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Found 7 results

  1. I had been keen to get out amongst it for a while and the weather and tides looked good today, I had second thoughts at 4am this morning though, it began raining pretty heavy while I was having a coffee, I checked the rain radar and it was pretty scattered, so I rolled the dice, hooked up the boat and took off, other then the grey sky, the weather wasn’t too bad at all. first runs on the board came in they way of a 55cm school mackerel, he succumb to the old floating pilly technique. Around the turn of the tide I found myself hooked up to a nice Jew, he fell for a Z Man curl tail, and put up a spirited fight on a 20lb baitcasting outfit, he managed to collect my floating pilly line during the fight, which made for some interesting net work, followed by some not so interesting untangling. The Jew went around 84cm, not a horse, but still great fun. A couple of weeks ago on a Friday, I ventured out in my mates boat, we left Vicky Pt around 7:30am and worked around some of the southern bay islands with limited success, about 11am we decided to work the Banana Banks with plastics, and it payed off, paddle tails and curl tails did all the damage. The smallest lizard in the pic was a 45cm bar tail, we probably got another 4 or five that weren’t legal size though, and about 6 or so monster sized grinners, by the end of it neither of us were calling what fish it was, as the grinners broke our hearts too many times.The bay was like glass from the time we launched, right throughout the day, you don’t get much better then that. About a week before the lizard trip, I took my mate out around Amity, and could only scrounge up 1 schoolie off the old floating pilly trick, the grinners were thick as and quite brazen too, they were smashing 7” plastics like they were going out of fashion. The last 3 schoolies I’ve caught have all been 55cm, a bit of variety in size wouldn’t go astray, but I’m certainly not complaining.
  2. Well, due to all the chaos lately I’ve found myself with a fair bit of spare time on my hands, which can only mean one thing really... more fishing!. I set out from Cleveland point at around 5:15am the other day, and made a beeline straight for the promise land, halfway there I was starting to curse Seabreeze for giving a dodgy forecast, it wasn’t quite the 3kts predicted, but still quite manageable in my 4.2 tinny. Upon arriving at my destination I was beginning to have second thoughts, the minn kota was having trouble staying in the choppy water and the sun was just starting to creep up. I decided to persist and rigged up a 9” Z Man curl tail, I began flicking my offering around in hope of attracting the attention of a snapper, and low and behold, it didn’t take too long at all, the plastic got nailed after the 3rd cast, and I found myself connected to a substantial fish, a short battle later and I had him in the net. Feeling a little chuffed, and after a quick photo shoot, I sent him back on his way to fight another day, and then thought to myself, job done, now what?, keep fishing of course!. I changed sides in the tinny and began peppering casts off the portside bow, and once again my offering got devoured!, this was indeed something different, it had quite a lot weight and began pulling like a tractor!, hmmm, this is definitely not a snapper I thought, as I’m hanging over the gunwhales with the rod butt jammed in my gut, and after a few good runs I managed to gain the upper hand, it came to the surface and I couldn’t believe my luck, a decent Jew!, this was going to be fun trying to coax him into my little net, but I succeeded. I don’t know his exact size as my esky is only 820mm overall, needless to say he was hanging over both ends. After a questionable photo shoot with size 11 hoof in shot, he was happily returned to make someone else’s day, this was fast becoming a very memorable day on the water, the chop that had hampered the minn kota had all but sudued, and the conditions were as good as it gets. Well and truly on cloud 9 now, I kept flicking, and in less then 10 minutes was connected to another beauty! This fella was quite well behaved and didn’t mind laying on the esky to have his photo taken, he too was in good shape and went straight back in the drink, this was getting a bit ridiculous I thought, but I persevered and kept at it, only to be rewarded yet again this guy didn’t fare so well during the battle, so he ended up inside the esky. At this point, I needed a breather, I sat down and sucked on an ice coffee and just savoured the moment. After my spell I thought, I’d better keep going, and in no time at all, had another one in the boat!, by this stage it seems I had aroused the attention of a few nearby boats, I held up my quarry to show one of the approaching fisherman, and then speared him back in the water, only then to realise, I didn’t get a photo, bugger!, now now people, I’m familiar with the rules, if there’s no pic, it didn’t happen, but rest assured, the crayola have not made an appearance in this recollection. So the tally was a respectable 1 snapper, and 4 Jew all before 7:30am. It became apparent I was on fire, and couldn’t believe how the morning was unfolding, a quick trim up of the leader was required and I was straight back into flicking, and they just kept coming!, the school must have been huge!, and ripe for the picking. This fella was a little unruly, and didn’t want his photo taken on top of the esky, he much rathered the carpet as a back drop, after the shoot he too was sent back on his way. One of the boats that came over during all the commotion had a couple of old boys on it, and they asked me what bait I was using, I replied, no bait, just plastics, I hadn’t even gotten a chance to rig a floating pilly, as the action was just too hot, they were quite shocked as I proceeded to do battle with yet another monster. I held this one up to show the old boys who were fishing next to me, and in a friendly gesture, asked them if they wanted it, well bugger me, I’ve never seen someone pull an anchor up so quick in my life, and in no time flat they came alongside me with a landing net hanging over the edge to accept my gift. They were very grateful, and I was just as happy. I continued flicking and managed another hook up, only to have the leader snap down near the jig head, I then realised in my haste to keep going I neglected to check the state of the leader, and it cost me Jew number 7, mind you, I wasn’t really that phased, just a little disappointed about losing the plastic I’d already boated 7 fish with. As with all good things, it eventually comes to an end, and by 9:15am I made my way back to Cleveland point in some of the best conditions one could ask for, with a smile, and a feeling of accomplishment that will be hard to top for, for a very long time.
