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      Found 161 results

      1. Went to Western arm this morning with Hai and Mark. Ended up with 48 bass with only a few around 40cm. Someone needed 4 of our shrimp traps just cutting the ropes off and leaving them dangling from the trees.It is a while since we have rebaited the pots and the shrimp were very dark and large.Most of the fish were caught among the trees on Ians Island and the entrance to bass bay. Cheers Ray
      2. Went to NPD this morning with new AFO member Neil Stratford and Grant.As we had no shrimp left over from last trip we had to resort to trolling lures to where we had our shrimp traps. Grant managed a lone bass on a yellowy looking thing with hooks hanging out of its bum. By the time we had done our shrimp pots we decided it was not worth while heading back upstream to try some of our usual spots so we headed over to the drop off opposite our traps to find someone already there pulling in bass regularly. We tried around them and pulled around 10 bass before deciding to go downstream to try greener pastures. We found a few small schools but as soon as we hooked a fish they would move. We only went as far as the fig tree and returned upstream to only add a few more fish to the tally. Final score was 24 bass ,1 yella and one tandan. Best bass probably only 42cm. Grant and Neil both caught tagged bass. Cheers Ray
      3. Even percy had his own rainbow but it did not do him any good as he still went hungry. A reasonable to good day today at NPD with fish caught at the yellow buoy in Koala straight,drop off opposite end of koala straight, Andrews drop off and near fad number 2. We would have done better if we would have had more shrimp. Best bass went 48cm, Tally was 83 bass,1 yella and one tandanus between 3 of us.
      4. Bit cool yesterday but the fish were reasonably warm but scattered with the most productive area being on a 20 to 30 ft drop off opposite the fig tree. The fad ( Number 6 i think) at the end of koala straight also producing a few fish on the last few trips. Grant happy with his PB bass of 48cm.Finished up with 48 bass and 2 yellas on live shrimp. Last couple of trips there have been people flying a drone around the dam so I inquired with SEQ water and received the following reply. Recreation <> To:'raymond kennedy' Thu, 23 Jul at 9:34 am Good morning Ray, Our biosecurity team have advised that researchers for QUT are currently studying deer in the catchment with the use of a thermal drone. They are trying to teach the drone how to recognise deer from other animals. They will be there until the end of the month running a series of flights over the catchment. Kind Regards, Ellen
      5. Reasonable day at NPD yesterday with Neal who took some great action shots of a couple of swans taking off and Percy having breakfast on a bass that was gut hooked and did not swim off. About 10 of our tally of 45 bass and one yella were caught in 12 feet of water near the stick half way down Koala straight Another 20 at the point opposite the end of Koala straight, We then went downstream as far at the fig tree for nothing and then picked up the rest on the fad at end of Koala straight.
      6. Getting monotonous starting off each report the same Had to search hard today with only scatted fish found , Just finding isolated fish on the sounder and dropping down a live shrimp. Found 3 yellas and 2 bass and a tandan on point opposite koala straight on the way back to the ramp which brought the tally up to 38 fish for 8 hours on the water between 4 people.
      7. I’m going on a holiday in a few weeks to Dubbo and some of the surrounding areas and need advice on fish species and how to catch them and general fishing advice for freshwater fishing . I will be fishing mostly around Macquarie river and possibly a dam or 2 all land based . My experience with Fishing is almost 2 year’s I can catch bream and flathead on soft plastics relatively easily And sometimes I catch some other fish like tailor and small snapper as by catch and I have little experience with hardbodie lures but some .I’ve caught a few of tailor and flathead with them. I also have some experience with bait fishing using bread nippers and corn and dough . For fish like bream and whiting. And I have very good/decent gear rods reels line and tackle are perfect for a variety of light fishing so for gear I’m all set . Took a long time to save up for .I just need some advice for freshwater fishing cause I’m clueless when it comes to freshwater
      8. Another day for searching at NPD yesterday. 20 bass in first 2 hours searched over most of the dam in next 4 hours to add 5 fish and went back to the first spot to bring the tally to 39 bass and 1 yella Just beat the rain when we knocked off.
