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      1. Grand Opening Saturday 14th September 7am to 4pm New premises Unit 4/20 Paisley Drive Lawnton!!! Prizes and giveaways, come see the pimp my lure boat. Get a free snag off the BBQ and check out the store. Have some old fishing gear you wanna sell? Bring it along and do a deal. spend $20 on austackle lures and go into the draw to win a great combo set. bring the kids down to buy their very own fishing rod or even better potentailly WIN one. frozen and fresh bait available..
      2. As the rod that gained us the most attention at the 2013 AFTA show we thought we would share some information on the upcoming Nordic Stage Areal Pro... So the first question is... What makes this rod different from the existing Areal range? First of all these rods should in no way be considered a "replacement" or "revamp" of the existing range. They are very different rod using even more sophisticated materials and development. The carbon fiber used in the manufacture of the pre-pregs in the blanks for these rods is 100% Japanese made in the Mitsubishi and Toray factories. The guides are a new Kigan Z guide which uses anti tangle technology. Kigan guides are a name you will most likely see a lot more in the near future as they are making some truly great guides among other things... You can research them here: The reel seat is also unique. Most reel seats are mounted to a blank using tape or something similar to fill in the gap. The Areal pro utilises a reel seat arbor made of a very thin PVC. The PVC is honey combed with holes. What does this do? This reel seat arbor translates more effectively every vibration through the rod making it even more sensitive than the already sensitive Areal range. This technology also makes the reel seat mount more durable. Probably the biggest draw card to the stand was out load test videos for each rod. These amazed not a small number of stores and media representatives which went a long way to helping the cause. /> /> /> /> If you are interested in this range please let your local tackle store know as we hope to have them on the shelves for Christmas shopping! In other news our much anticipated first shipment of Nordic Stage Favorites will be on Australian shores in about a months time. This rod is as versitile as they come and the Nordic Stage crew have already tested them on everything from Bass and Bream through to Jacks, Snapper and Tuna. With great cosmetics and an RRP around $190 they should live up to their namesake. Once again thanks for the support and we look forward to bringing you more great rods in the future! The Team Obsession Fishing
      3. Hi all, Big thanks to Robbie from Factory Tackle Outlet for loaning me his yak for the weekends ABT. Great Guy and really appreciate his help. Factory Tackle Outlet is full of top quality gear brand new or 2nd hand. So if your looking to sell some old gear, buy some used gear or stock up I highly recommend them. Great blokes that are very knowledgeable. Congrats to Dell on his 3rd place ( and big bream), Also Justin on the bag and 7th place. Cheers, Runty
      4. 5 only genuine lucky craft Sammy 65 walkers $15.00 each.
      5. Facebook & AFO Special. FOUR ONLY!!! Shimano Spheros 14000 WERE $239 each - NOW ONLY $160 - Free Freight Within Austalia!!! Be Quick and call 07 55963444 to get one before they run out.
      6. so just a throw out there if anyone would like to come down to FACTORY TACKLE OUTLET on Thursday for a social chat and have a browse through the shop and general meeting place to meet other fishos and offer any advice or suggestions for the store moving forward. unit 6/11 knobel court shailer park 2pm to 6pm( unofficial if people come in we will stay open )
      7. I would like to let everyone know about factory tackle outlet.As a new sponsor for the Moreton bay classic and hopefully for future more AFO competitions. FTO is a tackle store catered to 2nd hand quality gear, ex wholesale products and also new gear. it is located ad unit 6 / 11 knobel court Shailer park opening hours are: Thursday 2pm to 6pm Saturdays 8am to 4pm FTO buys and sell 2nd hand rods, reels & lures. as well as new lures, rods & reels. servicing can be done for all your reels. and if you have any tired run down lures or want to revamp up that old favourite reel, bring it on in and PIMP MY LURES can customise it up for you. they are situated below Queensland fishing monthly. you can like the face book page to keep up to date with new products and new exciting things that will be happening at the store in the future. like car boot sales & seminars with Steve Morgan and some of the ABT guys. post up your pics of your catches for the chance to win some prizes as well.
      8. How cool is this... Mick Hassett using his Nordic Stage Amulet sample up in North Qld came across this interesting sooty grunter... Very cool pigment variations!
