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      Found 17 results

      1. Hi everyone, I was challenged to try and catch a fish out in the bay using only an inflatable pool tube instead of a high-end kayak. Video can be seen here I was equipped only with a 1-4 kilo 1DFR spin rod, a packet of pre-rigged Fathead curl tail soft plastics, a net, orr, life jacket and pliers. This challenge came from a follower who suggested that fisherman only catch fish because they have expensive kayaks or boats. I thought best to prove a point why not use a $30 pool tube from BCF out in Port Phillip bay. Thankfully I managed to land a few fish without drowning, being stung or eaten. Watch the video carefully at 3:05 you will see something large surface right next to the pool tube. Been some debate on whether this was a stingray, shark, seal or dolphin. Have a look and see what you think. This is a classic. It was very challenging to keep balance, navigate through some issues with broken line but with persistence, I landed 2 Snook, 4 Pinkies and 2 Flathead in just over an hours fishing. All in a bit of fun, please don’t try this on your own, we acknowledge that this is a little dangerous if not done in a controlled fashion. if you enjoy the video then please subscribe to the channel Website - YouTube - Facebook - Instagram -
      2. Hey guys, So I finally went out to jacobs well to chase those flathead that I was after and what a successful mission. Unfortunately only have photos of the fish on the chopping board after I scaled/gutted and I barely remembered that. Anyway I went out in Tuesday and bought a bag of pillies but didn't really need it because as soon as we got to our spot there was livies basically jumping out of the water. Few casts with the net and got heaps of mullet and herring. We flicked these intowards the fallen in trees from the first picture I added. Straight away we were on and catching undersized flathead and eventually caught a 41cm. After high tide changed I decided to flick out two pink curly tail zmans for a troll. We headed towards tipplers and caught about 4 flathead which one was 46cm. After battling a few sand bars we finally made it to tipplers for a beer and then decided to head back to our original place to camp the night on the boat. Thank got for my GPS otherwise I would have been flying blind. We eventually got back and it was a couple of hours before high tide again. We suffered many of casualties on our live bait and went back to the pillies. I caught a 45cm bream which I threw back and then got onto a 39cm rock cod which was soon followed by a 41cm sea perch. Things settled for the night and we eventually hit the sack. Once we woke up at about 4am covered in bites we decided to tear up my cast net on some tree stumps. Once that mission was accomplished I pulled out a yakka Jig and oh was I successful. I probably caught about 10 yakkas and heaps of herring, pike along with a couple mullet. We kept trying this area for another 30 minutes and caught nothing but an old t-shirt a shell and a massive piece of drift wood. We then moved onto the second spot which is the second photo. We sat at the mouth of this little estuary and cast just behind the tree on the corner as the tide was going out and bam! Caught onto a massive dead weight which is my biggest flathead ever at 66cm. The yakkas were going nuts! About 5 mins later we got onto a much bigger one but it cut the line before it got to the boat. Happy with ourselves we decided to head back and my motor decided to fire on one cylinder again. Unsure what this issue is and not even my mechanic can figure it out. Anyway I used this as an excuse to head back to the car and troll with a hard body. Which was sort of successful as we got onto a little trev. Anyway all and all a great trip with many of bites of all kinds. I think my next target species will be threadfin salmon and I may need a bit of help with that as I have had a lot of trouble catching one. Sorry about the photos I should have had a ruler or something. They are on a massive chopping board.
      3. Tuross Challenge

        2019 Tuross Challenge March 8th - 10th

        Entries Now Open To 2019 Tuross Challenge 8th - 10th March 2019. Tuross Head, NSW. Prize Categories Largest Bream 1st & 2nd Male, Female & Junior, Largest Flathead 1st & 2nd Male, Female & Junior, Largest By-Catch 1st Male, Female & Junior *Prizes to be announced soon* Tournament rules Each angler will receive an Angler ID along with a tournament bag Catch & Release only No bait or berley to be used Photos of the fish must be on a brag mat with Angler ID Flathead over 65cm (Overall length) & Bream over 38cm (Fork length) must be seen & verified by judges Fishing is permitted in the Tuross lake system as well as Coila lake All Anglers must comply with all state fishing regulations including licenses, Life jacket ETC: No dead or disfigured fish will be allowed to be entered Registrations & Briefing will commence at Club Tuross on Friday 8th March at 5pm – Bar & BBQ will be open for purchases Fishing times are Saturday 9th March 7am – 4pm --- Sunday 10th March 7am – 3.30pm Presentation will commence at Club Tuross Beach Bar at 4.30pm What do I get? Entrants receive on registration night (Friday) Tournament bag with tournament shirt, dinner ticket for Saturday night (at Club Tuross), bag also contains packets of soft plastics, stubbie holders... Plus more!
      4. Little Grey Men

