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      1. This is only speaking from personal opinion but I would like this forum to not head in the direction I have seen other forums go down the track of. For some people like my self who works long hours in a stressful job coming home and reading this forum is a release from the day to day grind, if you don't get a chance to get out fishing as often as some people are lucky enough to do. You get on and read about other experiences that other members have had at the sport that we all love so much. You can relate to their excitement or disappointment as you share the same dreams. What causes the downwards spiral of these forums is negativity and a whole lot of keyboard cowboy syndrome. This has a negative affect on the entire site, at first some of these threads may seem funny but can turn nasty very quickly. This promotes people not wanting to report any more and even worse the potential loss of sponsorship which in turns pays for the site that we all enjoy. 98% of posts on this site are of a positive or fun making gesture but as usual in life a minority can wreck it for all. The first thing people will reply to this post is that this is a free country, and it is an open forum and people can post what they want, but do some of these things really needed to go so far. If everyone just thought, would I say it to their face, maybe a whole lot of the crap would not even make it onto the forum. If a post gets heated put a time out on the member or something, I am pretty sure some of the men in blue will vouch that if you chuck someone into the courthouse for the night, with maybe an accidental spraying with the fire hose they are a whole lot calmer (and sober) in the morning. This is not my forum, I do not run this forum or have any say in it, I do not believe that my opinion will be that of 100% or even 50% of people that read this but as the first arguement that will be written opposing my opinion will be is that it is an open forum. I just believe that if every one thought about why they joined the forum for originally (fishing) not whinging and bitching that maybe we might even make this forum even better than it already is. If enough people stop reporting, not going to socials or comps, no new sponsorship there will be no forum. It might sound over the top or dramatic but it can happen and has. Once again this is only my opinion, someone who loves to read about other peoples fishing related adventure or reporting on my own. Thankyou for reading Andrew
      2. Just reading on another site that the ramp at end of Ferry Road Carbrook ( The private one at the cable ski park has been closed till firther notice by WHS. Apparently someone impaled his foot on a bit of reo last weekend and firebrigade had to come and cut it off ( The reo not his foot) under water and he had to go to hospital to have it removed. Be a bit worried about infection with the sloppy gunk that is on the ramp. The ramp at Skinners park is open. Cheers Ray
      3. Shirvo


        Just wondering if there are any AFO'ers who like a game of No Limit Hold Em? I was thinking if there was a few people who were keen we could set up a bit of a poker night (maybe run it every few of months on a friday night). Havent put in any thought as to details just putting it out there to see if anyone's keen...... 8-10 guys - a few beers and maybe a cigar or 2, might be a good opportunity to put a few faces to the names.
      4. Being on the wrong side of 40 my eyes have taken a dive when trying to read or see things up close. Like tying knots etc. I had my eye tested and found the script I needed bought some reading glasses for work and spoke to the optometrist about some bi-focals in sunglasses. They had some Maui Jims but only with the plastic lenses and I wanted glass lenses. So spoke to spotters and they can do them but spotter dealers want $400 dollars for prescription glasses. So not wanting spend that sort of money when I have perfectly good spotters glasses I did a search on line and found good reviews for stick on bi-focal lenses on you tube. At $20 I didn't think I could lose. Ordered some from a dive shop in WA and had them delivered to my door. You can just cut the lenses to fit the shape of your glasses and then a drop of water and they stick. No glue or any thing. They can be reused and removed by peeling them off or transferred to other glasses. They certainly work and I can look down and tie knots and read again. Don't know how they will go in the heat all day but time will tell. An inexpensive solution and no need to carry sunnies and reading glasses on the boat. The lenses The inside stuck on Outside Might be of help to someone.
      5. Are we Aussie fishers racist or just non PC ? Just got banned from an international fishing forum for using Jew instead of Mulloway/Croaker et al in a thread started by a guy from WA. Was warned awhile ago not to use this but just did it without really thinking. The OP got banned as did a couple of other Aussies. Some pretty nasty comments flowed (being called Hitler the least offensive of them) after which the Aussie crew started listing some other Aussie common names , went downhill fast after that and whole thread was expunged. Funniest thing was that they thought Scotchmans Prick was made up and not a commonly used name for a fish.
