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      Found 576 results

      1. 1 launched 5.30 2 Plenty of bass around 30 cm at Ians island Did shrimp pots. Tried upstream better sized fish in high 30s and low 40s. Both tied for tandan king Back to Ians island as Rick was determined to use up the last of his 50 tags. Cheers Ray
      2. Going to western arm for a change on Monday Bait fishing for bass, Couple of seats avail. 0403072325 Cheers Ray
      3. Went to Hinze eastern arm this morning and unhappy to report the sharefarmers are active. They must have done our pots very early today or late yesterday as we only got 6 shrimp from our pots. The only thing was that they all had fresh bait in them. They will have to search for them next time as we have moved them to another location further away from the ramp. Fortunately I had some shrimp left over from NPD and we managed 27 bass before running out of bait at 10am. It was good to get some better sized fish for a change. I am still the tandan king. Cheers Ray
      4. Went to Hinze western arm this morning. We had 28 bass by 8am when we ran out of shrimp so checked a couple of pots and by 11am had increased our total by 6 tandans with steve being the undisputed king with 4 to his tally Cheers Ray
      5. 2 spots avail probably going to eastern arm on thursday bait fishing for bass with live shrimp 0403072325 cheers ray
      6. We ventured to the western arm this morning for the first time since early september. With the dam being just over 100% it is a nice short walk from the ramp to the car park which is a bonus when you have my wonky legs. We were not expecting too many shrimp in the pots but were disappointed to find that the share farmers had raided them and thrown them back without closing them. We managed to find a couple that they had missed and had about 40 shrimp which turned out to be enough to catch some bass and also fatten up the dreaded barred grunter. The bass whilst being a good size in the high 30s and low 40s were hard to locate with us just catching one or 2 in different spots, We ran out of bait around 11 am with a tally of 14 bass and once again I am the tandan king. Cheers Ray
      7. Well it has finally happened after several months of brilliant fishing the fish have developed lockjaw. Only found one school on the sounder at the floats area and could see plenty of fish but they had lockjaw; 10 bass 1 tandan 1 silver.Silver was kept as it was deep hooked and bleeding. Hinze western arm wednesday Cheers Ray
      8. Bit slow with more barred grunter than bass but what bass we caught were a good size. Had an interesting find in a tree in the middle of the dam. Bit hard to estimate its size as it was curled up on top and below the branch. Cheers Ray
      9. We had anice day but not very productive at the western arm this morning. Even the drive down and back was enjoyable with no gateway roadworks and speed limits . I gave my arm a rest by only catching 3 bass with the largest being a huge 31cm long. Rick and Mark managed 27 between them and Mark is the tandan king with the only tandan of the day. Cheers Ray
      10. Rick,Mark and I went to the eastern arm this morning to have a look. It is a few months since we have been there and expectations were not high. We found most of the shrimp traps that we had left there and some of them had plenty of very large black shrimp in them so we did not to have to resort lures. The bass were scattered and quickly moved on after we caught a few. In all it was a nice relaxing day with a tally of 26 bass between 30 and 43 cm. It was also great to have a natter to Dodge and Jim from the KFDU forum back at the ramp when we were chased off the water by the wind. Cheers Ray
      11. Mark,Rick and myself ventured to the western arm this morning. It has been a while since I as there a nd so we were flying blind. We were pleased to see that the water has finally cleared after Debbie .Wehad to look for the fish but ended up with 38 bass and rick and mark tied for the tandan king award with one each and I got the booby prize for a barred grunter. Which the resident eagle enjoyed for breakfast. The wind got up a bit and Rick had to be home early so we knocked off at 10.30 with a final score of 38 bass and 2 tandans so it looks like we will now be alternating between Hinze and NPD. Cheers Ray
      12. After a couple of less than average trips we went back to NPD yesterday and could not decide if we would look upstream or downstream to see if we could find some bass. None of my 3 deckies would make a decision so the captains decision was downstream . We picked up 20 odd bass at the dropoff opposite the end of Koala Straight hen I decided to go to the far marker for a look. We were not able to pass Andrews drop off on the way without having a look but not a thing on the sounder. Things were looking a bit dismal at the far marker until we found them in around 40 feet of water. Mark outfished us all because he was using a hookless tassie devil 7 g disco dancer jig head instead of a sinker on his paternoster rig. Yet when he used the discodancer as a jig head he did not get a strike. We had to tear ourselves away when the counter reached 100 bass. Going to give the Hinze western arm a crack on wednesday. Cheers Ray
      13. I am a lazy bugger so have just copied and pasted an email from the PRFMA. If anyone wants any more info or a trip to have a look around give me a ring 0403072325 or pm me. I am normally there Sundays and Mondays and Wednesdays and quite often have a spare seat. Cheers Ray FYI The fishing on Lake Samsonvale via the PRFMA Boating Access Scheme (BAS) has been exceptional this year – Listed here-under is an extract from Nugget Outdoors Aug 4 Weekend Fishing Report Freshwater NPD is still the record breaker – I’ve said this before – it is the best bass impoundment in Qld if not Australia during Winter – cricket score catches are common for both live shrimp and lure anglers. Hinze Dam is slow, you’ll work hard all day for a dozen or so bass. Same story at Somerset and Wivenhoe, there are fish being caught if you find them on your sounder first and convince them to play the game, catches blind trolling has been very slow. Applications for a Boating Access Scheme Permit 2017/18 are now being accepted. Details can be found on our Web Site Applications can be made via the Boating Access Scheme page
      14. Went to the western arm this morning with Mark and his dad. Fishing was ordinary with us only finding 8 scattered bass in the murky water. Rick told me about his sure fire secret spot but it still remains a secret because I could not find it so if you find a home brew lid nailed to a tree you have found it. The highlight of the day was chatting to Craig who was setting out for a paddle in his exquisite canoe that took him 9 months to create Even the paddle is a work of art. He even went as far as to hand weave the cane in the seats. Absolutely fantastic to see the results of a true craftsman. It is his first attempt and he did it in his spare time after work built out of strips of western red cedar. It is getting plenty ofuse as heis just back from trout fishing in the lakes down the snowy. Cheers Ray
      15. Went to eastern arm this morning and I forgot my camera so decided to have another go at taking photos with my camera. Every timei ytried to take a photo all I could seein the screen was this. I thought it was just my reflection in the screen and after much swearing and a mega tantrum Mark came over and had a look. Showed me how to change cameras.I did not even know the phone had 2 cameras. Water down there is still murky but we ended up finding around 12 fish ( I wasnt in a counting mood.} Cheers Ray
      16. It was crips day at NPD today me with my wonky arm and Graham with his dodgy back but despite that we managed 83 bass between us . I have got playing out a fish with the rod in the rodholder down to a fine art. Best bass went 48 cm. Apparently nugget has given NPD and the PRFMA a write up in todays courier. Hinze tomorrow not a word on how it is going so have to go and have a look. Cheers Ray ps anyone have an idea what is happening with my camera?
      17. Heads up to anyone who might be headed Hinze way this week... Was there this weekend and the dam must have turned/rolled over. Water is a yucky coffee brown. Angus
      18. Do not forget. Australian bass The closed season for Australian bass from 1 June to 31 August now applies to Queensland tidal waters only. With the full moon approaching combined with the cooler weather reckon there will be heaps going over the spillway at Hinze as it is still spilling. Cheers Ray
      19. Not as detailed as Glens report and no photos as i lost them somewhere when I stuffed up the download. The 4 of us ( Mark,Hai and Danny and myself) launched at 6am and the sledging and banter commenced immediately and due to lack of fish did not cease as we headed upstream.It took nearly 2 hours before the first fish was boated by Hai who immediately followed up with another and then what he thought was a monster bass but eventually turned out to be a large eel. I then decided that we would move downstream and more banter and still no fish until we found a few in around 12 feet of water. By this time I was feeling pretty embarrassed as by 11 am Danny still had not caught a bass when he finally broke his bass cheery. At least he got plenty of practice of tieing paternoster rigs. We were only getting a odd fish as they seemed to be just cruising along the edge, We finally ended pulling the pin at 12,30 with around 20 bass.of which around half were legal. Cheers Ray, Should i mention the banana bread? .
      20. G'day Guys, Just a quick write up from a trip out to Hinze this afternoon. We have been catching heaps of really small bass after the recent floods so we were glad to hook a bit of quality this afternoon. We caught them on spinnerbaits, tn's and shallow and deep jerk baits in heavy timber. always good fun battling them in that country. I have been using 20 and 30 pound leader lately because i'm sick of losing freight trains in the sticks! Cheers, Glenn.
      21. Saw this on another site so I pinched it. CheersRay
      22. rayke1938

