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      Found 126 results

      1. Bit damp at Hinze western arm this morning, Only a couple of photos as I put camera away so it would not get wet and then forgot about when it fined up.We boated 44 bass in the first hour and a half down towards the dam wall and took nearly 3 hours to find another 9 fish. Best bass went 47cm. Rick was the only one to miss out as he failed to catch a barred grunter. All on shrimp tagged and released. Cheers Ray
      2. Hi Guys Im just wondering if anyone has fished for bass or anything near pallara/ forest lake. I have access to a kayak. Also what bait is good Cheers
      3. Another cracker morning with plenty of bass once we found the schools which were in the normal spots between the 2 islands. Most of the fish were in high 30s and low 40s , I think Ricks 48 was the best fish of the day, Saw Jason getting a couple of 50+ yellas off one of the fads. 71 bass was final tally and left them biting. Cheers Ray
      4. Cheap project 4X4 at the gate, Some poor persons pride and joy destroyed. Took a while to find them this morning but good fun once we located the schools bass were in high 30s and low to mid 40s with 3 bass going over 50cm plus I nailed a fat yella. Few quadruple hook ups with mid 40s bass were interesting but avoided severe tangles. Final score was 76 bass.3 yellas.5 forkies. 3 bass over 50cm {Gives you the poops when a newbie gets a 50+ on his first trip) Few deer about also. Couple of yakkers from the sailing club enjoying a quiet paddle, Cheers Ray
      5. Slow morning yesterday. After doing our redclaw pots we thought we were on a winner with a very large school showing on the sounder out in front of the fig tree, Two consecutive triple hook ups proved that the sounder was correct but the downside was that they were forkies. We tried all over the lower area of the permitted area to reach the grand total of 10 bass by 11am. In desperation we ended up tying off to the yellow float and picked up 12 bass and 2 yellas in the next hour before calling it a day. Lots of bird life attacking the bony bream on the way back to the ramp. Probably well over 100 pelicans stealing fish from the shags. Hope that the pelicans do not start roosting on the ramp again Went over the Ricketts road bridge twice and did not encounter any stray fishing lines or members of the lycra clad brigade. l
      6. Was a bit smoky at NPD yesterday morning with great company with Michael Holland who kindly towed my boat up there from Redland Bay, The redclaw are still scarce but we got enough for Michael to take home for a feed. The fish were scarce to start off with but we found a couple of good schools between the 2 islands. If you look at the sounder shots and a couple of the photos you should be able to suss out the general area where we were fishing. The fish have been holding out there for over the last month or so. Final tally was one small forky,2 yellas and 71 bass. The fish were all good quality with 23 of the 32 that I measured and weighed going 40cm or better. Best bass went 48cm. Cheers Ray
      7. Another good day with Rick still driving as I am still waiting for parts from Nissan. Latest excuse is parts are held up in Melbourne due to bushfires. Been a week since we were there so redclaw numbers were down with 2 pots having holes chewed in them so 20 redclaw from 8 pots. Took a while to find a school of bass but we finally found a couple of migrating schools behind the island that we were able to follow before losing them. We had 45 fish by 9.30 and when we knocked off at 11.30 we had only increased the tally to 54 bass,1 yella and a forky that percy enjoyed. Cheers Ray
      8. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had ever had any success fishing the Stanley river near Woodford. I have been there twice with the hope that I would hook onto a Mary cod. It is a beautiful and scenic stretch of river which is hard to access by foot and kayak due to the dense bankside vegetation. Any news or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.
      9. Looking for a bass raider if anyone has one collecting dust in there collection send me a message. cheers
      10. Started off with the resident turkey checking out what treats were in the boat. He would be better off checking when we come in so he could save me picking out the dead shrimp. We found the fish in the same area that they have been sitting in for the last couple of weeks, you could give it a try trolling deep divers along the 26 foot line out from the eagles nest and big stump behind the island. We ended up with 60 bass and 5 yellas there. Percy ended up with a yella that I released Normally the smaller yellas under 50 cm release ok especially from shallow water, This one seemed to go down ok but after a couple of minutes it resurfaced and was swimming in circles on the surface with percy in hot pursuit. Percy managed to grab it before I could get over to it to net and send down on a dropper. Bad part was had to get tilt trayed home as nissan had a hissy fit. Hope it can be fixed before Saturday or else it will be a no fishing weekend. Cheers Ray
      11. It was a bit smoky and hot at NPD this morning. The quality of the fish was very good even though the quantity was down.My shoulder is a bit sore with 4 of the bass that I caught going over 1.4 kg, The redclaw are a good size and quantity ok if you know where to set our pots, We knocked off at 11 am when the clouds started to build up with a tally of 27 bass and one yella. Dont know what it takes to make Zac crack his face with a smile. Cheers Ray
      12. Another good day it took us a while to find some fish with only 12 fish on the counter by 10am. We decided to have a look between the 2 islands and found some fish in 26 feet of water to finish up with 52 bass and 2 yellas. On wednesday we moved 2 redclaw pots to a new location and today we ended up with 16 good sizes redclaw in the 2 pots and nothing in the other 2 so we moved them to a new location further down the dam to see how they go. Happy I had a couple of fit deckies when we got back to the ramp as the wind really got up and was blowing across the ramp I would not have had a chance by myself the only way I would have got the boat on the trailer would have been to skulldrag the boat up the ramp and then winch it onto the trailer off the ramp.
      13. Good day at NPD today with Hai,Craig and Miller. Got a bit boring with Miller standing in the bow repeating himself just quietly repeating himself saying I am on. He had a bit of a problem with the bigger bass and yellas having to get Craig to give him a hand supporting the rod. His biggest bass went 49.5 with Craig saying if he had caught it it would have been 50cm. Took us a while to locate a school but it got a bit hectic when we found it with one quadruple hook up and numerous triple hook ups. Going to pull my redclaw pots as we only caught 2 redclaw from 4 pots. I will wait for about 4 inches of rain to bring them on again. I was slack on the counter but but recorded 62 bass and 6 yellas. It was a delight to have Miller on board it bides well for the future generations when you meet a quiet well behaved and polite young man. He is a credit to his mum and dad. Cheers Ray
      14. Day started off slowly with only 13 bass boated between 3 of us by 9.30 until we found a school and finished up with 79 bass and one small yella by 11.30. Shoulder a bit sore ( dont know why) but worth the pain. Had a fair bit of trouble with anything over 40cm. Redclaw still slow with only 15 in pots. 3 of the redclaw heavy in berry so hopefully they will kick in with warmer weather. Cheers Ray
      15. Went to NPD this morning with Gareth and Michael and despite giving it my best we failed to catch a single tandan. Redclaw still scarce but managed a small feed for both Michael and Gareth. Bass and yellas were a pest slamming our live shrimp. 95 bass ( 8 of them were tagged) 8 yellas. Suppose the bycatch made up for the lack of tandans, Cheers Ray
      16. snap1946

