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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone Just going to do two more reports, both donut sessions. Hopefully I can manage some OK ones this weekend if I manage to even get out! The first session happened last week. I went down to the local park, despite the weather looking very depressing. It was a high tide, so not quite ideal, but in a couple casts I had gotten a frog-mouth pilly and some OK prawns. There was some young guys fishing there (20's), who said they have caught one river perch. I had to put my lines in off the jetty, so i put one up on the mud bank, one near the mangroves, and one in the salmon spot. I kept throwing my cast net and also hoped the rain would hold off. Not long after, I did a higher throw. There was a screw sticking out of the jetty pylon, and yep, my net got bloomin' caught on it! I wasn't even tall enough to take it off, but luckily the other crowd was departing and noticed. One of them came down and gave me a hand to get it off. I kept fishing, but instead of having a line up on the mud bank I changed to a line next to some of the pylons with as live prawn. It almost immediately got an OK hit, but there was no connection. I moved my lines back up onto the wooden pier and put the cart under a tree. It started raining at this moment, so I just waited for a bit under shelter. There were no fish though, and there weren't even any picker nibbles! It was a very quiet day, and unfortunately it stayed like this for the rest of the time. My dad did come down at one point and caught some better prawns in the cast net. I sent these down in the cod/bream/flathead spot to see if anything was down there, and apart from pickers I got nothing Later, my mum came down and made me come home. I kept the lines in as long as possible, but unfortunately no fish. I missed some good hits (or it seemed that way) just as the sun was setting, which where taking whole, big, live prawns. I am wondering exactly what is down there, because as well as cod, bream of all sizes, toads, and flatties it seems there are a lot more fish down there. If only it was a bit cleaner... Here are the stats of this little trip, which really wasn't that exciting - Stats of trip - Tide: The tide was running out as I fished. Tackle Used: 12lb, 14lb, 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb, 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 2 and six ball and bean sinkers, larg-ish barrel swivel, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, 6"6' Vemonat?? Graphite rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, 8" Ugly Stik rod, size 2500 Diawa Shinabo and Shimano Nasci, size 650 Penn reel. Bait used: Live prawns, dead fresh prawns, live frogmouth pilchards Fish caught: Zilch Bait caught: Prawns and frog mouth pilchards Weather: Gloomy, sad, overcast Time fished: 2 something until 5 something Overall Success Rate: 20% - crap everything Here is the next report, unfortunately, also another donut. Tis one was a bit more interesting. My high school, on the Brisbane River, actually has a fishing club running. Since I have school band on certain days, I decided to do it on Friday - with the 9's-12's. I came 20 minutes early, with two rods, a little sack of gear, and a cast net. I was told just to keep a rod and the sack of gear, which was unfortunate. I was now using servo bait... for about the first time in yonks. I dropped my line down nder the jetty, and hoped for a cod or bream. It was quite rocky and deep, making it not so ideal for cast netting. In my experience, you want muddy, shallower areas for good bait. Looks like I will be doing a before-fishing-club-cast-netting-session next week! It wasn't long before I got some small nibbles, but they were just small. This kept happening, and I just kept fishing. It was only going to be an hour session. By about the halfwayway mark, no one had caught anything. I had an average hit which may have had a bit more size to it, but it didn't hook up/I didn't strike in time. Someone eventually pulled up an eel, freshwater, which was about 60-70cm. Normally he would've been shark bait but I decided not to bother asking as I would have had to have freezer space somewhere It soon ended, and I went back to get out of the clothes and into school uniform. I kept my fishing rod in the office and then went to class. An OK fish for an 1 hour morning session, that's for sure! Here are the stats of that trip - Stats of trip - Tide: 2:30AM Low, .5M, 8:00AM, 1.6M, high Moon Phase: First Quarter Air Pressure:1024 Weather: Sunny, slight breeze, chilly Time Fished: 7-8AM Fish caught: Bugger all Bait used: Servo Prawns Bait caught: - Tackle Used: 12lb braid mainline, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, size 2 bean sinker, size 4/o suicide hook, Vemonat??? Graphite 6"6' rod, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Overall Success Rate: 40% - a nice fish OK, thanks for reading those ones guys. The lone pic (panorama) of the gloomy day will be added later. Hopefully QLD can stay safe with COVID-19! Cheers Hamish
