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      Found 19 results

      1. outh-East Queensland fishers are set to reel in a bigger catch with the installation of fish aggregation devices along the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and in Moreton Bay. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said devices, called FADs, were a floating buoy that gets tethered offshore and attracts fish. “We’re investing $1 million in rolling out a series of FADs that will attract sports fish species including Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish), cobia and mackerel,“ Mr Furner said. “The added benefit of making it more likely that you’ll hook one of these species is that it takes some of the pressure off snapper and pearl perch, which are currently overfished and stocks are very low. “Over the next year we’ll be developing a design and installation plan for the FADs in consultation with stakeholders. A FAD monitoring and maintenance program will also be developed.“ Member for Lytton Joan Pease said enhancing the fishing experience in Moreton Bay was good for fishers and for local jobs. “For many people fishing is an important part of Bayside lifestyle, but it also drives more visitors to our region and that creates jobs,“ Ms Pease said. “This is a great initiative because it will enhance our reputation as a great place ot drop in a line, and that means more jobs in businesses servicing those visitors. “We are investing in jobs today and for the future, and delivering infrastructure for our state.“ Mr Furner said the State Government would also be exploring oppportunties with potential partners who may be interested in matching funding to roll out even more FADs in South East Queensland or more widely. “NSW Fisheries has already demonstrated success with FADS installed along its it east coast, which attract large numbers of dolphin fish,“ Mr Furner said. “We believe that this initiative will help to strengthen world class recreational fishing in Queensland while giving snapper and pearl perch an opportunity to rebuild stocks. “By encouraging recreational fishers to target species other than snapper and pearl perch, we can ensure that our kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy fishing for these iconic Queensland species in future.“
      2. Set up camp on the beach on Thursday afternoon , for the next 4 days we had the most perfect weather. With 3 boats and crew the intention was to target pelagics just offshore from southport seaway. After everyone turned up we had a few coldies and made some wire mackerel rigs. The sun set and the fire was lit and we settled back and enjoyed our water views. Friday morning was mint and I jumped in Blair's boat armed with my mackerel rigs to help Blair get on to some big fish for the 1st time. My son took his mates in my boat and we headed out we , got into a mad session on school mackerel losing many more than we caught. The live bait got hit and I knew the Spanish had been around and sure enough it's 1st run was blistering it did a typical fight with 3 big runs then go deep and use it's size to be stubborn. We got the fish close but it had wrapped all the other lines and it was becoming a mess. As the fish came into sight a large Spanish mackerel shook it's head and gained it's freedom. The bite went quiet and the count was 5 schoolies in the box and a 12 lost including a 2nd Spanish. The weather just got better as the morning wore on the ride back to camp was flat and a 5 minute run had us back inside the seaway. The arfternoon was spent swimming and collecting yabbies for a bit of whitting fishing off the beach in front of camp. The night went by with fireside drinks and a big dinner before some much needed sleep. Saturday morning was again mint with not a breath of wind the weather was forecast to get blowy but a small window is enough when fishing close offshore. The boats set off again and a few school mackerel were found during those early hours. The wind did get up by 8am as was forecast and it wasn't a big run home to hide from a 20knot southerly. In camp we are on the north side of the island so the wind never bothered us. Another arvo swimming and fishing from the beach the wind dropped right out at sunset and another magical evening around the campfire. Sunday morning the boats set off again with the weather mint again the schoolies were still there and more Spanish dropped not knowing what jinxed us but it wasn't ment to have us boat a Spanish. After Sunday's fish we lined up the boys with their mackies on the beach.
