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      1. Back to NPD yesterday. When we arrived at the gate at 5.30 there was no wind but still cold. By 6 am when we entered the westerly was blowing strongly but being tough or stupid we proceeded to launch. There were only a few fish showing on the sounder but they soon came on the chew when presented with some live shrimp. They started off at 18 feet before moving on but as soon as we went to 26 feet on the edge of the drop off they were back on the chew. We ended up with 60 odd bass from there. After doing our shrimp pots ( We used left over shrimp from previous trip on sunday for first spot) we proceeded to Andrews drop off and boated another 40 odd bass before they went off the chew . As it was only around 11 am we had a vote whether we would have an early finish or have a go over near fad number 2 and fad won by an unanimous vote. Initially once again nothing much showing on the sounder and they were all down deep and forkies were suspected. We were partly correct but the majority of the fish were bass and Rick was disappointed that he was the only one not to catch a 50+ forky. Final tally was 5 forkies,1 plate sized yella ( Only fish we took home)188 bass. 2 bass over 50cm ( one at 51 and Joys at 52.5) and 4 over 49. Five tagged fish. Not quite as good as Sundays effort but still a good day. By the time we left the wind had dropped off to glass out but picked up a little on the way back to the ramp. Spotted a couple of herds of deer on the way back. On sunday we saw a couple of rubs but no sign of the deer. Cheers Ray
      2. Good day at NPD today with Rick and Neil Had to work a bit harder than last trip ending up with 99 bass,couple of good yellas and one lone forky. Would have caught a lot more but Neil wished to tag some bass. He was not up to the task at one stage he had 4 fish queued up in the landing net so Rick and I had to stop while he caught up. Best bass was around 47cm and Neils yella went a respectable 61cm and Ricks only 56cm Bit of a drama on the way home as axle on trailer slipped backwards and jammed the tyre into the mudguard so the boat came home on the back of a tilt tray so looks like I have a project tomorrow.
      3. WE ignored the forecast and braved the cold and wind. It was cold enough but multi layers of clothing kept me warm but was a challenge with negotiating PFD, rain coat, rainpants, trackydaks,shorts and undies when it came time for a widdle. No one told the fish about the crook weather with both Ray Hughes and Mark upgrading their PBs with fish over 50cm. The quality of the fish was excellent with several over 50 and lots over 45. I was the only one that did not crack a 50. We boated 20 bass by 7am half way down Koala Straight finishing up with 60 bass and 2 tandans from that location. We left there and did the shrimp traps and tried one other spot opposite koala straight before moving to Andrews drop off where we increased the tally clicker to 163 bass finishing up at 1pm. Cheers Ray
      4. Went to western arm this morning with Rick. Only small bass final tally was 69 fish of which I only caught 24 and of the 24 only 8 were legal, Cheers Ray.
      5. Went to NPD this morning and left the thermos at home so no coffee from 4am till 3pm. Reduced to drinking dam water. I had a gas stove in the bow but when I tried to use it there was no spark to ignite the gas. Good thing that the fish were on the chew so I did not have time to go into the DTS. First up we tried 2 spots for only one fish. Next spot we tried was andrews drop off which only showed a couple of fish on the sounder but they soon came around when we dropped some live shrimp down. We ended up with 91 bass with Stews forkie the catch of the day. It was too big for both percy and the eagles. The eagles will get it when it drifts to the shore. Stew started off using 2 rods but soon resorted to one after getting a few tangles trying to manage 2 40cm bass at once . The sounder shot is what we left when we knocked off at midday. Cheers Ray
      6. It was only unlucky for the fish. Went to NPD with Rick this morning starting off a bit bleak but it soon got better as the fish started to bite. around 30 bass and a couple of yellas at first spot opposite the end of koala straight. Next spot in 20 feet of water on the flats near Andrews drop off. We then went to old reliable spot in 50 feet of water near fad 1, There was a couple already sitting there and they told us only a couple of bass but plenty of forkies. The sounder was showing fish between 25 feet and the bottom. As per normal the bass were at 25 feet with the forkies on the bottom so we then proceeded to get into them. Knocked off at 11am with 75 bass,2 yellas and only 2 forkies on the tally card. Rick scored the 2 yellas which made him smile but he did not smile when he caught the only forkies for the day. Cheers Ray
