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      Found 15 results

      1. A few of us are heading up to 1770 for a week during the school holidays starting from Saturday the 28th of September to Saturday the 5th of October. We have booked a house for the week and will be fishing the close and wider reefs depending on the weather. If anyone is interested in coming up and getting a house or just heading straight out to the reefs fishing post here and we can plan our trip on this thread. So far we have 2 boats and crew going with a few more boys to get back to me. This time of year is quite stable with the weather and we hope to get out to the wider reefs chasing red emperor, coral trout, red throat emperor, cod, etc.
      2. @Luke Landrunner and I headed to 1770 leaving 4am Sunday morning. As usual the hours of driving were filled with all different ideas and things we could try to hopefully snag some Red Emperor. When we pulled up at the ramp I could see another Grady White boat following us. When we pulled up at the ramp they pulled up next to us and it was the BATS crew. If you know these guys they do very well on Red Emperor and have a number of youtube videos worth watching. While Luke started preparing the boat (thanks Luke) I had a chat with Peter and he was happy to give us some tips on where to target RE's. After looking at their boat it is remarkable difference an extra 2 feet makes a boat, so much bigger. They had 4 people in their boat where as on trips like this, 2 people is comfortable in mine with 2 eskies and sleeping arrangements. My boat looks small next to theirs. After picking Luke up on the way and stocking up with ice and fuel we launched around 11am. The wind direction was in out favour making the trip out quite good. About 40km out we saw some flock of birds and thought it would be great to pick up a few tuna for fresh strip baits. The feeding pattern didn't look very aggressive and after throwing Gobbler 4.75" jerk shads in Pink, we had no hits after a number of attempts. We then noticed a large school of fish under the boat and we identified them as trevellay of some sort. I tried a large popper but no interest shown. I changed to a Gobbler 3.75" jerk shad in gin clear color with a lighter jig head and a lighter leader. Good choice as it turned out, with 5 Buldger Trevally becoming our fresh bait for the trip. These things pull hard. I cast under a bird looking into the water and had a hook up as it sank, a nice Cobia was netted, photographed and released quickly. It was time to stop having fun and get out to Sykes reef. There was still a few hours of light left so we went East of Sykes to see what we could find. The normal Lipper, (Red Throat Emperor) etc were coming over the side thick. Luke then used an Iodine bream as bait and hooked a good fish. We called it for a Red and to both of our delight it was! and this one had a tail. We were both ecstatic over having this fish hit the deck within hours of launching. The sun dipping below the horizon gave the fish and extra Red appearance. We could not have asked for a better start to the trip. There were plenty of boats anchor at up Sunday night probably because of the good Monday forecast. With conditions so good on Monday we fished in approximately 70m all day. We must have easily thrown back 30-40 good size Lipper and tuskfish and kept some Cod that don't release well. Luke scored a PB Maori Cod a nice Coral trout and I got a nice Coronation trout as well. I don't why the colour is so saturated on this photo. We were sharked a number of time really taking it out of us from 70 meters down and heavy drag settings. When I had another big fish on I though initially it could be another shark but thought you never can tell and played it up. It was a welcome surprise to see my PB Amber jack appear in the crystal clear water. Besides a couple of under size RE coming to the boat there were no legals on Monday. We came back in after a massive day of fishing the deep water we were pretty spent. I even gained a couple of blisters from holding the rod and fighting fish. We came in late afternoon and did a little popping to give us a break from sinkers. I had a few strikes from long tom and landed one. Just before we dark we anchored in shallow to get as much protection from the reef we could. Luke was having fun with some Spanglies on the Gobblers. The forecast was for wind up to 20kts overnight on Monday and there were only 2 other boats we could see in the distance Monday night. It was crap night being tossed around and there was very little sleep had. Tuesday morning we started to make our way back and see what we could find. I set the depth sounder to show just the last 5 meters of the depth and increased the scroll speed to 