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      1. Plenty of bass and barred grunter this morning. 58 bass,1 tandan and numerous barred grunter. Spent most of the time in the tree on Ians island trying to avoid the barred grunter I have never encountered them so thick. They were mixed in with the bass and if a bass did not take the shrimp on the way down the grunter would nip the centre out of the shrimp and the bass would not touch it once it was dead. I reckon we lost over 100 shrimp to the grunters before we ran out of bait just before 11am. The eagle provided plenty of entertainment swooping down on the dead grunter, Hai took a good vidio of the eagle that I will see if I can copy it. Cheers Ray
      2. 4 of us Back to NPD yesterday morning, The shrimp pots were chockers so we only did 6 of them before heading downstream the fish were non existent on the fads and one lonely "black bream" on the floats. We found a good school in bass bay picking up 56 fish by 8am when the school went walkies. We then tried numerous pots to end up with 70 bass,5,yellas. 2 tandans and one black bream when we knocked off at 11.30. Bit of wildlife with the turkey back at the ramp,couple of deer near the ramp. thousands of small cane toads on the ramp,couple of roos having a drink and very pleasant not having percy pester us. 5000 maryriver cod fingerlings released by Ross and helpers.
      3. Very slow start this morning after checking our shrimp traps we headed down stream and not a fish till we got to the floats where we picked up 2 yellas and dropped one. Then to fad 1 for another 6 yellas and one bass.We were getting desperate with only 9 fish by 9am so we headed over to where we got some last week and finally found some bass and the odd yella. Finished up just after 11am with 10 yellas and 66 bass.
      4. Nearly did not go this morning as it was blowing 18knots at redland bay a 4am this morning but we decided to go and have a look anyhow, It was still very windy at the car park but as the ramp is protected we decided o give it a go. We tied up to a tree at the end of Ians island on top of good show on the sounder . We had pulled 30 bass by 7am when it got too uncomfortable to stay with the boat pitching and yawing and banging into trees, According to bom the wind was up to 30 knots , We then commenced to explore into some of the proteted bays and just picking up the odd fish here and there. The barred grunter were thick everywhere we tried but at least the eagle had a feast. We arrived back at the ramp with the tally counter at 47 bass and one tandan. Hai scored the longest fish with the 49cm tandan which Rick said should not be counted. When we got back to the ramp I found that the tilt lever on my stern mount motor had broken off when we were banging into the trees. Cheers Ray
      5. The next delivery of Fingerlings for this Stocking Season has been confirmed for Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurwongbah - details as follows Wednesday 18th November, 2020 LAKE KURWONGBAH at 8.30 am 28,000 Australian Bass Eastern end of Mick Hanfling Park Volunteers will release the Bass Fingerlings along the shoreline of Lake Kurwongbah at Mick Halfing Park. LAKE SAMSONVALE at 9.30 am 40,000 Australian Bass 6 Vessel owners (with aeration tanks) have volunteered to release the Fingerlings via the scatter method. If you planned to launch a vessel and go fishing on Wednesday 18-11-2020 may we respectfully request that you defer your access to another day or to the afternoon on Wednesday – due to limited parking This Stocking Event will comply with COVID-19 Protocols issued by the State Government and all attendees Must be able to sign an attendance form stating that you Are declaring that you have answered ‘No’ to all the questions contained in the Covid-19 Questionnaire Will advise us immediately of either of the following: (a) That you have tested positive to COVID-19 or (b) develop any COVID-19 (cold or flu like) symptoms within 14 days Will maintain Social Distancing and follow good hygiene practices. Members, Permit Holders and Guests welcome Regards Barry Tucker 0419 748 311 . Pine Rivers Fish Management Association Postal Address: The Secretary, Pine Rivers Fish Management Association P.O. Box 131, Lawnton Qld 4501 Telephone: 0417 742 023 | E-Mail: Copyright © 2018 Pine Rivers Management Association, All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 131, Lawnton QLD 4501 Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
      6. Off o western arm this morning as a decky with Neil. A good day with me just sitting in the seat catching bass with Neil even unhooking some of them for me.We found some bass in one spot on a submerged point boating around 35 bass by 10am when they went off the chew. Only 2 bass by 11 am but plenty of barred grunter stealing our shrimp. Rick and Joy were also there and were doing it hard only boating 8 fish to our 35 when they went to the end of Ians island where they increased their tally to 45 bass when they ran out of bait. They gave us a ring as they left o we headed over and got into them until we also ran out of bait with a final tally of 53 bass. I go the dunces cap with 8 barred grunter which were turned into treats for the eagle. When we got back to the ramp SEQ water rangers and the stocking assn had just completed releasing some 50000 bass fingerlings. Wish SEQ water would also provide a boat and staff to assist the PRFMA to release fingerlings.
