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      1. Anyone know people or shops in Brisbane that make and weld on after market bow mount brackets/plates to aluminium boats? For Minn Kota, Watersnake, MotorGuide etc.. electric motors. I emailed Holt Marine as their website pictures this, but got no response. May call them later. Are there any others who provide this service in Brisbane? I would prefer a few quotes. Below is the sort of example I would prefer taken from the Internet. Needs paint though! Maybe even info on any bolt on solutions that look professional? My boat is a painted hull and 2014 model so I am not looking for quick and dodgy methods. Here is the front of my stessco. Any recommendations to get an electric motor on the front of this boat would be much appreciated!
      2. If you ever have a bad day out boating... spare a thought for these chaps I love the video comment:
      3. FREEWILLY


        I just bought a 4 year old quintrex that has been in the water for the whole 4 years, I need to clean off the barnicles, I have tried using a presure cleaner (water blaster) with only half the problem fixed, there is some serious barnicles to remove. I am also still looking for an outboard 6 hp or less thats not too old and also a trailer to fit the tinny (3.7m) Any help would be appreciatted. Please does anybody have any ideas on how to remove the rest of the barnicles??
      4. Thought others might find this amusing and interesting. I have been a long-time sufferer of seasickness. I’m always interested to know what others do to manage their own seasickness. I have added 2 links which might be helpful. The first is an article I have written about my own experiences to manage seasickness. The medications and remedies I’ve tried. What has and hasn’t worked. I have also added a short video clip on my latest trip ruined by seasickness. One short moment where I hold it together to catch a big squid knowing I was about to get sick. Article - Video Link - Appreciate ideas and feedback from others on how they manage their own seasickness.
      5. Hi AFO members, Looking for a bit of advice on doing a DIY storage job on my forward storage box on my Scount 175SF. It's a 100L plus storage area with great installation and is the forward deck when closed. IT also directly drains so it can be used as a great kill / ice box too. But I want to convert it into a couple of compartments: 1) tackle storage 2) kill tank 3) dry storage. I don't want to change the interior by fibre glassing directly so was thinking of creating a mould that I can just drop in. The bung is on the bottom right hand side so thinking the kill tank on the right hand side (allows me to add some ballast to balance the boat as required. Middle for the tackle storage (I am thinking of 5 large Plano tackle boxes and then just space for other stuff. Lefthand side would be dry storage. The other option is to make the kill tank the width of the bottom Have looked around the forum but can't find anything. What does everything think? Keen to get feedback...or should I go somewhere to get a custom job? The roto moulded stuff looks pretty cool too instead of mucking around with fibreglass but really wanting to do this myself if I can.
      6. Hi, After a free outings in the boat, I’ve found a few things I want to repair/ change. One of them is replace the bilge pump and replace the nav lights with new LED lights. The boat has a switch panel with 5 of the 6 switches wired up. The previous owner wired the negative feed from the battery to 5 wired in a blob of solder. It is doing the job but hard to rewire individual items and not as tidy as I would like. When I wired in the new sounder I ran a line direct to the battery. But I don’t want to do this for every item. What have other people done in open Tinnies as the only busbars I can see are not close to water proof or water resistant. Cheers towknee
      7. Have a susuki 2006 60 hp 4 stroke and wondering if any one has a home made transome saver to view or photo's
      8. What do you think Quampie would be like with these on the back. Lots more extreme boats in the link below.
      9. Hi guys, Looking to buy a new boat (I am set on new, sorry) for around 20-30k mark, can push it to 35k This is our first boat ever and will mainly be used around Woy woy area/Taren point/brisbane waters. Main use of the boat will be for fishing but also for cruising and having a good time on the water I have narrowed it down to mainly 2 boats -quintrex fishabout 481 60hp - Quintrex cruiseabout 481 60hp or 75hp (the 75hp variant is pushing the limit cost wise, will there be a significant difference in 60hp vs 75hp? The problem is besides Quintrex and Stacer I'm not too sure what other brands I should be looking at and it's difficult to find dealers in NSW. Any other information would be greatly appreciated. When I do decide to purchase the boat is there any chance of negotiations on a boat or are boats usually quite fixed with pricing, should I ask for things to be thrown in?
      10. riz

