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Found 5 results

  1. From the album: The Isles & Bay

  2. From the album: The Isles & Bay

    ellicat and son aboard Ellicatch
  3. From the album: The Isles & Bay

    little catshark
  4. From the album: The Isles & Bay

    ellicat and son
  5. Hey everyone It was organised that @ellicat, @GregOug, @Old Scaley, and @Cavvy would be coming out for a fish. I was on ellicat's boat with Cavvy, and Old Scaley and GregOug's son, were on GregOug's rig. We met at the North Manly ramp at 7:00AM, and after a quick chat and introducing/saying hello to one another we launched. After a relatively quick boat trip, we were out of the harbour and at the first spot. We got a bit of bait ready, which consisted of good quality squid, and some prawns, and dropped the lines down. The first bit of action came from a (I better not say), but it was ellicat's and we kept it for bait. After that, I got the next hit. Some nibbles followed by a big run on my 10lb setup made me slightly nervous that I would get busted off. The fish just kept running around, but eventually I made progress and got it to the surface. It was my first ever catshark - woohoo! It was a ripper fight, and after de-hooking it and untangling it from the line it was released. Here it is - We would've spent about 20-30 more minutes at this spot before it went a bit quiet. As we were reeling our lines in to move, I realised something had eaten my bait and must've been sitting on the bottom. It had two lunges and then went screaming off... Not for long - it also busted me off. "Bugger", I said. It was mildly disappointing but we think it might've been a ray as it stayed on the bottom. Then again, we'll never know now. We then fished at an artificial reef area, which yielded no success. It was a bit of a bummer, but we continued onwards. The same baits were used here, but we got some good pillies out ready for our next spot. As we were leaving for the next spot, we managed to lose GregOug and Old Scaley, so we did some drifts... The first part was quiet, but then we started to get pickered. They were pretty small, as we didn't manage to hook them. This continued for a while, and we were basically donating baits. The other party had still not found us, and while we were just drifting we saw a leather jacket or something swimming in the top water column, right up close to the boat. My dad actually fluked a strike which got one of the pickers in the guts. He skull dragged it up, and up came a grubfish (red rock whiting, or I think that is the correct name). Since they are good eating, we kept this one. It is soon to be cleaned and eaten. Not many things better than fresh fish. Yummo! We left soon after this, as GregOug and Old Scaley had gotten back to us. They said they'd gone for a zoom around the bay, and in GregOug's rig, it was roughly at 70Km/h. The bay was nice and glassy by now, and we were travelling around comfy and smooth. We got to the next spot for some more fishing. We were soon to have lunch on Peel, so this was close to a nice area where we could get up to the beach. It didn't take long for some nibbles though. I wasn't getting touched with my grinner fillet, but ellicat and Cavvy were getting nibbles. My Dad managed to strike and actually pulled in one. While they are tiny squire and they don't really count as a catch, it was our first so we got a quick piccy - We then went to Peel to eat lunch (salad rolls, yum!), had a bit of a chat about the day so far, and enjoyed the nice beach . The tide was rising so it looked like Greg's son had to swim out to the boat in the chilly water . We got back to the boat, but not before saying goodbye to Greg, Steve, and co. We headed to the next spot, but we quickly found out the tide was way to fast for our small sinkers, so Brian and my Dad switched to heavier sinkers but I kept the lighter one on. The decision was made to change spots, and we were going to the general spot Ted (crazywalrus) and Brian got their mackies. Unfortunately, time got the better of us and we had to head back to the ramp. Probably should've gotten a group photo!!! It was a great day overall, and good to meet @GregOug and @Old Scaley. Brian, it was great to catch up again. Thanks for the ripper day out guys, I hope to do it again soon! I hope to hear some other perspectives on the trip too. Here are the stats of our trip - Statistics of Trip - Tide - Manly - 5:40AM, 2.1M, high, 12:40PM, .4M, low - we fished the rise and the run out Moon Phase: First quarter moon Fish caught: Grinner x 1, Catshark x 1, Grubfish x 1, Squire x 2 Bait used: Squid, pillies, prawns, grinner Weather: A glassy bay - beautiful! Tackles Used: I believe Brian (ellicat) had 15lb and 20lb rigs, whereas I had 10lb and 30lb rigs (20lb and 15lb leaders for both of us). I was using 4/o circle hooks, a size 3 ball sinker, on a Rogue Firepoint 2M rod, and an Ugly Stik 6"6' rod. We had about 40cm-60cm of trace. I had size 1000 Shimano Sienna and a size 650 Penn reel. Brian had two Nordic Stage rods, but i do not remember what reel. Air Pressure: 1024 Overall Success Rate: 80% - a fabulous day out on the water!!!! Cheers Hamish