  2. Hi all I know it's a bit late but I'm going to put up three more reports. I didn't catch much in any of them, but all of them I had an OK time and at least I did not donut. The first one of these was from the 7th of July, and then the next few a bit closer. Sorry I've been slack, and also sorry that I'm doing another 3 in one, but now it's back to school I'll probably be back to only one or two sessions per weekend. So, I arrived for the first session earlier in the morning. Before seven. I did a couple throws of the cast net, for some live prawns, but the tide was still a bit high and fast. That was why I didn't get to many. They were deployed on the line, out in the deeper water, as well as the one in the cod/bream/flatty spot (if you haven't already, read session #37 - I got a good flatty in that one and it will give you more context in future reports). My line began to go off soon after, but it was not a normal strike. It was like the fish was just nudging the bait. I picked it up and set the hook though. At first, it was a dead weight, but then it took on OK run. After that, it was just more fun. Run, run, run! Heavy, heavy, heavy! While it was only a weird catfish in the end though, they sure do make good practise for fighter proper fish. I hope to get a few more of these buggers to fine tune my technique on fighting fish (if you've seen me, you'll notice when there's a biggun on, I'm often shaking in surprise/worryness, and then not playing the fish as well as I could be). I also noticed the weird white spots on the fish, which you can see if you look closely. In an older thread, I have heard about the red spots (a parasite) on catfish. Never the white ones. And also, the colouration on these fish is weird, also. A normal forktail catfish (salmon catfish) is silver, like many I catch. These ones seem to fight better, but look browny, and have bad spots on them. Anyone know what the go is with these? I might also say, solo netting is a hard job. First of all, I had to grab my net and walk him down to the jetty (involved a bit of 'oohing and arring' because I was stretching to reach it). Then, I had to bend under the railing to the jetty, to get to a spot to net him. Finally, he kept swimming under a branch stuck on the jetty. I eventually got him up though. LOL. Then everything went dead. I got a few more live prawns, but even they stopped. It wasn't looking good also, because, like always, my hands were freezing. I guess cotton gloves don't work when you use them for cast netting . Luckily, a very kind lady gave me a plastic bag and told me to put it on my hand to keep them dry. It certainly worked, but my hands were by no means warm! My friend was coming down as well, so I didn't want to go home. The bite was quiet for the whole time I was waiting for him. No hits whatsoever. I mainly focused on keeping warm. I also noticed that we were beginning to run out of bait. I couldn't manage anything in the cast net, so I just kept one line out for extended fishing time. This line got nothing the whole time. The most likely reason we were running out of bait was pickers, and since I only had some prawns left (I didn't really want to use them all but had too) I was preparing to go home. We ended up staying 'till a bit past eleven AM, but by then the bite was really shut down and nothing was happening. I went home, planning to go out the next day. Here are the stats of that trip (not very accurate as it was ten days ago) - Statistics of trip - Tide: 6:50AM, Low, .4M 12:20PM, 1.7M, high Bait caught: Prawns Bait used: Prawns, live and dead Fish caught: Catfish Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb mainlines (braid), 20lb fluorocarbon leaders, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 6 and 3 ball sinkers. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, size 650 Penn Reel, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Overall Success Rate: Now, to the next one. It was the following arvo, and this time there was a crowd. I brought my normal fishing mate, plus one from school, plus the previous report's one, and he brought two of his mates. I got down to the park with everyone a little bit past quarter past two, and within about 1 minute of having the first line in out deep I saw it getting pickered. I began to reel it in, and realised I was on. There was no fight whatsoever, but it was good to land one straight up. I was hoping we'd just pull in a bucket-load, but we only ended up getting that one. It was OK size, quite fat - When released, I called it for a floater, but he swam off eventually. It seems they don't have the strength to swim off opposed to barotrauma/trauma from handling. I'd assume that os why it is such a timid fight. My friend's line/reel wasn't in tip-top condition when we were at my home, so while I was there, I wiped the bucket tonne of sand out, gave it a quick oil, and straight-away, it worked better. It is only a Jarvis Walker combo, but as you'll see next, it stills catches! His line was just getting nibbles, so I informed him so. I was the only one who noticed, actually, as no one else was looking. He started the fight, and in about a minute I saw an eel... Hooked in the butt! It was fouled all over the line, and since I still hadn't gotten any livies, I just chucked it into the live-bait bucket. After I dispatched it (not very well, it kept alive!), we kept fishing. Here are some pics first though - I managed some live prawns after this. The bite was still very quiet though.. like it had been on the other sessions. My friends' friends headed off, seeing as though they were bored. The salmon line was still untouched, and when I checked, pickered. I kept waiting though, and in between the bait checks and cast netting throws, we still weren't to cold/exhausted. I gave the salmon line one more bait check, and I felt a bit of weight. It only took me a sec to realise I was on to