      6. Hey just wondering how does one check whether a boat has any money owing or is stolen? Revs check? So I'd need: Trailer VIN / Rego? Boat Hull - do they have a VIN? I see a hull serial number in my paperwork is that enough to check? Boat Motor ? Sorry if these seem like dumb questions, have a boat lined up i would very much like to buy just wanna do some last minute checks to see if everythings all good. Thanks in advance for any help offered
      7. Hey gang... I try to refrain from charity on here but this was I could not ignore. This goes out to the older members who remember James Wahry AKA jimmybob. Jimmy has not been to active in a while but he was a long time members, prolific reporter and moderator for a few years. He was always happy to try and help people out and was in fact the guy that got me onto my first fish caught on a hardbody! Jimmy at our last Lake K catch up Jimmy has had a run of tragedy in the last 2 weeks that defies explanation. First of all his long term GF Angela was taken from him by cancer. She had been battling this for a long time and Jimmy had supported her the whole way. To top it off just last week his Ex Wife and still good friend Adelle was murdered. Adelle and Jimmy despite being divorced had remained good friends and excellent parents for the sake of the children. Adelle had even welcomed Angela warmly as the kids loved her as did Jimmy. In the wake of this Tragedy Jimmy has been left shaken. He has stated his primary goal is to establish a good life for his kids. With this in mind a trust has been established for them. This is the link: /> No pressure on anyone I just wanted to share for the members that remember Jimmy and might want to help. All I had to do was think about some of the first world problems that annoy me and realize how trivial they are in the face of this. Cheers guys. Angus
      8. i know a few people here use plastics a lot, and will prob say what tha, i use these type of rigs a lot offshore when i do go offshore, but mostly a floater, i havent heard of many people talking about different rigs to much so i thought i would put it out there
      9. This weather info from the ABC is the better info out there without the “we`ll all be ruined’ said Hanrahan hysterics. Emergency services are on standby with flash-flooding and powerful wind gusts expected to hit south-east Queensland from today, but it will not be as widespread as first predicted. The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said a trough was moving faster than expected, slightly reducing the threat of heavy intense rainfall from Fraser Island to Brisbane's northside…… Stay safe peoples... TOP PRIORITY FOR IMMEDIATE BROADCAST SEVERE WEATHER WARNING for DAMAGING WINDS, HEAVY RAINFALL, ABNORMALLY HIGH TIDES and DANGEROUS SURF For people in the SoutheastCoast and parts of the WideBay and Burnett and Darling Downs and Granite Belt Forecast Districts. Issued at 7:08 am Friday, 3 June 2016. Synoptic Situation: A strong upper trough will move east into the southern interior of Queensland today, shifting into southeast Queensland on Saturday, before moving off the southern coast during Sunday. A surface trough will deepen near the Capricornia or WideBay coast during Saturday, with a low pressure system possibly developing and slipping southwards over southern Queensland waters during Saturday and most likely moving offshore or into New South Wales late Saturday or early Sunday. A moist easterly wind flow to the south of the surface trough is expected to combine with the upper feature to generate heavy rain, which may lead to flash flooding, over areas southeast of about Hervey Bay to Toowoomba to Warwick on Saturday. 24 hour totals of 30 to 150mm are likely over inland parts, with falls in excess of 250mm possible nearer to the coast and ranges. The heavy rain areas should contract southeast during Saturday, gradually clearing the Gold Coast late Saturday night or very early Sunday. Damaging winds, with peak gusts of around 90km/h, are possible near coastal areas and about the Scenic Rim as the surface trough or low develops on Saturday. The trough or low will also generate large swells as it slips southwards during Saturday, with dangerous surf conditions and significant beach erosion developing about exposed beaches between Fraser Island and the Gold Coast during Saturday, contracting southwards out of the Fraser Coast waters by Sunday. Water levels on the high tide are likely to exceed the highest tide of the year about exposed beaches between FraserIsland and the Gold coast on Saturday and Sunday, particularly on the high tide Saturday night and Sunday morning. Locally heavy falls are also possible today and early tomorrow over parts of the central and southern interior though are more likely to be associated with thunderstorms. Severe thunderstorm warnings will be issued as necessary. A Flood Watch is current for southeast Queensland from FraserIsland to the NSW-QLD border extending inland to include the Upper Condamine, Dumaresq and MacintyreRivers. Locations which may be affected include HerveyBay, Warwick, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Maroochydore, Gympie, Stanthorpe and Caboolture. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should: * Move your car under cover or away from trees. * Secure loose outdoor items. * Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees. * Beware of fallen trees and powerlines. * Never drive, walk or ride through flood waters. If it's flooded, forget it. * Keep clear of creeks and storm drains. * Surf Life Saving Australia recommends that you stay out of the water and stay well away from surf-exposed areas. * Check your property regularly for erosion or inundation by sea water, and if necessary raise goods and electrical items. * For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500. The next warning is due to be issued by 1:10 pm. Warnings are also available through TV and Radio broadcasts, the Bureau's website at or call 1300 659 219. The Bureau and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services would appreciate warnings being broadcast regularly.
