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      1. Hi I have read around a bit on this and another forum looking for a rod and reel combo for fishing on holidays. It will mostly be used in East Gippsland around Paynesville area for land based fishing of Flathead and Bream. Kids would like to do a little fishing on our summer holidays, I thought why not get something so I can join in as well. I haven't had a chance to fish since I was a kid. May also have the use of a kayak for fishing as well. My ideal rod would be 7ft /2.13m 2-5kg travel rod paired with 2500 reel as a decent allrounder. I would prefer a travel rod as driving to holiday destinations with a wife and two kids in a 2 door hatchback doesn't leave a lot of room, also means I can pack the rod and reel when visiting the grandparents in Tassie when we fly. My choices have also been limited by looking for something that is tough and can take some abuse. In all likely hood a pure graphite rod is going to get too many bumps and fail pretty quickly when trying to fish with two youngish children. Ugly Stik Rods seem to have a reputation of surviving some rougher treatment. I am a realistic parent as I'm sure the fishing rod will be used as a light sabre as soon as my back is turned . As with all things in life it will be a compromise solution, otherwise I would just buy a Shimano Raider Travel Rod or a Pfluger Transcendent travel rod. With the Ugly Stik been a bit tougher I may be able to get away with a two piece rod and manage to squeeze this into the roof pod on top of the car. When the kids get older and a bit more responsible then I can look to upgrade the gear if we all still enjoy fishing together. I'm looking at the following: SHAKESPEARE UGLY STIK GOLD Travel Rod 6'6''/195cm, 3-6kg line weight, 4 piece Action : Light/Medium - price around AUD $100 SHAKESPEARE UGLY STIK GOLD Spin Rod 7'0' / 210cm , 2-4kg line weight, 2 piece Action : Light - price around AUD $80 Could either of these rods be used with soft plastics or will these be just bait only rods? Would these be usable for my intended use of land based fishing with maybe some kayak fishing as well. ? If anyone has used either of these and has some feedback on them in use it would be fantastic. Thank You all for helping a novice out in advance. Regards The Spook.
      2. I wanted a nice easy fishing session so I grabbed a 7ft 1-3 Kg noodle rod and a handful of lures and headed over to Redcliffe. After the crazy weather the night before I didn't know what to expect. The first spot was a bit grubby with a lot of floating bit's and pieces and no bites so back in the car and off to check out some other normally fishy locations. The front of Redcliffe was just awesome with nice calm conditions and the water beautiful and warm. I strolled along a stretch of beach with some plastics and picked up two little tackers then walked back along the same stretch with a hard bodied lure. This got me another three flathead, one long tom and a dropped silver thingy that decided to spit the lure. The only down side, although not that bad is a lot of people walk along the front and every time you hook a fish they want to have a chat and ask "what else do you catch here" ? At least I get to test out my fishermans stories on them !
      3. Hi all New to the Hamilton area for work for a few months . Keen to do some fishing land based flicking lures can anyone point me in the right direction what area is producing fish ? Mainly would like to target flathead , bream , jacks or a Jew . Cheers
      4. Video report link - Thought I’d share a Port Phillip Bay video fishing report. We launched from Altona, the weather was perfect, and the fishing was great. We headed to shallow squid grounds towards point cook fishing depths between 3-6 meters deep. We almost bagged out on squid. Red and pink squid jigs the standout, worked slowly. We then moved on drifting and caught some really good size flathead, using squid tentacles as bait on paternoster rigs. Biggest flattie was in the mid 60’s. We also caught whiting, pinkies and a gummy shark. Despite having a banana emergency onboard, the day turned out great.
      5. Ok just wanted to see if anyone was keen to come along with me. It is in Ormiston (I think it must be the Mossops that I thought was in Cleveland) . This guy is a legend. even the best would learn something I reckon. Anyone keen?
