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      Found 303 results

      1. . Hello All. First post here. I specifically joined this forum for help with identifying a fish. I have looked everywhere (well maybe not, but it is starting to feel that way!) and suddenly thought a fishing forum would surely be able to help. For interest purposes, I am try to identify a fish that swam past me in January 2019. I was snorkelling at The Basin in Pittwater NSW (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park) in about chest high water. The tide was flowing in, and it was around 2.30pm. A very large fish swam past me quite close. Many little fish were trailing it, and I am guessing the bigger fish was hosting them. I think it may have been a shark or ray (looked a little like a cross between the two). But am not sure, as really never seen such an fish before. It was so odd looking, it almost looked like a prehistoric beast! I am a little confused, as some features do not add up (to pictures I am looking at online) The colour was a mottled pattern. The nearest match I have found online was the colour and pattern of a Wobbegong (but it was a lot longer and thinner shaped than a Wobbegong - it was more shaped like an Angelshark or Shyshark) The oddest thing about it, was its tail actually looked like the front snout of a Largetooth Swordfish, because it was a long flat blade shape with spikes segregated and jutting out the whole length. So unless it was a Largetooth Swordfish swimming backwards (it wasn't) - I am having problems identifying it. I have been searching for nearly a year now, but not been able to identify it. Thank you for any suggestions
      2. Just went on my first fishing today with my mate near Rose Bay today , we caught a few fish but have no idea what they are so we put them back . Can some one please identify there 4 fishes, are they editable, what is the legal size and bagging limited so we know in the future. help is appreciated.
      3. Hi guys, My brother caught this fish on a beach in South Australia yesterday. Is anyone able to help identify what it is? I've searched online and can't seem to find an answer. Cheers, Shane.
      4. What fish is this? caught in the Gold Coast Broadwater 24 April 2017. Doesn't look like anything fancy, yet I can't find it on any fish chart, website or book. It jumped on while fishing for garfish using fish guts for bait. Its doing my head in to know what it is.
      5. Jimmybob2


        This is some pics I thought some of you may find interesting. Last October I went to Ireland with my two kids. This wasn't a fishing trip, but I did manage to wet a line when I could . All of the fishing was done in the general Cork CBD or within a hours drive. Carp! They love em over there. They are purposely stocked into loughs (lakes) and are totally protected. They take carp fishing very seriously over there , with some weird set ups used. Crazy line, crazy rods and crazy baits lol. i used my bass gear with bread lol saw and caught my first ever brown trout and Atlantic salmon! Both very small but a first for me so was very excited to see them. i fished for pike also but the locals told me due to the ongoing rain and heavy flow in the rivers I was going to find it tough to catch one. Never saw one. Also caught my first Redfin (perch). On a tassie devil of course lol the saltwater ! Again nothing big but was heaps of fun catching fish I had never seen before. The locals rave about the mackerel. They fish very heavy bs use multiple hook jigs a bit like our herring jigs.. fishing Cork harbour ( second largest in the world they tell me) we caught plenty of mackerel. They seem to be just like our slimeys. The locals couldn't believe that we don't eat them here but use them to catch bigger fish lol. I have most the mackerel away to the old blokes on the jetty. I cut up a few to see what else I could cross of the list.. whiting , coaling and small pollock were thick ! But all very small. I love Ireland . And I will be going back to get that pike one day . Pic1- the local set ups pic 2- the local kid pic3- a stream in Middleton (trout everywhere) pic4-stickleback pic5-scampi pic6-hake pic7-look a bit familiar Pic8-cod pic9- my first carp pic10-the locals were horrified that I caught it floating bread lol pic11- something you don't see every day pic12- me n kids watching puffins pic13-nighttime carp was only a few pound off a 300 year record for that lake! pic14-baby brown pic15-crabs were annoying in the salt pic16-bait lol pic17-Declan with his first Irish fish pic18-small pollock
      6. Hi guys I caught this fish at the mouth of breakfast creek in the brisbane river and I can't figure out what it is it looks kinda similar to a scaly Jew or a river perch but I have know idea as I'm pretty new to fishing so any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers guys Ps he went straight back in the drink after this pic was taken
      7. ellicat