a piece of crap, and I very quietly pulled up a catfish. It gave my friends a surprise when I got it. LOL. He was flicked back (my friend insisted of having a photo which he now uses for his profile piccy, I'll have to catch him something OK he can actually use), and I kept fishing. There were no more fish landed for the day, and while there were a few more prawns it became pretty dead quickly. Once it was dark (ish) we started to pack the gear up so it was an easy leave when we had to. We headed home shortly after and called it an OK day... Here are the statistics of the trip - Stats of trip - Tide: 1:00PM, 1.7M, high, 6:45PM, .4M, Low Bait caught: Prawns Fish caught: Catfish x 1, Eel x 1, Perch x 1 Bait used: Prawns, live and dead Tackle used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb mainlines (braid), 20lb fluorocarbon leaders, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 6 and 3 ball sinkers. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, size 650 Penn Reel, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Weather (general): Slightly cloudy, little wind Overall Success Rate: 40% The final report was about as exciting as getting bored to death! I arrived in the early arvo with a mate, and it was wet. I prefer this weather because it is nicer to be in, but rain generally isn't to good in my fishing experience. I got out a prawn and in about ten minutes the line was getting hits. I picked up and realised I was on. The small perch came up no problemos. It was released, but I was still hoping to catch something a bit bigger... I kept fishing, and while I was getting a couple prawns, nothing was happening (except a bit of rain). It wasn't' the most boring thing ever, but I will say it certainly could have been more fun/exciting. The next couple hours, I just kept throwing the net/talking. It is kind of lonely when you seem to be the only one around, especially when the weather is so gloomy. There was a bit more isolated rain over the day, but later it stopped fully. I also kept having fun with the pickers right in the shallows. I would drop it down (hoping for something sizeable) but then get pickered like no tomorrow. I actually managed to pull a little toadfish up, which has a very distinctive vibration in the fight. It let go before I officially 'landed' it though. LOL. The day was over as quick as it started, and I left at dusk. It was a bit of an effort, but all these sessions were certainly worth it. Here are the stats of this trip, too - Stats of trip - Tide: High, 1.7M 1:40PM, Low, .4M, 7:30PM Fish caught: Perch x 1 Bait caught: Prawns Bait used: Prawns (live and dead) Time fished: 2:00PM-5:15PM Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb mainlines (braid), 20lb fluorocarbon leaders, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 6 and 3 ball sinkers. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, size 650 Penn Reel, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Overall Success Rate: 30% I hope you enjoyed these reports. I doubt I'll go out tomorrow if I'm still feeling bad. At least that eel will make some good bully baits in the Summer (can't wait, I'm going to try for a bully on my 1000 Sienna!). Thanks for reading. Cheers Hamish

    Sam's Eel

    From the album: The River (Brisbane)



    From the album: The River (Brisbane)



    From the album: The River (Brisbane)

  6. Hi fishos hope everyone is still getting a line in considering these social restrictions and such. So I've spent two or three nights a week over the last five weeks targeting sharks in the north pine river. I haven't had any success with the sharks, though I've caught some other fish. I've been busted off above the leader, had my trace bitten through, had large live baits bitten in half and smaller ones mangled. I guess I could say I've had a run of bad luck on the sharks. Mostly fishing around dohles rocks and at deepwater bend a couple times and under the bridge on the north side couple times. Fishing with my heavy duty shark rod 30lb line, my 8ft gen purpose 10lb line, and my 6ft spin 8lb. I also have an extra reel with 30lb I sometimes bang on the 8ft if I want 2 shark lines in. Using mullet and catfish for bait mostly. This last 2 weeks at dohles rocks (I mostly fish both sides of low tide usually after dark) I've caught some decent bream 35cm+ (and a couple smaller ones), a javelin fish about 35cm, two or three cats about 30cm and two large pike eels last night. I kept one of the eels for shark bait as I was running low on bait. I was disappointed when I saw the first eel because he put up a good fight I thought he might have been a little shark. (continues after pics) I've done a little fishing in Sweeney reserve at petrie. I was getting baits picked off really quick so I put a little whiting hook and tiny bait on and I was catching catfish one after another but they were like only 12cm long. Couple of bream about the same size. Does anyone know if this section of the river is worth fishing? I've put in a few nights there and caught nothing bigger than about 7 inches. Done a bit of lure throwing there too and only caught sticks and snags. I've heard that tarpon sometimes get into this section of the river can anyone confirm this or give me some info on the time of year I'm likely to catch them? I caught a good one in a gold coast canal last November (after hooking up and getting my lure thrown about 5 times) I really loved targeting them I'd love to get onto some more. Thanks for reading!
