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      1. AFO

        Global Tackle

        Global Tackle is a family owned business specialising in fishing tackle. We are conveniently located in the Eastern Suburbs at 503 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, Sydney. Our objective is not only to maintain the latest in fishing technology but to challenge and develop new boundaries. Global tackle is run by anglers for anglers. We are confident that our expertise in rock, surf, estuary and bluewater angling will enhance the enjoyment and quality of your fishing experience. We are passionate about fishing and always willing to offer friendly advice to the novice and the more experienced angler. So why not drop in to have a browse and say hello. If you have fished the rocks, beaches or blue waters of our eastern seaboard, you will most likely bump into old friends.
      2. I've already decided the reel which will be a shimano c2000hgs shallow spool reel but i am unsure with rods???? I am looking for a rod around 1-3kg 1-4kg 2-4kg and around the 7 foot mark. And for it to cost under $110. Any help as to what i should get would be appreciated. I will be fishing for mainly Flathead, Bream and other smaller estuary species with some 6 lb braid and light drag!
      3. Hey all, Heading home to Cairns for a holiday next week (from Singapore), and was going to stock up tackle here because its cheaper. Anyone have an opinion on Sufix 832 braid for plastics fishing? Also my last two trips back to Aus, had a lot of success with Keitech plastics. The price of them here is fantastic (6 bucks a pack!), so wondering if anyone has opinions on specific colours and patterns? Last time the white 'Shad impacts' and pink 'easy shiners' were working for me. Opinions?
      4. Iv'e been fishing for about a year now with crappy gear after having most of it brake on me now i want a decent rod and reel for bream flathead whiting and other smaller fish, im pretty parcial to shimano but i will try out other brands, for the reel i want between 2000-2500 size reel. for the rod i want 1-3kg 1-4kg 2-4kg and the length of the rod to be any where between 6'10 to 7'2 (must be 2 piece) for the setup i want it to cost around or even under $200 as i am still at school and cant afford to be buying very expensive gear. And i am a big cosmetics fan so i would like the setup to look good but mainly looking for performance.
      5. I used to not be to smobby regarding braids but the more lures I throw the more I get really partocular... I have had a run of average experiences but really wanting to know what others use. I am about to get 2 new spools for a 1000 and a 2500 size reel but happy to hear about preferences for heavier combos. Was having this chat with mate Joel over the weekend which was spawned by his brand new Daiwa J Braid having constant failures. It casted poorly, and seemed to fray all the time. It was so bad I was convinvced there was a crack in a guide or the bale arm bearing was not spinning but a change of braid later and no issues. Important to note that this was Daiwa J Braid 4 strand not 8. Joel got a spool of Siglon which he raves about (sunline makes it) and it was awesome to the touch and very thin for repsective breaking strain. I will probably go down this road but I thought this was still a worthwhile topic of coversation for others. Cheers. Angus
      6. Happy New Year to all I have a Live Fibre Overhead Rod (RLFTX16) 10 - 15 kg rated there are some specials running at the moment and I would like some input what would be a good reel to suit this rod. I will be using it to do some light trolling, some live baiting and some occasional bottom bashing. I had done some researching and have been thinking of a Shimano Tyrnos 16 or the Simano Talica 16 Some suggestions would be nice. One further question - is a two speed needed ? thanks
      7. So here is a pic of the layout of my boat. Sorry for the messy shot with the tools in it. Doing a few jobs. I am tending to put the left seat in the more forward spot as it is a bit easier with the tiller steer if I need to turn right in a hurry. I need to put an eski in it and I would like it to fit large Spanish and Cobia etc. My questions are; 1- Do you have a favorite brand of Eski? Why do you like these? I cant find any on Reel Tackle, did i miss them? 2- what is the ideal length? 3- Am I being silly? Its a small boat. Should I use a smaller one and buy a fish bag from Reel Tackel? What size is best? 4- Where would the eski you like go and how do I stop it from sliding around the boat? Some Ideas are; Up front on the main deck but tied to the front hatch. Either length ways or sideways. I think length ways would help be able to get to the anchor etc. Up front on the Starboard side tied to the gunwale. Some times it would be in the way if fighting a big fish. It should fit in front of the side pocket. Down the back in front of live bait tank. I don't really like this as it will get in the way from time to time. 5- Is there a way that they gauge the insulation level? I'd like one that keeps cold for 3 days. I have a few eskis already but I dont think they are suitable. Big blue one is good but massive. Its hard to get in and out even for 2 people and I hope a long skinny one would take up less room. Long white one is about the right size but the insulation seems to be a bit dodgy. I dont know how to check this. Yellow one is a good eski but too short. It is a good snapper one and if I get the fish cooler bag i will upgrade the catches and use this. Little blue one is ok but quite small. fills up too quick even for snapper. So for the social I will probably take the little blue one and the white one but hopfully will buy one in a week or so. Thanks DB video-1488930131.mp4