      9. Boat load this morning with Johnathon ,Mark and Rick. Shrimp still scarce .With the lower water level all the weed and grass on the edges has died off with the pots being full of small redclaw which are a pain in the but as you cannot use for bait or return to the water. Bass were scattered and we only found 2 small schools. Johnathon provided a bit of amusement when the head of his reel snapped off the base when he was playing a fish. He did not wish to handline in the fish and spill braid on the floor of the boat so it ended up a combination effort between Mark and Johnathon to bring in the fish ad save the braid. Finished up the day with 64 bass,1 yella and 1 tandan. Cheers Ray
      10. Good company with Neil,Hai and Anthony at NPD this morning, Bit cool at 6am with a slight westerly but warmed up after around 8 when breeze dropped out and sun warmed up. Improved a lot when we found a school after being teased with a few fish in a couple of spots on the way to the second rock wall. I spent some time contemplating my navel whilst the others pulled in good sized 40cm plus bass. Neil kind of caught a stretchy 50cm bass ( Squeezed tail to make it Hai and Anthony called it for a 50 but Neil and I said 49.5) When the fish slowed down we tried in the vicinity of Andrews drop off but only found a couple of isolated fish before exploring with the sounder, We found another school in the middle of the paddock where this time I got into them whilst Neil did some meditation. Both schools were found in 40 to 45 feet of water with only about 15 bass under 35cm ad finishing up with 80 fish on the counter. See the PFMA have constructed a demonstration cod breeding pipe near the ramp
      11. Off to Hinze western arm with Rick and Joy today for a change of scenery. Had a good run with the traffic and lights so we arrived in the dark with no moon or stars No worries said I we will just use the gps. Only problem the sounder would not read the card which left us with no navigation and more importantly no access to all my marks. Headed off using silhouette of hills till we could pick out Ians Island looking for fish on the sounder. Found a school on Ians Island where we boated 40 odd bass which were on the small side so we then decided to explore. Neal had told me where he found some bass last week on the old submerged point that went over to Allens Alley and we found some fish on the flats in 48 feet of water on the edge of the drop off and some more hard up to the isolated trees. Finished up with 94 bass no tandans and no barred grunter. Luckily Michael went up to Moogerah for the weekend and donutted so he gave us his left over shrimp.
      12. Bit wet and drizzly today and we had to work hard to find fish. We found some very promising looking shows on the sounder with what appeared to be active feeding fish but could not entice them to partake of a feed of live shrimp or to attack a blade.We just ended up sounding along the edges of drop offs and picking up a few fish here and there. On the way back to the ramp we found a few fish concentrated around Andrews drop off which increased the tally to 64 bass,1 yella and one tandan. Shrimp still scarce. Mark caught the most fish including a couple of 50s one of which was blind in one eye possibly as the result of a treble.
      13. Once again had to work for some fish in NPD with some scattered and 3 good schools found one opposite end of Koala straight, one start of second rock wall,one andrews drop off. we left them biting when it started to rain. No pot of gold under rainbow but pile of fish 102 bass 3 tagged, 4 trophy best 102.5) 3 yellas best 56cm 2 tandans All caught on live shrimp. My rain jacket kept the top part of me dry and waterproof pants did excellent job of keeping water from exiting. Few deer about again
      14. Hey, Haven't fished for bass in an impoundment in winter before. Thinking of hitting one up in SEQ while hopefully the skiers aren't around! Am I best focusing my efforts in the more shallower bays, or do they hang in deeper water during winter? Cheers, Ryan
      15. Foggy and cool start at NPD yesterday morning .The bass had moved on from one of our usual spots taking an hour and a half to raise 20 bass along the length of koala straight. We then did the shrimp traps ad moved downstream to Andrews drop off where the bass were more prolific but still slow and by 11 am we only had 60 on the counter so we headed towards fad number 2 and saw a good show on the counter where the fish were sitting on a 3 foot high hump in 40 feet of water. We brought the tally up to 165 with some very good sized bass plus 3 X 50cm plus forkies. 4 tagged bass We all caught a trophy bass and thought that Anthony was going to have a heart attack when he cracked his 50 barrier, I even checked to see if he had wet himself.
      16. Back to NPD yesterday. When we arrived at the gate at 5.30 there was no wind but still cold. By 6 am when we entered the westerly was blowing strongly but being tough or stupid we proceeded to launch. There were only a few fish showing on the sounder but they soon came on the chew when presented with some live shrimp. They started off at 18 feet before moving on but as soon as we went to 26 feet on the edge of the drop off they were back on the chew. We ended up with 60 odd bass from there. After doing our shrimp pots ( We used left over shrimp from previous trip on sunday for first spot) we proceeded to Andrews drop off and boated another 40 odd bass before they went off the chew . As it was only around 11 am we had a vote whether we would have an early finish or have a go over near fad number 2 and fad won by an unanimous vote. Initially once again nothing much showing on the sounder and they were all down deep and forkies were suspected. We were partly correct but the majority of the fish were bass and Rick was disappointed that he was the only one not to catch a 50+ forky. Final tally was 5 forkies,1 plate sized yella ( Only fish we took home)188 bass. 2 bass over 50cm ( one at 51 and Joys at 52.5) and 4 over 49. Five tagged fish. Not quite as good as Sundays effort but still a good day. By the time we left the wind had dropped off to glass out but picked up a little on the way back to the ramp. Spotted a couple of herds of deer on the way back. On sunday we saw a couple of rubs but no sign of the deer. Cheers Ray
      17. 2 score and 2 plus 3.