      6. Hi everyone, I was challenged to try and catch a fish out in the bay using only an inflatable pool tube instead of a high-end kayak. Video can be seen here I was equipped only with a 1-4 kilo 1DFR spin rod, a packet of pre-rigged Fathead curl tail soft plastics, a net, orr, life jacket and pliers. This challenge came from a follower who suggested that fisherman only catch fish because they have expensive kayaks or boats. I thought best to prove a point why not use a $30 pool tube from BCF out in Port Phillip bay. Thankfully I managed to land a few fish without drowning, being stung or eaten. Watch the video carefully at 3:05 you will see something large surface right next to the pool tube. Been some debate on whether this was a stingray, shark, seal or dolphin. Have a look and see what you think. This is a classic. It was very challenging to keep balance, navigate through some issues with broken line but with persistence, I landed 2 Snook, 4 Pinkies and 2 Flathead in just over an hours fishing. All in a bit of fun, please don’t try this on your own, we acknowledge that this is a little dangerous if not done in a controlled fashion. if you enjoy the video then please subscribe to the channel Website - YouTube - Facebook - Instagram -
      7. Hey guys, So I finally went out to jacobs well to chase those flathead that I was after and what a successful mission. Unfortunately only have photos of the fish on the chopping board after I scaled/gutted and I barely remembered that. Anyway I went out in Tuesday and bought a bag of pillies but didn't really need it because as soon as we got to our spot there was livies basically jumping out of the water. Few casts with the net and got heaps of mullet and herring. We flicked these intowards the fallen in trees from the first picture I added. Straight away we were on and catching undersized flathead and eventually caught a 41cm. After high tide changed I decided to flick out two pink curly tail zmans for a troll. We headed towards tipplers and caught about 4 flathead which one was 46cm. After battling a few sand bars we finally made it to tipplers for a beer and then decided to head back to our original place to camp the night on the boat. Thank got for my GPS otherwise I would have been flying blind. We eventually got back and it was a couple of hours before high tide again. We suffered many of casualties on our live bait and went back to the pillies. I caught a 45cm bream which I threw back and then got onto a 39cm rock cod which was soon followed by a 41cm sea perch. Things settled for the night and we eventually hit the sack. Once we woke up at about 4am covered in bites we decided to tear up my cast net on some tree stumps. Once that mission was accomplished I pulled out a yakka Jig and oh was I successful. I probably caught about 10 yakkas and heaps of herring, pike along with a couple mullet. We kept trying this area for another 30 minutes and caught nothing but an old t-shirt a shell and a massive piece of drift wood. We then moved onto the second spot which is the second photo. We sat at the mouth of this little estuary and cast just behind the tree on the corner as the tide was going out and bam! Caught onto a massive dead weight which is my biggest flathead ever at 66cm. The yakkas were going nuts! About 5 mins later we got onto a much bigger one but it cut the line before it got to the boat. Happy with ourselves we decided to head back and my motor decided to fire on one cylinder again. Unsure what this issue is and not even my mechanic can figure it out. Anyway I used this as an excuse to head back to the car and troll with a hard body. Which was sort of successful as we got onto a little trev. Anyway all and all a great trip with many of bites of all kinds. I think my next target species will be threadfin salmon and I may need a bit of help with that as I have had a lot of trouble catching one. Sorry about the photos I should have had a ruler or something. They are on a massive chopping board.
      8. Entries Now Open To 2019 Tuross Challenge 8th - 10th March 2019. Tuross Head, NSW. Prize Categories Largest Bream 1st & 2nd Male, Female & Junior, Largest Flathead 1st & 2nd Male, Female & Junior, Largest By-Catch 1st Male, Female & Junior *Prizes to be announced soon* Tournament rules Each angler will receive an Angler ID along with a tournament bag Catch & Release only No bait or berley to be used Photos of the fish must be on a brag mat with Angler ID Flathead over 65cm (Overall length) & Bream over 38cm (Fork length) must be seen & verified by judges Fishing is permitted in the Tuross lake system as well as Coila lake All Anglers must comply with all state fishing regulations including licenses, Life jacket ETC: No dead or disfigured fish will be allowed to be entered Registrations & Briefing will commence at Club Tuross on Friday 8th March at 5pm – Bar & BBQ will be open for purchases Fishing times are Saturday 9th March 7am – 4pm --- Sunday 10th March 7am – 3.30pm Presentation will commence at Club Tuross Beach Bar at 4.30pm What do I get? Entrants receive on registration night (Friday) Tournament bag with tournament shirt, dinner ticket for Saturday night (at Club Tuross), bag also contains packets of soft plastics, stubbie holders... Plus more!