        NPD 4/5/17

        Had a full crew this morning and checked the first drop off for only a few tiddlers so we did the shrimp traps for a heap of shrimp and headed downstream into a steadily increasing breeze Plenty of small fish but anything legal was very scarce. Knocked off early due to the winf with a tally of 9 legal bass and 51 unders. plus 7 forkies. Plenty of shrimp for the Hinze on sunday. Cheers Ray
      23. Danny91

        Hinze Day Out

        Hey guys not had a post for a while, off to hinze dam today with the wife, flick around a few different types of lures and see what we can bag. Hopefully have Some photos to post later this afternoon. If anyone has any good experiences and most of all spots at hinze please feel free to share, thanks.
      24. Hey Guys, So i went for a solo mission on saturday and was able to track down a stack of fish using a few different methods Standout techniques were burning and killing spinnerbaits through the heavy timber and waiting for a reaction bite as well as twitching small ecogear shallow running lures through the shallow grass and lilles. This produced most fish. I did score a couple on nils master ice jigs as well when i spotted them on the sounder. Saturday was definitely the standout day with more quality caught. Today (Sunday) we hooked about 8 between us but none over 35cm, yesterday i got 2 45s! but hey, that's fishing for ya! Perfect weather as well made it a top weekend on the water. No photos from today as none of the fish we got were brag worthy! Water is still extremely dirty but it didn't effect the fishing at all. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. PS I have added a shot in off the sounder with what looks like 4 fish perfectly stacked on top of each other. Can anyone shed any light on whats going on here? Cheers, Glenn.