelBoss is a new online Fishing Tackle Business, based in Coffs Harbour. We sell Yellow, Green & Multi-Coloured Braided Fishing Line 8lb-50lb 150m-500m, Fluorocarbon Leader 8lb-30lb 30m-50m & Aluminum Fishing Pliers. You can find us on eBay, Amazon and through our website. fishing line&fbclid=IwAR3slseTEra1bSj1-G8hl6DJfZ35jrzwPDtac8UFNMZ3wsPGFGhPfhwZEUs
      4. Hi all, I am just asking for your opinions on which brands on braid and leader line to use. I am using 8-15 pound line. Also the best brands for cheap as-well. Thanks,
      5. Hey guys so I did my first ever quick tip section for my youtube channel. As I get time between work and the store Ill slowly add more very quick and simple tips that some of us already know and others might not. Hope you enjoy it is is a whole 25 secs long and straight to the point which i plan to make all my vids. Tight lines guys ( i edited it as I realized I could just put the vid here instead of linking it) Thanks for watching and I hope you like it. Please give me any feedback as I want to make these are informative as possible without droning on.
      6. Hi everyone, Just asking for some help on picking out some lure (hard/soft) for flathead or bream. I'm fishing around the canals.
      7. I'm just starting to get back into some fishing after a number of years. Years ago I always made up rigs to suit as needed and tied and snood all my hooks and was able to do this in the dark. I still make up my own rigs but because of these old eyes it's becoming more difficult so my preference now is to make up my rigs beforehand and use snap swivels to connect to make it easier. I never used any type of snap connectors back in the earlier days but nowadays I just want to arrive at the destination and decide on the rig I want to attach. I don't want to tie knots in the field if I can avoid it. I want the ability to pass a No 12 (or 14) swivel tied to the end of the line of the reel. Connect reel to rod and feed it up through the guides. The top tip guide is large enough to pass the swivel through ok but not the snap part. So I guess I would need to have a snap on each rig itself which is ok I think. The other issue is attaching a running sinker that runs down to the swivel. I want the ability to connect various weights of pyramid or star sinkers but have some arrangement where this can be attached using a clip after it's all been threaded through the rod guides (and removed at end of fishing). I have seen plastic guides where these can be attached to the line and have a clip to attach your sinker of choices but seems this has to be done before tying the swivel on but I did see one brand where the plastic runner has a slot and clips onto the line but I think most don't have this feature? So basically I want a running sinker coming down to a swivel which is then attached to a hook of my choosing. My hooks will be tied using say 300-400mm of line to a split ring. As I've not done a lot of fishing in recent years I've not kept up with the latest fishing methods and tricks. Hopefully I have described what I want to do well enough and see if any of you guys can suggest anything that might suit.
      8. Hi all When I travel with my rods, I've usually got a lure or jig head on and of course they snag everything on my vehicle, plus if I carry them on a boat the same problem. Is there anything locally you can get that wraps or snaps around them to prevent this problem when travelling. Cheers john
      9. Hi all, back in Oz after 12 years away from fishing .. now I've been looking at these bait release systems to aid casting. I've actually bought several packets of Gemini genie rig systems and they are a fantastic little device .. but .. they are very limited on hook size. So to that end, I'm trying to look at other devices that are available. There are a number of sinkers on the market but they are advertised in the UK .. does anybody know of a supplier here in WA that sells them? I've also looked at the "imp2" but according to several forums/complaints, they cannot handle anything beyond 5oz sinker ... so i'm open to suggestions .. what's good, where to get them ..
      10. Hi, Found some OLD lubrication in my garage, I think is from the 90's. The lube seem still fine, not freeze up or turn color. Anyone have any idea where this lube is from and can still be use in today reels? Attach here some photos of the lube, price tag still attach but can't see the price anymore lol........
      11. looking for old clapped out daiwa saltist lw50ha over head for parts. contacted daiwa and have been told parts I need they do not have. any help would be great. gold coast qld area . marcopollo
      12. Hi, I am asking about the Spinfisher VI 7500 (15.8kg) & Long Cast 7500 (11.3kg). Why both reel have different max drag? Both are same size from Spinfisher VI family, is there a wrong print specification? For surf fishing, is Spinfisher VI better or Slammer III? Thank you for all inputs.