      7. Hey Legends, anybody have any side scan images of wintertime bass schooled up in the impoundments. Sounded all through The west arm of Hinze this morning, with my Garmin Striker 7 and definitely did not find what I was looking for. I know guys got onto a heap during the week out here. One guy said he caught over 200 in 3 outings this week. Id love to be able to use my sounder to find a nice big school but I just don’t think I’m getting as much out of my side scan as I could be. Not asking for marks or spots but any info that might help me make better use of my sounder would be much appreciated. Cheers
      8. I went to Hinze as a guest with Rick and Joy to comply with the covid rules. Been about 3 or 4 month since I have been there with the dam about 10 feet higher than last time. There were quite a few boats and yaks already launched when we arrived at the western arm at 5.50am. We headed down the LHS towards the dam wall having the area to ourselves with everyone else either heading upstream or on the opposite bank. Saw a few boats that had left their petrol motors on and doing the right thing. Finished up with 66 bass for the morning and I used up the rest of my tags. The eagles scored a few barred grunter, Cheers Ray
      9. Another good day at NPD with plenty of shrimp in the traps so we did not have to resort to having to use those pesky lures and their dreaded by catch of forkys. Ended up with 58 bass and only 2 forkys. Only 2 photos as the card in my camera was full. Back to Hinze on Friday as we are allowed more than 2 people in the boat and we are also allowed to tag fish there. Cheers Ray
      10. Went with Rick and Joy today and did not do so well. Redclaw still very scarce . We found one big school of bass with a few forkies mixed in with them but the bass were all around 25cm so we moved on.We could only find scattered fish and ended up with 36 bass and 4 yellas plus a wet arse. Cheers Ray
      11. Not a bad day at NPD this morning with Andrew,Leigh and Mark. Redclaw were scarce with only one good pot that I had baited up with a forky. Forkys were everywhere out from the fig tree so we moved down to the floats where we scored around 15 bass and one yella before the school moved on. We went exploring with nothing showing on the sounder until we found a school between the islands where it was on for young and old. Plenty of quadruple hook ups of good sized bass mainly in high 30,s and low 40,s, Mark finally cracked his 50 cm cherry with 2 bass over 50cm. We ran out of bait with a tally of 110 bass ,1 yella and one tandan, Cheers Ray
      12. WE did a bit better than sunday with only around 30 forkies that Percy enjoyed until he filled up. Quite a few small tilapia in the shrimp taps that ended up in the composting bin. Redclaw have gone off a bit so time to move the pots.Ended up with 7 yellas and 8 bass with Steve Davies catching the best bass at 45cm and I got the best yella also 45cm . Big variety in the colouring of the yellas that were all caught in the same spot. Steve managed to catch a fish with his u beaut copyrighted lure.
      13. up to 3 spots avail NPD tomorrow 23/2 . 5.15 start meet at gate end of adsetts rd no smoking no bananas bait fishing for bass and should also get a feed of redclaw 0403072325
      14. My regular wednesday deckies are away feeding the mozzies in northern NSW so I did a quick solo trip this morning,Absolutely blown away with the numbers of small redclaw in the shrimp traps. The photo is the results of one shrimp trap. Luckily the bass were not adverse to partaking of a feed of redclaw. I found one school that yielded 15 bass in just over half an hour and then took another 3 hours to bring the tally up to 21. Cheers Ray