      9. A couple of shots of some of the little flathead encountered over the holidays. Lot's of exploring and wading the shallows.
      10. Hey guys sorry about the lack of post, I've been quite busy and slightly broke lately. Anyway a recap on my last adventures. I was trying to target flathead for about 2 weeks very unsuccessfully so on boxing day I decided to try something different. I was already going down the Gold Coast to do Christmas with my fiances side of the family so decided to take my boat out to palm beef reef. So I've never crossed a bar before in a boat and I can definitely say that the currumbin bar crossing was pretty average. But I just waited for a gap in the waved and just fanged it. My boat just ate the waves and from there it didn't take too long to get to the reef. I was there about an hour before high tide and couldnt be bothered flicking any lures so just had a bunch of dirty pilchards which I put on my shark rod with a ganged hook and a running sinker. On my other rod I just had a paternoster rig. I was only there 2 hours and I had 3 runs and probably about 6 snap off's. The paternoster rig caught about 7 or 8 stone fish lol Anyway I'm at work but I will attach a photo and I'm thinking about going out in the bay this week. Any tips or places to go in Moreton this week guys? VID_20181226_114047_389.mp4
      11. Took a mate down to Jacobs Well today. I thought there might be a few muddies around after the recent rain, and surely there will be plenty of flathead and a few whiting at this time of the year. Left the boat ramp around 7am with a high tide around mid morning so too much water to pump yabbies. We picked up some fresh prawns, small Phillies and a few live worms from the Gem on the way so I thought we had most bases covered as well as having plastics and hard bodies on board. Dropped the pots in a spot that has produced good crabs before and headed towards the pin. Conditions were pretty good but there was an annoying little SE breeze making it hard to keep the drift right and keep the lines where we wanted them. We started to catch a few small winter whiting so I used one as a live bait. A few minutes after dropping it in I had a hit and brought up a nice 52 cm flattie. I persevered with the live whiting tactic and got smashed a couple of times but didn’t get another hookup. A few summer whiting turned up and I thought we would be in for a good session but they were few and far between. I ended up with 4 around the 27 to 29 cm mark and my mate had the same. Once the tide turned the bite completely stopped. Still a bit too much fresh maybe? So off to the pots. I was very confident and when the first pot came up with a jumbo muddie I was pretty stoked, but alas, he was a she so no joy there. The next 3 pots yielded one female sandy and nothing else. so over all a tough day but at least I scored a feed.
      12. Hi everyone im wanting to book a holiday house for Easter next year for 4 adults and 3 older kids plus 2 small dogs. We love fishing for things like flathead, bream, whiting etc and I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for places to try or if you’ve stayed in great accommodation yourself and can recommend it. I’m just outside of Brisbane so anywhere up to 4 or 5 hours north or south of Brissy would be fine. We have stayed at Evans Head before and loved it but they are pretty booked out already. Thanks guys.