      7. Windy and cold at NPD this morning we ended up putting on our wet weather gear to keep warm. After pulling our 8 shrimp pots we thought we were in for a good session when Stu pulled a 40cm yella before I even got my line in the water. Took me 20 minutes before I caught the next fish and 5 spots and 2 hours later we had only boated a total of 8 fish. Over the next hour and a half at the old far marker we had doubled our catch and decided to call it a day when we found a school in the middle of the paddock in 30 feet of water and increased the tally to 49 bass and 5 yellas when we ran out of shrimp. The ramp is now a lot more user friendly I was able to pull my boat out just using front wheel drive also noticed that the potholes on the crossing have been repaired and other work has been done in preparation to opening up the ramp on the other side of the crossing. 2 of our shrimp pots had bass fingerlings from our latest release in them.
      8. Went camping mid week chasing wild bass out of my kayak Tuesday through to Thursday. Got a few bass on spinerbaits in the arvo on Tuesday and found new country on foot. Beers were calling as dark fell so back at camp I lit the fire and enjoyed the evening. The next morning I hit the creek again finding fish mainly midstream. Late morning we pack it in organised lunch and got some shrimp from the traps. The arvo the fish come on thick taking shrimp just floated down in this shallow creek. The SOO game was on so we didn't stay to late and more beer listening to the footy around the was awesome. The next morning I got in early again finding bass, tandanus and spangled perch. Packed up camp after a top couple of days on the sweet water.
      9. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips for targeting some bass in the Bulimba creek area. I have done tonnes in the way of bait fishing but absolutely nothing in the way of lure fishing so I will need some tips for when I head out on my kayak. Also, does anyone know any good places around Brisbane to get a first fish on a lure. Thanks heaps
      10. Ended up a good day with well over 70 bass and one eel before running out of bait. Took a bit of exploring before we found a school. What do you do when your shrimp pots are high and dry? Send your shortest decky of course. ( He was the youngest)
      11. This ultimate estuary/dam and tournament ready 385 Quintrex Explorer is now on the market. “My Precious” as the name suggests has been built with a strong passion for functionality whilst fishing for both weekenders and also setup for Bream/Bass Tournaments. No attention to detail has been spared in this build with a ground up build from a bare hull, using only the best quality marine grade materials. The hatches include adequate storage for all your safety equipment (included), deep cycle battery, anchor, fully weather proof hatch for clothes and tackle storage as well as the tackle boxes mounted inside the gunnel. Additionally, there is a fully plumbed livewell as well as a drain able compartment that will fit almost all estuary fish you wish to keep! Reliability will never be an issue with a 25hp 2 stroke Yamaha with less than 40hrs running time, 54lb Watersnake with foot controls and a well maintained Brooker trailer to get you safely from A to B. This boat package really needs to be seen in person to appreciate the quality of the build and its immaculate presentation. This boat will be difficult to part with but needs to go to a new home as I am focusing more on offshore fishing. It would be well suited to a buyer looking for a new boat or anyone looking at starting off in the Bream/Bass tournament scene. Please send me through any enquiries. Boat is Located in Narooma, NSW $8500
