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      1. Hi All, New here, want to know if anyone here can help me out with a few spots to up Donnybrook/Toorbul way to wet a line..Just fishing off the banks for now. Thanks..
      2. Live in Western Sydney at Windsor. Do most of my fishing down the NSW south coast around Sussex Inlet. My brother has a place down there and it is beautiful and great fishing everywhere. I've just started back into fishing as a recreational hobby after years away and have tried surf, estuary and river fishing with a little boat action thrown in for good measure. I just like the relaxing sessions on my own as well as the good old mates in a boat adventure when I can scrape some people together. I'm building my depleted tackle box slowly and am surprised how much things have changed with graphite rods and multi bearing reels, its a whole new ballgame. It puts my old Alvey to shame I think. Anyway, hope to pick up some tips and help from you friendly anglers and hope my questions aren't too silly to warrant answers. Cheers and all the best, Gluggy
      3. Hey everyone. New to the site and slowly trying to figure out how to catch a fish or two. Nestled in a small village on the Bidgie just out of Wagga. Love to hit the coast and chase the lizards around. Just like everyone, I dont get out enough. I look forward to gaining knowledge from everyone and bounce ideas around
      4. ...and things are a bit different up here! I've been fishing since before I can remember and in tassie I know what to do, where to go ect. But up here I'm struggling a little. First of all I don't know anyone up here who fishes so I'm stuck land based til I make friends with someone who is kind enough to take me out on the water (or til my living situation is stable enough to get a craft of my own) secondly, learning the best way to target new species, though it's very interesting and exciting can be very frustrating with little to no experience or know-how apart from what little useful information I can find by googling. Had a few days up at bundaberg and fished around Burnett and Elliot heads but I've mostly been going land based all around redcliffe. Got smoked by something huge I sight casted at the entrance to the Scarborough marina. Won't get over that one for a while. Got a few grassy sweetlip and a few decent sized bream and a small snapper off queens beach. Few shovel noses and stingrays. Some weird little aquarium looking fish from under woody point jetty. Up at bundaberg did some surf fishing got some swallowtail dart and a little GT and a big slatey bream. I plan to do a lot more fishing on Morton bay in the next couple years so I'd love to meet some people who could share some wisdom with me or even take me for a fish sometime. If any of you find a reason to go to Tasmania hit me up and I'll direct you to some wild brown trout! Cheers take it easy
      5. Hi just signed up. Enjoy both salt and fresh fishing. latest thing i love is whiting on poppers. hope to contribute to the forum. regards Wild Harvest
      6. Hi everyone my names Ethan I'm new here I am a rookie fisherman from Brisbane
      7. Edo


        Hi Fishos, New to this forum. Been living in the territory chasing Barra the last 4 years and have now moved to Mackay QLD with my family. Looking forward to doing some exploring on foot and in my boat. Dont know anyone here so if you live up this way give me a shout and maybe hook up for a fish. Cheers Edo
      8. Hello everyone and thank you to the admins for allowing me to join this group. I'm a female angler who absolutely loves my fishing. These days it's lures only for me, and I haven't used bait in a few decades now. I'm looking forward to learning a heap of new techniques to try out from some of the members of this group. I fish both landbased, and a boat. I'll keep this introduction short, as I'm sure I will contribute more at a future time. Thank you
      9. Hi all, Just joined. Based on Brisbane Northside. Just sold a 35 foot flybridge cruiser (thank goodness - never again) and have ordered a Stejcraft ss64. Not sure of delivery date yet but probably within two months. I am looking for a group/club interested in fishing Moreton Bay, or any tips/spots etc. Although I have been fishing the bay for close on forty years I now have more time on my hands, and intend to spend much more time out there.
      10. I have plenty of stock .Cheap scrub worms.Large (12 worms)$8,medium (15 worms )$8,Small(20)small worms$8.Dandenong me in 0467792389.thank you
      11. Im currently traveling Australia in a van with my wife and young fella. Been on the road for 2 years. I enjoy trying out as many different styles of Aussie fishing as I can, which means im below average at chasing lots of different species using lots of different techniques. Potentially very exciting change coming up for us and will need the help for this forum. More later. Cheers
      12. Hi all, new here! Grew up fishing the Noosa river with my younger brother, 15-20 years later we have just bought a bigger tinny than the 11ft x 6hp we used to strap around in. We keep the boat at his place in Noosa but I live in Brisbane and I'm keen to get into the bay to chase some pelagics or the river for some salmon or jewies, typically I always use lures but i'll never say no to a live bait session. Any tips or tricks you can share will be much appreciated, particularly how far into the bay we would have to venture to chase decent fish will be handy. 4.2m Stacer x 30hp Yamaha - Lures - Brisbane - Noosa
      13. Hello folks, I haven't fished much since we moved down from the Gulf about thirty years ago and, due to circumstances, have ended up at Bargara near Bundaberg. Wonderful place to live and I would like to get out and about a bit and get back into fishing. Some interesting looking water with plenty of rocks and a couple of nice beaches a five minute bike ride from our house . . . but I never see anyone fishing. I have a recumbent delta trike and can access the coast along the bikeways right up through Mon Repos. Due to the onset of age an occasional sunrise session on a nice firm beach (rather then rocks) would be magic. The problem is I have never beach fished much and everyone I ask reckons I would be wasting my time. I would appreciate any advise or comment. Cheers.
      14. Oldie