      13. So I had a call from a mate yesterday. Unfortunately he had succumbed to a severe bout of industrial diarrhoea, and as we all know, the only cure for that is a day on the water chasing fish and crabs. As luck would have it, I was planning to take advantage of an all too rare (at the moment) break in the wind to do exactly that. Let’s call him the dentist, not because he is one, nor because he is always looking down in the mouth, but because he can’t show his face on the World Wide Web whilst undergoing this highly confidential treatment. The dentist has a few favourite spots down the Pin area so we head there with a yabbie pump, assorted rods, plastics, hard bodies, 8 crab pots, a bag of chicken frames, and high hopes for a successful recovery. We launch at 5.30 am and head to spot A to try for some flathead in a small drain on the low tide. The dentist was confident but the fish didn’t play the game so off we went to drop the pots in known mudcrab territory. Pots successfully deployed, we headed to the yabbie bank to gather our bait. Heaps of yabbies with a bucketful in no time. Then it was off to spot B to try for whiting. Not there long and the dentist nails a nice fat whiting of around 32cm. It was quiet on my side for a bit, but once I pulled in a small ray we knew it would be ok because @ellicat has this crazy theory that you won’t have a good whiting session until you land a ray. We landed a few more whiting which were all good size (biggest was a donkey at 36cm) before that spot went quiet and we headed to spot D which the dentist assured me was good for whiting, grunter and more rays. His prediction was correct and we ended up with 3 legal spotted grunter, a few more jumbo whiting and a shedload of small rays. The dentist saw a bull shark jump and next minute he was onto a good fish. We speculated about the odds of catching a bully on yabbies but dismissed that theory as the battle continued on light line. Eventually a juvenile GT popped up which was soon bled and tossed in the esky with the rest of the catch. Things went quiet on the tide change so we pulled the anchor and went to pick up the pots. Not a single crab in any pot which was both disappointing and surprising, but we couldn’t complain after a good session like we had just had. The dentist was well on the way to a full recovery by the time we pulled the boat out of the water at high noon. It was a good morning on the water with the final tally of 9 good whiting, 3 spotted grunter, one lonely bream (gut hooked) and a 42cm trevally. The dentist donated his share of the catch (all the good ones) to me, which has made Mrs Scaley very happy, but not as happy as if I had come home with muddies. Here is another of my woeful photos of dead fish. Thanks for reading.
      14. Hi all, I recently purchased myself a new vessel - well, new for me, second hand for someone else. After a quick shakedown run to check all was working well last weekend and a vist to @Zim man to top up the lure supply, I loaded up with way more lures than I could possibly use and headed to Cabbage Tree Point on Saturday morning with dreams of crocodile sized flathead in my mind. I hit the water about 6:30am and peddled towards some spots I used to fish in my "real" boat, thankfully the extreme shallow draft and higher tide meant that some short cuts were available and within about 20 minutes I had two lures deployed and was trolling along a deserted stretch of a back channel. Things were a bit quiet at first, one small flathead took a liking to a pontoon 21 crackerjack and was promptly released. Unfortunately eel grass was a big problem and the lures were continually being fouled up, so I headed a bit further afield towards a generally cleaner bank I had had some success on in the past. Again a pint sized flathead took a liking to the crackerjack but things were quite slow so I stopped on a nearby sandbank to stretch the legs and back out a bit. The tide was dropping out fast and as more banks became exposed the fish started to come on the bite a bit. I had something a bit bigger hit a trolled lure, a 32cm bream appeared, not a regular lure capture for me at all. Just to prove it wasn't a fluke I repeated the process another 3 times in the same area, all were decent fish 29-32cm but they weren't what I was really after. The crackerjack did the damage on all. With the tide nearing low, I headed towards my favourite flathead spot and it wasn't long before I was into them. I landed 4 in quick succession on plastics, with the water quite murky bright colours were the order of the day. 2 in the high 40's were released into the esky, the other two were just legal and nicely lip hooked so were let go to fight again. One small flattie was dropped yakside, note to Santa - landing net please! After things went a bit quiet in that spot, I peddled quickly towards another spot, and made it there just before the turn of the tide. Two more flathead were landed, one more released into the esky. I also hooked up on a small bullie in about 18" of water, he played up a treat and jumped about all over the place but soon won his freedom - 12lb leader was never going to last and probably easier to deal with that way than on