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Found 6 results

  1. Seeing that today is national banana day we did not do too badly even though we caught 50 odd less bass than on Sunday, once again quality was ok only downside was Rick got spiked by a forky and the spike went right up under his finger nail Cheers Ray
  2. It was a vermin day today with around 50 forkies around 5 inches long stealing the shrimp plus 5 tilapia . Mixed in with the vermin were 126 bass and one tandan. Bit of entertainment watching a pair of eagles attempting to catch some small ducks. Mark has been trying to get a 50cm bass and he thought that santa had finally arrived only to find that it only went 49.5 on he ruler.. he refused to squeeze the tail to stretch it as he correctly said it is not a true 50. Cheers Ray
  3. Another good one yesterday apart from getting wet feet due to my ******** decky leaving the bung out . I was too busy gassbagging at ramp to a couple of newbies in a hobie cat with a leccy on the back. Gave them a few shrimp to start with and saw that they caught a few fish when I came back in.. Did not notice it for around 15 minutes until I pulled the first pot when there was an inch of water over the floorboards. Took around 10 minutes for both bilge pumps to clear it. I had used a couple of forkies as redclaw bait last trip and they worked well so will keep any in future instead of just donging them on the head.Did a bit of exploring around the no1 fad and picked up 3 bass there. They were not schooling on the fads but just cruising around around them.Nothing at first at a couple of normal spots but found a school of mixed fish from 20cm to 40 odd in 35 feet of water towards the far marker. Nothing doing at the far marker but the chippys ( Birds) that had their nests burrowed into the bank were not happy as their nests were submerged.Plenty of bass on the floats on the way back to the ramp despite there being nothing there earlier. Owen was at the ramp just launching his new rig to try out his twin stern motor set up so I culled my redclaw and gave him all the smalls. 46 bass ( Around 16 under) and one yella. Decky is still suffering from toungelashing as I write this. Cheers Ray
  4. Rick and I went this morning. Pulled 8 redclaw pots for 6 forkies and one tandan plus a few redclaw. Converted the forkies to redclaw bait and then went searching for bass and managed to find 4 of which only 2 would have been legal. All that for 7 hours on the water Cheers Ray
  5. mark and I went to NPD yesterday for a reasonable day. 98 bass but probably half of them 30cm or under. 9 yellas 32 to 38cm. Lots of schools of forkies which are still small but will keep on growing. Bass schools are spread out just a matter of when you see a school on the sounder of pulling up and dropping down a shrimp to see if a school of forkies or bass.
  6. Went to NPD this morning and did not achieve much. Tried the float and picked up a yella first drop with plenty showing on the sounder and after 7 bass all under 30cm they left. Tried plenty of other spots and all I could find was a school of forkies . The eagles appreciated 3 of them before I moved off on a fruitless search and to rub salt into my wounds watched a person pull in 2 bass from just beside the ramp while he waited or me to put my boat on the trailer. Still better than sitting at home thinking about what jobs I can put off to another day. ( wife reckons I am a bludger but I say I would get bored with nothing to do if I ever ran out of jobs) Cheers Ray