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      1. G'day all. I have recently bought myself a Viking espri. It's been a great yak but I would love to get a sounder for it. I know a fair bit about the sounder side of it but not about the battery. Does anyone know any good battery's for the kayak that are under $100. Thanks
      2. Hey all! last minute trip to Newport over the weekend with my brother which wasn’t a bad session. I threw around Ecogear bream prawns in the 40mm salt n pepper colour. Although used a cranka crab which im now a fan of! I landed my pb cod from the kayak which was good fun. Landed a few solid bream too. The cod was caught at the back of a pontoon close to shore in the shadows (pic below where you can see where the cranka crab landed) The biggest bream was caught on the cranka crab on what was a really fast retrieve. I cast parallel to a pontoon but it was a rubbish cast so I just decided to retrieve in really fast and cast again, after a few winds and bang! This big bream hammered the lure, was pretty cool! IMG_6452.MOV
      3. Howdy all, This was from a trip a while ago but i never ended up doing a report for. i wanted to put the "go to" bream lures up to the test and started with the Ecogear bream prawn 40mm in the salt and pepper colour. Worked really well and is a very lazy style of fishing really. Cast against structure and let the un-weighted soft plastic sink slowly in front of the bream. Ended up with 5 bream, two of which were a decent size. My goal is to use the cranka crab next, see how that goes! I put together a video for anyone who wants to watch.
      4. Hi all, Finally it was Moreton time again. Loaded the car with way too much stuff and my partner, bubs and I hopped on the Saturday morning MiCat to Moreton. The tracks weren’t in the best condition but we made it to the campsite without incident. Bubs decided to crack a significant na-na, as such, I was stuck building the whole campsite while mum did her best to soothe the beast – man the bourbon at the end of all that tasted good. After finally settling for a sleep, bubs completely re-set and we headed for a walk along the beach in the afternoon. I took my light setup for the walk, hoping to find a gutter were a flathead may be sitting. Unfortunately there was no good gutters for flatties but I climbed up onto my favourite rock at north point and threw a plastic about. I managed to landed a massive dart that played up a treat on the light gear as well as a bream around 30cm, both were released. Next morning I was awoken earlier than I would have liked, managed to get bubs back to sleep but I could not. So nothing else for it – rigged up a slug and went for a walk up to the rocks just after dawn in the hope of landing a tailor or two. The wind was blowing about 20kn straight in my face but I managed to land 3 tailor and a dart on a 40g slug, 2 tailor kept destined for a later bath in some thai red curry sauce. After breakfast, I headed back to the barge to collect my sister and brother in law who were joining us for a few days. Had some significant 4WD challenges trying to recover a bloke towing a caravan who was going no-where, but got there in the end, 2 recovery straps, 8 max tracks and 12psi all round for me. I also then towed out another guy in a GU patrol who had dug himself in so far he was on his chassis rails – claimed he had 18psi in his tyres but a quick smack of the sidewall confirmed this was very much not the case. After removing this w-anchor/obstacle from our path we were back at camp in no time. Based on my sister having a severe seafood allergy, fishing was somewhat curtailed on Sunday / Monday but the glass off about 3pm was too good to ignore. I launched the yak and headed out to an isolated patch of reef that I had all to myself. Before long, a few nice fish were coming aboard, I ended up keeping 3 snapper and 2 grassies for the freezer. Tuesday morning we were greeted by a 25kn southerly so a bit of a tour of the island ensued. My sister departed on the afternoon Micat and we returned back to camp. An afternoon walk resulted in two more nice tailor being kept destined for lunch tomorrow. Wednesday morning we were greeted by a cracker day, so kayak was locked and loaded and I headed out to the same reefs I had fished on Monday at about 9am. They generally don’t fish all that well in the middle of the day, however, today was a bit of an exception. I only had about an hour of fishing time and managed to nab 3 snapper, a grassy and a new PB school mack of 78cm, as well as plenty of undersized snaps, the world’s smallest yellowtail king and a variety of other smaller reef fish. Made it back in time to take bubs for a quick trip on the kayak up and down a nice sheltered gutter which she really enjoyed so win all round really. Took the bucket of fish frames down the beach later that day and watched the pelican, raptors and seagulls fight over them. Thursday morning we were greeted by rain so minimal activity occurred, had a quick flick between showers and hooked up to a huge flathead in about 30cm of water – unfortunately not long after the big girl threw her head around out of the water and the plastic came flying out. Bugger! Would have been over 75cm regardless but still would have made a