my lap. By now the bite had shut down, the tide was now running in, the NNW had kicked up to about 15-18kn, making a yucky wind vs tide short sharp chop to look forward to on the way back to the ramp. I took a slightly longer way out so I was running with the wind and chop but against the tide. It was a slow and steady trip back to the ramp but it never felt unsafe or unstable - and I was mostly dry as well. Several people at the ramp were bemoaning the lack of fish for the day which made me feel a little better that I hadn't been as successful as I'd hoped. I didn't get a lot of photos for the day given my lack of any sort of waterproof photo taking device, the waterproof case I got for my phone unfortunately ruins the camera function and I'm too chicken to take it out of the case on the water. According to google earth, I covered about 11km for the day. Thanks for reading. Benno <'><
      15. Hey you lot Been getting a few fish up my way. I'll let the vid tell the story. I'm pretty new to doing vids so go easy on me. I need to hold a few up to the camera from now on hahahahaaa
      16. Had planned a trip out on Moreton Bay today with a mate looking for mackerel. Unfortunately he called it off last night due to work commitments. I just laughed, having almost forgotten what work means. Anyway I decided to have a solo trip and to use up the fish frames that have been cluttering up the freezer. I have had my eye on some very crabby looking territory but needed a high tide to get to it and enough water to get in and out. So I got there about 90 minutes before the high and dropped four pots. Then I went to amuse myself for a while throwing a soft vibe around some threadie country. Got 2 bumps but no hookups. The bumps could have been blue jellyfish because there was no shortage of them. Also tried drifting over a couple of banks throwing soft plastics around in the hope of a flathead or two. Nothing interested in my plastics at all so I head back to the pots, about an hour after the start of the runout. First 2 pots had nothing. The third pot felt a bit heavier and bingo - a nice healthy buck that was obviously legal so into the esky he goes. I was feeling pretty happy about that because Mrs Scaley loves muddies even more than I do so I know I will get a warm reception at home, if you catch my drift. Then onto the last pot. Definitely some weight in this one, and up comes crabzilla. Chocolate brown and sporting the Maltese cross. I love it when you don’t have to measure your crabs. Called it quits then and headed home to clean up and cook the crabs. Crabzilla went 1.7kg and his little brother was just under the kilo. I think I have found my new crabbing spot for this summer. Now I just need the prawns to start running and the fish to get hungry and it could be a very merry Christmas.
      17. I couldn't decide if I wanted to fish the fresh or the salt Sunday morning. The tides were looking good so salt it was. I usually fish half the time with hard bods and the other using plastics. All fish were taken on plastics with only one double clutch snagging a very large by double clutch ! Four OK sized flathead with the largest going 55cm and one little tacka. I was working a snag when a spash right behind me caught my attention. I simply lobbed the lure back over my head and something long and silver grabbed it instantly. It peeled drag fast then jumped, shaking it's head like mad, the lure was spat straight out. I have no idea what it was but I do know it was fun trying to fight a fish backwards. Back to the fresh next week to wash my lures off I think.
      18. Hey guys, I start my new roster this week and have basically Monday to Friday night off every week. It's sort of come to my attention that when I'm fishing I don't really target one species I just go for what ever I can catch. Which is great but I think that's why I always come back with not a great deal. Anyway I am going to try and target one specific fish each week so I can tick it off my list. First one on my list is a nice big flathead. Something that I have to throw back. I was wondering if there was any land based suggestions for this one as I am going to work on my boat this week. Basically I live in toowong and can travel almost anywhere from North Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Any suggestions for what spots and for what soft plastics or hard bodies I should use. I would probably just be having a flick and not using bait. But if you think I should go the bait option let me know. Thanks again guys. This group has been so helpful.
      19. Hey everyone Went out to Tingalpa Creek to check out the area and was hoping to try and catch some bream and flathead and ended up with a little Jewfish. This is my second jewfish ever and first on a plastic caught from a boardwalk near to the mouth of Tingalpa Creek right near the canoe club. Didn’t expect this fish, was not going for this species at all and it certainly put my new light rod to the test. Was only small for a Jewfish 58cm but with 8lb braid and 6lb leader I didn’t think the line would hold. Now I’m wondering if people regularly catch them in here or was I just lucky and if so how big can they get in this system ?