2x so the fish show bigger when you go over them at speed. Not far from Sykes we saw a show of fish on the sounder while running at 35kmph, we turned around located them and first drift Luke snags a PB snapper. A few more drifts and we headed off again. Shortly after we found another school and first drift I scored a undersize RE and thought we are in the right area. A few more drifts we picked up Hussar which I filletted and put back down. I love Hussar to eat but so do RE's and it was a not wasted. I finally got past the pickers and was hooked up solid to a nice fish which I was hoping was our quarry. There were two very happy anglers on board when we netted this fella. While admiring this Red, Luke's Rod bend over and another Red came to the net but just undersize at 53cm it was swiftly released. I have a fuel capacity of 300 litres and do 1km/ litre average. We did 250kms for this trip and had an extra 90 litres of fuel in jerry cans just incase conditions turned bad. We didn't need them but better to have it than not. Red Emperor is such a nice firm white flesh fish and I was able to get 3 feeds from the one fish. It was a pity we didn't catch up with Anglen on the water but i'm sure we will get to a trip in the future together. I would say this was our most successful trip with a few PB reached and finally catching more than one Red Emperor. We caught 5 in total 3 under size and the 2 legal that were 70cm and 69cm. I want to fish this place as often as can afford and weather allows.
      3. Hi Lads, looks like everyone who ventured up towards Red country had some epic trips my self included. We left brissy for turkey beach just before midnight and after almost 8 hours in the car and another three hours in the boat (this trip seems like an eternity) we arrived after ten with the intention of staying for two nights and fish some grounds much further north than we normally fish for the first time. We used way more fuel than we we thought. So we ended up heading for the ramp the next day around 3 pm with only ten litres left in the tank at the ramp Whoops. Fishing was awesome with some nice reds some big nannies and some nice gold band. We only got six or so trout but ended up with a pretty good haul considering we were only out for about 30 hrs and didn’t fish at night. Due to the fuel consumption we decided not to head back south for protection from a reef and anchored out in 60 metres of water for vey blowy sleep. Any way here’s some pics from the trip
      4. Headed up to 1770 on Wednesday got into the caravan park about 530pm set up a few chairs and had a brew. Got up early and was at the servo in town at 5am to get our ice then launched the boat and headed out the weather was mint all day and in 2 hours we were dropping our 1st baits. The fishing was good as we were quickly putting quality red throat and trout in the box. My best trout went 63cm and was fat as mud. Lots of under size red emperor were caught up to 54cm must have got 20 or more without 1 legal size. We anchored up behind the reef just after dark and settled in for the night. The next day was slow but slowly put some more fish in the box like tuskies and more rte. The boat was playing up with the motor not charging the batteries so we called it and headed home around lunch. We had got close to our bag limit so not a big loss for the trip and have dropped the boat in today to get fixed. Here is our final tally
      5. G'day I was wondering what thoughts may be out there as for how the weather and conditions may play out for a fish at 1770 this weekend or next. I'd be interested to hear your views on what effects tides, swells, current, barometer, lows and highs may have given that Oma has now passed. We can all read the weather, but I'm looking more at condition assessments from knowledgeable fishos with more experience than I as to what other things beside low winds mean to fishing success. Does the reef shut down after a big blow or does it explode into life. Does barometric pressure have bearing on trout in 6m of water etc. Do emperors rise to shallower depths to feed or go deeper etc type stuff. Cheers
      6. Hi Guys Got 20-30 kg squid fresh I'd like to pass on. Not frozen import. Local stuff. SM Arrows Canx order. Boss says must go by midday 07/03/19 as fresh caught. Brisbane pick up. I'll check in again at 11pm then 2-3am off to freezers after that. PM for details