      13. Hey all, Recently I've been finding a bit of time to get back into fishing and after really getting the bug back I would like to get a nice new rod and reel. I'm interested in fishing off the beach and rocks around SE Tas. Mostly Tasman Peninsular with the occasional trip up the East Coast. I was thinking of getting an Alvey direct wind reel and a 12 or 13" rod with some mono line but now I'm wondering would this be overkill for the area? Any thoughts on whether I'd be better aiming for something lighter or more of an all rounder? Would mostly be using bait and silver lures. Budget would be up to say $300 for something nice and good quality. Appreciate any feedback. Cheers!
      14. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has ever used or caught anything with something like this? Tempted to get one but Ye idk:/ Any input much appreciated Cheers
      15. Happy weekend everyone Trying to minimize the amount of gear I have as it’s just getting to the point of being overly cluttered. So instead of throwing out some gear, I figured I’d give it away for free. There must be a youngster out there or someone knows of a young fisher that would appreciate some gear. It’s not much, and not the greatest quality but I’d rather see it goes to use rather than go to waste. The lures need new trebles ive got a tackle box, a few small hard bodies and a few blades, rod, small overhead combo and a well used brag mat.
      16. Has anyone use this? Sounds interesting but expensive if it doesn't do anything...
      17. Can anyone recommend a good site to buy quality braid in bulk?
      18. I just received an email for a special on Stren braid. I’ve used Stren before and it’s been great. I haven’t used this type but for $3 l bought a couple of spools for bass fishing. from Fishing Tackle Shop
      19. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows anyone in Aus who has experience in soft plastic lure mould design and manufacture? I would like to get some moulds CNC'd for small scale commercial production but have a unique design so talking to someone who can/has done this would be very helpful! Cheers, Nick.
      20. got the new tank today ready for the install ,and fill it up with livies
      21. Hi, I`m Peter The Inventor of the Tailfin Water Rail, we are, all letting people know about the New and exciting Innovation, Tailfin, face surface reflection steering, 3x performance all sea direction, replacing outdated prop spinning thrust direction steering, Tailfin frees the prop thrust from levelling duties with a more economical smoother faster dryer ride all sea directions. Testomonies Customers Post and comments link. Arthur Walton Peter Cornish it was huge. Was able to maintain a higher speed through even the heavy stuff without the need for a kidney belt. Hope the video shows it. The least money I've spent for the most gain on my boat. If your in Mackay mate i will gladly take you for a run. look for this post below then open commentsArthur WaltonNovember 23 at 7:34 PMAll fitted....water test in the next few days hopefully The Tailfin Water Rail adds stabilization all sea directions, New, exciting innovation changing boating lifestyles enjoy your rough water boating, smooth faster dryer ride, boat rides a water rail in a following sea, self-levelling suspension water flow steering is awesome. The Tailfin is already fitted to hundreds of boats posting Tailfin Kits all over Australia call or text 0450018840 Tailfin Water Rail comes with Hi Performance 3-month money back guarantee
      22. Hi guys, I’m in market for synder glass blanks or rods around 10 foot, 5-7/8 kg. Has anyone got any or this style around, if you can let me know I would be very interested in purchasing depending on costs please. Look forward to your reply. Charles
      23. Hi all. A friend of mine runs this website and makes all these rigs. It is an Australian Made and owned company and they work really well. Just thought I would share his site and try to help support an Australian company. He just runs a small hobby business so he only has limited stocks but my mate and I use them and they are pretty good for the price.
      24. When we are reef fishing unfortunately some of the by catch and undersize fish that have come from deeper water suffer with barotrauma. Some fish suffer more than others, the cod especially suffer. It’s a sad fact these fish founder on top of the water and are taken by other predators because they can get down. I don’t think popping the swim bladder fairs well for the fish, even if it does swim away. So to hopefully minimize the fatality rate and give them the best chance of recovery l made a simple release weight from a snapper lead and stain steel game hook. Last time we went out we were releasing snapper with a improvise one and it worked well. Here is a more refined model that can have the hook changed down the track via a screw. Recessed the hook so it won’t twist. Ground the barb off so when the person in the boat pulls it upwards the hooks slips out of the fishes jaw when once the fish is back at the same depth and pressure from which it came. Simple to make out of materials lying around and may save some fish.
      25. Hello everybody just wondering what your favourite colour in the zman slim swimz are? thanks