      15. Found this article of interest - Bass recaptured after 26 years! 12 February 2020 Comments 1 Comment The bass was recaptured at Tingalpa Creek. Image: Roy Graham ACCORDING to the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) the Suntag fish tagging program has achieved a world record for the longest time spent at liberty for a tagged freshwater fish – 9,507 days. The Australian bass was tagged 20 January 1994 in Reynolds Creek at a length of 26.5cm and was released for future recapture and monitoring. Last Sunday, the bass was recaptured in a castnet in Tingalpa Creek at 39cm, over 26 years later and some 190km from where it was tagged. Roy Graham, the fisho who caught the world record breaking fish said “It wasn’t much of a haul - it was a surprising catch,” “We were trying to get prawns so I got the fish in a castnet.” The 190km journey saw the bass travel down Reynolds Creek to the Bremer River, where it made its way across the Brisbane River and eventually travelled south in Moreton Bay to Tingalpa Creek where it was recaptured. “The fish was at the very top of Tingalpa Creek,” Graham said. Remarkably, the fish escaped capture for 26 years in some of the most heavily fished waters in Queensland. Having grown 13cm in 26 years, it is estimated that the bass grew half a centimetre each year. The recapture breaks the previous record of just over 25 years held by a southern bluefin tuna and, though records of these types are difficult to ascertain, it is likely to be the longest time out for a tagged fish in the world. The bass was recaptured 190km away from its initial release location. Image: Suntag Australia “We’ve had six or seven fish recaptured 20 years after they’ve been tagged and this one is the longest,” Suntag Australia Manager Bill Sawynok said. With over 30 years collecting fish data, the Suntag program has helped improve the knowledge and handling of many Australian fish species and has helped mitigate and monitor the potential threats fish face caused by environment change, development or harvesting practices. Via FRDC Facebook page
      16. Dam has risen at least 3 feet so reckon redclaw will explode in a few weeks time as they can now feast on all the submerged grass on the edges. Fishing was a bit hard but Steve ended up with a feed of redclaw and we boated 32 bass and 5 forkies. About 10 of the bass would have been unders or just on 30cm and the best bass just over 40cm. All fish were released. CHeers Ray
      17. Hey, Where does everyone usually get their barometer readings from - is there a particular go-to website or app that you prefer? Looking for something that has a nice graph, that visually shows change. And lastly, is there such thing as barometric forecasts? What I've seen so far is just current and past barometric readings. Cheers!
      18. Thought we were on a winner this morning with 25 bass in first hour took us another 3 hours to reach 31 bass and 3 tandans before calling it quits. Found another 3 of my pots that had gone walkies plus 2 on sunday. Best bass went 44cm. Cheers Ray
      19. Lost count the number of times we put on and removed our raincoats today. Bass were hard to find first off with only 18 boated by 10am but we finished off in style with a tally of 78 bass,2 tandan ,one gar and a small feed of redclaw. Top of snag about 6 inches above water Cheers Ray
      20. Bit of a slow day today with Andrew .Jake and Steve. We could find the fish on the sounder but encouraging them to bite was another matter. I even resorted to dropping live shrimp into one of the schools to no avail. Dam has risen at least a foot going by the stump at the floats. We ended up with more redclaw than fish. Fish tally was 20bass,2 yellas and one tilapia.Just got back to the ramp to dodge a heavy shower but Steve got wet opening the gate when we left.
      21. Bit damp at Hinze western arm this morning, Only a couple of photos as I put camera away so it would not get wet and then forgot about when it fined up.We boated 44 bass in the first hour and a half down towards the dam wall and took nearly 3 hours to find another 9 fish. Best bass went 47cm. Rick was the only one to miss out as he failed to catch a barred grunter. All on shrimp tagged and released. Cheers Ray
      22. Hi Guys Im just wondering if anyone has fished for bass or anything near pallara/ forest lake. I have access to a kayak. Also what bait is good Cheers
      23. Another cracker morning with plenty of bass once we found the schools which were in the normal spots between the 2 islands. Most of the fish were in high 30s and low 40s , I think Ricks 48 was the best fish of the day, Saw Jason getting a couple of 50+ yellas off one of the fads. 71 bass was final tally and left them biting. Cheers Ray
      24. Cheap project 4X4 at the gate, Some poor persons pride and joy destroyed. Took a while to find them this morning but good fun once we located the schools bass were in high 30s and low to mid 40s with 3 bass going over 50cm plus I nailed a fat yella. Few quadruple hook ups with mid 40s bass were interesting but avoided severe tangles. Final score was 76 bass.3 yellas.5 forkies. 3 bass over 50cm {Gives you the poops when a newbie gets a 50+ on his first trip) Few deer about also. Couple of yakkers from the sailing club enjoying a quiet paddle, Cheers Ray