      12. Only one yella today at NPD. The shrimp pots were chokka after soaking for a week and just as well as the bass were hungry after we found a school down near spro corner. We thought that we were in for a very slow day as we had only boated 17 fish by 10am. We left them biting when the cloud started to build up and arrived home in the middle of a storm. So just drove the boat up the driveway and left it till it topped raining. We have had 76mm since yesterday wish they had the same in the catchment of NPD. Cheers Ray
      13. Neil and myself went to the Hinze western arm yesterday. Only place we could find the bass was in tiger country. The fish were a good size but it was a pain extracting them from the submerged trees. We had to leave when we saw some threatening cloud starting to build up over the hills. Cheers Ray
      14. Some very threatening weather yesterday at NPD with Neil but we were a bigger threat to the fish with 3 yellas. 2 tandans and 65 bass on the counter. All on live shrimp and all released.It was very windy after about 8 am but thankfully no rain except on the way home. Neil did very well to bring an good size eel boatside on 6lb line. Lots of floats opposite the entrance of the boat ramp I can only assume they are shrimp traps as hardly any redclaw entered in the catch cards. The tide has gone out on the ramp and it is possible to walk over the other side. Apparently the surface has been damaged so we will have to continue to use the new extension on the side whilst it is easy to launch from it is not so good retrieving in the wind unless you have a walkway on your trailer so you can get the bow on the rear roller of your trailer. Needs another couple of truck loads of rock so that you can walk behind the trailer . Cheers Ray
      15. Went to Hinze western arm this morning with a late 7am start as I wished to check out the local market. Muzz and Hai spotted an tandan on its nest right beside the boat ramp.First time at Hinze for Muzz who was impressed with the widow maker trees dropping limbs when you nudged a tree. Fishing was very slow with only 13 fish boated by 11am. We finally located a school of good sized bass sitting in a very snaggy spot where it was a challenge to get a fish to the boat.Good thing that there was not a swear box in the boat as we all would have ended broke. Ended up with 40 fish on the counter but I missed a lot whilst I was retieing rigs after being bricked in the snags. Muzz got the longest fish. Cheers Ray
      16. BUNYA CROSSING RESERVE I visited this well known local swimming hole usually referred to as ‘drapers’ yesterday with my partner and thought for sure that there would be either bass or spangled perch. I launched the kayak there this morning and gave it a crack. Started off using tiemco cicada lure to try the surface. Casting right next to the lily pads seemed to be the go. Switched to a spinnerbait later on in the morning. The bass seemed quite sluggish when taking the spinnerbait. Not as much of a strike when compared to stocked bass in dams. The gate opens up around 5:30-6am (don’t get there at 4:45am like I did). The place becomes populated with people after 7am so keep that in mind. All in all it’s a great little spot if you’re keen to catch some bass like I am!
      17. Interesting day at Hinze yesterday morning. Did some of our shrimp pots first up and then started looking for fish. The first couple of spots only produced just legal fish so we decided to do some bush bashing in the timber towards the dam wall. The fish are there but boy it is hard work getting them out of the timber. We marked a few spots for future reference where we had a chance of getting the fish to the surface. Next time we will go with heavier tackle. We got checked out by the rangers for permits and ended up talking to them for half an hour with Hai entertaining them by pulling in a couple of 50 cm bass out of the heavy timber. They even took some photos of the battle. Because my boat is not registered they were not interested in checking safety gear and just wanted to talk especially when they found out I am a member of the PRFMA and LAFMA. Couple of spots in photos if you wish to attend with some 20lb line and a supply of hooks and sinkers.