        Re-naming A Boat

        Hey everyone, finally have decided to bite the bullet and get a new (2nd hand) motor for my tinny. I had trouble selling just my hull, so decided to keep it and give it a new lease on life. I am very spiritual minded person and strongly believe in a proper re naming ceremony. The last trips i had in it did not go well, so i want to do it properly. Has anyone done it properly?
      11. Hey Everyone, Late last year we had a new Yamaha F130 fitted to our boat, after our etec gave up the ghost. RIP. The Yam is a great motor so far! As part of the package it came with the square 6YC command gauge. But we have found that the fuel gauge bar readout is very vague and all over the place! An example from our trip out yesterday - travelled to the cape and trolled for 2.5 hours, the bar graph never dropped one bar, then all of a sudden it drops 5-6 bars!! We put in 20L from a Jerry and she was back up to full We have a rectangle 115 tank so its not an odd size. The old etec gauge had Litres and % remaining. which was much easier to read and rely on. I guess my question is, has anyone found any setting to maybe change the fuel gauge display to Litres or %.. OR can anyone recommend a standalone gauge that i can fit as i have no confidence in the current gauge. Thanks
      12. swmcl

        No Love For Cats ?

        Hi all, This is my first post. I'm trying to decide whether to invest in a boat for the family. We live in Toowoomba Queensland. I'm scouring the boating pages on this and other forums trying to get a handle on what people prefer and what they seem to steer away from. Is there much love for catamaran type boats ? I am attracted to them from a safety perspective. Perhaps naively, I think two hulls are harder to sink than one ... ! I see in the 'show us ya boat' threads there are a lot of fibreglass boats. I appreciate these are the best for their ability on the sea but I don't like them for the weight and the rot. I'm fairly happy with the idea of aluminium but would prefer kevlar ... :-) I haven't seen a photo of any cat yet so I assume real fishos don't like them ... Cheers, Steve
      13. natang

        Boat Insurance

        Hey guys my boat insurance is like nearly $400 through NRMA who I have three cars with and boat trailer as well. I think it is a bit expensive but most people I ring is a similar price. I have heard of a company that lets you pay cheaper for the months not in use then higher for when in use but can't remember the name. Has anyone had better offers???? I have been with NRMA for like 10 years with house with ex wife and numerous vehicles so have loyalty rewards or not so rewarding loyalty prices. My boat is a 1997 Haines Hunter 470SF hull with a 2 stroke 90hp on back... always garaged or chained to the container where it is stored.
      14. Drop Bear

