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      1. so i just got myself a little 18lb thrust watersnake for my kayak. setting it up today to take out tomorrow for a bit of a fish. can anyone give me advice on the battery size i willl need? i currently have a 40ah battery that i pulled out of my boat since its not going atm. how long will that give me on the water? should i invest in a bigger one? thanks in advance for your help
      2. Angus

        Kayak Trolleys

        Hey everyone... Wondering if anyone has a good opinion on kayak trolleys? Brands etc even creative DYI options? Looking at sucking it up and getting something like this... But would love advice first. Both locally and down the Tweed I have kayak options mere minutes walk from home so seems a good option as opposed to lugging it on and off a roof and double packing. Cheers. Angus
      3. I'm looking at downsizing my kayak from a Prowler 13 to something a bit smaller. Going to go take a look at some at BCF and Anaconda tomorrow to get a feel for size, but thought I'd also check people's opinion on here regarding size and also good brands to buy. Would still like to be able to use it not too far of the shore in places like Wellington Pt but the ability to easily access smaller creeks, etc would also be handy, as well as easily store it inside holiday accommodation (if I can buy one in time I'll be doing just that at Noosaville in 3 weeks time - did this with the Prowler last year but was a tight squeeze). Looking at Gumtree at the moment there's a Malibu Stealth 9 that is a good buy - hopefully BCF have one I can look at tomorrow. Then there's some 3 metre options. I'm 6ft 4inch so needs to be big enough ...... So ....... what have you got, what do you use it for and what would you recommend. Want to spend less than $500 - may or may not transfer the sounder over from the Prowler.
      4. Another fun and much better than expected session up a small Northern NSW creek today. The goal was actually some crabs. I am slowly tweaking the best way to paddle pots up skinny water. Some else had visited the spot before me this morning but as he was of the eucalypt eating variety I was not to phased. Although crabs were the goal of course a rod came. I had zero expectations as it was about 1pm in the afternoon and I am pretty committed to surface at the moment. So much literature suggests this is a terrible time to fish surface and it was bright and sunny to boot. Well my initial pessimism was wiped when on my 3rd cast, casting into some ripply flowing water caused by the outgoing bang, a nice chunky 32cm bream took my lure. This became the theme with each little eddy and rapid producing hits or a fish. It was a cracking session and easily my most productive from this creek despite the time. This makes me think ill work on tide logic for a while. As if the session was not good enough it was ended with a nice kicker. Casting a likely looking snag the water erupted after only 2 twitches. A drag screaming heart in mouth fight finally resulted in a solid 44cm nugget of a wild bass. Such awesome colours on this fish. Lure of the day was a berkley scum dog. Not an expensive lure at all but I have caught a lit of fish the last 2 weeks on this exact one. Other gear: Nordic stage areal sharpshooter Shimano stella 1000 6lb siglon braid and 6lb leader. Cheers for reading. Angus P.s. ill be heading back to check pots later and will report
      5. Well what a fun session. Hit a new spot this morning with good results. Using exclusively topwater lures my mate Joel and I yakked the dawn chasing, well whatever would bite. It was a bit slow to start with a few pike coming over the side... Things were looking grim and took this snap so I could at least do a poor report. No long after the sun breached we came to a little drop off. The current was moving over the shallow weed beds and edying as it hit the deep water. This is were things improved. Every cast was a bream hit with over 20 landed in an hour. The most productive and entertaining session in ages. Stopped taking pictures as well, they all look the same after a while... As if I was not happy enough the last fish I hooked was my best for the day. After a solid no mucking around surface hit and a brilliant fight in less than 1m of water I caught site of a huge whiting. A measure confirmed what I had been hoping. A new PB at 43cm. A genuine elbow slapper Very happy with the session I was home to help with the kids by 8am. Great start to the day.