        south queensland Bribie And Redcliffe Flatties

        A couple of shots of some of the little flathead encountered over the holidays. Lot's of exploring and wading the shallows.
      5. Hey guys sorry about the lack of post, I've been quite busy and slightly broke lately. Anyway a recap on my last adventures. I was trying to target flathead for about 2 weeks very unsuccessfully so on boxing day I decided to try something different. I was already going down the Gold Coast to do Christmas with my fiances side of the family so decided to take my boat out to palm beef reef. So I've never crossed a bar before in a boat and I can definitely say that the currumbin bar crossing was pretty average. But I just waited for a gap in the waved and just fanged it. My boat just ate the waves and from there it didn't take too long to get to the reef. I was there about an hour before high tide and couldnt be bothered flicking any lures so just had a bunch of dirty pilchards which I put on my shark rod with a ganged hook and a running sinker. On my other rod I just had a paternoster rig. I was only there 2 hours and I had 3 runs and probably about 6 snap off's. The paternoster rig caught about 7 or 8 stone fish lol Anyway I'm at work but I will attach a photo and I'm thinking about going out in the bay this week. Any tips or places to go in Moreton this week guys? VID_20181226_114047_389.mp4
      6. Old Scaley

        south queensland Dinner Sorted

        Took a mate down to Jacobs Well today. I thought there might be a few muddies around after the recent rain, and surely there will be plenty of flathead and a few whiting at this time of the year. Left the boat ramp around 7am with a high tide around mid morning so too much water to pump yabbies. We picked up some fresh prawns, small Phillies and a few live worms from the Gem on the way so I thought we had most bases covered as well as having plastics and hard bodies on board. Dropped the pots in a spot that has produced good crabs before and headed towards the pin. Conditions were pretty good but there was an annoying little SE breeze making it hard to keep the drift right and keep the lines where we wanted them. We started to catch a few small winter whiting so I used one as a live bait. A few minutes after dropping it in I had a hit and brought up a nice 52 cm flattie. I persevered with the live whiting tactic and got smashed a couple of times but didn’t get another hookup. A few summer whiting turned up and I thought we would be in for a good session but they were few and far between. I ended up with 4 around the 27 to 29 cm mark and my mate had the same. Once the tide turned the bite completely stopped. Still a bit too much fresh maybe? So off to the pots. I was very confident and when the first pot came up with a jumbo muddie I was pretty stoked, but alas, he was a she so no joy there. The next 3 pots yielded one female sandy and nothing else. so over all a tough day but at least I scored a feed.
      7. hey guys does anyone know much about flats fishing, cause i don't. i would love to know some tricks and times to fish there, i've caught some nice flatties but lacking lots of consistency. i recorded 1 session this morning on youtube (lots of small guys, but check it out) thank you (im new to this forum)
      8. hey guys im new to this forum, and fishing in general. im really into flathead fishing around weedbeds on the flats. if anyone has any tips that would help alot. i mean anything i don't know much besides persistence and casting on the weed lines. also i recorded my flats session on youtube: thanks!
      9. Here is the video from our recent visit to Sandgate. It is a highly productive spot when fished logically.
      10. straddiebrad

        south queensland Boggy

        hey guys had a venture to boggy creek today as i havnt been in the river for a good 5 years fishing so now i have got a little tinnie i can do thease river trips,started about 8am with the grand kids in tow great morning on the water in the creek bit blowy out further the kids had a ball with at least 9 flat head boated,we kept 5 for a feed,thanks brad
      11. Fishaman