        New Yammy

        Looks like a nice bit of kit~
      15. If invited to a spot on a boat That doe's not mean you have to be a slave well not in my eyes (share the duties to make for a good trip) My latest experience left a very sour taste in my mouth Watched as I poored x amount of fuel in the car to tow the boat to the destination then when decided to add some to the boat in case needed a comment thirsty was added inforemed that it had a big tank an was not needed but better to have more than less hands still in pocket I got an extra kg of squid still hands in pocket deckie bought 1 x 250 gr pack of frozen prawns with him :blink ended up deckie had NO leader or tackle to suit sinkers etc and winged that I was catching fish and he was on the wrong side of the boat :woohoo: The cream of the crop Not one Thank you or offer to pay for any of the trip and had the gall to say well maybe next time yeah right you have been on my boat for 2 trips the first and last I'm not a charter never have claimed to be but will work grounds to find fish BUt No THANKS for a trip or effort to make it work SUC I loook foraedd to our nex trip NOT you suk Gaz
      16. Hi, I`m Peter The Inventor of the Tailfin Water Rail, we are, all letting people know about the New and exciting Innovation, Tailfin, face surface reflection steering, 3x performance all sea direction, replacing outdated prop spinning thrust direction steering, Tailfin frees the prop thrust from levelling duties with a more economical smoother faster dryer ride all sea directions. Testomonies Customers Post and comments link. Arthur Walton Peter Cornish it was huge. Was able to maintain a higher speed through even the heavy stuff without the need for a kidney belt. Hope the video shows it. The least money I've spent for the most gain on my boat. If your in Mackay mate i will gladly take you for a run. look for this post below then open commentsArthur WaltonNovember 23 at 7:34 PMAll fitted....water test in the next few days hopefully The Tailfin Water Rail adds stabilization all sea directions, New, exciting innovation changing boating lifestyles enjoy your rough water boating, smooth faster dryer ride, boat rides a water rail in a following sea, self-levelling suspension water flow steering is awesome. The Tailfin is already fitted to hundreds of boats posting Tailfin Kits all over Australia call or text 0450018840 Tailfin Water Rail comes with Hi Performance 3-month money back guarantee
      17. Looking for a boat like this sort of size with a white hull for a TV commercial in a few weeks. Any leads or solid boat contacts. Good $$$ If you have a boat something like this (I don't think they are being specific) PM me.
      18. Hey fellas, Just got a new old boat. Taken it for shake downs to Moondarra. Nice and flat. No wind 4.3 Quintrex with a 30HP Sea Pro.. Problem Im having is that its a ***** to steer! Wont track nice. Doesnt like to turn at speed. I've removed the Stingray hydrofoils, and plan to take it out on the weekend. Gets on the plane nice, and has reasonable top end. It has the normal hydraulic "tilt" but it does need a rebuild. Holds trim though. Any thoughts? ( I used to drive a 4.5 with a 40 in the Straits, so it appears Ive forgotten more than I thought I knew! ) haha! Mark
      19. Hi, my name is Austin and I am part of a group of 5 Curtin university students looking into some data from boat owners around Western Australia. I have prepared a quick 3 minute survey and it is about general boating use as well as the potential for renewable energies on marine vessels. Any data collected will go directly towards the research into a small scale wave energy converter which we hope to construct in the near future. The link for the survey:
      20. demarc

        Boating Books

        While I was reading up on some american boats recently I stumbled across two threads where a person replying quoted a must have book. One was in regards to the inner workings of a boat and the other was for handling a boat. I read a few reviews which were really positive so I took the plunge. The first book is Capmans piloting hand book. This is the book that motivated me to post this thread. Here is some info on it. I am only 20% or so in but what I have read has taught me a lot. I can't rate it enough. The other book I purchased was the Boat Owners Mechanical and Electrical handbook. I haven't started this one yet but have high hopes!
      21. Hey all, I've been patiently keeping an eye out for a second hand centre console and think I may have found what I am after Will give the bloke a ring tomorrow night and try to arrange to see it and also a water test on the weekend. I'm no mechanic or electrician so chasing some advice regarding the inspection/purchasing process: 1. Not sure when the motor's last service was but it says they've been done annually - would the receipts/logs of these be enough to go by (as far as verifying the motor has no issues) or should I consider paying for a service/inspection if I'm keen on it? 2. Should be a bullet proof hull so I'd imagine even with my lack of hands on knowledge I should be able to tell if there any structural issues and obviously electrolysis. Anything in particular to take note of? 3. I want a raised casting deck and a mounting plate for an electric motor - anyone know someone/somewhere good to get this done and what a very approximate cost for this would be? It will be interesting to see the condition of the trailer in person but it sounds like any immediate issues have been rectified and I've been waiting patiently to get the best hull I can, and the Fisher's have a very good reputation, so as long as the trailer is decent I don't see this as being a deal breaker. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
      22. Does anyone know anything about Manta craft tinnies Would love a web site to look at google it got sh*t Cheers
      23. Hey guys Just after some advice im looking at getting a new boat but i have no experience at all ive been talking to a old timer at work and he suggested a 12ft with a 15hp motor obviously im not planning on going out wide or anything the furtherest id go is the reefs just out of scarborough/redcliffe im looking to catch snapper mainly i wouldnt go to far from land and im hoping to fish the port of the brissy river for jews and threadies any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated
      24. AFO

        south queensland Brisbane Boat Show

        Brisbane Boat Show Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
      25. Experience the worlds most magnificent harbour in style with Highlander Cruises Australia MV Highlander’s experienced professional crew offers a truly personalised and exclusive service. Years of experience in Sydney Harbour ensure you of an unforgettable experience.