        Sweet Quiz ! This will be the sweet prize for the "Sweet Quiz" thanks to Sweresy. Sweresy has recently gone into the honey business, producing this unique smoked honey blend. I highly recommend a visit to his website to checkout the mouthwatering useage suggestions. This honey is more than just a toast topping ! A big thanks to Kris for sponsoring the quiz. The Quiz I will give clues of a particular aquatic life-form three times a day around 7am, midday and 7pm. Members PM their answer to me. I will update this thread with the number of correct and total answers. I will PM back 'Yes' or 'No' as an response. If you are incorrect you can have another guess three hours after the time the PM was sent. You can enter no more than once per 3 hours to a maximum of 3 times per day. After I have 6 correct answers I will notify in the thread and introduce a different aquatic life-form. Only the 6 that guessed the first aquatic life-form will be eligible to guess that aquatic life-form. The process will continue, reducing the number of eligible entrants by 2 each time. No Latin or Greek Answers. Elops IS eligible, so look out ! . The winner of the final will be sent a jar of Sweresy's Smoked Honey which is as sweet a prize I can think of !! Of course there is also the allure of bragging rights too. Good luck competitors.
      8. I was kayaking up a creek on the weekend and I came across an estuary cod just sitting in a sand divot. I retreived a soft plastic and a hardbody right in front on it without it showing any interest, so I knew something was up. I got closer and it still just sat there. I got out of the kayak as the water was only about 0.5m or so. I grabbed my landing net and slowly brought it in front of it and with a quick scope was able to catch him on the net. He seemed to have a bit more energy now he was int he net and didn't like the lip grips either but I still don't think he had as much energy as a normal fish would have. He measured about 45cm, so well over the minimum sized limit and my thoughts were that he's not doing too well here, so I may as well take it. He didn't have any signs of damage anywhere. He didn't smell odd at all. The only thing I could pick up was that his eyes were a bit cloudy like he was blind. I never ended up taking any photos of it. I did take it home and fillet it but I haven't eaten it yet. I just wanted to know what people thought about eating a fish that seemed sick (or blind)?
      9. Hey guys went fishing for the first time since I was a child, so i have no idea on this. my partner caught this, was about 20cms. Caught off a jetty as tide was going out at Dunwich, Stradbroke Island QLD over the weekend.
      10. Anyone know what kind of wrasse this is? Caught a bunch of them at Waterhouse Point in Tassie.
      11. Hi guys ive been down the local creek fishing for tilapia but all ive been catching are these what are they
      12. Hi, I have only started fishing again since I was a kid and am quite inexperienced. I caught these three fish recently and have no idea what they are. They were all released immediately. The golden one laying on the wooden peir was caught in the Nambucca River at Nambucca Heads. The other two laying on the rocks were caught at Neilsen Park, Vaulcuse, Sydney Harbour. I tried to look on the DPI website but couldnt find a good fish chart. If anyone has a link to a good guide I would be very grateful if you could send me it. Regards, Phil.
      13. samsteele115

        Id please

        Hey guys, my aunty is wondering what this fish is that she caught. It looks familiar but can't put my finger on it
      14. Dear Friendly Aussie Fish People, What are these guys ? Thanks Blewyn
      15. Hey all, Caught this today fishing landbased around rocky outcrops on the sunshine coast. Thanks!
      16. Caught this in the river in Gladstone
      17. ellicat

        Spring Quiz

        Thought for a bit of fun I'd run a little quiz thing for the forum. The scoop will be - I will give clues of a particular fish (or more) every few hours between 8am and 8pm for the month of September. Members PM their answer to me. I will update this thread with the number of correct and total answers. I will PM back the correct 'answerers'. If you are incorrect you can have another guess three hours after the time the PM was sent. You can enter no more than once per hour to a maximum of 3 times per day. After I have 6 correct answers I will notify in the thread and introduce a different fish. Only the 6 that guessed the first fish will be eligible to guess that fish. The process will continue, reducing the number of eligible entrants by 2 each time. No Latin Answers. No Elops (sorry Steve) . The winner of the final will be sent a small prize depending on the type of fishing they do or a $20 BCF voucher or whatever I can organize. The big prize will of course be bragging rights. Fire away with questions/clarifications so I can see what I haven't thought of :pinch: and then I'll start with the clues.
      18. Anyone know this? Caught in river
      19. Taken fro Fishing World email newsletter 11 Aug 2014 QUEENSLAND'S fishos can now easily identify their catch and check size and possession limits with the launch of a new fishing app for mobile devices. Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister John McVeigh said Fisheries Queensland had developed the app to assist with species identification and provide the most up-to-date information on fishing rules and regulations. “The ‘Qld Fishing App’ is an easy to use tool for fishers to help identify their catch and find out size and possession limits,†McVeigh said. “It also provides information on fishing rules including current closures and links to a number of maps such as fish habitat areas and regulated waters. “It’s like having a Queensland fishing encyclopaedia in your pocket. This level of information will ensure everyone knows exactly what they can catch, where and when. “Another handy feature is a personal angler diary, allowing fishers to photograph and record their catch, which can then be uploaded to Facebook.†Other functions include being able to buy permits online, check weather and tide information, reporting any illegal fishing activities and subscribe to Fisheries catch eNewsletters. Mr McVeigh said the app demonstrates the Queensland Government’s commitment to developing a one-stop-shop approach to information delivery. The free Qld Fishing App is now ready for download through Google Play and Apple Store for IOS and Android systems.