      10. Got nothing to do with fishing but awesome gutsman Cheers Ray
      11. A four year old boy lost his life after his grandfather's ute slipped into the water when unloading a boat. This tragedy should hopefully be a wake up call for boaties to review how safe they are with their own children at the ramp and when out on the water. Im hoping parents in this online community can share safety tips with others can put into practise. I usually take one of my kids fishing. they arent old enough to stand safely near the ramp or the water, therefore I have to keep them in the car. I always undo their seatbelts and put there windows all the way down. Hopefully this will give me a chance to get them out if something does happen. I leave the ute in gear, engine off and handbrake on. If my wife is with me then obviously she is supervising the kids away from the ramp.
      12. Appears we still have a few little problems, my post walk fish walk fish has 576 views Binders post surfs up doesnt appear in the freshwater posts, but is in the forum activity Dino
      13. hey guys, read an article in april QFM on brain spiking and wondered how many people actually uses this method? have you noticed any improvement in eating quality of the fish? also another curve ball how do you do it on flathead or flounder?
      14. Gday guys Its a show down between two angler favourites..... BREAMBO vs BASS..... Lets get peoples opinions and experiences with it. Which of these fish is a tougher opponent? The hit, the run and which fights longer? Which is harder to catch? Very keen to hear peoples thoughts.....
      15. what happend to the goingfishing topic that used to be on here
      16. I sent Bersim a PM , then it appears on the right hand side of the front page, I thought PM means private message. I just clicked onto the little envelope and sent the message, did I do something wrong. Dino
      17. Hey everyone just a quick shout out to those making so many great reports lately! Maybe it has been the Easter holidays but whatever it is the reading has been great. I know it is a bit of a broken record from me but this is what it takes to make the forum great. Each and every time I am logging in at the moment there is something new and interesting to read, and far surpassing the one comment pictures that otherwise abound on social media. Thanks wholeheartedly to all those taking part. Over 90% of the daily traffic is still lurking however so jump in, give some input, answer a question or make a report. As always content begets content, so a little input by a members will be rewarded 100 fold if it becomes the trend. I am hopefully heading out this weekend one way or another and look forward to a Sunday report writing session. Angus
      18. Cheers Ray
      19. What's every one up to over the long weekend? Myself, Callum (pancakes and haggis), Chris (old mate), and 6 more mates are hitting up Fraser Island with a semi serious plan of targeting large fish from the beach. Failing that, a bag limit of whiting to bring home for the parents would be nice too. Fishing, family, camping for you? Cheers, Damien.
      20. Cheers Ray
      21. Spotted on the way to Leslie dam. Think it is an old sheep pen judging by the high split rails. Split rails,split palings Just imagine the work that went into it felling the trees,cutting to length,splitting the palings,splitting the rails and then mortising them all done by cross cut saw,maul and wedges.and adze and fencing pliers all by hand. I couldn't get any closed for more photos as the bull in paddock definitely was not friendly For the young blokes this type of fence used to be common as were slab huts and are quite rare nowdays.
      22. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of how the Quintrex alloy 510 half cabin with Yamaha F100 EFI engine travels in lakes and rivers? I'm keen to know if the hull is solid and capable of a few little knocks. What are the welds like inside the hull? Does anyone have any issues with cracking? We are thinking of purchasing one, but have many questions and we're hoping someone has a little history or info that can help us. The hull bottom section is 3mm thick and hull sides 2mm thick. I've got no idea of the ribbing under floor, but would like to know. Thank you.
      23. Just finished 2 life sentaces, married for 50 years today, married when teenages, I was 19 and my wife Denise was 17. She introduced herself to me at a party, saying hi I am Denise and I replied, leave off the e and you have me and we have been together since. Dino
      24. Anyone seen these 2 clowns on u tube good for a laugh.These are only a few of a series well worth while looking at all of them.