      8. Hi Everyone i was just wondering what everyone’s favourite filleting knife is? I have a Victorinox atm however the blade is a little wide for my liking. cheers
      9. Hi Everyone, We are conducting a survey on Australian live-bait preferences to help us create more sustainable and environmentally friendly live-bait. As a thankyou for your participation, we will reward you with a FREE pack of 300 live maggots/spikes on completion of the survey. You can complete the survey here -> Thanks! Caitlin
      10. Wanting to buy a Nordic stage artist new or used. Cheers ramsey
      11. Hi to anyone reading this post I'm 16 years old and am just getting into fishing seriously for the first time, iv been fishing with mates and family a lot over the last 10 years but we always just used cheap Kmart rods and and never really knew what we were doing so i never really got hooked on it, but just recently i went fishing with an extremely skilled friend of mine who has been hooked on fishing for about 8 years now we used quality gear the right bait and it was a blast i started researching it myself and i'm already hooked (no pun intended) so iv decided i wanna get my self setup with a good quality rod and reel that will last me for a long time, iv done a lot of research especially on reels and have come to the decision to buy the daiwa bg spinning reel not sure what model number though (3000 - 4000) are the ones iv been looking at , but with the rod i'm still undecided as i want something that can be used in just about any circumstance e.g effective with small to large fish saltwater and freshwater and inshore and offshore and a little bit of surf fishing is this unrealistic ? if not what rod would be best for these requirements i was looking at an 7 foot ugly stik gx2 is this a good idea ? Ps 85 % of the fishing i will be doing will be saltwater and i have a 200 to 350 dollar budget thanks very much and any reply's are appreciated regards Logan
      12. Well inspired by Ray's yabby trap project I pulled out my "to do" box. This is basically my box of decent lures that have corroded or stuffed trebles. I knew there were a few here but had really lost track of numbers of quality. Some really good lures here see if you can name some! Anyway... This is my project while little bubs are sleeping.
      13. Hi all need help identifying an old rig of my brothers, just wanna know if its any good. From what i can see the reels are both shimano, one is an alivio 6000 and one is a aernos xt ? and the rod is a shimano spectrum plus, just wondering how good a setup it is and what it would be used for i think the rod is meant to be for fishing off the beach not sure about the reels though . thanks from Logan
      14. I have been having success on the Nomad DTX minnows as you may have read in the recent reports. In the past I have been disappointed with many brand name bibbed lures claiming they work at 'X' knots speeds and they do not. I'm talking high speed lures for pelagics 7-12 knts. Finally I thought these new Nomads with auto tune were the answer, so I bought one and tried it out. The claim on the 165mm lures was speeds in excess of 9 knots. After many hours of trolling over 2 days I can say they are right. It would hold in up to 9knts but in excess well that's debatable, but 9 knts swimming true and getting hits was fine for me. After trying the first one worked perfectly I bought another two, 1 x 165mm and 1 x 200mm model, when I got home I found the important auto tow point was different to the first one. It seems the second lures I bought were old stock Gen 1 lures and the first lure was a Gen 2. My thinking was if the Gen 1 were OK why would they modify it. So yesterday I put the Gen 1-165mm in and the Gen 2 165mm in and tested them together. Surprise the Gen 1 blew out at 7knts while the Gen 2 stayed true till a little over 9knts. I went back to the store today because I'm sick of things not doing what they claim and told them what happened. They were very good and changed them over to the new Gen 2 models even though I had bought them on a 20% off sale. I then purchased another because I have been very impressed with them. The reason behind this post is that I have 10 or so other bibbed lures that claim to be capable of high speeds and they are not in my experience, hence I don't use them unless trolling at slower speeds. These lures are quite expensive, but cheaper than buying 10 that don't work at half the price. If you decide to buy one of these make sure it is the Gen 2 with the eyelet made from a flat blade and it is loose so that it self a lines. The Gen 1 have a round wire making the tow point. Happy fishing everyone.
      15. I do a lot of trolling. My bibbed diver bodies are being grooved out and ruined over a long period of time by the centre treble hook points, as the lure vibrates through the water. Changing to a centre double hook changed the wear to under the lure body by the shank. Then I saw on Big Angry Fish, where the centre treble was held to the body of the lure with a rubber band off the rear wire loop - maybe this was to stop a loose treble from flying around whilst travelling, or maybe it was to stop the wear caused whilst trolling. I have tried trolling with the rubber band, and the lure still tracks well, but at this stage it is hard to tell if it has reduced hook up rates (in the past it is mostly it is the rear treble that has had the hook up though, as I tend to troll faster than slower in the salt), or if it is spooking the fish. Any thoughts or experiences with this issue?