        south queensland Pummy Passage Fun

        My cousin and I decided on a quick fish Saturday morning. As we both had stuff to do later in the day it was going to be a brief outing. We met at the ramp and were on our way by 5:30am. The sun was just coming up and it took about 10 mins but right on cue as the sun first showed.... a cracking fish to open our account. She went the best part of 85cms. My best flatty of the year surpassing last weeks 75cm. We took some happy snaps, put her back and continued on for the day. We kept flicking around and Craig put some nice keepers in the net for his dinner. The tide was dropping so we had to move on. Not a lot happened for the next hour so I took a run up to the northern end of the passage and let’s the dogs off onto the sandbar for a run. Then we headed back. We got a few more good fish and had a nice little bag to take home. Time was up, we had to head in, but wait one more cast. You guessed it. A nice fat healthy lizard that went 70cms. She went back to get bigger. Topped off a great day.
      12. Though Saturday was predicted to be blowy, usually here you get a couple of hours reprieve in the mornings as the sun comes up. Saturday was no exception. Was on the water at 5:30am and fishing by 5:35am Targeted points close to the mangroves. Had three in succession and the keeper bag was looking very healthy by 6:30am. I landed a few more smaller ones and dropped a couple of good ones boatside then things went quiet so I moved. Shortly after arriving at the new spot I put another keeper in the bag. Then I cast in close to the mangroves right on the point and felt that familiar tic as a flat one hit my placcy. I paused then lifted the rod tip to set the hook and felt a fair bit of weight despite my light set up (1-4kg rod and 6lb Nanofil, 8lb leader). She resisted a bit but didn’t really know she was hooked so she got close to the boat before she went crazy. About now my phone rang so I answered and put it on speaker. My cousin was on the other end and he got to enjoy the next 10 or so minutes of the tussle via speaker phone. At one stage I got her boat side and as I slid the net under her she thrashed, busted the top of the rubber net and went straight through between the net and the frame. Now my line was through the net and out in the water peeling off line as she got a second wind. My cousin was now hearing a bloke shreaking and crying that he was about to lose a monster. Luckily I calmed down and managed to get it back to the boat and in the net. She went 75cms and was fat. She was more than half as wide as the brag mat if you look closely. She went back to get even bigger I caught about 8 more and then decided to head home when the wind got too blowy. On the way home I was flagged down by a bloke and his young son who were stranded after his black anchor went bang. Good Samaritan duties out of the way I cleaned the fish and headed Day on the water
      13. Can I ask what thoughts are with land-based fishing around Lota Creek in this weather? Im not sure of fish movements with heaps water about. cheers
      14. Little Grey Men

        south queensland Run In Flatties

        This is a bit of a late report from Sunday am. The plan was to fish the incoming tide over the flats, then chase the breambos up into the mangroves again. The little flatties were slowly following their breakfast up onto the newly submerged sand and I found six of them in no more than a foot of water. The prawns are still hanging around and were popping everywhere on the surface. As soon as I'd seen them, I'd back up the kayak slowly and put a cast over the top. Most times a bream would say G'day. Not sure about the weather this weekend though..I might see if the bass are home !
      15. Casperstone

        Newbie Hunting Flatty

        Hi all I'm new here, abit of back ground firstly. From Bundaberg originally that's where my granddad taught me to fish aswell. Hard to remember the spots because I was younger haha but mainly elliot heads and burrum i think. From there moved to Hervey Bay did a little bit a pier fishing and used to go the artificial reef, that was insane back then :). Moving on now I'm northside brisbane, on work holidays at the moment and im diving back into fishing (a long time off due to me being a silly bugger with the beers). My first trip out i went to dohles rocks as its 5 mins from my home and caught a 38cm bream on my second cast! I havent smiled or been so happy in years! Just me, the water and serenity. So I've found my love for it again! I've got about a week left of my holidays and I'd absolutly love to reel in a nice flatty before i have to go back to work so any tips would be greatly appreciated So far I've only gone to dolhes rocks and the back of murrumba downs on the pine river, using prawns and mullet as bait. I havent tried my hand at lures or plastics as im unsure how to use them correctly. I dont want to admit this but every time i throw a lure out i generally lose it via snag hahaha, any help at all would be appreciated Peace.
      16. Angus

        northern nsw Casurina Report 2

        Another tricky day but some fun on plastics. Beach is stunning at the moment. But structureless. This makes finding fish hard and random. Found these two sitting in the shallowest of depressions ever I would hesitate to call a gutter. 2 casts 2 fish and then nothing. Plastic was a 2 inch z man slim swimz. Lots of little dart as well. Might try for a bass tomorrow. Angus
      17. Headed off from Port ramp courtesy of @Old Scaley around 8.30 this morning and made a bee-line for last weeks successful spot. The start wasn't promising with only a few tiddler bites, Steve eventually landing a nice live bait diver whiting. Shortly after a bit of commotion on the livey and Steve winds in a dank length of braid. Oh well. Next minute I had a massive tiddler bite and had some more live bait aboard. Today the fishing calendar suggested a 3* day with best time being 11.40am to 1.40pm. We drifted around trying different spots but could only manage an undersize squi (not big enough to be a full squire) and some smaller bream. We headed for home at 1.40pm sharp. lol Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Steve hooked this little 70cm girl too. She was perfectly netted and quite frisky coming aboard making us dance to avoid the spikes. Steve danced on a little too long I thought. It's hard to beat the buzz of a good fish coming aboard, Cheers again for another top day on the water, Mr Scaley.