      6. Does anyone know any good kayaking spots up the brekkie creek location; where to fish, what tide, what time Etc.
      7. Skull dragged the kayak up some narrow creeks and it was all worth it in the end !
      8. Heys guys me again Made another video a day in the bay ep.2 let me know what yous think just a few clips from this weekends efforts
      9. Hey guys, been a few years since I've been on here but I've been a member on here since 2006 haha. Don't get a lot of time to go fishing with work and my weekends are spent playing cricket on Saturday and Sunday I'm preparing wickets/ grounds for our juniors. But that will be finishing up soon. I took my yak up to the pine last week but only caught one 10cm bream I live on the water in chelmer and was wondering if it's actually worth fishing the area? Only fished down he bank a few times for nothing, Also I have a kayak and want to catch a bass upstream. Was thinking the area around twin bridges but heard it's very busy area. Any good launching areas around that area? Anyway I'm going to start contributing to this forum again, hopefully I'll catch some decent fish which has been awhile lol. Here's a pic of my back yard. It looks kinda fishy also my yak abit messy but I'm usually abit more organised haha
      10. G'day all, Scored myself a bargain 4.5m Scupper Pro a couple of weeks ago and am busily getting all the extra bits and pieces I need so I can get it on the water. The plan will be to mainly use it in the river (around the Gateway plus hopefully over near Boggy Ck and the pipeline, but also occasionally probably down around Wello Point plus possibly over to Dunwich, etc. Anyway, I have no idea yet of the legal requirements of wearing a lifejacket and when/where people generally wear one? I just noticed a brand new Mojiko Manual Inflatable Life Jacket on Gumtree for $30 which appears great value but wanted to check if they are suitable/any good. /> It is the adult size so I'm assuming it is the >70kg model (I will be checking with the seller). I am 110kg (planning on getting back to 100kg .......). From what I can tell to activate it you can either activate the little CO2 cylinder or otherwise inflate orally. I looked at a link to another model sold at Whitworths and a replacement CO2 cylinder costs $30 so presumably you'd only activate it if you absolutely had to ..... Any advice on the suitability of this particular life jacket or just on the need for a lifejacket (obviously each to their own but I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts) in general would be much appreciated. I'll get organised and chuck some photos up of the new toy at some stage soon-ish. Cheers.
      11. Hey there, I have been fishing from a kayak for quite some time and most recently I have been rattling my brain to come up with cost effective modifications I can do to create a better fishing experience. I am pondering the idea of cutting out my current kayak hatch (which drops straight into the hull) and creating a bigger hole, possibly putting a small plastic storage container in and using Sikaflex to lock it into place. This is the type of container I would use, this is not the exact container as it seems too deep but something like it. Or possibly a small eski? /> Has anyone seen or heard of this being done? I am curious to know if there is anything I should be doing in particular. Any advice or insight would be great Kind regards, Damage
      12. Gday all AFO'ERS, headed out this morn early to fisherman's island at the port of bris. Arrived around 5am to find the wind up and not very appealling , so decided to hit bulimba creek, for a sper of the moment decision it paid off, second drift thru some awesome structure (must learn to use snapshot function on the sounder) I found a big school of fish, large shows on the sounder , just piled up on top of each other. Decided to drop down a soft vibe style lure made by adrenalin lure 's, with the huge amount of vibe that comes off these things it was no suprise, BANG!, no tap tap tap just BANG!. Screaming reel, there is no better sound, I managed to swing the "Freak'n'Ezy" (aka my torpedo pro) round only to find the fish had other ideas and ran back under me , and snagged! Bugger! Let's do that again, so quick paddle back upstream , found the school holding on the same lump, and again BANG! straight into the snags again we go. By this stage I'm full of energy and all I could think was jacks, wasn't to be with the next drift claiming victory on zman motor oil swimmers on 1/4 oz jighead, this little beauty rose to the surface, going 90cm my new pb for theadies in the yak, however the couple I lost felt heavier maybe next time, maybe. (Sorry guys for the kill shot but didn't have camera with me this morn, however he was coming home for dinner anyway) Hope everyone else is having a great day working, suckers! EZY
      13. Thanks to the advice from some of the members on AFO I decided on a Freak Assassin GT kayak over the dream kayak. Yesterday morning I picked it up and can't describe how keen I am to use it! The quality is superb and it looks like it will be far comfier than my old kayak. It also has a lot of room in it for fishing and has everything that I'm after. With the ability to mount accessories such as the gopro mount I should be able to capture a lot more of my creek sessions through quality angles. I'd also like to mention that the service from Drazen at Freak Kayaks was excellent as he was great to talk to and helped us out with a good deal. Now I just need to catch my first fish in it! James
      14. I headed off early on Sunday morning in search of jacks in the Gold Coast canals. My main aim was to catch a jack off the surface, but after my efforts from the previous weekend (losing $100+ worth of lures to angry jacks) I just wanted to land a single jack and get my mojo back. Setup: Freaksports Assassin GT Kayak Nordic Stage Custom Artist 7’, 1000 Stella, 8lb braid and leader IS wasp 50 Nordic Stage Areal Pro 6’6, 2500 Rarenium, 15lb braid and leader Lucky Craft G Splash 65 My strategy was to use the popper first, then follow up with the wasp to try and increase my hook-up rate by covering both water columns. Well, it wasn’t long before I landed my first and smallest jack for the morning. What a cutie… I can’t believe he took a lure almost the same size as himself. My 2nd jack came along not too long after, smashing the IS wasp again. Upsizing one centimetre at a time With 2 pups landed my mojo was back and in full swing. All I needed now was one to take my popper. Pop… Pop… Ka-boom! Jack number 3 off the surface. Couldn’t be happier. He smashed it in shallow water near no structure. Just goes to show that you should fish every bit of water because you never know where a jack will be. Feeling pretty happy with myself and almost calling it a day, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my popper being engulfed again by an explosion of water in full sunlight. What the… After a very solid fight, I was overwhelmed with joy as an angry jack came to the surface. What an awesome looking fish. I ended up with 4 jacks, 1 bream, 1 cod and 1 trevally for the morning. I dropped 3 good fish and lost my IS wasp to a big cod, I think. I also saw dozens of baby jacks (same size as my first one) cruising around with schools of bream. It was cool seeing these little fish swimming around knowing that they’re there and breeding well. Enjoy. Ian
      15. cardd22

        Logan River

        Hello, it's been awhile since I have ridden my kayak, just want to know, has anyone kayaked in Logan river before?