      7. G'day. Just joining in after spending plenty of time reading reports and info that is the bounty of this community. Great site and resource built up over the years. I'm Bris based presently and mainly fish offshore sunny coast and north when weather and time permits. 6m glassy with yam 4 stroke. Bit of a tackle rat n gear head, so can cover most angles or opportunities. I have a passion for hitting the reef out from 1770 or Gladstone and overnighting up there in amongst the Islands, lagoons and cays. Sensational as an ol' Sydneysider. Every trip is a new experience. Looking forward to contributing to reports, tips n tricks, and doing a few tandems or raftups as I hopefully get to meet a few fellow forumites. Intersted in tag a long style trips because you can cover a lot more ground, get more experience, have a ball and feel a lot safer in the company of like minded fishos. Always happy to share space and take a fishing partner or keen deckie too to balance out the numbers. So if your planning a trip or looking for someone to get you out fishing for reefies etc keep me in mind n shoot me a pm and lets see what we can arrange. Tight lines All. Anglen
      8. It’s been long over due but got offered spot to head up to 1770 for a few days. Hit the water and was out to Sykes just before lunch. Weather on the first day was bit sloppy with the wind forcing us to drift faster than we wanted which meant a bit of time sitting on reverse. We managed a heap of lipper and few trout which was a good start to the box. Decided to head in around dusk to find anchorage behind the reef and cook up some burgers. next morning we were straight into it and found a nice isolated rock that was holding reds unfortunately the sharks had other ideas and we lost about five fish. Which really sucked as we didn’t find any more for the trip. This is the first trip we’re we didn’t get a single red emporer which is disappointing. Decided to head in abit shallower and chase some trout. Almost all the trout this trip were of quite good size. With a few more trout in the box we came across nice mark absolutely loaded with good spangles all around the 4-5kg mark. Had a ball chasing them on plastics until the sharks showed up again. We spent the last day putting a few more decent trout some parrot and couple of coral cod in the box and then had one last crack at the spangles until we hit bag on them.Weather was glass on Sunday which made for a nice relaxing run back to the ramp. All in all was a pretty good trip with the final tally going 13 trout 20 spangles, 31 lipper 3 coral cod and 8 parrot. Sorry for lack of pics there all on other people’s phones. Can’t wait to get back up there and settle the score with the Reds and the bloody sharks
      9. I hatched a plan to head up to the Bunker group of reefs off 1770 over the weekend, my son Brock deckied for me and my mate Col and his wife and son travelled with us in their boat. Thursday arvo we left Brisbane and got into 1770 just after dark so we checked into the caravan park to camp for the night over a few drinks we planned our weekend out on the reef for the 3 days and 2 nights. Friday morning i noticed fuel leaking from the bungs in my boat and soon discovered my tank was leaking not what we needed before a big trip so i pulled up the false floor and found the problem where the breather fitting on the tank leaking, there was a boat mechanic in town and he fitted us in straight away. The boat was soon fixed and we hit the water late morning just as the wind was backing off which we planned on leaving late anyway so a easy trip over to the reefs was made with a following sea making it a smooth run. Brock and I put a few good coral trout and red throat emperor in the boat some of the red throat were 55cm and at that size they fight hard it takes a while to get them away from the bottom. The afternoon wore on and with the sun getting low on the horizon we needed to get into our anchorage so we chose the northern top off Heron reef with a southerly wind so we would be in the lee of the reef. We rafted the 2 boats up where we could have dinner together and a few drinks and talk about the days fishing it had reef bommies around us so we dropped baits down and caught a few good red throat. The sun setting was amazing but the moon rise over the water was better it had its own pefect reflection as it rose just above horizon we all commented we had never seen it that perfect before. After a good night sleep we were ready for Saturdays action the weather was mint and both boats headed for some marks we have in water about 40 to 50m deep we got a few trout and red throat Brock got a nice moarie cod but the bite dropped off so we split up the boats to look at other marks. Late morning we met up again and i suggested a spot where you can do long drifts where you can start in 18m and end up in 40m covering alot of structure over hour long drifts here we put more good trout, tuskies and red throat in the boat. The call was made to have lunch behind the reef and go for a snorkle after the snorkle we had a few drinks with bikkies and dip. The arvo was waring