good photo. I went for a walk during bubs midday nap and managed to land a smaller model at about 45cm. Friday morning I took bubs for a walk up to the rocks with me, managed to land a long tom and a small tailor with her in the carrier on me. After breakfast, I walked along the beach in hopes of a flathead or two but they were very hard to come by. I landed one small bar tail, a bream and about 8 long toms. My last hurrah trip on Friday afternoon I landed a couple of nice tailor to take home. Unfortunately this trip was soured when I was standing on the one small rock casting away when 2 randoms just decided to come and stand right beside me and have the nerve to tell me that we would take it in turns casting from then on. Like WT actual F. So I called them a name that rhymed with a flat bottomed boat, left them to it and raced over to another rock on the opposite side of the headland and was rewarded with two more nice tailor and a restoration of peace and solitude. Saturday thankfully we managed to get everything packed up dry and into the car before the storms hit – perfect timing really, hit us on the barge on the way home! Thanks for reading if you got this far. Looking forward to the next trip over when hopefully bubs can hold her own fishing rod! Cheers, Benno <’><
      5. Hi everyone. I’m headed to Woodgate Beach in August for a couple of weeks with the family. I haven’t been there before. We will be land based fishing and I also have a kayak. Can anyone give me any tips on where to fish and if I can pump yabbies etc. Also can you only get to Theodolite creek by 4WD? Thanks everyone
      6. Hi all, been a while since a did a report. between a change in commitments on the home front and the whole isolation BS... opportunities to get out and about in any way, shape or form have been limited at best. The forecast for Sunday looked toooooo good to ignore so I begged and pleaded and was allowed to disappear for a few hours for some socially isolated “exercise” on my hobie kayak. i arrived at wello pt boat ramp at bang on sunrise, quickly rigged the yak up and headed out into the bay. keen to get off the donut early, I trolled a small lure out of the channel and had 3 pike and a grinner before the end of the leads. Not an illustrious start sure but donut avoided! i headed for an area where other boats and kayaks were not, figuring even if the structure wasn’t amazing the lack of noise etc would hopefully lead to better success. I rigged up and then realized I had packed the wrong “medium” rod - 6-8kg, not 4-6kg. Not the right rod for working a plastic on a lighter jighead at all. So I benched it and pulled out the lighter 2-5kg 10lb rig and crossed my fingers nothing too big came along. first cast resulted in a small cod Next cast - absolutely smashed and promptly bricked and busted off. Bugger! re-rigged, next cast and smashed again, managed to keep this one off the bottom and shortly slid the net under a corker grassy - ended up going 44.5cm on the lie detector. shortly after, landed a Moses perch that was just legal but I let him go anyway then things went went a little quite for about 1/2 hr, wasn’t even bothered too much by pike! Then in consecutive casts I landed a couple of nice pinkies I fished for another hour or so but could only manage an undersized grassy and about 20 more pike. So I cruised back to the ramp and headed for home. to the victor go the spoils... cheers for reading. benno <‘><
      7. I was part of a Facebook run kayak comp over the weekend. The target species was Mangrove jack (which no one managed to land) We launched at about 6:30am from Banksia beach, and myself with a fair few other competitors headed straight up the canals. I was hit by what I can assume was a jack very early in the day, it hit like a train at full speed and I never had a chance to get him out. He dusted me up in about 10 seconds…straight through 40lb leader! From there on it was a quiet day, I managed a small cod and a big eye trevally. Both caught on Zman Swimmerz in motor oil. There plenty of schools of trevally around, but they were hard catch, they weren’t taking much. I sounded out a lot of bait school with fishing surrounding the bait…my guess was more trevally. I trolled through them, threw paddle tails, jigged prawn lures….but could never get a touch. Finished up around 12:30 when I was knackered from the belting heat. Also ran into the nessy of the passage on the way home….he/she created a massive wave when it scurried away as I got closer. Vid below too All in all it was a tough day fishing, 7 hours on the water for 2 fish but I must say, it was great fun to fish in a comp again…maybe the Moreton Bay or Bris River classic might make a come back on day…here’s hoping.
      8. Looking at building my fitness back up after losing the top of my lung. Might as well try and catch a fish while I’m at it hey ! Show me what you got, looking for something stable and cheaper the better. cheers
      9. Anyone got one of these, they can give me some advice on please. I'm thinking of getting my first kayak, just to cover more territory around the coast, should all be pretty flat water, but I travel from Toowoomba so needs to be a one man show on my Ute and I'm not young any more. Any advice appreciated cheers.
