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      Found 109 results

      1. Pretty good day by myself with 40 odd bass and 3 yellas. Good to see fad no1 still producing fish with 3 yellas and 4 bass. Did not have a chance to have a cuppa or breakfast till 10am as I was too busy pulling in fish Not many redclaw as being by myself I could only pull 4 pots. Had a bit of a problem with the redclaw as mates were either out or were not able to come and pick them up. Ty ended up driving over from Inala at 7pm to collect them Cheers Ray
      2. Went to NPD this morning in less than ideal conditions but Mark and Gerard are sailing to the Philippians on wednesday so this would have been the last chance to fish together for a while. The newly installed fads are starting to produce a few fish. We boated 8 bass including a 48cm bass from the fads opposite the fig tree. Here is a vidio that Tai made. Cheers Ray
      3. Was a bit dispirited last night after prospective deckies pulled the pin late yesterday and was still ringing around at 9pm and unable to get replacements. I decided to go by myself and I was on the way to the dam and got a call from Mark who said are you still going and response was my furcoat. Was a beaut day with glass out most of the morning and fish coming on board in dribs and drabs and ending up with 22 bass and 2 yellas when we knocked off at 11am. Mark caught most of the fish but I was still happy as I did not donut. Cheers Ray
      4. Saw this on FB. Thought I'd share for @Dinodadog and @rayke1938. No pic on the brag mat though. BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing 4 hrs · Now that’s a Bass! Check out this 60cm monster Somerset Dam Bass caught by @laneferling_ Instagram photo: @laneferling_ @scfaustralia 410410 227 comments14 shares
      5. Hard going at NPD today.With only 24 bass and 2 yellas boated.We found a school of sub 26cm bass at one of the new fads opposite the fig tree and moved on after catching 14 of them,Had a couple of green deckies from japan who had never fished before and they had a blast and both managing to catch an australian bass to skite about when they return to Japan next saturday, Tiger was impressed with the redclaw although he did not want to hold a big one, Redclaw are still prolific averaging at least 10 a pot so Michael ended up with a good feed.
      6. Headed out to Lake Macdonald on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday morning. Perfect weather. I'm pretty new to bass fishing but set up the gopro and put together a short video of some of the fish I caught. Pretty pleased to catch a few that day although none of them were huge.
      7. Tough day yesterday despite good forecast and barometer over 1020.We just could not find a school anywhere. We did not manage more than 2 fish from any one spot and ended up with 22 bass and one yella. Even converted Steve over to bait and still ending up a small tally.
      8. I have been out before with Tom the bass whistler and his dad and yesterday was no exeption . It is a great joy to see how much Tom enjoys life despite his difficulties. The redclaw were very good in some of our pots and probably also were good for the sharefarmer who had raided a few of the pots. Fishwise I thought we were in for a donut with not a scale till around 10.30 when we found some really good sized fish about 2/3 or the way to the far marker in around 30 feet of water. Tom had a real blast with his first fish being 50cm and tagged to boot. He had problems with a lot of the fish that he caught as he was not strong enough so Jason supported the rod whilst he played it. We finished up with 56 bass and a ute load of redclaw. ( Jason did not have anything to put them in so we just tipped them in the tray of his hilux. I am looking forward to next trip with Tom in the next school holidays in September. Cheers Ray
      9. Another good day with the 2 Michaels and Mark.Couple of trophy sized bass and plenty in the high 40s. Mark will have to come again as once again he kept on catching 49 and 49,5 cm bass just cannot reach the elusive 50+ trophy. Final score 120 bass and 2 tandans and a good feed of redclaw for Michael H. The tandans will be redclaw bait for next trip on wednesday 6 tagged bass caught today. Finiahing off a perfect day with a Bruichladdich dram accompanied with oat cakes.
      10. Hard going today unable to locate any fish with just a few scattered bass in different locations until we found a small school on the edge of a drop off in the new area. Jason cracked a 51cm bass and a 41cm yella plus another 39 bass shared between the rest of us. Redclaw down a bit as eels chewed holes on 3 pots. Cheers Ray
      11. Bit better today despite the wind. Michael finally cracked a trophy bass going 53.5 tail and 50 fork 64 bass ,1 yella and first prize to michael who thought he had another good bass but the fairy godmother waved her magic wand and turned it into a forky. Plenty of bass over 40cm and only one under that went 20cm
      12. First spot we tried Rick pulled in 3 fish whilst we watched and that was that we hung around for a while trying to locate them but all in vein. Couple of other likely spots were also bare . We found some at Andrews drop off but they were scarce taking a hour to boat 20 bass so next spot was out in front of the fig tree where we had a hot bite before leaving them biting. Tally for the day was 85 bass and I once again the tandan king Some of the redclaw pots were good and others left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling because the poor starving sharefarmers needed a feed.
      13. Up to 3 decky spots avail this sunday; 6am start meet end of adsetts rd whiteside. Bait fishing with live shrimp and checking redlaw pots. No smoking No bananas kids welcome BYO tucker and esky to take redclaw home. 0403072325 best way to contact. Cheers Ray