on and we made the call to hit up that same reef we started at and fish it through to dark. We found it was a good call as the fish were back on Brock hooked a big fish with wicked head shakes and i called it a Red emperor it was going hard on his light gear he was using a 5000 shimano sustain loaded with 30lb braid on a 15 to 25lb stick. This fish did not want to come away from the bottom and i settled his nerves by just saying to play it out smoothly let it run when it wants to and pump and wind when you can, Brock did well and turned its head and got it up through many tense moments. Brock has never caught a legal Red before so he was estatic when i slipped the net under his 1st good Red high 5s and a few photos followed before we slipped him in the esky to look for more. The fish were on the bite as on the next drift Brock hooked up to another Red just as we heard waahoooos coming from the other boat, after another epic fight i slid the net under another nice Red for Brock. We motored over to Col's boat and found Jodie had got her 1st Red ever And Zac had landed 1 as well it was evident there would be more so back in to the drifts saw Brock hooking another good Red i was relegated to being the net boy as i could not land 1. This doesn't bother me as i was so glad to see my son doing well he has been up here 4 times without getting Red's before and he was certainly making up for it. Then again he hooks another Red but the 4th was undersize and went back to catch next time. The sun had long since set and netting the Red's in the dark was awesome seeing them come in to the light of the torch just before they surface but eventually all good things come to an end and the fish went off the bite. We headed back to our anchorage above Heron reef again it was glassed out and perfect for rafting the 2 boats up we had many drinks and laughs as we were 2 very happy crews the night was perfect and sleep was easy after 2 big days. We woke to a very windy morning but we headed back out to where we caught the Red's and right on cue Brock hooks a good Red i finally conceded i was using to heavier line so after i netted his fish i dropped a bait with my lighter gear and hooked a Red of coarse my was not to upstage Brocks as it was undersize and i threw him back to catch next time. The next baot over we heard Col had landed a good Red before the fish went off the bite we moved back in to the shallows and got some more trout in the relative pretection from the reef with the wind still blowing. Late morning we made the call to head for the ramp to bring to an end another epic trip on the southern Great Barrier Reef, today back at home we took the photos of the fish as a whole. I can't wait already to get up there again I hope you all enjoy the report.
      10. Well i caught up with plenty of the Wanderers crew in 1770 over the 2 weeks i was up there we had a big crew in town with Lance, Julian, Robbie, Brendon, Cheech, Damo, Luke, Wayne, Brad and Leslie all resting up inbetween fishing trips in 2 rented houses. I was crewing on Brads boat and the 1st trip we had Leslie join us as well this was a 3 day 2 night stay on the reef and Leslie caught some of her 1st ever northern species with some big coral trout, red throat emperor, tuskies all caught by Leslie. We went snorkelling and Leslie got a bit worried by a black tip reef shark that swam by us she turned and went back to the boat but i did talk her around to having another swim a few minutes later only to be circled by another white tip reef shark this time she stuck to me like glue but i showed her some spectacular reef and fish this place holds. We all caught lots of good trout, cod, red throat, tuskies, moses, sharks, spangelds, hussar and i dropped a big red emperor. On the last day we headed for fitsroy lagoon to have a swim and spend lunch time there to show Leslie the lagoons beauty on the way there we past a humback whale mother and calf in 8m of water over really white sand and crystal clear water the calf wanted to check us out so we stopped still and had these whales swim right up to us. We headed for home after a rest after lunch and got back to the ramp to see Wayne loaded his boat on the trailer 1st trip down and fish and boat clean we all had a few days to relax in town. The next trip was planned with the weather looking good for another 3 days out on the reef the boats fueled we headed for the bunker group again it was just Brad and i this time so we fished hard and found new ground to pull fish from The 1st day was hard going finding the bigger fish but Brad did get his biggest trout ever and what a stonker at 80cm we did find a good way to fish the top of the reef able to drift slowly away from the edge slowly getting deeper and passing over goood