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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have inquired about a boat behind a family member's house. It has been sitting there for a few years and hasn't really been used. It's a Quintrex 520 Dory. The boat is a Quintrex so it's solid and has a thicker hull than most boats that size. I am happy with the boat and the trailer has been fully rebuilt with an electric winch. The motor is an old Mariner (75hp) but does run. The only problem is that the boat has a small leak. I am getting a family member (who is a boilermaker, has worked on boats and is highly skilled in welding) to look at the boat and see the condition of the hull. Providing the leak is the only problem in the boat, could it be patched up and still be a good boat to use? I like the size of it and will switch it from a side to a centre console (it's currently a side console). I have done some research and patches don't affect the boat much supposedly. If it's a crack at a weld, I assume the crack can be welded over? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I will be looking at a 4.5m Savage Jabiru on the weekend (chose to go bigger). Would I be able to hit Kings Point (Cape Grafton) in Cairns? Has anyone had experience with these boats and can give me a good opinion? The boat comes with a 7 inch Garmin unit (with sidescan and all the goods) and an electric on the bow (just a watersnake with no spotlock). It has a 30hp Yamaha which may need replacing in a few years (cowling is faded but motor supposedly runs well). Thanks and tight lines.
  3. Hello everyone, I have just gotten permission to purchase a small tinny for putting around Cairns. I don't intend on going much under 12 feet. I will also probably need a 6hp as well. Should I just go and get a 15hp or will a 6hp be enough for 3 people and gear? I won't be allowed to go by myself yet so there is not much point of a 6hp besides the price. I am not too impressed on the speeds I have seen with a 6hp but there is little I can do about it. Once you have been up to speeds of 53 knots, you don't want to go much slower! Thanks and tight lines.
  4. Hello everyone, I have received an offer for my Shimano TLD 10. The person would like to trade a Daiwa Saltist 40LDh. I would like to trade but the person has told me of a problem. I will be going to have the reel in my hand in a few days but want some tips. They have told me that when the reel is under full drag, the handle moves backwards. Is this just the anti-reverse bearing failing? I can replace that with ease if so. Also, any other tips for buying used reels? The reel appears to be in good condition from the photos. There appears to be no salt corrosion on the outside. Thanks and tight lines.
  5. New to Cairns, planning to go fishing at Trinity inlet on Saturday, planning to fish around low tide (9:15am). Will be fishing off a tinnie. I read that Queenfish and Trevally are going to be best bet in the cooler months. Any one have any advice for fresh bait or lures? Where I can buy some bait? General advice for fishing the inlet?
  6. After a long stint offshore have come home to wet season in full swing. Used a break in the weather to head 10 minutes walk down the road to hit the high tide at a bridge crossing a small creek that runs through Cairns suburbs. Straight away saw prawns and little fish getting smashed up so put on a 2" gulp shrimp and cast up under the bridge. Got an instant strike on a very nice 50cm+ jack which I was fortunate to see before he busted my 8lb fireline on all the shopping trolleys and dead trees under the bridge. Rerigged and got an instant strike again on a GT about 40cm, followed in quick succession by 3 more. Then managed a jack about 40cm which I kept for lunch. A couple of casts later old bucketmouth (barra) about 65cm boofed my gulp as I was about to lift it out of the water. He powered off under the walkway before doing a jump and throwing the hook, which I wasn't upset about as I try to avoid the barra during closed season. By then it was slack water and the baitfish and prawns were getting a reprieve except from some archerfish, so headed home for lunch. It amazes me the quality and quantity of fish I can get in a suburban creek that's only about 4 feet deep at high tide, and it reminds me how lucky I am to live in Cairns! Plan to try tomorrows high tide drifting an unweighted live prawn on 20lb braid right under the bridge, to see if I can extract a 50cm+ jack.
  7. Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well in these uncertain times and are able to wet a line. I have recently restored a Shimano TLD 25 and am needing a rod for it. I have always wanted a rod with roller guides and am more than happy to do the required maintenance. The rod will mostly be used for bottom bashing out in the Cairns reefs, some mackerel trolling and a little bit of land- based game fishing. I have found a few Shimano T- Curve Tiagra's at an excellent price. They are fully rollered rods and in great nick. Has anyone used roller rods for bottom bashing and is it worth it? I have many rods so won't be holding it all day so weight doesn't bother me. The reel has 50lb braid and 50m of 15kg mono as a topshot. Thanks for your help and tight lines.
  8. Hi all, I would like to pick your brains on a few questions. I fish mostly landbased off Cairns. I am looking for a spot at False Cape (don't want to give the exact location away but people would know the spot if they fish it). Has anyone fished it recently and would be able to give me some tips and tricks for catching fish there? Can you catch mackerel if you throw a bait out on a float? Also, I would like some knowledge on land- based shark fishing. Has anyone got some good spots (just please tell me which beach, I will put the time in) for big sharks? I don't have a option to 'swim' a bait out o a kayak or something of the sort so would a float rig work to let it drift out or possibly just casting? Thank you all and tight lines.
  9. Hi all, I fish landbased off the piers in FNQ and constantly find I get baited without a hookup. I use 4/0 Eagle Claw Widegapes. I fish mostly with livebait or frozen prawns and squid. I am always getting bites on the frozen baits. They are reasonable and I have hooked fish like this in the past (but not much bigger than 40cm or smaller than 15cm). Should I fish like the snapper fishos in NZ fish by opening the bail arm and see if the fish runs with the bait? Thanks
  10. Finally north east winds started today after 10 months of south easterlies, so the beach is going to fire in the next few days. Hit the beach late afternoon with live mullet and managed a new PB at 116cm. My wife took the video; its a bit too long and gets boring sorry! Was released healthy. WhatsApp Video 2019-10-08 at 6.56.10 PM.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2019-10-08 at 6.54.03 PM.mp4
  11. Hello! Hubby pulled the little guy in this photo out of the Barron this morning and only snapped this one picture before throwing it back. I'm guessing the markings change when it gets bigger because I haven't been able to ID it from Any ideas?
  12. Hi All, Long time no post for me - have been living in Singapore for the last 3.5 years but got over it because the fishing is terrible. Was time to take a pay cut and move back to Aus and fortunate enough to get a job back home in Cairns. Been back two months and hitting the beaches for the spring salmon run; found the key is reasonable sized live mullet late afternoon and wearing my lucky fishing t-shirt (seem to catch only sharks if not wearing the brown shirt with a shark on it). The odd barra (just before closed season but released anyway - I'll wait for February to take one home) and queenfish has been in the mix, plus a couple of spoolings on unknowns. Looking forward to two weeks off at Christmas when there should be some big king salmon lurking at night. Here's a few recent fish. 2.mp4 3.mp4 4.mp4 6.mp4
  13. I moved to Cairns about 18 months ago. I’ve been reef fishing and spearfishing here a few times on friends boats. Now I’m looking to get my own boat so I can enjoy the area to he fullest. I attached a picture of my best catch here so far. It’s only a juvenile but hopefully the first of many.
  14. Go Fish is doing a bit of research for the tourism operators in North Queensland. When you think of fishing in Cairns and the north, what's the first thing you think of? Mackerel? Barra? Coral Trout? Ideally what sort of accomodation do you stay in? Does the distance to the Cape or the Gulf hinder your decision? Any other opinions about fishing in Far North Queensland? Thanks! Go Fish