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      Found 546 results

      1. Found this on FB.
      2. Hey legends, OzFish are looking at putting fishing line rubbish bins at fishing spots and boat ramps across the country. There are others doing this but how do you all find them? Personally I have never used one. I throw all my line in the bin with any other rubbish I have. Is it a good idea?
      3. This is pretty cool. Sorry I can only post a link. skip forward to 38 seconds so you don't have to hear the american dude talk about himself.
      4. Hey, some of you know that we are working to restore lost shellfish reefs in Moreton Bay. We have lost around 95% of our shellfish reefs and this effects water quality, fish numbers and biodiversity. Every oyster can filter 180ltrs of water each day. Every hectare of restored shellfish reef will produce 2.5ton of fish. The other thing they do is sequester micro plastics. Here are some reports about how they do that. If you would like to get involved or find out more go to our website
      5. Hey legends. Thought you might like to read this news report about what we are doing with shellfish reef restoration in Moreton Bay. I wish it did a link thingo.....
      6. Hey Legends. There are some funding opportunities for restoration projects on the Logan and Albert rivers through Logan City Council. I have spoken to Lafma and a few others but does anyone know contact details for fishing clubs that are based or fish on these rivers? Thanks
      7. From Fisheries QLD Yellowfin bream is one of the most popular fish to catch and eat in Queensland. At minimum legal size (25 cm) they can be anywhere between 4 and 10 years old. The oldest yellowfin bream our monitoring team has encountered was 21 years old and 31 cm long (fork length). You can check how old your bream could be using the graph below. Most yellowfin bream fish change sex, from male to female, during their life. This is referred to as being ‘protandrous’.
      8. I wonder if this is legit. It must have had a nasty belly ache. Facebook-sd.mp4
      9. Hey gang, Here is a video that I made with footage from the shellfish reef at Pumicestone Passage. I will post a report that we did that shows how the shells are going.
      10. Found this on another forum Draft Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan Legislation to Restrict Boating in moreton Bay 120 Days per year per person Section 107 of the Draft Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan is set to prohibit boating in the Marine Park zone to no more than 120 days per year per person. This legislation does not apply to those navigating and mooring with permission or operating a passenger ferry, but the impact could be felt by recreational boat users, residents of the Bay Islands, live-aboard operations, and commercial operators who could be fined or forced to navigate more red tape. Whilst there is support for protecting the bay environment, questions remain about the practicality of enforcing this legislation, who it will be applied to, and whether this will mean more red tape for commercial operators and others enjoying the Bay. Read the full report at this link: you'll need to copy and paste sorry Have your say here: 230 odd pages Section Stew is taking about is on page 75. Sounds like the old trick of including something controversial that everyone will complain about and slip in the things that they really wish to do unnoticed. Needs a section stating what they propose to change, No maps just lat and longitude lines. Impossible for a dumbo like me to work out what they are saying. Good reason to stick to the fresh water. Cheers Ray
      11. Copy of email Cheers Ray Have your say on changes to fisheries legislation - by Monday 19 July 2019 Yahoo/Inbox fisheriesmanagers <> To:fisheriesmanagers 20 Jun at 3:11 pm Have your say - Changes to fisheries legislation by Monday 19 July 2019 In June 2017, the Queensland Government released the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy (the Strategy) paving the way for Queensland to have a world-class fisheries management system. To implement fisheries reforms additional changes to the Fisheries Regulation 2008 (the Regulation) are required. Extensive consultation has occurred over the last 18 months, with results of consultation available online All feedback has been considered by the relevant working groups and the Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel and a number of changes have been made as a result of feedback. A discussion paper has been developed to provide all stakeholders with the opportunity to have a say about the proposed amendments to the Fisheries Regulation 2008. Key proposed changes include: splitting fisheries into regions establishing sustainable catch limits for crab, east coast inshore and trawl and snapper and pearl perch allocating quota and effort units to individuals adjusting size limits from pearl perch and king threadfin introducing a one month seasonal closure for snapper and pearl perch to rebuild overfished stocks reducing the mud crab in-possession limit from 10 to 7 introducing boat limits for priority blackmarket species introducing a new general possession limit of 20 for any species that doesn’t have a current limit banning lightweight crab pots that ‘ghost fish’. You can provide feedback by completing the online survey or downloading the response form and submitting it by email or post: Online: Email: Mail: Proposed amendments to the Fisheries Regulation Department of Agriculture and Fisheries GPO Box 46 Brisbane Qld 4001 Want to talk to us about the proposed changes? Should you require any information please contact the Department's Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23 or If you would like to talk to a Fishery Manager about the proposed changes, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23 to arrange a call back at a time that is suitable for you.
      12. Man how good would it be to have Jungle Perch back in the rivers. This is a great report on a fantastic fish.
      13. Hey Gang, We are getting a fair bit of pushback from Marine Parks with the Shellfish Reef Restoration Project. I am wanting to create a petition that shows community support for this project and I need a bit of help. How do you write a petition? What I was thinking was; I support the restoration of Shellfish Reefs in Moreton Bay and want an allowable Scope of work... bla bla bla... Sorry I don't know how to write it. Any ideas?
      14. This is pretty crazy. Shame about the American commentary. haha
      15. I took this photo today. It is a bit hard to see perspective but it shows a large old oyster (lots of layered growth) and a very young oyster. The old oyster could be as old as 13 years and the young one as little as 2 months. Just thought I would share.
      16. Might interest anyone that likes local history MSB History of the Dredging of the Brisbane Rive.pdf
      17. I have listened to a heap of speakers about climate change and emissions. I have come to the conclusion that none of these experts know what they are talking about. So how the hell are we supposed to work it out. Their answers are so far apart, it makes you wonder what sort of a world we live in. These so called experts stand in front of the camera and dribble absolute rubbish with a straight face, Then the next bloke gets in front of the camera and dribbles rubbish the other way. Think about it, if they were experts they would be on the same page or close to it. Dino
      18. Do they just ring you up or text you randomly?
      19. I was in a meeting yesterday about the oyster reef project and they mentioned that they are building the Palm Beach reef. It is very close to the existing Palm Beach Reef so wanted to post it up. I did a very quick google and found this. I am sure there are better articles out there.
      20. Check out the Status of Australian Fish Stocks Reports The 2018 Report assessed 120 species made up of 406 stocks across fin fish, crustaceans, molluscs, sharks and rays. Overall, almost 80 per cent of the 406 stocks were able to be assessed and of those almost 85 per cent were sustainable or recovering. Click the link for the full report. Of interest in Qld - Snapper and Pearl Perch are 'Depleted' in Queensland waters, as are Grey Morwong. King Threadfin (in the Gulf of Carpentaria) are depleting.
      21. $30 for a chance to win - Boat - Bluefin 4.2m Rogue Valued at $4,979 With Oceanic Trailer Valued at $1,990 With Parsun 30hp outboard engine Valued at $1,750 $8,719 Insured by Club Marine Drawn 14 October 2018. The raffle is to support the endeavours in restoring oyster reefs to Moreton Bay. Just leave a message below or send me a PM to arrange a ticket.
      22. I just enjoyed watching this. Not important.
      23. Hey Dropbear check your messages mate I sent you some information on this MSB
      24. so... This was in the shop today... was about 24cm long... Is that ok? It was very sad to see i must say.