      10. Hi all, Looking at heading out for a kayak fish this weekend. Flexible to a point on the timing, just trying to decide on a location! Kayak is a hobie outback so no real issue taking it out into the big blue if the weather is right for it. Full moon is next monday so it should be a good weekend for it. Wind looks slightly more favourable on Sunday. My options so far are: 1) launch out of cabbage tree point either morning and go chasing flatties in my "regular" spots 2) launch out of coomera/pimpama either morning and go chase some flatties, jacks and trevally 3) head up to coochin creek or bells creek and chase flatties or a jack 4) try off redcliffe around scarborough reef - might be difficult as I don't as yet have a sounder 5) launch at caloundra and head out around the blinker chasing mackeral and reefies, likely only on option Sunday morning and weather forecast has to improve slightly. again might be tricky given the lack of a sounder. Also a little bit reluctant to take this challenge on solo. 6) try around the brisbane river mouth targetting threadies, jew, flathead and snapper. 7) launch at wellington point and try for a mackeral or some reefies along the ledge. What would you do? Cheers, Benno
      11. I bought a squid light from an Aussie supplier in the hope the kids could use it from a kayak. Since my enthusiasm has been dampened for using the kayak in northern waters, could people chime in and let me know what kinds of waters would have squid and kayaks ?? I know the Sydney Harbour would work but I'm not going to go to Sydney for that ! I live in Toowoomba and it is freezing this time of year so we want to get warmer on the upcoming holidays and were hoping to go to Rockhampton area. Would the Clarence work ? (Iluka and Yamba) Cheers, Steve
      12. Hi all, I recently purchased myself a new vessel - well, new for me, second hand for someone else. After a quick shakedown run to check all was working well last weekend and a vist to @Zim man to top up the lure supply, I loaded up with way more lures than I could possibly use and headed to Cabbage Tree Point on Saturday morning with dreams of crocodile sized flathead in my mind. I hit the water about 6:30am and peddled towards some spots I used to fish in my "real" boat, thankfully the extreme shallow draft and higher tide meant that some short cuts were available and within about 20 minutes I had two lures deployed and was trolling along a deserted stretch of a back channel. Things were a bit quiet at first, one small flathead took a liking to a pontoon 21 crackerjack and was promptly released. Unfortunately eel grass was a big problem and the lures were continually being fouled up, so I headed a bit further afield towards a generally cleaner bank I had had some success on in the past. Again a pint sized flathead took a liking to the crackerjack but things were quite slow so I stopped on a nearby sandbank to stretch the legs and back out a bit. The tide was dropping out fast and as more banks became exposed the fish started to come on the bite a bit. I had something a bit bigger hit a trolled lure, a 32cm bream appeared, not a regular lure capture for me at all. Just to prove it wasn't a fluke I repeated the process another 3 times in the same area, all were decent fish 29-32cm but they weren't what I was really after. The crackerjack did the damage on all. With the tide nearing low, I headed towards my favourite flathead spot and it wasn't long before I was into them. I landed 4 in quick succession on plastics, with the water quite murky bright colours were the order of the day. 2 in the high 40's were released into the esky, the other two were just legal and nicely lip hooked so were let go to fight again. One small flattie was dropped yakside, note to Santa - landing net please! After things went a bit quiet in that spot, I peddled quickly towards another spot, and made it there just before the turn of the tide. Two more flathead were landed, one more released into the esky. I also hooked up on a small bullie in about 18" of water, he played up a treat and jumped about all over the place but soon won his freedom - 12lb leader was never going to last and probably easier to deal with that way than on my lap. By now the bite had shut down, the tide was now running in, the NNW had kicked up to about 15-18kn, making a yucky wind vs tide short sharp chop to look forward to on the way back to the ramp. I took a slightly longer way out so I was running with the wind and chop but against the tide. It was a slow and steady trip back to the ramp but it never felt unsafe or unstable - and I was mostly dry as well. Several people at the ramp were bemoaning the lack of fish for the day which made me feel a little better that I hadn't been as successful as I'd hoped. I didn't get a lot of photos for the day given my lack of any sort of waterproof photo taking device, the waterproof case I got for my phone unfortunately ruins the camera function and I'm too chicken to take it out of the case on the water. According to google earth, I covered about 11km for the day. Thanks for reading. Benno <'><