      3. Hey all, was thinking of heading out this weekend to the Gold Coast with my dad to do some fishing. was just wondering if anyone knows any good places for land based fishing there for soft plastics and what soft plastics are best to use Thanks
      4. G'day Folks, Just wondering where some good carp spots around Brisbane/Gold Coast are?
      5. Headed off early Thursday morning to chase the marlin out wide on the gold coast with 'motley crew' Colin. There was no wind but a bit of left over slop from the day before we got out to the grounds and started to troll skirts but couldn't find any bait schools. Trolled all my marks then found a current line and trolled along it fro zip. Made the call to go in shallower and half way back the sea came alive there was bait busting up, tuna, dolphins, birds and even a free jumping marlin. I stopped and called my brother who was in close fishing for mackerel he said he had 4 spotties in the box and the Mackies were on the surface. I put the hammer down and as the sea had now glassed out we were soon pulling up next to my brothers boat. We set pillies out and it wasn't long before all the rods went off we lost all 3 fish. The spotties surrounded us on the surface and as I threw the next bait out it drifted just below the surface before a spotty nudged it and swam past but 4 of his mates didn't like missing out and charged the bait with the 1st fish nailing it and taking off with hook set very cool to watch. The line screemed off the reel and after 4 more runs a good spotty was gaffed and chilling in the icy brine. Colin got in on the action and was loving the speedsters we had to untagle lines on double hook ups and had plenty of laughs in doing so. The fishing was awesome for the next 2 hours sharks made the spotties run even faster and we lost a few to the men in grey but those spotties can turn on the speed when they need to. Fish were busting up everywhere you looked it just went on all day it has been a long time since i have seen it go on like this. The space between my brothers boat and mine often had hundreds of mackerel just below the surface an incredible site. The box was filling with good size spotties 1 hit the meter long mark. All had been in a good paddock as they were fat as mud. My brother bagged out and left and we left them biting after putting 7 in the box it was a perfect day on the water with glassy conditions for our run home as well. I got home and cleaned the fish with many cold beers to cool the insides. Here is the final result
      6. Got out in a mates boat on Sunday had Brock follow in my boat to go and harass some marlin. The conditions were mint and soon our 2 boats were on the reef in the early morning. We got a hit fairly early and I was 1st up the battle went for 20 minutes before getting a 50kg black marlin boatside. After a quick couple of pictures of the fish in the water we released a healthy fish. Nathan was driving his boat for the day so his dad and I could take turns on these fish. Next hit Les swung in to action and another feisty marlin was jumping and peeling line until he brought another 50kg black to the boat. That was 2 from 2 until the next marlin hit and I fought a big model estimated at 120kg. I was hurting a bit but didn't let up on this fish he jumped plenty of times and sounded down deep as well but we worked him over with rod and boat. Just out of leader range he broke us off and glided away doh 2 from 3. Next was a double hook up and both these marlin were over 100kg and frustrating us as they ran opposite each other and looked to spool us both so the call was made to break 1 off. Nathan made the call and his dad got the short straw as he called mine as the bigger fish with nearly 300m of line out we chased it down and after another epic battle we had another 100kg black boatside 3 from 4. We passed by Brock and he had got a monster to the boat estmated at 120kg plus his PB nice going son. Then we lost another marlin spitting the hook 3 from 5 then Les wins the next fight 4 from 6. Another 2 were lost through bust offs 4 from 8 but I had the last say and got another good fish to the boat to finish on 5 from 9 with fish from 50kg to 120kg. We called it a day and drove over to my boat to see the young fella fight their 2nd marlin with Jacob getting his 1st marlin so Brock helped him hold it up for a photo before releasing. The young lads went 2 from 2 before we both headed for home tired but happy fishos.
      7. Heading down to the gold coast to spend the long weekend at the anchorage on the north side of wavebeak island. We plan on doing some pelagic fishing out from the southport seaway with marlin, mackerel, cobia, Wahoo and dolphin fish all running now on the Goldie. There are plenty of bread and butter species on the broadwater with whiting and bream caught straight off the beach there. These socials are regular down there this time of year so if your keen to join us post up here. I will be down there Friday morning and set up a day camp on the beach right in front of that anchorage.
