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Found 4 results

  1. From the album: The Isles & Bay

    Ted's haul
  2. ellicat


    From the album: The Isles & Bay

    Watson Leaping Bonito Rous Channel
  3. Got the old fella Ted @crazywalrus out for a session this morning. Put in at Manly and we were on the water at 5.30am. Followed the last GPS track to spot X where we deployed our pilchards on 3 x 4/0 gang hooks about 5 feet under a float. Straight up a nice schoolie. Things were looking promising. Nothing much happened for awhile except for Ted catching some baby squire that were too young to have teeth. Now Ted, being the sporting type, likes to play with the silly string and fished two rods with 4 or 6 pound line. What could possibly go wrong ? Well everything did go wrong but I've ribbed him enough already, but let me just say I had a lot of tag ends on the boat floor when I cleaned it. There were a few missed hits and snip offs happening then the unweighted floating pillie went off on my Ugly Stick with 30lb braid. I jumped at the chance and it felt big and went on a little run. Then it didn't run but I couldn't get it up. I stuck at the game for about 15 minutes before giving Ted a go. Then I took it back until finally/thankfully the leader broke. My arm is now aching. Not too long after the bonito showed up. As my arm was too sore to keep casting I decided to catch two at a time to be more efficient. There were a few boats around but no one was catching much other than small squire. The tide turned us around and eventually Ted hooked a nice schoolie and actually got it into the boat. Then I got another and then it was time to beat the wind back to the ramp where we divvied up the fish. Ted getting a few feeds while I opted to just keep the 2 bonito for bait.. I'll throw up some video later.
  4. Morning all, After having my new bot serviced this week, it was time to get it out on the water. We headed for some beacons to float some shark baits out and spin for some mackerel too. Long story short, not one mackerel to be seen, but 50+ bonito were caught on halco twisties. They were a bit of fun to pass the time while waiting for the shark rods to go off. Only one run for the day which resulted in a 1.2m hammerhead which was caught on pike eel. It was only a 5 minute fight, with it only in the boat for 2 mins before the hook was removed, tag was inserted and she was released. Was an awesome sight to see her swim away strongly as hammers can sometimes struggle to after being caught. The pic doesn't do it justice as there looks to be a lot of blood , but it was a perfect hook set in the corner of the jaw. First shark for the season tagged and released, very happy. My aim for this season, is to tag and release as many as possible. I know doing so may rub some people up the wrong way, but at the end of the day im providing the possibility of obtaining valuable data on these beautiful creatures which may end up helping protect both us, and them.