  7. Hi all Yesterday night I decided to go for a trip to the local park, so I did. I was supposed to be back by 8:30AM but I ended up going 1 hour overtime. It was pretty quiet on all scenes but I still got some fish. I arrived at approximately 6:30AM, and casted my lines out baited with prawn. After the flat salmon - some bait I caught when I was in Yeppoon - was thored, the shark line was thrown out to. It didn't take long for the first bite either, because in about 10 minutes of waiting I had a run. It was short though, and to my disappointment the fish (most likely a catfish) had dropped the bait. I rebaited that line but the next time, in about 5 more minutes, the rod next to the pylons went off. I didn't have a chance to pick it up before it bricked me in the artificial wire rock wall retainer, so I picked it up, felt its vigorous head shakes but couldn't pull it up. I walked over to where it had taken me, and started pulling. Hoping it was another cod, I pulled it up. To my surprise, it was a nice eel, of 45cm. There wasn't a second thought in my head, and straightway this fish was shark bait. The legal limit is 30 cm for Longfin, Pacific Shortfin and Southern Shortfin so in to the esky it went. I didn't want to chop it up on the jetty though in fear of it slipping back into the water, and the fact it was still alive. The fight was pretty lousy as in my experience eels normally go pretty hard, but hopefully the next time I go sharking it will produce. Here it is - I only got a picture of Sharkbait (I named it, how original) at home After that was initially dealt with, I had a throw of the cast net. Hoping for some prawns, my first couple of throws produced a couple. I baited up a line with a good sized banana prawn and chucked it out. In five minutes time the live prawn rod went off so it was frantic. One eel flopping around in the bucket and me trying to reel in a fish. It was fighting quite well, and I thought it might've been a large catfish, or even a bream. Though, after 30 seconds or so, maybe one minute, I saw the fish. It was a small catfish, and I was shocked at how it had fought. Head shakes and tiny runs. Pretty good for a catfish though. Here it is - Catfish do fight well! Taken on a live prawn After the catfish, I threw the net some more. A couple small prawns was all I caught initially, but after I had one more throw I saw some silver. I had made one good cast which gave me some prawns and three big frogmouth pilchards. These are my favourite bait in the river, especially if they're alive, so I emptied the cast net bucket and took them over. One problem - the eel was currently occupying it! I put the eel in the esky after some failed attempts at it, and then filled the bucket up. A couple ones were dead, but one was going good. The aerator was fired up and off they went. After chucking them in though, I noticed one was orangey, not blue like the usual. I might need and ID on this if it is not a frogmouth, because while I am 99% sure it is, I just wanted to check. I got some ID photos and threw it back, kicking and alive at the end. Sorry the photos are bad. Is it still a frogmouth? By now, it was about eight. I had supposed to be home by 8:30AM, and with a few more casts of the net I decided to take a break from it. I had already checked the shark line once, so this time I saw the tip bent over. I was excited, hoping I was on. When I started to pull it up, all I could feel was a dead weight. This surprised me and I thought maybe whatever it was had bricked itself. I guess I'll never know, because after about 30 seconds, it dropped the bait. I reeled it up to see only a hook... oh well, time for a new bait. The next half of the flat salmon was chucked on, and wished good luck LOL. Back up at the pier (there is a pier going down to a jetty, I put the shark line on the jetty and the other lines on the pier) my lines were getting pickered. I missed quite a few fish, and in the period of about 45 minutes I lost a bit of tackle too (snags). I had another throw of the cast net as well, and just caught a tiny herring which I threw back (to tiny for bait). I started to switch up my rigs a bit as well, and I put on a whole frog mouth pilchard (smaller one) and half hitched the tail, like you rig normal pilchard with single hooks. This got me nothing except a snag so I switched back to prawn. I decided to change the bait on the shark line as well, as I had recasted it a few times. I put on the largest frogmouth pilchard, in hope of a nice bully - It was nice and cool the whole time, and in the shade was nice. In about another half hour from when that bait change had happened, I got a couple more missed hookups. They were all small though, and nothing would've been very big. They were either taking short bursts of line (I have the drag loose) or just picking away. My dad then called and told