        queensland Bass

        hi guys is the limit still 2 bass on stocked dams where a sip is needed snap
      17. Took young Dennis out to North Pine for a fish yesterday, but his camera battery was dead before we even started. So for this report, you’ll have to give me all the likes and compliments instead. Don’t worry, I’ll pass them on We checked a few shrimp pots first up, including one that had previously been lost from the float being cut off. The pot was sitting mostly above the water, but amazingly, still had plenty of live shrimp in it. I told @Dinodadog that today would be so good on lures that I bet we don’t even touch the shrimp.... We had our sights set on a few spots where we could cast to the edges. Spinnerbaits worked nicely last trip, so we wanted in on that action again. Most of the water fished was actually very shallow (less than 3m), SUPER clear, and had thick weed beds. The spinnerbaits were basically retrieved just below the surface, and the fish would burst out of the weed to hit them. Caught a few fish trolling along the way, but spent most of the morning getting our spinnerbaits smashed by the chunkiest of winter Bass. Had hoped the yellow fish would also turn up, and watched as Dennis caught one now and then. Finally managed one myself as last fish of the day. As we hit the thrusters and headed back to the ramp, I pointed to the shrimp laden esky..... “Told ya”.... Luke
      18. Pretty good day by myself with 40 odd bass and 3 yellas. Good to see fad no1 still producing fish with 3 yellas and 4 bass. Did not have a chance to have a cuppa or breakfast till 10am as I was too busy pulling in fish Not many redclaw as being by myself I could only pull 4 pots. Had a bit of a problem with the redclaw as mates were either out or were not able to come and pick them up. Ty ended up driving over from Inala at 7pm to collect them Cheers Ray
      19. Went to NPD this morning in less than ideal conditions but Mark and Gerard are sailing to the Philippians on wednesday so this would have been the last chance to fish together for a while. The newly installed fads are starting to produce a few fish. We boated 8 bass including a 48cm bass from the fads opposite the fig tree. Here is a vidio that Tai made. Cheers Ray
      20. Was a bit dispirited last night after prospective deckies pulled the pin late yesterday and was still ringing around at 9pm and unable to get replacements. I decided to go by myself and I was on the way to the dam and got a call from Mark who said are you still going and response was my furcoat. Was a beaut day with glass out most of the morning and fish coming on board in dribs and drabs and ending up with 22 bass and 2 yellas when we knocked off at 11am. Mark caught most of the fish but I was still happy as I did not donut. Cheers Ray
      21. Saw this on FB. Thought I'd share for @Dinodadog and @rayke1938. No pic on the brag mat though. BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing 4 hrs · Now that’s a Bass! Check out this 60cm monster Somerset Dam Bass caught by @laneferling_ Instagram photo: @laneferling_ @scfaustralia 410410 227 comments14 shares
      22. Hard going at NPD today.With only 24 bass and 2 yellas boated.We found a school of sub 26cm bass at one of the new fads opposite the fig tree and moved on after catching 14 of them,Had a couple of green deckies from japan who had never fished before and they had a blast and both managing to catch an australian bass to skite about when they return to Japan next saturday, Tiger was impressed with the redclaw although he did not want to hold a big one, Redclaw are still prolific averaging at least 10 a pot so Michael ended up with a good feed.
      23. Headed out to Lake Macdonald on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday morning. Perfect weather. I'm pretty new to bass fishing but set up the gopro and put together a short video of some of the fish I caught. Pretty pleased to catch a few that day although none of them were huge.
      24. Tough day yesterday despite good forecast and barometer over 1020.We just could not find a school anywhere. We did not manage more than 2 fish from any one spot and ended up with 22 bass and one yella. Even converted Steve over to bait and still ending up a small tally.
      25. I have been out before with Tom the bass whistler and his dad and yesterday was no exeption . It is a great joy to see how much Tom enjoys life despite his difficulties. The redclaw were very good in some of our pots and probably also were good for the sharefarmer who had raided a few of the pots. Fishwise I thought we were in for a donut with not a scale till around 10.30 when we found some really good sized fish about 2/3 or the way to the far marker in around 30 feet of water. Tom had a real blast with his first fish being 50cm and tagged to boot. He had problems with a lot of the fish that he caught as he was not strong enough so Jason supported the rod whilst he played it. We finished up with 56 bass and a ute load of redclaw. ( Jason did not have anything to put them in so we just tipped them in the tray of his hilux. I am looking forward to next trip with Tom in the next school holidays in September. Cheers Ray