      8. Guys here are some marks i found on another website. QUEENSLAND: BRISBANE & DISTS. Datum WGS84 Canyon/Mark Location Latitude Longitude 29's Metro Bris 27.19.500S 153.33.000E Alf's reef Pinnacle Metro Bris 27.44.220S 153.33.270E Amber Jack Metro Bris 27.15.091S 153.36.004E Artificial Reef Metro Bris 27.29.260S 153.20.070E Cathedrals Metro Bris 27.34.700S 153.35.750E Cathedral Reef Metro Bris 27.29.640S 153.36.220E Cleveland Point Metro Bris 27.30.227S 153.17.386E Coffee Rocks Metro Bris 27.08.620S 153.26.230E Curtain Reef Metro Bris 27.06.600S 153.21.750E Flat Rock Metro Bris 27.23.310S 153.33.100E Franks Reef Metro Bris 27.06.668S 153.28.803E Harry's Artificial Metro Bris 27.23.998S 153.18.374E Henderson Reef Metro Bris 27.07.500S 153.28.500E Jew Reef Metro Bris 28.04.260S 153.35.550E Les's Reef Metro Bris 27.07.074S 153.34.310E Moreton Island Reef Metro Bris 27.16.100S 153.25.370E North Moreton Trench Metro Bris 26.56.300S 153.23.400E Pearlie Reef Metro Bris 27.19.795S 153.36.689E Raby Bay Metro Bris 27.30.360S 153.16.530E Smith Rock. Moreton Is. Metro Bris 27.00.290S 153.28.050E Spit Beacon Metro Bris 27.30.339S 153.19.324E The Square Patch Metro Bris 27.14.692S 153.36.872E QUEENSLAND: GOLD COAST Datum WGS84 Canyon/Mark Location Latitude Longitude 12 Fathom Reef Gold Coast 27.59.650S 153.28.710E 24 Fathom SE Gold Coast 28.00.400S 153.31.527E 24 Fathom East Gold Coast 27.57.442S 153.30.598E 36 Fathom Reef North Gold Coast 27.39.220S 153.30.557E 36 Fathom East Gold Coast 26.56.015S 153.38.139E 36 Fathom SE Gold Coast 27.59.678S 153.39.210E 50 Fathom NE Gold Coast 27.51.102S 153.44.600E 60 Fathom SE Gold Coast 28.01.845S 153.47.431E Burleigh Reef Gold Coast 28.04.250S 153.29.500E Cottons Reef Gold Coast 27.47.002S 153.33.000E Focus Gold Coast 27.59.649S 153.28.710E Kirra Gold Coast 28.07.200S 153.35.160E Nine Mile Reef Gold Coast 28.11.904S 153.38.040E Palm Beach Gold Coast 28.06.385S 153.28.810E Scottish Prince Gold Coast 27.57.600S 153.26.150E Traps Gold Coast 28.01.240S 153.45.880E Tweed Canyons Gold Coast 28.12.767S 153.52.362E Tweed Canyons 2 Gold Coast 28.13.983S 153.53.027E
      9. Hey guys sorry about the lack of post, I've been quite busy and slightly broke lately. Anyway a recap on my last adventures. I was trying to target flathead for about 2 weeks very unsuccessfully so on boxing day I decided to try something different. I was already going down the Gold Coast to do Christmas with my fiances side of the family so decided to take my boat out to palm beef reef. So I've never crossed a bar before in a boat and I can definitely say that the currumbin bar crossing was pretty average. But I just waited for a gap in the waved and just fanged it. My boat just ate the waves and from there it didn't take too long to get to the reef. I was there about an hour before high tide and couldnt be bothered flicking any lures so just had a bunch of dirty pilchards which I put on my shark rod with a ganged hook and a running sinker. On my other rod I just had a paternoster rig. I was only there 2 hours and I had 3 runs and probably about 6 snap off's. The paternoster rig caught about 7 or 8 stone fish lol Anyway I'm at work but I will attach a photo and I'm thinking about going out in the bay this week. Any tips or places to go in Moreton this week guys? VID_20181226_114047_389.mp4
      10. Over the Christmas break I'll be down the Gold Coast and wondering where the best spots are for fishing with a toddler. any suggestions greatly appreciated