      13. Hey All, I just moved up from Sydney to Victoria Point and keen to unpack the gear and get back into fishing, back in Sydney I mostly fished fresh water but grew up fishing salt and wondering if anyone can give me any tips on local areas where i can start exploring all a meet up to tag along. I have only fished with lures over the years and been itching over the last 10 days to get back on the water as use to fish every day back in SYD. I have a kayak as well but no boat ATM. Thanks Bryce
      14. Afternoon everyone, I've been wanting to organize this for a while now but life has been too busy. So lets cut to the chase... I'm pretty sure there are a good number of kayak fishers in this club, so who is keen to get together for a social? Much like the wavebreak social, it could be an overnight event with fishing on both days. Alternatively, it could just be a morning event followed up with a bbq lunch. There are pros and cons to both... for example; overnight social requires camping facilities which limits where we can go, a single day event opens up to going anywhere in seq So at the moment, im just putting the feelers out to see what would suit most people. Once we get the votes in we can start spit balling ideas. Feel free to throw in any suggestions! Chris
      15. Hit the water early on Saturday morning hoping to find a few bream. And much like tuggers snapper trip, it was a foggy start to the day. Ended up being a super slow trip with a few lost fish. I had swapped trebles on a few lures to crappy eBay ones I had laying around....what a mistake that turned out to be! I lost 3 fish to no hook ups...very frustrating! Lesson learned though Finished with one 25.5cm bream a pike... it was just one of those “one fish for a thousand cast days” guess you can’t win em all. At least it wasn’t a donut trip. Plus I put a fish on the board for the northsiders!
      16. Launched the kayak in the pine river on Sunday morning hoping to track down some flatties or even a jewie if I was lucky enough. No Jew turned up but I managed a couple of flathead on soft plastics which kept me happy. I landed 2 and lost another next to the kayak with the biggest going 44cm. The wind picked up at about 9:30 so I called it quits and went home after that. By the time I got home the wind was blowing an absolute gale! Lucky I called time when I did or paddling back to my launch spot would have been fun Gear: Sedona 2500, Nordic Stage Favourite, Zman Minnowz in electric chicken First time I’ve used my old gopro hero2 in a while as well. The sounds quality on those things are terrible!
      17. Angus

        Kayak Trolleys

        Hey everyone... Wondering if anyone has a good opinion on kayak trolleys? Brands etc even creative DYI options? Looking at sucking it up and getting something like this... But would love advice first. Both locally and down the Tweed I have kayak options mere minutes walk from home so seems a good option as opposed to lugging it on and off a roof and double packing. Cheers. Angus
      18. Another fun and much better than expected session up a small Northern NSW creek today. The goal was actually some crabs. I am slowly tweaking the best way to paddle pots up skinny water. Some else had visited the spot before me this morning but as he was of the eucalypt eating variety I was not to phased. Although crabs were the goal of course a rod came. I had zero expectations as it was about 1pm in the afternoon and I am pretty committed to surface at the moment. So much literature suggests this is a terrible time to fish surface and it was bright and sunny to boot. Well my initial pessimism was wiped when on my 3rd cast, casting into some ripply flowing water caused by the outgoing bang, a nice chunky 32cm bream took my lure. This became the theme with each little eddy and rapid producing hits or a fish. It was a cracking session and easily my most productive from this creek despite the time. This makes me think ill work on tide logic for a while. As if the session was not good enough it was ended with a nice kicker. Casting a likely looking snag the water erupted after only 2 twitches. A drag screaming heart in mouth fight finally resulted in a solid 44cm nugget of a wild bass. Such awesome colours on this fish. Lure of the day was a berkley scum dog. Not an expensive lure at all but I have caught a lit of fish the last 2 weeks on this exact one. Other gear: Nordic stage areal sharpshooter Shimano stella 1000 6lb siglon braid and 6lb leader. Cheers for reading. Angus P.s. ill be heading back to check pots later and will report
      19. Great morning. Hit a Tweed coast tidal lake this morning hoping to get some whiting. Lots of yabby banks made things look promising but kicked off the morning with a green marlin... Hmm. Not to be put off kept going and managed a few mini bream. Finally on a nice sandy flat Joel pinned something better. After a good fight presto... Our target. Thay was about it for the morning. Slower than some but every dawn on the water is awesome. We got home to be regailed with how good the Whiting were in the surf. Tanya's dad had managed 6 in a quick pre breakfast session. Eating like kings this weekend. If only weekends were longer.