      18. Good day at NPD today with Rick and Neil Had to work a bit harder than last trip ending up with 99 bass,couple of good yellas and one lone forky. Would have caught a lot more but Neil wished to tag some bass. He was not up to the task at one stage he had 4 fish queued up in the landing net so Rick and I had to stop while he caught up. Best bass was around 47cm and Neils yella went a respectable 61cm and Ricks only 56cm Bit of a drama on the way home as axle on trailer slipped backwards and jammed the tyre into the mudguard so the boat came home on the back of a tilt tray so looks like I have a project tomorrow.
      19. WE ignored the forecast and braved the cold and wind. It was cold enough but multi layers of clothing kept me warm but was a challenge with negotiating PFD, rain coat, rainpants, trackydaks,shorts and undies when it came time for a widdle. No one told the fish about the crook weather with both Ray Hughes and Mark upgrading their PBs with fish over 50cm. The quality of the fish was excellent with several over 50 and lots over 45. I was the only one that did not crack a 50. We boated 20 bass by 7am half way down Koala Straight finishing up with 60 bass and 2 tandans from that location. We left there and did the shrimp traps and tried one other spot opposite koala straight before moving to Andrews drop off where we increased the tally clicker to 163 bass finishing up at 1pm. Cheers Ray
      20. Went to western arm this morning with Rick. Only small bass final tally was 69 fish of which I only caught 24 and of the 24 only 8 were legal, Cheers Ray.
      21. Went to NPD this morning and left the thermos at home so no coffee from 4am till 3pm. Reduced to drinking dam water. I had a gas stove in the bow but when I tried to use it there was no spark to ignite the gas. Good thing that the fish were on the chew so I did not have time to go into the DTS. First up we tried 2 spots for only one fish. Next spot we tried was andrews drop off which only showed a couple of fish on the sounder but they soon came around when we dropped some live shrimp down. We ended up with 91 bass with Stews forkie the catch of the day. It was too big for both percy and the eagles. The eagles will get it when it drifts to the shore. Stew started off using 2 rods but soon resorted to one after getting a few tangles trying to manage 2 40cm bass at once . The sounder shot is what we left when we knocked off at midday. Cheers Ray
      22. It was only unlucky for the fish. Went to NPD with Rick this morning starting off a bit bleak but it soon got better as the fish started to bite. around 30 bass and a couple of yellas at first spot opposite the end of koala straight. Next spot in 20 feet of water on the flats near Andrews drop off. We then went to old reliable spot in 50 feet of water near fad 1, There was a couple already sitting there and they told us only a couple of bass but plenty of forkies. The sounder was showing fish between 25 feet and the bottom. As per normal the bass were at 25 feet with the forkies on the bottom so we then proceeded to get into them. Knocked off at 11am with 75 bass,2 yellas and only 2 forkies on the tally card. Rick scored the 2 yellas which made him smile but he did not smile when he caught the only forkies for the day. Cheers Ray
      23. Hey Legends, anybody have any side scan images of wintertime bass schooled up in the impoundments. Sounded all through The west arm of Hinze this morning, with my Garmin Striker 7 and definitely did not find what I was looking for. I know guys got onto a heap during the week out here. One guy said he caught over 200 in 3 outings this week. Id love to be able to use my sounder to find a nice big school but I just don’t think I’m getting as much out of my side scan as I could be. Not asking for marks or spots but any info that might help me make better use of my sounder would be much appreciated. Cheers
      24. I went to Hinze as a guest with Rick and Joy to comply with the covid rules. Been about 3 or 4 month since I have been there with the dam about 10 feet higher than last time. There were quite a few boats and yaks already launched when we arrived at the western arm at 5.50am. We headed down the LHS towards the dam wall having the area to ourselves with everyone else either heading upstream or on the opposite bank. Saw a few boats that had left their petrol motors on and doing the right thing. Finished up with 66 bass for the morning and I used up the rest of my tags. The eagles scored a few barred grunter, Cheers Ray
      25. Another good day at NPD with plenty of shrimp in the traps so we did not have to resort to having to use those pesky lures and their dreaded by catch of forkys. Ended up with 58 bass and only 2 forkys. Only 2 photos as the card in my camera was full. Back to Hinze on Friday as we are allowed more than 2 people in the boat and we are also allowed to tag fish there. Cheers Ray