      11. Finally got around to testing our new Smartwave 4200 at the Gold Coast. It's been 3 years since we made a trip out the Seaway - with a charter boat. We've only fished at the GC a handful of times, never really been successful as the ocean's a big place and I went out unprepared without a GPS. Anyway, not this time, upgraded the electronics to a GPS/sounder combo and got hold of some well known marks. First stop, Scottish Prince. Picked up some yakkas, pretty small but perfect size for live bait. While we were there, threw out a floating line and had something bigger take it but didn't hook up. Seems to be plenty of small ~30cm choppers about, which were damn annoying as they kept hitting the floating baits. Next stop, 24 fathom. Having fished just within the confines of Moreton Bay for the past 8 years, it takes a bit of getting used to fishing 40m depths. Put down some paternoster rigs, pulled up sweep, then red rock cod, then sergeant bakers. How nostalgic! The very same kind of fish we used to catch way down south in Batemans Bay, NSW. We also set some floating pilchards for yellowfin tuna and spaniards but no takers. When we went out with the charter, they hooked quite a few yellowfin and spanish macks. But then again, they knew what they were doing and we didn't. Finally I rigged up a live yakka and sent it to the bottom. I must have dropped it right on top of a BIG fish because the reel started screaming. Thankfully I was using the only game rod we had and it still took a great deal of effort to get the fish off the bottom. Pump, wind, pump, wind and it wasn't long before this brown shape appeared. Bloody shark ... but no, it's not a shark. It's a cobia over a metre! I thought the fight was won. How wrong I was!! The next 15 mins was spent passing the rod back and forth between Dad and I as we each took a breather. Cobias do not give up. This fish below was easier to land. Ah, we didn't have a gaff. The fish kept circling and diving, and an audience was starting to circle around us. I couldn't grab the tail wrist because it was too thick and the fish never looked like tiring. By the 15 min mark, I had enough. I was ready to cut the line. Finally we stuck the landing net at the fish and it tore it to bits, and gained its freedom at the same time. Unfortunately no photo, sorry. We were too busy fighting the fish - and trying not to regurgitate breakfast at the same time. What was it I said about not being out at sea for a while? After that we drifted around a bit, caught more sweep, sergeant bakers and huge grinners. Something finally grabbed the floater. Only a 74cm school mack - what a disappointment! I was hoping for at least a spotty mack, not having ever caught one. After that we decided to head over to Mermaid Reef to check it out. By then an afternoon sea breeze had picked up and there was a bit of chop. Conditions were flat in the morning. Having read about Mermaid Reef being a car park, was quite surprised there was only one boat. The guys were bottom bashing and were excited when they landed a good sized fish that looked suspiciously like a 'boot' ie wirrah. I guess footy boots aren't the only kind of boots appreciated by Qlders. We were only at the reef for an hour but hooked and lost quite a few more school macks. It's quite a fair distance to the seaway entrance so we pulled stumps after 4 average sized fish around the 60-65cm mark. Maybe it's too late in the season for spotties? By the way, can anyone be kind enough give me pointers on catching trag jew? We got a few on the charter. They are tasty fish. When's the best season to fish for them? And do I need to head further than the 24 fathoms to find them? Thanks. Hope you enjoyed a bit of light reading.