      20. Wicked dawn session today chasing bream and jacks on surface. Started scenic but slow with a half dozen little bream coming on board to say hi. Checked the pots soon after for one leg (luckily jennies are legal in NSW or it would have been a donut). After that a couple of legal bream. Man they fight dirty in this creek with snags and grass everywhere. Then it got interesting... Joel landed a cast right on a likely looking snag and CRACK CRACK two massive strikes with a solid jack getting out of the water. Sadly, but maybe lucky for Joel's 8lb leader and main line there was no hook up. Not 5 minutes later Joel dropped a donk of a bream as well. He was feeling a bit like things were not going to go his way when another cast at the same snag resulted in a big boof and hookup. A little fight later revealed Joel's first bass. To get your first bass on topwater and wild to boot... Happy. We paddled for a fair way after this with a few more little bream and suspected bass boof. On the way home I decided to have a cast at the bream bass snag and could not believe my luck when BOOF a big surface take and screaming drag. I was a bit worried as I was only running 6lb leader but after a hairy fight a smile lit my dial as this 44cm wild topwater bass was boated. After that things shut down with one more bream and a random crab that crawled into my pot despite having no bait. All in all an awesome morning and I am loving exploring this place. Angus
      21. After a frustrating Krispy Kreme in the sunny and hot Noosa River on Wednesday morning I turned my attention to the fresh of Lake Borumba. Although the Friday morning forecast had a high chance of precipitation, the cool overcast and low wind conditions were appealing.I packed everything up the day before and headed up to the health retreat at Greens Creek that my better half Co-manages.My day job these days is a bit of grounds keeping, maintenance and being the "Soup Nazi" in the kitchen ( my ratatouille is legendary and eases the guests into their first night ). Getting to the beautiful Lake just before first light, the predicted showers began.Two boats turned up and i saw only one other launch the whole session i was there. I pedalled across to a spot where i had some luck late last year. Attached on my first rod was an Arbogast jointed Jitterbug surface lure in a green tree frog colour and on the second, the same brand but 60mm in black. The weed beds had grown since my last visit and had formed a barrier to the timber and overhanging trees. I found a clearing with weed to each side and timber plus the added bonus of a big flowering bottlebrushin the middle. Peppering the area with a dozen or so casts, I got distracted by the loud squawking of a moor hen and squawked back at it. Of course as I did this I got my first hit of the day and failed to hook up. After a few more casts I moved on to some other clear structure with no results. There was plenty of surface action around in-between the showers and the sounder had me interested on what was below. Before moving over to the other side of the Lake in knew I had to give the first spot another going over. Sure enough after a few casts a big hit on the lure and some acrobatics I had my first Saratoga of the day in the kayak. I grabbed the waterproof camera for a happy snap and turned it on, and again, and again. Crap battery dead and no photo. ( IT HAPPENED @Drop Bear ) A quick measure and the 49cm fish was safely released. Off the mark, I headed over to the other side. Plenty of casts in likely spots as I made my way along the edges, all that was hooked up was a very heavy bunch of weed that pulled the front treble anchor out of the lure.I swapped over to the second setup to give the all black a go. With the lure paused in the water I turned to watch a boat coming in to the ramp. Bang another hit and a big swirl was all that I saw. Bugger ! The number of times I get a hit when distracted.... Continuing on in the drizzle I came to a little inlet that looked most likely and no sooner had the lure hit the water, a second Saratoga had started doing its dance. Woohoo two Togas, a first in one session and a PB at 59.99cm. This was worth being moist ! Looking for a hat-trick, I kept moving along until a wayward cast went higher and longer over the fork of a tree in about a metre of water. There was no way that lure was staying up there and after about ten minutes of different strategies, the lure fell from its two and a half metre perch. Giving the surface a rest for a while, down went a blade. For about five minutes. There"s something about watching a surface lure that interests me more than sending something under and that"s why 99% of my fishing is just that. ( Offshore is a different story of course ) So back to the black Jitterbug and soon enough a very very feisty Saratoga makes its way into the net and into the kayak and then somersaults out the other side, luckily still pinned and then netted again and back into the kayak ( Does it count as two ? ) WOOOOHOOOO a triple treat of Saratoga ! This Toga with attitude went 55cm and was happy to swim off. Getting greedy I had visions of adding a forth or perhaps a Bass and pedalled on. About ten minutes later I thought very heavy rain was approaching but instead it was the start of the wind picking up and the end of the session was called. Really enjoying the beautiful Lake Borumba with heaps more still to explore on the Yak.