structure. These drifts could last up to an hour before having to drive back to the edge of the reef which was still only a few hundred meters away. The 1st night we rafted up the 3 boats and cooked diner and had a few cold brews sharing the fishing stories of the trip so far the night was long for a few of us and i think i was lucky to have had 2 hours sleep before dawn and the start of our next days fishing. The rewards soon came especially on the 2nd day with the weather and current dropping right off big trout and cod were thick and by 10am the fish went off the bite so Brad and i went for a swim and an early lunch relaxing for a couple of hours behind the reef. The arvo was a bit slow so only an hour or so of fishing we did before going to anchor where we stop for the night and chill especially after the big night before. The 3rd day started a litlle slow and we had a cut off time of 10am to head home as the weather was due to turn windy but we started to find some good trout i was fishing light using 30lb braid and 50lb leader on 5000 sustain and 15 to 25lb gforce extreme 7foot rod. This was being tested on the big trout then in the last hour before heading back in i hooked something big by far it was the best fish i had hooked on this rod it was running hard the line singing as it went through the buckled rod. I was shaking knowing this could be a trophy fish after many thumping runs i started to turns its head and get him away from the bottom. My heart sank when i saw it was a big red emperor and could still lose it before finally netting a 10kg + Red the boys in the other boats could easily here my jubilation from a few hundred meters away. After a few pictures we kept fishing and luckly another good trout was caught before heading in at 10am beating the windy change that blew through just after we cleaned the boat a few more pictures finished the day before beer oclock. We finished off our 1770 trip with a night down at the tree bar watching the sunset over the water, plenty of laughs while retelling our stories ended a awesome couple of weeks up at this little patch of paradise. Here are some of the photos out on the bunker group the southern great barrier reef.
      11. After a few false starts @Luke Landrunner and I got the opportunity to hit up 1770. After preparing the boat and packing during the week for a Friday morning departure the sight of a flat trailer tyre was not what I wanted to see. An hour later the 50mm stainless steel decking screw was out and the tyre repaired. The road trip was without incident and we launched at 5ish hoping to get to Fitzroy just on dark. Progress was not as quick as we hoped, probably because when we saw tuna feeding with the birds hovering, we could not go past without a cast. First cast I hook and landed a mac tuna which was fresh bait for the up and coming days. It was well and truly dark when we reached Fitzroy and not wanting to enter the narrow channel into the reef at night we tried 3 times to anchor with the new reef anchor outside the reef with no success. A bit peeved off, we made the call to head the further 20km to Sykes reef where we had anchorage marks and used the sand anchor. The full moon provided enough light to navigate safely and there were no boat lights in the distance. By the time we hit Sykes we had clocked up 95km’s and it was bed time. Typically, the night sleep on the boat is fairly broken after the tide change against the wind and the rocking increases dramatically. The aim for me personally this trip was to catch a thumping Red Emperor on a Soft Plastic. At one stage a few remora’s came to the side of the boat. Thinking this would be good underwater footage I quickly put the Gopro into the waterproof casing and plunged in. A remora swam right up to the camera and nearly nose butted it, cool footage I thought. Then I noticed bubbles coming for the camera’s case. Doh the rubber seal had folded over in my haste I didn’t check it and the camera is now cactus. Excitedly we were up at day break and off went in search of Red fish. First cast with a 6inch white SP I got a nice hit, resulting in my PB coral trout at 74cm and just the start we were hoping for. Over the course of the next two days we add some nice fish to the chilly fish bag most coming on soft plastics with a couple on the micro jig and Luke used bait here and there. The better size fish come on the soft plastics this trip. It was quite an array of different species we landed as you will see from the pictures. We tussled with many sharks and I think at last count we lost 10 x rigs and fish to them. We moved to 3 different reefs to get away from them but they were relentless and any decent fish we hooked was taken within meters of the bottom. We had some vey good hook ups