      16. After many years of use, my viking kayak is starting to become too small and possibly a little heavier from water after each trip So that leads me into the exciting decision of getting a new kayak. I really like the layout and style of the freak/dream kayaks and I know a few members on here have these kayaks. So I was just wondering which of these yaks would be better to get as they look pretty much the same. I hear a lot about the freak kayaks though and have talked to a few guys who own them and love them. Thanks, James
      17. Gday all yaking afo'ers , heading out around ray bay canals tomorrow morning testing new sounder , launching at vrm at 6 am if keen to tag along. Ezy
      18. This is from this weeks pine rivers press but nothing on SEQ water site. Cheers Ray WATER skiers and paddlers will share recreation on Lake Kurwongbah on different days. Water Supply Minister Mark Bailey met with local MPs and members of the Lake Kurwongbah Water Ski Zone club last week to outline the lake’s availability. Mr Bailey said the result was reached after strong representation from local MPs, the Member for Kallangur Shane King and the Member for Pine Rivers, Nikki Boyd. “Together, we’ve worked towards an outcome that is in everyone’s best interests,†Mr Bailey said. As of June 30, Waterski Queensland and the Lake Kurwongbah Water Ski Zone club will have use of the lake from Thursday to Saturday. Also from June 30, Lake Kurwongbah will be open to the general public for paddling from Sunday to Wednesday. In April last year, the club was told to pack its bags after 55 years of exclusive use of Lake Kurwongbah. Seqwater CEO Peter Dennis said the shared recreation plan was an interim arrangement while a detailed water quality assessment of the neighbouring Lake Samsonvale was being completed to determine whether additional water-based recreation could be considered in the future. Following the assessment, Seqwater will engage with the community on the long-term recreation plan for both lakes. “One of the key lessons from the recreation review is that the community place a high value on being able to access our lakes and surrounding catchments,†Mr Dennis said. For the latest recreation and safety notices, visit Most Viewed
      19. I took my yak to the eastern arm of Hinz Dam last Saturday morning in search of bass and saratoga. Being my first time there in a yak, I loved exploring vast array of timber lined banks. After 30 minutes of endless casting, I finally caught my first bass of the morning with a megabass dog-x Jr. He put up a good fight and saved me from a donut that was lingering in the back of my mind. After another hour of cast after cast in tranquil, timbered, waters, my heart almost skipped a beat when my surface lure was engulfed by an explosion of water. My excitement level went from almost dead asleep, to WIDE AWAKE instantly as my rod bent over and my little reel started to scream. With my heart racing and my yak almost capsizing, I managed to pull the fish out of two trees and into open water next to my yak. It still took a bit of time and lots of power to bring the fish to the surface. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a solid, massive hunk of bass coming up from the depths. I netted the fish and savoured the moment. I removed the dog-x Jr and placed the fish on the truth mat between my legs. After getting it all flat and straighten out, it went 51cm – my new PB. This fish was in perfect condition and was really thick between the shoulders. After a few awkward photos with my iPhone self-timer, I released it. Riding the high of my last catch, I continued to throw the dog-x Jr for the next hour… with no strikes. I then swapped to a 76mm bent minnow. After a couple of enquiries by eager kingfishers, I finally came to an area that just seemed fishy. I sent the bent minnow on a wayward trajectory towards the steep bank. I worked the lure just below the surface with fast twitches and short pauses. This must have been the winning combination, as the surface of the water exploded again with a fierce strike. After a tough fight in heavy timbered water, I was rewarded with a 46cm bass. After a few more photos and sighs of relief, I released the fish to fight another day. I fished on for another hour with no luck and decided to call it a day. Although it was a slow day, 3 fish in 3.5 hours, I am still frothing from those surface strikes… Ian
      20. Hello all, I'm just wondering if any of you guys have pics or designs for mounting bracket for Viking kayaks you could help me out with? I've recently had a bit on an accident, and will likely have some movement issue sin my left arm for a while, so bugger paddling? Pics as well as instructions would be great as I'm a bit mechanically retarded!