      18. Hit up the western arm this morning for a cold bleak start. As we had the shrimp traps upstream that is where we headed. Fish were a bit on the small size and scarce if you were the skipper whowas able to offer advice and threats to the crew about swimming back to the ramp . When the tally reached 20 bass to my 2 I made an executive decision to move down to the vicinity of the dam wall where my disposition improved immensely. Final score was 47 bass and Dave caught the 2 longest fish {???????} 2 eels, Cheers Ray
      19. Been a while but we finally cracked the ton again at NPD yesterday.The schools were scattered on dropoffs along the old river bed. We would find a show on the sounder and drop live shrimp. The fish were moving around and would bite in short bursts and after we would pull around 20 fish they would move on. Glad to see that fad 2 is now consistently holding both yellas and bass. Will have to start looking at some of the other ones in future. Final ally was 100 bass and 3 yellas. Few clues re locations in photos. Cheers Ray
      20. Went to southern arm of NPD yesterday ( AKA Hinze Western arm) Few photos tell the story.
      21. Bit slow at NPD yesterday morning with 31 bass and 5 yellas on live shrimp.Yellas were a good plate size averaging around 3lb in weight. All yellas went into the esky. Fad 2 was the best spot providing 18 bass and 3 yellas. Ramp is a bit tricky but is due to be fixed on friday so the gate will be locked so no fishing on friday. 16 boats on the water today aprox 1k wlk up the hill to last trailer, Glad I was first car at the gate. On the way back to the ramp found 23 of my pots one was on the edge with no float and the other 2 of my shrimp traps had migrated about 1k upstream. Only good thing was that they had fresh bait in them so i got a few shrimp for next trip. Dear Permit HolderYou will be aware that the declining water level at Lake Samsonvale is creating difficulties with launching & retrieving vessels at the boat ramp. Last year, we created a new launch area to the left of the roadway and this has been effective in making it easier to launch & retrieve. We now intend to extend this "ramp" and hope to carry out this work on Friday 25th September.In the interest of safety, we have decided to close access to the permit area for the day. The gate lock will be changed so you will not be able to enter through the Adsetts Rd gate. If you were planning to fish that day, please make other arrangements.We apologise for this inconvenience but the work is necessary if we want continued access to the lake. You will be advised if there are any changes to this arrangement.RegardsNoel Frost - President
      22. Started off cool and bleak for the first few hours.Shrimp were ok with the most productive pots located in 18 inches of water right on the waters edge.The pots that we had left in 4 feet of water were very poor.Worked several areas to produce 40 bass with the entrance to bass bay the better spot. Cheers Ray
      23. I'm a foreigner. How are you?I just started fishing.I live in Gatton, about half an hour from wivenhoe.The river is dry around here.I want to catch a bass but I've never seen it.I'm driving around here and there looking for water.This is very hard. If I find a flowing river, it's hard to access because of the farm fence.I don't have a boat. But I have a kayak for rowing.I prefer fishing on the ground, if you don't mind.Can you tell me where I can fish bass in a flowing river with wivenhoe?And I have an udp map of Brisbane.I haven't caught a fish yet.English is difficult and fishing is difficult. Please help me.
      24. Went to NPD yesterday morning with Hai and Anthony. Not too shure about Anthony he was either having a sicky and did not wish the boss to spot him maybe dressed up to go to a protest about pelicans matter after fishing. As usual basil the bush turkey greeted us at the ramp. He is very tame and will even eat out of your hand but keep your thumb tucked in or he will grab it and try to pull it off. The fishing was ok with us having to move around and explore with the sounder with us ending up with 52 bass all on live shrimp. Picked up 8 bass on fad 2. Cheers Ray
      25. Another good day at NPD yesterday with Rick,Neil and Murray. Some shrimp traps were good and others woeful so still experimenting to find the best place.The lily pads are rapidly drying up but found a few patches of elodea weed that seem to be ok but who knows with the water level dropping rapidly from 68% in March to current 58%. Will be another week and we will be able to drive over the causeway to the other side to launch. I was going to walk it to see how deep it is but decided against it as the road is very slippery. Fish a bit scarce with only one good school found . The bass are commencing to lose condition as the roe and melt are reabsorbed. Final tally 57 bass and one yella Could be good rain coming inland as we noticed the pelicans using the thermals to gain altitude to head west. Hope percy goes with them.