      20. Hi all, It had been far too long since I had a serious chill out holiday so I loaded up the truck and the Mrs and I headed over to Moreton. We arrived on Saturday afternoon and made it to North Point campground without incident, set up the camp with just enough time left for a quick dip on sunset before a sneaky bourbon and an early night. After a leisurely start the next morning, we headed up North Point beach towards Tailor Bight to check on the beach conditions and check out the gutters. I had a bit of a flick with some soft plastics in a couple of the gutters but only found a couple of small flathead and the ever persistent long toms. We then headed down the eastern beach to see if we could find some pippies, it took a bit of work but we ended up with about 40 or so. The sky was looking a little threatening and after a quick check of the radar we high-tailed it back to camp to prepare for the onslaught. Thankfully all the extra ropes and tarps hastily put in place meant the camp stayed in tact and mostly dry and the lumps in the rain weren't big enough to bother the car. Bullet dodged. So after a hot chocolate to warm up we went for a walk down the beach to be greeted by Next morning was another leisurely start involving far too much bacon. The weather looked mint so I rigged up, grabbed the pippies from yesterday and headed over to my favourite rock fishing spot. First cast I was on and the fish kept coming. Highlight for the day was a 41cm tarwhine and a heap of XOS dart that are always great fun on the light-ish gear. I had a request for a couple of meals of fish for the week so the tarwhine and a couple of big dart made it into the bag. With dinner sorted, we headed back to camp for lunch. After a feed and a cider, we decided to take happy hour to the beach so headed up to a nice gutter system I had identified the day before. The Mrs had a swim, I had a fish and managed to hook and land 2 decent tailor on my light plastics set up which was great fun. A 40cm and 45cm model were destined for a bath in some red curry paste and coconut milk, man that tasted good! Next morning I was a little more motivated and got up early and went for an explore of some areas I though may hold some decent flathead. I landed 6 flatties, 3 were legal but only 1 was really worth keeping, a nice 51cm model. All fell victim to Z-man 3.5" paddle tails in a variety of colours. I also landed the obligatory long toms and a decent bream that were all released. The Mrs was keen for some snorkelling so we headed down to Tangalooma for a look-see around the wrecks. Other than me deciding to headbutt a bit of steel covered in oysters, splitting my head a bit and creating a decent shark burley trail, it was an awesome swim. Other than the usual suspects of big bream, parrot, damsel fish, wrasse etc, I saw a juvenile coral trout, a huge mangrove jack and a big flathead that would have been pushing 1m long, as well as a massive school of big eye trevally. After stopping my head bleeding, we got back in the car and headed up the western beach around combyoro point to check out the gutters at that end of tailor bight. Nothing that great was found so we headed back to camp, stopping in the champagne pools to get showered by some waves. We again took happy hour down the beach, I had a bit of a half-hearted flick around and managed to land a decent bream and a small stargazer, both of which were released. The next morning I was up early and off down the beach again, hoping for a bit more success than yesterday. It started very slowly with only a couple of very small flathead landed. Once the tide turned and stared to run out, it was like someone flicked a switch and the fish came out to play. I landed a 48cm model which went into the bag, a 41cm model which was hooked up around the gills and unlikely to survive and then hooked something a lot bigger that took me for a merry dance. After a few tense moments in the shore break I had the fish I had been chasing, a lovely 64cm flathead. Again the 3.5" paddle tails did the damage with opening night the winner as far as colour goes. Stoked with my morning, I headed back to camp. After releasing the flathead fillets into the freezer, I suggested we go to the pub for lunch so after a quick dip in Blue Lagoon we made our way to the Gutter Bar at Kooringal. I decided to heap up the western beach to go back to camp, haven't driven that section for some time and probably won't bother again, very soft and not really that much to look at. The Tangers bypass track was chopped up and soft as so I was pretty happy to get to the end of that and back onto the eastern beach via middle road. The Mrs wanted to go for a swim so we headed up north point beach to a nice little gutter where on my first cast with a soft plastic I watched a decent tailor snip the plastic clean off. I re-rigged with a halco 20g twistie and the first three casts resulted in 3 tailor, all about the 40cm mark. I rigged another rod for the mrs and she managed to land her first ever fish on a lure before the school moved on. I persisted moving up and down the beach and eventually landed 12 tailor for the afternoon before the sun disappeared and we had to head back. Epic little session, given we still had fish in the fridge and freezer, all tailor were released. Thursday morning I went for another flathead mission despite the NNW, only managed the one decent sized fish, a bar tail at 52cm. The day was a little cooler and