        Hi everyone I'm a newbie just signed up, my username is Oldie. That just about sums me up. These days due to health issues I can only fish easy accessible areas and mostly target the old mud marlin on light gear. K
      15. RussF


        Hi all, new kid on the block recently moved from VIC, looking at yak fishing access for the upper reaches of the Moyura diver known as Deua river not sure of water levels at the moment and don't wish to paddle to far to reach good water cheers to all
      16. G’day All, its been a long time since I last logged in, with work taking me away from Brissy for the past four years. I did manage to pick up a fly addiction while I was gone, so am looking at catching some of our local fresh and salt species on the wand! Tight lines, Ryan.
      17. Been fishing for 7 years now and only just able to find this awesome community, looking forward to getting to know y'all! Mostly doing Slow Pitch Jigging and ISO Fishing these days.
      18. Howdy I'm Dan I've just started fishing about a month two ago . I have to change my tackle but don't know what to use .I want to chase cod
      19. Hello All! I will be visiting your great country next week and i'm very excited to try to sneak away from the wife as much as possible and wet a line in the rivers around Brisbane. I'm an avid fisherman in Ontario Canada but most of what we might consider here as a trophy you would consider bait! Haha What i'm looking for is to possibly do some good shore fishing. I've been doing a lot of reading online and i realize its your winter now but i was still hoping to get into a few small "bullies" as you call them. I am trying to do my own research but as i'm not going to be in Brisbane long i was hoping for any help that might be offered. I'll be bringing my Okuma Med Heavy travel rod and a Penn size 4 reel so i'm not looking for monsters but still hoping for a bit of a fight. Any help is greatly appreciated. And if you're ever on this side of the pond I'll happily give you some tips on getting in to some lake trout, musky or salmon! Thanks again and tight lines everyone!
      20. New to the site hope to learn a bit about lake and river fishing. Cheers everyone
      21. Hi Everyone, I am from Argentina, I am interested in travelling to Australia for a fishing trip, I hope to learn lots from you!!
      22. Hi everybody I m BZH from France I go fishing everywhere in the world ( Gabon , Venezuela, Costa Rica, Columbia, Djibouti.... and of course France), my next fishing travel could be Oman but not sure yet.... My favorite fishes are GT and Tarpon I try to do my own lure , but it is not a big success yet
      23. Migs


        Gday from a very dry CW NSW. I’m currently sitting back after a big day fishing out the back of my place. ( Lachlan River is 30 metres out the back door ), and can report heaps of under size Murray Cod to about one of about 700 mm. Other than that I enjoy all forms of fishing and have joined this forum to gain knowledge of when and how to catch more fish or at least make it more enjoyable if I don’t. Cheers Migs and tight lines
      24. I grew up in a family who never went fishing, and it wasn't until recently when my son got invited fishing by a school friend that I decided we should learn! With my two kids and my partner, I've gotten us some rods and tackle, and we're learning together! We have tried a couple of places around Ipswich, and are looking forward to catching different sorts of fish. I'd like to someday catch fish to eat, but maybe not in the local river. I'd also like to catch pest fish to help get them out of the waterways. Anyway, keen to say hi, happy to learn whatever I can!
      25. Hi Guys, just a quick intro, I live in Ningi Qld., and don't fish as much as I used/like to, missus does shift work and so have to pick the weather, her schedule and life's complications in general to be able to go out fishing so fishing sessions have been few and far between. Recently been doing up my boat for sale and so been getting a bit more interested in land based shark fishing again lately, as once that is gone it will all be land based or occasional charters. Lately I have been upgrading some of my gear to allow this. As I am close to Bribie Island it gives me access to a range of fishing types, now to just get life out of the way and do more fishing.