me I had to head home, and I was an hour late LOL. When I got home, I still had one important job. To deal with the eel. I sharpened the bait knife quickly and began to chop. After about 20 minutes and a lot of blood on the bait board (not to mention slime) the eel was done. What I found most disturbing is even after i chopped the head off the body still moved . The final product is now in my freezer, and waiting to be consumed by a shark. Here it is - The eel on the chopping board on in chops. That is all that really happened, here are the stats of the trip: Tide: 3:50AM high, 2:00M, 10:10Am low, 0.8M - I was fishing the run out Time fished: 6:30AM-9:30AM Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent, first phase after new moon Fish caught: Eel x 1, catfish x 1 Bait caught: Prawn, frog-mouth pilchard, herring Bait used: Flat salmon, prawn, frog-mouth pilchard Tackle: 4/o Suicide hooks, 6/o circle hooks, 20 inch wire trace, size 5 ball sinker, 30lb mainline and leader, 20lb leader, small swivels, size 2 ball sinker/bean sinker, 1000 size Sieena, 2500 size Nasci (Shimano), 650 Penn, 8ft Ugly stik, 6"6' Ugly stik, Rogue Firepoint, 14lb mainlines. Overall success rate: 50% - not the target species but still a nice morning out Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the report. Sorry if it's a bit boring. I hope everyone is safe with COVID-19. Cheers Hamish
  8. Drizzled on and off all morning but some good quality fish landed. First off I targeted spanglies for red claw bait while Rick was clearing the pots. once again we averaged around 14 redclaw in the pots that did not have holes in them. The bass were a bit elusive until we worked the best method was to just drift along the edge of the drop off in around 25 feet of water, Bit of a bonus was one of the yellas that we caught went only 32cm so good to see that some of the recent stockings are progresing, Rick had a bit of fun with a good sized eel before he broke it off, We went down near the island for no fish but checked out the eagles and their eerie. Ross and the boys from the PRFMA installed the fourth group of fads this morning
  9. Internet been down, still not fixed properly, have to wait until tuesday.Went to NPD tuesday for 41 bass and some forkies plus the biggest eel I have ever caught, it was bigger than a lungfish, no way was it getting in my boat so I cut the line. Back again yesterday for 41 bass some forkies and one yella. I would stick with the lures as long as I could to get half a dozen then onto the bait to finish up with. Dino
  10. Hey guys, I'm a bit late on my post but last Friday I ended up going for a little shark fish. I have to say Special thanks to christophagus for the maps and everyone for the advice. As everyone was probably aware last Friday was 36 degrees so a good excuse to head out and have some breeze across the face. I just knocked off night shift and basically picked up my boat and headed out to pinkenba. I had to drop the girl off at work first and was probably in the water around 8am. I had about 5 hours to high tide so I cracked a breakfast beer and slowly plotted up channel to the second last beacon before the river meets the bay. I loaded up my eel and dropped off in the channel and putted my way to safer grounds to anchor up. Needless to say I fell asleep and heard this annoying sound of clicking. Not really all with it I let the noise annoy me for about another 50 meters plus of line until I finally twigged that I had caught something. I looked at my watch and I had only been there for about 10 minutes. I fought the little critter for about another 10 minutes until I had him at the boat and struggled to get him in. I didn't have a rope gaffe or anything ready lol. Anyway I got him on board bled him out and gutted him. 105cm weighing in at 8.1kg it was the perfect size for me and the freezer. And just like that my day on the water was over just about as soon as it began. I had a troll and a flick around but didn't catch anything too special. Sorry about the poor quality video. It was just a telegram video message to a friend. Thanks everyone for the help 5_6237716630458073144.mp4
  11. Hey, My Nephew has come up from Sydney to stay with us for a week. The plan is to take him shark fishing. I thought I would start this thread to update you on how we go. Today we are heading down the road to try and catch 2 eels for bait. Tomorrow head out through the port to look for some bait schools to soak our eel in and probably float out some pillies to see if there are any mackerel around. Wed is heading to Myora and Moreton to look for Oyster Reefs. Any one who wants to be part of the oyster reef project would be welcome to come. Thursday we are going to try for some prawns. Full boat sorry. Friday... hmmm not sure yet suggestions welcome. PS Nephew is 7. I will take photos and post up. Wish us luck.