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Found 3 results

  1. Went up to 1770 with my son Brock on Thursday afternoon and stayed the night before leaving the ramp at 1st light Friday morning. We headed for the bunker group with plans to stay out for 3 days on the outer reef after a average run up we were fishing our 1st marks by 8am. I strugled with bait only landing the odd tuskie while my son tangled with coral trout for the 1st 2 hours i tried alot of different rigs and baits but Brock kept hooking up on plastics. I soon switched to plastics on the shads tuff prawn and we were both hitting trout along with a huge variety of fish. We landed spangeled emperor, moarie cod, red throat emperor, coral trout, srtipies, honeycomb cod, hussar, tea leaf trevally, bludger trevally and long nose emperor. We found more ground as we went and the wind dropped right out to nothing through the middle of the day. The red emeperor were proving to be elusive so we didn't waste to much time hunting them Friday chosing to keep looking for trout. It started to blow late in the arvo so we went shallow behind the reef and found plenty of red throat emeperor biting. These fish put up an amazing fight never giving up all the way to the boat and i would have to say pound for pound 1 of the strogest fighting fish on the reef. We got RTE up to 53cm and started to really get some colour to the box. After sunset friday it was time anchor up and settle in for the night cook some dinner and get a good sleep. Saturday morning the wind was still atleast 12 knots but i was keen to target the reds early morning. The 1st mark was quiet but the next move we found fish on the sounder and new ground nearby on the drift. It was this new ground where the reds were hanging and i got a little legal red emperor going 59cm on the ruler. Brock hooked up but lost a better red halfway up just spitting the hook then the bite shut down so after another 30 minutes we moved south looking for more trout etc. We were finding new ground and pulling fish as we went and by 11 am the bite shut right down. We decided to go for a snorkle in the lagoon at fitzroy reef, we had the lagoon to ourselves and anchored up in front of the biggest coral bommie. It took us an hour to snorkel around it, so much colour in the reef here and the fish life was amazing even seeing coral trout lurking in the holes in the reef. After the snorkle we had a fresh water shower then some lunch before heading out again to the lee side of the reef to find more fish. The fish were thick and in an hour we got another 7 fish to finish off our bag limit on the coral reef fin fish. The tuff prawns did outfish the bait by far and all the trout and most of the red throat fell for the prawn. Then pointing the boat for home the throttle went down and 90 minutes later crossed the bar back in the creek at 1770 a day early. I stayed another night in town and drove home on Sunday morning , just in time as we had run out of fish at home so this should keep us in qaulity fish for a little while.
  2. Well the time is nearly up for the Bear to get on a plane and fly to an exotic fishing destination. The Plan is to head to Townsville and jump on a big boat and steam out over the water for ages and catch some fish. Here are some sticks that I have to take. I bought 2 rods for the trip and had 3 already. They will be holding onto these reels. So that means; Tyranos 20 with 80lb braid on a 5.6 foot Ugly Stick Saragosa 25k with 60lb braid on a 9 foot Penn Ocean Assassin HPE 6-10 Sustain 5000FG with 20lb Braid on a 7 foot Crazee Taco Stick Pe 8 Stradic CL 4+ with 15 lb Braid on a 7 foot 8 - 16 lb Nordic Stage Favourite Saragosa SW 8000 with 40 lb braid on a Rovex Sabiki and as a spare reel. So I have a lot of options covered. I hope to; Send BIG plastics down to the staghorn coral for xos trout Throw xx large stick baits and poppers over the shallows for monster GTs, xxos Trout, and xxos emperors (various) Drop very large live baits to the bottom for Doggies, xxxos trout and Red Emperors Float out large live baits for Spanish Mackerel Flick medium plastics and jigs for Mackerel (Spanish, Shark, Spotted) , Whaoo, Cobia and Tuna (Toooona thanks @aussie123) Flick light plastics and micro jigs for little reef fish for a bit of fun and some live baits. Catch live baits on the Sabikis. That should keep me busy for the week haha. I will probably do a stack of normal bait fishing as well for xxos large mouth nannies - see profile pic from previous trip. I hope to post up photos of an embarrassingly excited drop bear (and his mates) holding extremely large and colourful fish with stunning blue water in the background. My only disappointment is I won't get the chance to try out the sea sickness tablets as we are expecting 10 knots all week!!!! This must be payment from the weather gods for a extremely ****** 2020 that included chronic pain in my foot, prostate cancer and all the other hoohaar that we have all had to put up with. I have packed my teddy bear (and teddy to sleep in) and hope to see you all next week.
  3. Lance and I left Brisbane Sunday morning and headed up the highway rolling in to Agnes Waters just after 2pm. We fueled up and got plenty of ice launching by 3pm we pointed the boat towards our final destination. The boat travelled over some very calm conditions with a forecast of mint weather for our 1st couple of days. We reached the reef we wanted to fish just after sunset but not much biting around dusk surprisingly. We ended up moving over to our overnight anchorage and cooked a hot dinner. The sea was like glass and the stars had a mirror image on the water, going to bed you could not hear the water lapping on the hull. After a perfect night sleep we were greeted to more of the same weather and the fish were hungry. The 1st area we targeted Red Emperor and both Lance and I lost a couple of big Reds blowing us away. I did hook a Red before they all shut down landing a 60cm Red beast. Jumping down to the next spot was easy with the sea state and each new spot gave up some quality fish. Coral trout, Red throat emperor, Venus tuskfish, Hussar, Moari cod and Red Emperor were filling the box. By 3pm the box was nearly full as we got close to our baglimits so we anchored up for a well earned rest so we thought. We cracked a few beers and I set a floating bait for any lurking pelagic. Well it didn't take long for a Spanish mackerel to hit peeling line at blistering speed. The gaff shot was made but this fish new how to fly jumping off the gaff and winning it's freedom. No sooner I had set another floating slimie mackerel out the rod buckled again. Lance battled this Spanish calling it for a beast after a dogged fight even looking at 1 stage to running around the anchor rope it did turn and come back eventually coming into gaff range it hit the deck. This Spanaird was just under 140cm and around 18 to 20kg. We even got coral trout while we were anchored while sinking a few coldies at the end of the day. The wind picked up after dark but we were tucked in on the Lee side of the reef. About 5am the wind swung around as forecast and it got a bit lumpy so we pulled the anchor and moved to the Lee side of the neighboring reef. The next anchorage was perfect for the southerly wind which got up to 20 to 25knots. The sea was still flat where we were tucked in behind this reef and you know what there was fish to catch. Setting another floating slimie mackerel the line was pulled out of my hands so I slammed the reel in gear and held on. The reel screaming another Spanish was to blame soon the Spanaird in the box had company. The wind was strong through to midday but dropped right out giving us our freedom from behind the reef. The next area produced our last couple of fish for our total finfish bag. I got a good Maori cod but Lance landed our 2nd legal Red Emperor and last fish so we pointed the boat for home. Getting to the ramp just after dark we stopped at a local caravan park for a sleep. The next day was a lot easier driving home well rested thanks Lance for a great trip and thanks Robbie with the help cleaning and bagging fish up.