      9. Well it has been a massive few months for Obsession Fishing and the whole Nordic Stage crew... In big news Obsession are heading to their very first AFTA show this year... From humble beginnings with the Areal range of rods we will be showcasing 9 full new ranges featuring a wide range of new rods for the Australian. Many of these feature cutting edge technology, not just more of the same with our logo. For example, the development team have been working on for years a new range using Carbon Cloth as opposed to Carbon Fiber. This material (the same material used in the production of Formula 1 race cars), after much product testing and refinement promises to offer a light weight, highly sensitive rod that is far less brittle than most carbon fiber (and graphite) rods on the market. That is enough of a teaser for now... The Nordic Stage team has also been kicking goals right across the board as well... First up Andrew has been doing very well on the Bass circuit... After finishing up 3rd in the Hinze round earlier in the year Andrew battled tough conditions to place 8th in the recent Big W comp. All fish were caught using his Nordic Stage Areal Sharpshooter jigging Damiki Ice Jigs which in his words have been a sure thing so far in 2013! Our Bream lads have also been firing lately with Nabs and Dell both placing top 10 in the recent Bribie ABT round. Dell has also been branching out from Skeeter play and managed to place himself 9th in the recent Hobie Redcliffe round.. Not bad for one usually boat bound! Nabs has also been out doing a fair bit of filming with the Fishing SEQ crew taming some deep water bream at the 'pin... Andrew from Fishing SEQ will be editing the footage for upcoming episodes but here is a nice little teaser /> Field tester Mick Hassett has also been doing the Nordic name proud. A few samples of some of the models destined for AFTA made it up his way. One such model was the Nordic Stage Amulet and Mick has been putting it to the test on everything from Sooty Grunter to Jungle Perch and Saratoga... P.S. a lot more images and reports can be seen on Micks blog... Here is also some awesome footage of Mick's recent Saratoga session.. /> Another field tester Greg Carter has been trialling the Amulets in totally different terrains... Spangled emperor in Laguna Bay for example! Fellow Noosa anglers and Nordic stage supporters Chris Locke and Tim Milat have also been putting Nordic gear under the pressure using the full Areal range on fish "technically" well above the classifications... GT on the Gunslinger! And a nice little Queenie on the Sharpshooter... Also if you follow Tim online you'll note that those Sunshine Coast Jacks just never shut down this year... Tim has been smashing them on a regular basis using his Nordic Stage Areal Sharpshooter... In this post we will also include a few cool captures from happy customers... Ian Ferguson nailed this awesome yella recently in skinny water on his Nordic Stage Areal... Anyone that questions the stopping power of light rods may do well to check Ian's portfolio! Thomas Vodli from the Gold Coast also had a good "first" impression of our Nordic Stage Areal... After purchasing his from Sporties on the Gold Coast he headed straight to the canals. A few bream into the session he was already happy with the purchase when BAM... A decent fight later a 70cm (or 60cm if you love the forks) length GT in the bag!!! Now that's pushing your gear successfully! As always thanks to our team and customers... We cannot wait to showcase so much more of the range at the 2013 AFTA awards! The Team Obsession Fishing
      10. Hey Team AFO, Just a quick heads up... Our original Facebook Page will be phased out soon in favor of a business one. The original one was made accidentally as "a person" so to speak and Facebook is cracking down on this. My understanding is a few people in the past have created "Person" accounts, built up huge numbers of "friends" and then changed the name of the account to something like "cheap t-shirts" effectively allowing themselves to Spam all existing contacts. Devious Anyway we are just going to suck it up and change now to avoid any problems So if you would like to follow some great fishing and the progression of the Nordic Stage range feel free to check out out page! /> Below are the last 17 images added to the page as a teaser.
