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      Found 7 results

      1. Finally got an answer re location of defined boundarys. Cheers Ray The boundaries for the new closed waters to protect Mary River cod are below. These closures apply now. New waters closed to line fishing (or possession of a fishing line) to protect Mary River cod during spawning from 1 August to 31 October in the following locations: Coomera River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Guanaba Creek and Coomera River (includes Guanaba Creek) Albert River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Canungra Creek and Albert River (includes Canungra Creek) Stanley River and tributaries upstream of the Somerset Dam Full Supply Level (above Neurum Creek and Stanley River junction) Running Creek and tributaries (top of the Logan River Catchment) Christmas Creek and tributaries (top of the Logan River Catchment) Mary River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Six Mile Creek and Mary River, including Six Mile Creek and excluding Baroon Pocket Dam, Borumba Dam and Lake MacDonald (from dam walls to full supply level for each). Other changes specific to freshwater fishing include: Australian bass possession limit in SIPS impoundments increased from 2 to 5 Mary River cod possession limit of 1 in stocked impoundments expanded to include Wyaralong Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam, Caboolture River Weir, Robina Lakes, Lake Kurwongbah, Enoggera Reservoir and Lake Manchester Murray cod and Mary River cod size limit simplified to minimum 60 cm with no maximum Tinana Creek and its tributaries upstream of Teddington Weir wall closed to all forms of fishing to protect Mary river cod Murray cod seasonal closure changed to 1 August to 31 October each year As discussed just now the closure maps will be available soon on the Fisheries App so you can see where they apply.
      2. Copied from facebook unfortunately the donate button does not work but if you go onto Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee page on facebook you can donate to a worthy case. Some info on start of the recovery program of Mary River Cod. Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee is asking for donations. 20 hrs · Today is National Threatened Species Day. Would you believe it was almost 50 years ago when Gerry Cook recognised that Mary River cod numbers and cod habitat were rapidly declining, and a captive breeding program for the species was pioneered. With much trial and error and the ongoing dedication of many volunteers, at last count, over 750,000 Mary River cod fingerlings have been released since the breeding program began, for both conservation stocking in the Mary River catchment, and for recreational fish stocking in specific impoundments and waterways in south east Queensland waterways. Mary River cod were listed as endangered by the Commonwealth Government in 1992 and in the early 1990’s, when the MRCCC first formed, the Mary River cod was adopted as the group’s signature species. Since then, much of the focus of the MRCCC’s work is aimed at improving cod habitat and ensuring the survival of the species. Also in the early 1990’s, the Mary River Cod Recovery Team was formed with representatives from government and community, and the draft Mary River Cod Recovery Plan was produced, which estimated that as few as 600 cod remained in the wild. Around this time the Mary River Cod Community Network also formed, establishing the CodLine newsletter to spread the word about the plight of the cod. Over 20 years later and with much changing of hats, the CodLine continues with Issue No. 30 full of articles relating to riparian land management and habitat restoration. As each issue demonstrates, land managers throughout the catchment have embraced the need to protect and conserve cod habitat and improve water quality, not just for threatened aquatic species but also to improve productivity and reduce sediment and erosion. Despite all the work that’s been done, threats to the cod’s survival remain, including loss of habitat and illegal fishing. The Queensland Government recently passed new legislation aimed at protecting Mary River cod, particularly during the breeding season from August to October. Mary River cod spawning is triggered by rising water temperature and usually occurs during August/September. The male Mary River cod guards the eggs after spawning, and is very protective of the nest. If a male cod is caught and removed or distracted by a passing lure, even for a short time, the entire season’s offspring are likely to die or be eaten. This is where the fate of the species lies squarely in the hands of anglers. For years the cod has been classified as a no take species and it’s illegal for an angler to “target” them in the Mary River Catchment. No angler ever admits to specifically fishing for cod but many accounts and footage on social media suggest otherwise. For a number of years there has been a “closed season” to protect cod in the breeding season, which many anglers seem to be unaware