      16. Hey, So i have just purchased a rod from the shimano sentire series rated for 10-15kg. And i'm wondering if that was going to be enough for bottom bashing mainly targeting nannygai and coral trout and others similar to it. I'm going to fit a slammer III 5500 on it with 50lb braid in 30-40m depth. If anyone has any reccomendations for this setup please reply! And would this be to overkill for casting in rivers targeting barra. Reel -
      17. Hi all, Well I have been out of Oz for over 10 years now but will be returning shortly (thank god). I was busy packing my fishing gear (which hasn't been used in all the time I've been gone) and I decided to look up some current replacements for my gear. I've a Snyder Glass MT 7144 and an MT 8144 that have been my favorites for years. So I looked up Snyder Glass and couldn't find a website for them. It also appears that nobody seems to stock them where I'm from (not that I could find anyway) .. have they gone bust? What's the latest and greatest 12-13 foot rods around now? I need to match to a Penn 850 and/or Mitchell 499 (yes ancient I know but still in perfect working order).
      18. I saw this today. It seems to be a very simple way to attach a hook to heavy multi strand wire. I pick up my boat today... weeee
      19. Hi everyone, hubby and I are heading to New Caledonia just after Christmas, and he has requested travel fishing gear to fish the lagoons while I'm at the spa. So I am needing help and advice in purchasing a travel rod, reel - and whatever lures etc. I need to purchase. Wanting something that he'll be happy with, price is not a factor, although spending thousands is not my goal. Can anyone help?
      20. Does anyone have a great system to store collapsible crab pots? I find them very large and heavy, take up way too much room and I don't have a good way to hang them. I was planning op build a simple platform that I could hoist up into the ceiling on a pulley but realize that I would need at least 3 ropes so it got high enough and didn't topple. Thanks
      21. Good morning members, Well after much consideration myself and Henry are ending our time as Australian distributors of Nordic Stage. Without going into to much detail we essentially are struggling to get the newer ranges into Australia as the European market has already accounted for the manufacturing capacity. In short, if we cannot get supply to meet demand, we are left with little choice. It has been a fun journey and we have done many things we would not have otherwise done so it is not really with any regret, just a necessity. We do find ourselves with considerable stock left to and will be holding a final sale on the weekend 11th and 12th of November. Rods will be heavily discounted ranging from $60 to $250 depending on the rod. Even at the top end of $250 you are looking at rods that would have retailed for $450. Deals will also available for multiple purchases. Models available: Nordic Stage Favorite (various models) Nordic Stage Areal Pro (6.0 and 7.3) Nordic Stage Scout (various) Nordic Stage Cheater (various) Nordic Stage Limited Edition Sharpshooter (never formally released to stores) Samples: A few random sample never imported in bulk. A range of blanks will also be available (scout, joker, cheater). Details Date: 11th & 12th November Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm Location: 59 Miskin St Toowong Corner of Woodstock and Miskin RSVP: Please do let me know if you plan to attend as I will grab a few beers. Also if response is low it may affect going ahead. Thanks and I hope to see a few of you there for a chat and a deal! Angus
      22. Hi guys, First time poster, just sussing what are the rods out there koz i'll be going on a trip dunno where yet (up north) and looking to do popping and stickbaiting (off rocks/ don't have a boat) I'm getting a Daiwa Expo 5500 w/ 50lbs tasline so just trying to see what's out there for the rods. Only thought of the 792XH Demon Blood V2 as its 20% off at Motackle atm (Open to any brands). Looking to use approximately 100-150g Stickbaits/Poppers. Suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers
      23. Hey guys, I am sort of new to snapper fishing. I have been looking at a few forums and websites, and have come up with some ideas on a good rod an reel to catch some snapper. First idea: On the shimano website I saw they were recommending a set up similar to this. Second idea: and The shimano website recommended that the most, although that reel was slightly different to what they had listed but apparently the raider is the best rod. I am open to most ideas guys and gals as I said I am still fairley new and I would preferably like to stick under the 250$ range. Cheers.
      24. Hi everyone, I'm after anyone who's used the Fin-Nor Marquesa 2 speed reels before and what your opinion may be? I'm looking at a deal on a MA50 open top. I plan on using it trolling for southern bluefin tuna. I was thinking of getting a 50W but I already have an 80W and probably don't need another reel that big. Without seeing reels side by side I'm pretty sure the Marquesa MA50 is roughly similar to a shimano 30. I would probably go something along the lines of 500m of 65lb braid and a 100m or so mono topshot. I did have some concerns with the open top and reel flex when hooked into a harness. Anyone have an opinion on this? Any info would be much appreciated.
      25. Hello all, This is my first post on this forum. I recently purchased a Curado I 200HG. This is my first expensive baitcaster and i have run into issue with the side plate. Once the spool is in the reel i cannot properly close the side plate properly. The slider will not click back into position but rather sits in between open and close. When the spool is not in the reel the slider clicks and sits all the back where it should. Any advice or solutions?