      14. I was not going to post as it only upsets Dino but decided he needed some encouragement to do his physio and get back on the water. We spent the day teaching the shrimp to swim and escape those ravenous fish that inhabit NPD. We were quite successful as we caught 113 less fish than last Sunday. First fish boated went 55cm much to Jasons delight. and Rick made it a double hookup with a 52 cm yella. We pulled another 3 yellas from this spot and then the shrimp had a reprieve fo rthe rest of the day with the bass being quite elusive with only the odd fish boated. They were a good size and mostly located in around 50 feet of water. We tried around one of the new fads and caught 2 bass one 325cmm and the other 275mm. As normal the redclaw pots were productive except the ones that the redclaw had chewed holes in. Cheers Ray
      15. Fish were everywhere yesterday but only found a school at knock off time . Introduced another new angler to the beauty of NPD Couple of trophys plus few more close to 50cm Left them biting with a total of 150 bass and one yella plus a couple of buckets of redclaw. Cheers Ray
      16. Bit cool and windy this morning but the fishing was hot with 70 bass and 10 yellas at first drop off and other 47 bass at the next spot . Few deer hanging around but they are very flighty so no photos. Smelly bird hanging around our redclaw pots. Cheers Ray
      17. Bass have moved around since Sunday but we found a couple of schools. 84 bass No forkies Redclaw are a good size of the 5 pots that we had forkies in as bait 4 of them had at least 12 redclaw in them The other pot had a big hole and the other 3 pots that had dog biscuits as bait only had a few redclaw in them. Cheers Ray
      18. G'day fellas. I hope i'm not breaking any rules by posting this without being a regular contributor to posts? I regularly enjoy checking out the great fish reports. I have a bit of tackle that doesn't get used much so it's time to move it on to someone that'll make better use of it. Daiwa TDX 4-9kg 6'4'' 1 piece baitcast rod. Fuji K guides. Condition: Excellent. Might have been on the water 3-4 days in total. It was on clearance a couple years back at Tacklewarehouse Camphill for $189. Perfect rod for Cod, Jack, Barra and anything inbetween. They seem to be of a higher quality than the Generation black rods - don't understand why they've been discontinued. Price: $100 Tairyo Nano Speed 6'6'' 1 piece 2-4kg Spinning rod. Fuji SIC guides. Condition: Excellent. Used less than 5 days at Somerset Dam. Bought in 2017 at Sandgate bait&tackle on special for $199. Very lovely rod. Price: $100 I'm happy for anyone to come inspect Located in the Browns Plains area. PH: 0400 675 486. Thanks for viewing.
      19. Just when you want to catch some forkys they have gone . Only caught 5 today ,2 on bait and 3 in one redclaw trap. They are working very well in the redclaw pots compared to the dog biscuits. Probably because they last a lot longer. Ended up with 81 bass 4 yellas,and 5 forkies plus a bucket of redclaw. Would have had a lot more redclaw but they are chewing holes in the pots and escaping. Steve had fun catching bass on a icejig but only managed one on a jackall with the bass not much bigger than the jackall. See Ross and Noel have been busy making more concrete fad bases. Cheers Ray
      20. Second fly rod break in as many outings Caught lots of these In amongst all of these But then I high-sticked an excited one and ended up with these
      21. Had a shower while waiting at the gate, then another around 7 am and a great morning for the rest of the time. Managed 48 bass with one over 50cm and 5 yellas with 2 over 50cm.Most come from along the weed edges on spinnerbaits. Dino
      22. Ran out of bait again at NPD today. 130 bass and 3/4 bucket of forkies and one tilapia, Fish caught in 4 different locations and left them biting the last sounder shot is from when we left. The forkies kept for redclaw bait. Be enough for the next few trips. Cheers Ray
      23. Apart from having to roust a couple of backpackers who had parked in front of the gate we had another good day yesterday with another bass virgin introduced to NPD. Weather was a lot better than forecast with only a couple of light showers and nowhere as much wind. Found around 50 bass on Andrews drop off and tried around the floats with nothing there and found another school over towards the old far marker where we picked up more until we ran out of bait even picking up a few on red dead shrimp that had been sitting in the boat for a few days. We did the redclaw pots first off and when we were heading back to the ramp noticed a couple of pots were too close together wand when re pulled them to redeploy they both had good sized redclaw in them so they are also starting to come in daylight. Final bass tally was 116 bass. Cheers Ray
      24. After attempting for a while we finally got the stars into alignment and I finally took Tom and his dad Jason to NPD. Tom has been obsessed with catching bass for a while and Jason has been taking him shorebased at Forgans with no results. We launched at 12.30 and did a couple of shrimp pots and redclaw pots to show Tom and got some shrimp and a couple of redclaw. I cable tied one redclaw so Tom could have a close look at it without getting bitten. We then headed to Andrews drop off and Tom got a hook up to a smallish bass on the first drop of his bait. He is a real master angler landing another 2 bass before I even had a hook up. It was an hour before Jason got around to rigging up his own line as Tom just did not stop catching fish. It did not even matter if it was only a forky he still got super excited. WE knocked off at around 3pm and did a few more redclaw pots for little result as a lot of the pots had holes in them. Final score was around 20 bass with Tom catching more than half or them. 10 forkies 18 redclaw. Best part smiles all round. So good to see a little boy enjoying himself.
      25. taib

        queensland Crack!!

        As the title of the post states, my bait was slammed so hard my reel went CRACK! And it was over. But luckily despite a few showers we had a great day at NPD today. Always fantastic catching up with Ray and Mark. Thanks for a great day gentleman! 92B9CB9A-4DCA-459E-9140-E04438E0BCDF.MOV