on good fish and I was fairly confident that some of them were big Red Emperor based on the heavy drags we were running and still getting cleaned up on 80lb leaders. Saturday night was a relaxing one with celebrations of the days catch some music and a bottle of Wild Turkey Honey that must have had a leak somewhere LOL. A few Hussar and tusk fish with some chips fried in butter hit the spot big time. By Sunday night we had run out of ice and stopped catching fish to conserve the fish we had. For something a little different we trolled on the way into the reef Sunday afternoon and within 5 minutes we had a double hit from some Spanish Mac’s. One took the 8’ Gobbler in one bite and the other hooked up to a bibbed lure. We didn’t land it, but it was a good sign. We did another 30 minutes of trolling with a single hook up on Luke’s rod unfortunately it got off. Shortly latter another double hook up on the bibbed lures. Luke landed his first Spanish and the last fish to go into the fish bag. We could have caught many more but with ice nearly non-existent best to leave them be. Monday morning we left by 5.30am and headed home and the conditions were the best we had seen. Most of the trip back we could maintain an 40-50 kmph and a small smile would come to our faces as we were passing tuna and the birds again doing their thing. It was great trip that could have been a lot better fish wise if the sharks were not in plague proportion. We have a better plan for the ice next trip. When driving the boat back on the trailer I didn’t get it flush and the tide pushed the back around leaving the boat sitting on an angle. I backed it off gently to straighten it up. All was good I thought until we back in the carpark and I noticed the total scan transducer hanging down. It was flush mounted to the bottom of the boat and must have got caught on a roller when reversing off. It has pulled all the screws through, so I expect it is not repairable. Some added expense along with the Gopro. We iced down the fish with 60kg of ice and ordered a big breakfast at the ramp café. What a magnificent place to explore. I think 2 months exploring the area and you would just be scratching the surface. Look forward to the next time we can get back there. Big thanks to @Luke Landrunner for organizing the food and great company adding to the 1770 experience.
      12. Brock and his mate took my boat for the weekend up to 1770 and headed out with Brad in his boat close by. The boys said the weather was awesome and could cruise at any speed all weekend. They fished all Saturday and half the day on Sunday before heading home with some nice fish filling the box. This trip has me keen as to catch up with the crew still in town up there.
      13. Just want to do a big thank you to all the AFO folk that came to 1770 from the 1st to the 16th. This was by far my most enjoyable trip and it was the folks that came that made it. I got out 7 times, including 2, 3 day trips. Without my boats photgrapher, my second over nighter is lacking pics... To the blokes staying in my house, you left it in an awesome state with barely any cleaning needed before I left. Lots of memories from this trip! Few highlights: - Robbie on Gin - Hippo porn - Damo fish guts removal - Land sharks - Fish piggin - Depth messuring by Lance and Robbie - Wombat Lyoyd
      14. Hey Folks! I have just booked a house for 1770 from the 1st - 16th of September. The point of this thread is; I booked an extra week to give some people a chance to visit and I'm posting so early so holidays and such can be organised. The house is in an awesome location with a short tumble and roll from the pub and various backpacker establishments... 1st - 9th I can accommodate 4 - 7 people, and 3x 6m+ boats. Accommodation is not expensive and you'll be looking at roughly 85p/n if there is 6 blokes. I'm also open for people doing a few day stays at a time or the whole two weeks! 10th - 16th I can accommodate 4 people and 2x 6m+ boats. I will have some deckie spots going for the first week, so even if you're boat-less sing out. Also to note, you don't need a big boat at ALL to enjoyably fish 1770. There is lots of awesome ground out front of the bar and in the local creeks like Middle and Pancake. All my fishing will be at the outter reefs and on these trips I generally stick to only 2 days, however if the weather is awesome for a 4-day forecast, I might make the run to Sawins...
      15. Finger crossed we get some good weather. On the 31st August 1st and 2nd September we are planning on a 2 nighter offshore from 1770. Will hit some of the marks we found last time and try some more. It is a neap tide so although we will give a GT a crack as well it is apparently not ideal. Fingers crossed for that weather! Angus