      12. Hi all, Im looking at heading out Canungra way this weekend to go for a explore / fish and get away from the madness that will ensue the GC over Easter . I’ve never really been out that way but I was looking at a couple spots north of the Kokoda barracks where It looks I can park the car and follow the creek up by foot. Has anyone had any luck scoring bass in this area ? Not asking for any exact spots but also if there’s any recommendations worth a go would love to hear of some success stories . Cheers Bilbo
      13. Vessel: REEF CAT 2 Maximum Passengers: 12 persons Available Species: Cobia, Tuna, Snappers, Wahoo, Mahimahim, Sailfish, Mackerel, Marlin. And there are available species that are not targeted like Wobbegong, Giant Sunfish, Port Jackson Shark, Golden Toadfish, Shovelnose, Triggerfish, and Scorpion Con, And Slender Suckerfish, Fidder Ray, Grey Nurse Shark, Dolphin, Porcupine Fish, Squid, Tuna Mauled by Shark, Whale Waving, Long Finned Snapper and Humpback Whales Departure Area: Spit Pontoon, Muriel Henchman Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast QLD,4217 Tour Packages *Five (5) Hours Deep Sea Reef and Game Fishing Price: $90 per person Departure Time: 6:00 a.m., 11:15 a.m., and 4:30 pm *Alternative Bookings (for groups in a whole boat) and prices: Saturdays: $1020.00 Sundays and Mondays to Fridays: $960.00 (*note each passengers will just have to pay $80 when you bring 12 persons) Inclusions: bait and tackle reels and rods, sunscreen, iced water, soft drinks coffee, tea, biscuits and printed fish recipes. Things to Bring: Cash, sunglasses, sunsmart clothing, camera, raincoat, footwear, hat, and sea sickness tablet. Guests are allowed to bring their own and personalized fishing gears and food, drinks, sunscreen and etc. Company Information BKs FISHING CHARTERS GOLD COAST is owned, operated and skippered by the couple Bob and Maryanne Krojs with their daughter Rebecca and son Chris as their guest deckhand. Captain Bob is an Australian born citizen on the year 1958. He is the boat fishing guide and the skipper for the day. He has skippered and fished various kinds of trips like reef, deep-sea and game fishing trips since the Gold Coast Seaway was established in the year 1987. The charter aims to give their clients a happy and memorable days in boating, fishing and sightseeing that they would love to come back again and do the same activities again. A 10 metre Cougar Catamaran vessel namely REEF CAT 2 is used to carry their clients on their way to their desired trips with the assurance of safe trips and comfort during the charter. The vessel is built to government survey and equipped with safety equipments, latest fishing electronic equipments. Furthermore, the vessel for the said adventure is a twin hulled, wide-bodied, stable is powered by 2 quiet smokeless, and four stroke motors 250 horsepower Yamaha. Electronic flushing toilet with fresh tap water, basin liquid soap, mirror and disinfectant deodorizers are also found in the said toilet to keep the toilet properly sanitized. Instructions: What to bring: This section has not been completed yet. What is included: This section has not been completed yet.
      14. Hi guys, My business urgently requires casual, beach fishing guides available to take 1-4 tourist beach fishing with min 48 hours notice on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. You will need to be a knowledgeable fisherman/woman, have a good personality and be patient enough to help guests throw a line in at the beach. The gift of the gab would also be ideal. If this sounds like you, please send an email to with a short brief about you. Thanks Ange
      15. Hi all, With a weekend not dominated by rain, it was time to get out and have a serious fish for whiting. The first port of call was a location at Paradise Point. It generally holds plenty of fish, but it has plenty of run. This is not usually a bad thing, but at this spot nine times out of ten the run is full of weed. It didn't disappoint with more weed than a Friday night in Nimbin. Both Max and I got our PB of weed, and I got a pile that must of been about 3kg (wet weight) that took line in the current. There were a couple of whiting mixed in with the salad. Yabbies were the the best bait on this occassion. We followed up the morning session with a later afternoon trek to the Nerang River. Specifically to a spot at Chevron Island which I refer to as either the "Pancake Manor" due to the amount of stingrays present or the "Ant Farm" due to the high probability of being bitten by a variety of ant species. Often the best bite there is from a green ant. The stingrays didn't disappoint with a three out of the first four fish being stingrays and the other being a long finned catfish eel. Not a great start but persistence paid of with a good burst of whiting at dusk and into the evening. Cribb Island worms did the trick here. The best fish for the trip was only 33cm, but most were between 29 and 33cm. We ended up with a fair haul. The light got too poor to record any useable footage after awhile, but the highlight in my opinion is at the end of the video when a very excited Max deals with a double hook up of a 32 and 33cm fish. You sometimes hear that you can't catch fish land based in the Nerang, but that is not true. While public access to the foreshore is limited, there are still various locations to get a feed.