      11. Thanks Andrew and the team at SEQFA for this footage. The next SEQFA DVD is out soon but this is no spoiler as the DVD will be made up of previously unseen material! /> Cheers!!! The Team Obsession Fishing
      12. Awesome. Thanks for the magazine Duncan. I am really happy with how my article turned out for this so thanks for the opportunity! Angus Link to actual article here:
      13. [article]643[/article]
      14. Hey everyone... Been talking the owners of Freak Sports over the last few weeks and they have decided to come on board as a full site sponsor. Freak Sports make some excellent kayaks both in quality and value. In fact, I so impressed with the price of the below advertised yak I already have one myself. Price is not for the blank, but all you can see, paddle, 5 rod holders including scotty style one, really good seat, two hatches with bags inside, bungee cords at the back, handles, paddle clip... I think that's it! Anyway welcome aboard Freak Sports. One lucky entrant to the MBC can expect to take the below displayed package away as a lucky door prize as well Webpage:
      15. Well all the lads from the Nordic Stage team have been fishing hard throughout March with some unreal results putting light tackle to the test against some of a Australia's best quality fish... On one of our sample Nordic Stage Favorites (8-16lb and coming into Australia this year finally!!) Nabs Issa managed this great longy from Moreton Bay. Chosen for the team for his breaming skills this slightly different capture was not snubbed by the rest of the crew! Up Noosa way Chris Locke has been putting his Nordic Stage Areal Jaeger to the test chasing some big red fish in tight terrain. For anyone that has challenged these fish with heavy gear, you will know what an awesome capture this next fish is on silly string! Never to be outdone in the department of putting our rods through their paces using silly string, Mick Hassett has been punishing his little Nordic Stage Areal Jaeger on some denizens from the north. Cannot wait to get back up there Mick! And not to leave his Nordic Stage Favorite out! James "Runt Man" Howarth has also been smashing some SE QLD action lately using his Nordic Stage Areal Sharpshooter... How is this for a sweet bay capture... Flathead on a surface lure! And a decent one at that! Thanks to all our anglers for their support and good fishing everyone over the Easter long weekend!!! The Team Obsession Fishing Pty Ltd
      16. G'day team AFO... This is just a quick heads up to announce the arrival of a new sponsor. Andrew from Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing is now part of our fraternity and will be providing AFO with a couple of sweet additions. First of all, and probably most noticeable will be his monthly report on the Hervey Bay region featuring basically everything that has been going on. With the amount that Andrew gets out on the water this is bound to be a bit! Secondly is a lucky door prize in the form on a full day charter with Andrew and his expertise... We are yet work out exactly which event this will be drawn at but stay tuned and rest assured someone is in for an awesome adventure. I will be heading up to visit Andrew soon and look forward to sharing my experiences and generally gee everyone up! Cheers!
      17. Guys courtesy of Fish Head check out the latest front page article on the new "Dead Bait" lure craze. As someone who has personally loved these lures in both the Gold Coast canals for bream, through to my first thready caught on lure in the NT I am keen to see what these new models have to offer! Click HERE to read the article.
      18. Hey guys Mick Hasset recently did this review on our Nordic Stage Areal Jaeger and has given permission to share on AFO... We wanted to post this here in blatant answer to a few PM's we have received lately basically asking... "are these rods to light for anything bigger than bream"... Enjoy For the past few months I have been giving the little Nordic Stage Jaeger a workout on a range of species we get up here in Mackay. My first thoughts of this rod were that it would be a bit too light to deal with the punishment I had in store for it. Well I was wrong, I started small with a few bream and flathead, then stepped it up to some tarpon, dealt with a few nice barra and recently have been putting it to the test on small mackerel and queenfish from the beach. This little weapon has made itself a well earned spot in my arsenal and is quickly becoming one of my favorite rods. I have been a fan of ultra light gear for a long time now, I stepped away from it a bit after moving back up to Mackay but now I’m back. Ever since getting the Jaeger I remember why I love it so much and I honestly get disappointed when I go somewhere that I can’t use it. The fun you can have with a little stick like this can turn a session of average fish into a really enjoyable trip, and when you do hook onto something good it really puts the pressure on and gets the adrenaline pumping! I have mine matched up to a Daiwa Emeraldas 2506 which weighs 210g and I find that it balances perfectly. In the beginning I had it loaded up with 4lb braid but I recently changed over to 2lb and the rod has really come into its own with the lighter class line. I find that I can cast a 3? unweighted plastic a good distance with very little effort and it tosses a small hardbody a mile. There are 2 other models in the Areal range which are the Sharpshooter and the Gunslinger. The Sharpshooter is the longest rod in the range at 7 foot and rated at 2-8lb perfect for finesse flats fishing. The Gunslinger being the shortest at 6 foot is made for casting into heavy cover with pinpoint accuracy. The Jeager which is the rod I have is the all rounder being 6’6 and a very versatile little stick!