      22. Well what a fun session. Hit a new spot this morning with good results. Using exclusively topwater lures my mate Joel and I yakked the dawn chasing, well whatever would bite. It was a bit slow to start with a few pike coming over the side... Things were looking grim and took this snap so I could at least do a poor report. No long after the sun breached we came to a little drop off. The current was moving over the shallow weed beds and edying as it hit the deep water. This is were things improved. Every cast was a bream hit with over 20 landed in an hour. The most productive and entertaining session in ages. Stopped taking pictures as well, they all look the same after a while... As if I was not happy enough the last fish I hooked was my best for the day. After a solid no mucking around surface hit and a brilliant fight in less than 1m of water I caught site of a huge whiting. A measure confirmed what I had been hoping. A new PB at 43cm. A genuine elbow slapper Very happy with the session I was home to help with the kids by 8am. Great start to the day.
      23. Well to see out the weekend we opted to try some brand new water once again. The creek had some potential with jelly prawns busting everywhere. Huge bit of excitement was had when a metery giant herring skimmed along the surface chasing said prawns. 2 free swimming muddies along the bottom ensures Ill head back here with pots as well. Anyway... the fishing... Lots of little bream caught but probably nothing that crossed the legal mark. Pictured is typical. Not many pictures sorry as it was so muggy my shirt was sweated right through and the phone was stowed in the hatch on mates kayak for most the trip. It was exciting enough though with hits being more common than not. Despite a lot of these failing to connect it is one of the best things about surface fishing in my opinion... the visuals that keep you focused and on game. At one point I had also cast towards a juicy looking snag when "boof"!!!! A large surface strike and drag peeling run and well... it was all over in seconds. I hate calling a fish I did not see but I strongly think it was a jack. My drag could barely be manually pulled off the spool and it was nothing like the bream. At the end of the day we will never know and if it was a bream it was a big one! AN ISSUE OF HOOK UPS Onto the next issue... Does anyone do anything to improve hook ups surface fishing? Finer gauge hooks? Better quality? Over the course of this weekend I feel the hit to hook up ratio has literally been 15:1 with a few dropped fish as well. This is using several lure types and brands so not to be blamed on dulled one off hooks. Or... is this the clumsiness of fish (particularly) bream on a surface strike and part of the game? (The whiting and suspected jack certainly did not miss). Cheers Angus
      24. After pedalling the yak around parts of the Noosa system for the last year, I finally tried something new and went 30 minutes the other direction to the beautiful Borumba. First session was last Saturday. Stubbornly I went out with less than favourable conditions. Only having two "shower proof" Broncos training jackets didn't keep the constant drizzle from soaking me through. Although I persisted through from a 4am start to around 8, all I had was a few bumps on the spinner bait and blades that I was throwing around. Not to be deterred, I did my homework ( old Borumba reports and tips on here ) and had another window of Thursday and Friday. Armed with a couple of jitterbugs ( thanks @aussie123) and some purple blades as well as specific plastics, I was set to pop my freshwater yak cherry. With much better weather on Thursday first light, a regular pointed out at the ramp where the Saratoga had been close by. So over I pedalled to spot X,Y & Z. About 15 minutes in I had my first surface strike and wow what a strike it was. Unfortunately no hookup but it got the heart racing. Being addicted to surface lures in the salt, I cast a hundred more times for naught. Time to move and drop the blades. By now it was about 7.30 and I was getting a few half hearted hits and the weed was getting on my nerves, time was running out to get home for the first ball of the Ashes.The duck was broken with a 27cm bass and first fish from the fresh. Friday was now on my mind. Arriving to another beautiful morning I had decided to explore a bit further from the ramp. Surface activity constantly had me looking around. The lure, or where I was throwing it, was attracting no interest so I decided to pedal about a K from the ramp. Finding some flowering bottlebrush trees that were at the waters edge ( another tip) I had six hits in the next 45 minutes in different spots for no result. Finally on the seventh hit a Saratoga was pinned under the chin ! Although there was no aerial acrobatics my first Toga was netted, measured, photographed (badly) and with shaking hands released safely back to grow from its 55cm. About twenty casts later it was time to move on and go underwater. With my sounder playing up and not reading bottom every few minutes ( @Luvit do you want another transducer project?) a rather small bass with eyes bigger than its belly had a chew on the purple blade. With the weed and malfunctioning finder giving me the Sh!ts and my Toga cherry popped, it was off the water and back to the cricket.