of. The new fisheries legislation designates that the Mary River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Six Mile Creek and the Mary River, including Six Mile Creek will be closed to all line fishing (or possession of a fishing line) from the 1st August to the 31st October to protect Mary River cod during spawning. This does not include Baroon Pocket Dam, Borumba Dam and Lake Macdonald. In addition, Tinana Creek and its tributaries upstream of Teddington Weir will be closed to all forms of fishing all year round. To offset the closures, Fisheries are expanding the list of impoundments that stock Mary River cod for recreational fishing to include Wyaralong Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam, Caboolture River Weir, Robina Lakes, Lake Kurwongbah, Enoggera Reservoir and Lake Manchester. This allows the recreational take of 1 Mary River cod minimum size 60 cm all year round in the stocked impoundments. Meanwhile, the Mary River cod breeding program will continue at the Cooroy property of Hatchery Manager Darren Knowles during Seqwater’s planned reconstruction of the dam wall at Lake Macdonald. The works to relocate the Hatchery equipment and construct 3 new ponds is now complete and the cod are just waiting for the water to warm up so that spawning can commence. Fish stocking groups are encouraged to contact Darren on 0407 126 256 to increase the numbers of Mary River cod in impoundments for recreational fishing. Darren will also be supplying fingerlings to the MRCCC for conservation stocking, so please contact the MRCCC if you would like to be involved in fingerling releases later in the year. Images courtesy of Gunther Schmida. $7 raised for MARY RIVER CATCHMENT PUBLIC FUND You donated. Donate 4444 10 Comments32 Shar
      3. G'day fellas. I hope i'm not breaking any rules by posting this without being a regular contributor to posts? I regularly enjoy checking out the great fish reports. I have a bit of tackle that doesn't get used much so it's time to move it on to someone that'll make better use of it. Daiwa TDX 4-9kg 6'4'' 1 piece baitcast rod. Fuji K guides. Condition: Excellent. Might have been on the water 3-4 days in total. It was on clearance a couple years back at Tacklewarehouse Camphill for $189. Perfect rod for Cod, Jack, Barra and anything inbetween. They seem to be of a higher quality than the Generation black rods - don't understand why they've been discontinued. Price: $100 Tairyo Nano Speed 6'6'' 1 piece 2-4kg Spinning rod. Fuji SIC guides. Condition: Excellent. Used less than 5 days at Somerset Dam. Bought in 2017 at Sandgate bait&tackle on special for $199. Very lovely rod. Price: $100 I'm happy for anyone to come inspect Located in the Browns Plains area. Thanks for viewing.
      4. I wanted to take advantage of the rare break in the windy weather that we seem to have had forever lately, so organised a morning trip with @Drop Bear in his tub. Left the Port of Brisbane ramp at about 7.30am and dropped pots off at a couple of promising spots. Plan was to throw prawn nets around in Koopa Channel as my research said that was a promising spot. We sounded around for a while, saw a few small shows that may or may not have been prawns. Long story short, we didn’t find a single prawn. We had a look closer in to Nudgee Beach for no result. we decided that prawning was not going to productive so we went exploring and @Drop Bear showed me a few creeks and other “secret” spots. It was a really interesting exercise and I saw spots that I had previously driven past. We ended up at Mud Island for a quick 30 minute session on the run out tide. I had some left over livies (deadies?) from my last trip and the bite was constant with a couple of undersize grassies and squire coming in. Then I had a good hit and In came a nice fat 52cm cod. Donut averted and dinner sorted. Soon after Robbie managed a legal grassy. Time was running out to get to the pots before the tide got too low, so off we went. We had 8 pots out but only managed 1 legal muddie and 1 legal sandy. So, overall, not a great catch, but the weather was brilliant, the company excellent and I got to try out my new net. A couple of photos for you.
      5. Went to the Bottom Cabin this time with the Brisbane Fly Fishing Club boys. Stopped at Bolivia on the way for a few small Codlings, one on surface fly was fun. They just upgraded the track down to the cabin which was nice of them Fishing was hard, only about 20 Cod between five of us. The week before the lure boys had caught 50 or so. Damn I hate those lure guys. Highlight of the trip was getting a big eat on my homemade bird fly, unfortunately I didn't check the leader and it got smashed a second time and now is jewelry. Hard fishing upstream for fly, a mate and I had float tubes for an 800m stretch of pool downstream. Magic part of the country
      6. Recently went in search of my first murray cod here is some of the footage from it pleaase let me know what you think of the video tips . editing tips etc .
      7. Baby cod yanked out of some rough oyster covered pylons.