  3. Hi all, I saw a notice stating Black Jew were a no take for the rest of this year because the pros have already caught the limit imposed! It appears these are a different fish to your normal Mulloway or Jewfish but I’m afraid I’m having difficulty noticing the supposed differences. cheers Greg O
  4. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has any good rock fishing spots for the general bread and butter species (bream, cod, etc) and jewies. I don't mind them as long as they are in about a 2 hour drive from BNE. I might take a holiday there. If so, what baits and set up would you use. Cheers Hamish
  5. I've tried all winter to catch my first Mulloway fishing every Wednesday night from from 8.30pm to 5am on the Tweed River in my Quinnie, with no luck what so ever, I've tried live mullet, live whiting, hard bodies and plastics, Every deep hole I could find, Even at the river mouth. I was told the start of September is getting a bit to late in the season for the Tweed so I give up until next year, I go down to the old Chinderah bridge with a bit of mullet fillet, no sinker, and I drop it down on a fast incoming tide, 2 min's later I was getting little soft bites I thought were bream and I give it a tug, My line takes off , A large bend in my rod and the real screams. my next thought was a stingray, 10 min's later it surfaces, To my surprise its a big Jewy, I was and still very happy with that catch, I had to walk it down to the rivers edge then run down to the water and drag it on to the sand, Yippee, I picked it up and the hooks fell out, Lucky night for me, Here is the photo. 100cm Jewy for my first ever, now I need a bigger esky.
  6. Decided to head out and make the most of today’s good forecast with some mates. Started off just after dawn trying to nail a few parrot. They didn’t seem to be playing ball so the call was made to go flick for some Jew. Good call it was as first drift my mate nails a 77cm Jew. Did three more drifts with one of us hooking up each time even had a double at one stage. Unfortunately all fish bar one 71cm model were lost to the taxman. Feeling frustrated we focused on trying to nail a big tusky. No luck there unfortunately but did enjoy seeing a mate nearly get pulled over the gunnel fishing a locked drag torsa( This alone is more than enough needed to keep me going back for more lol) Things went quiet after this so headed off to grab some squid and have another crack at some parrot. Water was nice and clear so the squidding went well with a couple of big ones going over a kilo for bait and some good eating small ones. Finally tally for the day was one Jew, 11 parrot of different species, and 15 to twenty squid. Was pretty good to be out in some nice calm conditions especially In the morning. Did pick up a bit in the arvo.
  7. Interesting. Illegal jewfish swim bladder trade forces authorities to tighten fishing rules By Tom Maddocks Updated about an hour ago PHOTO: Black jewfish swim bladders are considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac in China. (ABC News: Tom Maddocks) RELATED STORY: Marine biologist sheds light on fish organ found on Qld beach RELATED STORY: Commercial fishermen spit chips over tough laws MAP: Darwin 0800 A boom in the value of black jewfish swim bladders has Top End fishing authorities worried prices could fuel a black market in Asia. The swim bladder is an organ in the fish which regulates its buoyancy but it grows much larger in black jewfish than in other species. It is considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac in countries like China. A black jewfish swim bladder typically weighs between 200 to 400 grams and Northern Territory Fisheries estimate the bladders are worth between $200 to $500 per kilogram. PHOTO: A sharp increase in the value of jewfish swim bladders could threaten stocks of the fish. (ABC News: Tom Maddocks) "They're favoured for their supposed medicinal benefits and are used as a tonic or a food base in soups," the aquatic resource manager for the Department of Primary Industry and Resources, Blake Taylor, said. "They're also highly regarded because they have a very rich collagen content." Mr Taylor said a sharp increase in its value could threaten already vulnerable stocks of the fish in the Darwin area. Concerns fishermen deliberately targeting black jewfish PHOTO: Fishery tags have been introduced in Darwin for swim bladders of jewfish to show they are legally caught. (ABC News: Tom Maddocks) To combat a black market from forming, NT Fisheries is introducing a range of measures. The first, introduced earlier this month, is the requirement that commercial operators tag swim bladders to show they are a legally caught product. "The use of the authentication tags will allow the water police or fisheries compliance to clearly identify between legal and illegally caught swim bladders and ensure that only swim bladders from licensed commercial fishing operations can be sold," Mr Taylor said. NT Water Police said while there was a legitimate trade in the sale of the black jewfish swim bladders, they were concerned fishermen were cashing in on the rising demand through illegal practices. "What we're trying to look at is anybody who is diverting recreational catch or even worse changing the nature of their fishing so they're specifically targeting those fish and therefore increasing the take of a species which is already overfished," Sergeant John Pini said. "What we're saying is somewhere along that chain you are likely to be caught." PHOTO: New recreational rules enforcing possession limits for swim bladders inside homes are being considered in the NT. (ABC News: Tom Maddocks) New recreational rules enforcing possession limits for swim bladders inside homes were also being considered. "The vast majority of recreational fishers will always do the right thing," David Ciaravolo, executive officer of the Amateur Fishermen's Association of the Northern Territory, said. "The moment somebody crosses that line and becomes a poacher or an illegal fisher I think we'd all be happy to bring the law to bear on that person and make sure that it's stamped out." Topics: illegal-fishing, law-crime-and-justice, fishing-aquaculture, darwin-0800, nt