      16. Had the pleasure of firstly meeting and then fishing with @youngy yesterday. Met at Wayne's place (nice location!!), hopped in the boat and we were on our way south to the Nerang River. Was my first time fishing one of the Gold Coast rivers and was certainly a unique experience anchoring up with houses on both sides of us. Wayne gave me a quick rundown on the system used with the long rods out the back and smaller spin rods out the side and also how much worm to use (my first time fishing with worms) and away we went. First spot was unfruitful so off to another location and this time two nice whiting (around 34cm - nice big fat buggers) came in on Wayne's side of the boat. Then the bream found us, so it was time to move .... this continued a theme for the day and now I understand why whiting fishermen find bream so frustrating - although when Wayne pulled in a nice fat 35cm model I was happy for him to add it to the esky for me (a bit more worthwhile then the just legal ones). I was telling Wayne how I've recently had it noted to me by two seperate fishermen that I've got a bad technique when retrieving line with a spin reel (touching the line with my finger) so I concentrated on getting that right today - pretty sure it's because I grew up using Alvey's as a kid. Ironically, I was a bit rusty with the finer points of using Wayne's Alvey setup (these day's I basically always use spin reels ...) and lets just say one of his reels has a bit less line on it (sorry mate!) after I twice cast and the line got all twisted up (winding it too high/wide on the spool and/or not tight enough). I also took a while to nail the technique when hooking a fish with the 10ft 6inch rod - I wasn't holding the line or spool at first but got that sorted after a while. Our last two spots produced some more whiting for us (including some for me) with plenty more bream including a couple more big fat ones. I unfortunately snapped off a grunter when going to lift it into the water and also a decent whiting (seemed to be getting little knots in my leader during the day - I'm blaming that anyway .....) which was annoying. We ended up with 8 whiting with the biggest going 34cm and 3 bream around 33-35cm. So I'm popular with the family again!! Big thanks to Wayne for inviting me down, teaching me heaps and just being a great bloke to spend a day on the water with. I was glad you didn't have to dig the worms for this trip - I'd like to come down and help some time as it would be another good skill to learn/have. I was telling Wayne just before I left in the arvo that my wife was enquriing whether I've met 'this bloke' before and I said no. Wayne said he gets the same from his wife over the years of taking fishermen out with him. I've felt like I've known him for years through fishing forums and reading his BNB articles so it was good to finally meet him and spend time on the water talking fishing, sport, politics (not in much depth ) and marvelling at the stupidity of the young blokes hooning around in their tinnies (and apparently their behaviour wasn't as bad as it can be .....). Hope to do it all again sometime.
      17. While "summer" whiting can be caught year round on the Gold Coast, I start to focus on them from August onwards. As the day length gets longer, this stimulates the development of their gonads which requires them to feed more, hence making them easier to catch. Contrary to popular opinion, you can catch a feed of whiting during the day in the Nerang. I braved the 20+ knots of westerly on the weekend and went up the Nerang River where I still got third degree wind burn. We finished with a feed of okay sized whiting from 29 to 36 cm, so no trophy fish, but a solid kilo or so of fillets. One legal tarwhine and a few undersized bream were the only other fish caught.
      18. Hit the goldy last Friday night for a session with a mate chasing some whiting on bait, we both cracked out the alveys grabbed a few beers and anchored watching the footy and having a few laughs. Was a slow night but the quality of the catch was good
      19. looking to hit up the Gold Coast canals soon for some Bull Sharks. Has anyone here ever done this? If so any advice. I would land based i imagine. Cheers. Angus.