overcast with some light rain showers so I gave in to the mrs request to hike the Rous battery track. Unfortunately, as we got there, the skies cleared, the sun came out and the temperature rose about 6 degrees. We didn't quite make the full 10km one way before turning around, we got to 7km along and my dodgy knee decided that was enough and we turned around. It was a really nice walk, ours were the only footprints on the track. Unfortunately there was a lot of signs of damage from pigs, there were a few traps set and signs about 1080 around so hopefully they manage to cull the numbers soon. We headed back to camp, I really enjoyed the A/C on the way back along the beach. We stopped to try and get some pippies, I only managed to find 5, with a trip back to the rocks planned for the next day this was potentially going to be a very short fishing session. We took happy hour up the the lighthouse to watch the sunset and full moon rise. We caught the edge of a storm just after dark, spectacular lightning, thankfully not a lot of wind and rain. I awoke early the next morning to a 20kn NNWer in the wake of the storms so I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. I made the call to head back over to the rocks, hoping there was enough W in the wind to afford us some shelter, thankfully there was and our little corner was breezy enough to be cool but not that windy that it was painful. I managed to turn 5 pippies into 6 fish, I kept a dart and filleted it up for bait to keep on fishing. After a couple of decent bream and tarwhine were caught and released, I decided to throw on a 40g slug just to see if there was a trevally or similar in the whitewash around some rocks. Third cast I hooked something solid but pulled the hooks shortly after. A few more casts and I saw a big flash of silver behind my lure, hooked up and the reel started singing away. I was only on 10lb line with a 15lb leader so I tried to play this one as much as possible away from the rocks. After about 10min of back and forth, the fish was tiring and I went for it, managing to land a very nice 55cm fat tailor. Given we were heading home the next day, I decided this guy could come back to the mainland so bled it out and went and buried it in some cool sand. I fished for a little while longer and ended up hooking a little whaler for a short period of time before the tide dropped far enough for me to get onto my favourite rock for a bit of a snack. We headed back to camp after this for some lunch, then went up to champagne pools with a few drinks to wallow in the cool water for the afternoon. The next morning we packed up early-ish, got away by 11:30 and headed to Tangalooma for another snorkel before getting on the 3:30pm Micat for the trip home. All in all an awesome trip, a much needed unwind and a few bonus very nice fish along the way. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Cheers Benno <'><
      21. hey guys does anyone know much about flats fishing, cause i don't. i would love to know some tricks and times to fish there, i've caught some nice flatties but lacking lots of consistency. i recorded 1 session this morning on youtube (lots of small guys, but check it out) thank you (im new to this forum)
      22. Go to for all the information you need. 2 boats will be given away on Sunday. Heaps of prizes! Just check out the prize packs!
      23. hey guys im new to this forum, and fishing in general. im really into flathead fishing around weedbeds on the flats. if anyone has any tips that would help alot. i mean anything i don't know much besides persistence and casting on the weed lines. also i recorded my flats session on youtube: thanks!
      24. Hi all, Went out early Saturday to fish the Pin with my brother in law and another mate to chase some flathead. Got to the Pin mouth by 6.15am and it was already chockers. All the boats were parked up on each other and as we didn't have an electric motor, we decided to fish the bank/ledge between the mouth and Kalinga Bank as we kept seeing schools of bait on the sounder with some decent archers through the school. In the first hour we were there, we landed 10 flathead. Mixed bag in the way of size but we managed 3 fish over the 65cm mark (2 at 65cm, 1 at 75cm) and all the others ranged from 40-55cm. One of the 65cm fish was caught right on the bank in less then a foot of water!! Ended up catching 20 flathead for the day and kept 4 (of the smaller ones) for a feed. All fish were caught on either Z-Man 3.5 inch Trick Swimz, or 7 inch jerkshads. The Pin is firing at the moment!
      25. Heading down to Southport this weekend for 2 nights fishing the Southport Broadwater and offshore from there as well going to chase Jewfish and tailor inshore and snapper offshore will be staying in the anchorage on the northern side of Wave Break Island. Looks like sunday is the pick of the weather and will get offshore then, also will target tailor and Jewies on the Friday and Saturday around the seaway. If you would like to join us we will have a day camp set up on the northern beach of the Island close to the southport corner come and join us if your keen there are plenty of options for fishing around the broadwater if you want to target flathead, bream, tailor, jewfish, trevally etc and offshore snapper, pearl perch, cobia, trag etc. I will be getting down there Friday morning and set up a tarp for the day camp if your staying don't forget the fold up chair for kicking back on the beach.