      19. Hi All Finally been settled in at our new abode at Mt Nathan on the Gold Coast and we have begun work on getting some new stuff up on the website: Burns - Living Dead Special is a dead baitfish imitation that lies sideways on the water and has a darting/rolling action when twitched. It is bulkier than a Bent Minnow having more of a mullet profile in the water. This lure works great as a jack, trevally and barra topwater and should really excite the bay kingfish as well. The Living Dead Special is 118mm and 19g Also we have the smaller Super Sardine which is smaller at 102mm and is a slow sinking version of the LDS. This was designed to be cast into schools of busting pelagics and left to waft down through the mayhem like a stunned baitfish. Should be a killer on fussy longtails and kingfish, but also great for twitching around pontoons for jacks. Living Dead Special 118 /> Super Sardine Jr 102 /> Lure Action Video /> OSP have released their new I-Waver lure, which follows on from the success of the Bent Minnow. Again this lure is designed to lie sideways on the surface, but unlike bent minnows, the I-Waver sinks slowly and has only very subtle in built action. This is very much a finesse surface lure for anglers who like to impart their own action to a bait. The I-Waver often works once all other kinds of presentations have been ignored - proving deadly on bream, bass, sooties and saratoga. /> This is the start of a whole bunch of gear that we will be adding over the next few weeks, so check out the site for more updates. Cheers Duncan
      20. Hi All another new product is released from Damiki. This time a 3.5 inch worm style soft plastic called the Shrimp. These are the same plastics used by Jonathan over the weekend to win the ABT Bemm river classic see that report here I had received them last week and expressed post to Jonathan to get some pics at the comp, was really chuffed to hear theyhelped him win it. here is the colour chart for them The RRP for them is $8.99 per pack. They will be great for bream, bass, flathead and angus was talking baout using them for his light line snapper hunting in the shallows. i will publish stockists as and when they come on board. Davos compleat Angler in Noosa have stocks already and have said they are selling pretty well but they should have some left for any of the guys heading out there this weekend thanks for reading PS i am hoping to do a video soon, but this weather is vexing me cheers rob
      21. Hey Team, Well we have not dropped an official catch up email for a while with so much going on. But here we go... First off a massive congrats has to go out to one of our Sponsored Bream anglers, Kendall Soo on his epic win at the recent Gold Coast Gamakatsu Bream round. Not only was Dell fishing alone, in a field of over 55 boats, his bag won by nearly an entire KG! This is a magnanimous effort for a Gold Coast Bream comp. Dell caught his fish using a combination of Daiwa Gekkabijin reels, Cranka Cranks in flash prawn and of course Nordic Stage Sharpshooter Rods. Some of our other bream anglers also finished 2012 up in style. Nabeel Issa for example fished his way to a 5th place finish in the ABT Grand Final at Bribie! This is a sensational effort as after all he was up against the best of the best. Nabs used Nordic Stage Areals and Cranka Cranks and made the comment that the sensitivity of the rods went a long way to keeping a few weighed fish pinned. Our Young Bloods have been out and about as well fishing their way to some good results. James Howarth, known by Runty to many of you has been hitting up the Bream Minibucks comps pretty actively. The last event for last year saw Runty placing 5th up against some very experienced bream anglers and we look forward to seeing further successes for him, and our other Young Bloods this year. A huge good luck goes out to Andrew Baunach and Stu France who this year move actively into the Bass Pro's. Last year they both finished in the top 5 in the Bass Electric rounds doing us proud using their Nordic Stage Areals for all their lighter work such as plastics, blades and ice jigs. Good luck lads and we look forward to hearing the results of this years comp deep down in NSW! Our field testers have not been lax either and Mick Hasset in particular has been once again pushing his Nordic Stage Jaeger to the limits! Fishing 2lb line in some wild rivers Mick has managed to bag countless Sooties and some very respectable Toga lately. Can't wait to get back up there with you mate. Good luck to anyone using our gear and remember we love hearing feedback whatever it might be. We strive to improve our product and to do so do not just desire YES MEN! Good fishing. The Team
      22. Hi Guys, We still have some great gear on SALE in store. :cheer: Here is just a few: Daiwa Catalina All Rounder 70S- Was $399 Now $279 Daiwa Catalina GAME 68S-3-N - Was $399 Now $279 Nitro Kamikaze- 15kg Big Game - Was $449 Now $224 T-Curve Tiagra 10kg Stand-Up - Was $495 Now $299 Precision 15kg Stand-Up - Was $1095 Now $659 We are open Saturday 8am-5pm and Monday 9am-5pm. Or contact as by Phone: (07) 3207 9965