      21. G'day to all out there in fishing land, a few months ago Angus (the gentleman that he is) ran a "Jack Marathon" comp, some of you may remember and /or were a part of it . As it happens, i was the lucky winner of the Freak bass kayak that AFO had put up for grabs. Over the past few weeks i had to wait till the new torpedo pro's came into stock (as the bass yak was a little small for me, and the guy's at freak allowed me to upgrade to the new torpedo pro model), then "marcia" decided to drop in, so during all this no photo's were taken of me picking up my yak. Again thankyou so much Angus hopefully i can repay you with some big fish photo's i'm on a mission now! heading to Inskip Point in couple of weeks, so bring on the macks. cheers ezy So i took it out for her maiden run on weekend please let me introduce "The FREAK'n'EZY", arrived safe and sound (love the "lava" colour) loaded and ready for action port of bris "cherry popped" And also a big big thanks to Duncan at Fishhead, you have always been a great supporter of this site and is a i am humbley gratefull for the prize you sent thru (never owned luckycrafts marias ect before) thankyou very much mate. EZY.
      22. Hey guys. Thus is my first real post as such, so I hope I'm in the right place. I used to do a lot of kayaking as a kid,and after taking out the in laws tarpon 120 and nailing my 1st jack its really lit a fire up my backside. Long story short, I needs a yak. I've been looking at the freak sports assassin gt but I'm worried that at 6'2 and 100kg I might outgrow it. Can anyone confirm my theory? If not, that's fine. I'll be using the yak for fresh creek, dam and salt canal work. Thanks in advance, I'm open to options and can go up to $750 for a yak package
      23. Hi all, I was looking into getting a lighting kit for my Slayer 13, and was lucky enough to win a SuperNova basic lighting kit on an online comp. I'll be purchasing another kit containing rear lights (same as front set,) and a smaller se of cockpit lights. The quality of these lights is excellent, the outer case feels tough, the backing tape sticks firm and doesn't feel like it'll peel easily at all. The kit comes with everything required, x2 light strips (in basic kit.) 1 rubber boot toggle switch, a cleaning pad with xylene for pre wiping where the lights will be stuck down, cable management clips, and 6' of extra cable. These are made in USA, and are nothing like the cheap Chinese ebay rubbish. The kits come in blue, green , red, and white.
      24. Hey guys, haven't been on here in a couple of years. I guess I lost my passion for fishing the last 18 months or so. A few of my mates ended up buying kayaks so i decided to buy myself one aswell and get back on the water. Bought a Torpedo Pro Fishing Kayak from freak sports and I love it! I've taken it out a few times haven't caught many fish yet (nothing has changed there lol) but went to the pimpama the other day with the po ts and caught 16 muddies. Only 4 bucks though and only managed to keep 2 not complaining though going up to the pine early tomorrow morning to chase some muddies. Haven't been there for a few years as the river hasn't produced a decent fish for me in years but I know a few hot spots to get muddies from growing up as a kid fishing the river. Fingers crossed I get some tomorrow
      25. With the weather looking mint I headed out to wello point for a yak chrissy morning taking some pillies and squid due to lack of fish landed chasing jacks recently on lures...1st drift got on to a nice squire of 38cm and after a few drifts i was getting few 30's and sweetlip in low 30's..once drifted into the shallows got a grinner so stuck to the deeper water..With bait working a treat I didn't really bother with lures.. Now after bringing in a smaller squire my other rod went off and looked a bigger fish so left the little one out the back for a swim and proceeded with his bigger brother and once I got it to the yak i hear a splash behind me and look down to my side and see the big tail fin sweeping under me...great...5 seconds later i get a solid bump from underneath so i quickly pull in the bigger squire which was legal but before i know it the shark stole the other fish and headed off to Straddie! Pulled me a long for a little while before i saw the backing of the spool so tightened the drag and snap it went...Got my line back at least so glad its not in the ocean...Then thinking it was all over started rigging up only to look up at the exact moment this beast launches out of the water like a whale about 15 metres away from me...assuming it was the same shark and with the tail fin i saw I'd easily put it at around 8 foot or longer After all the excitement I went back to fishing and got a few more but only get kept the 2 snaps for dinner...wasn't until my last pilly I floated out that it got taken by something big and fast which spooled my 3000 symtre with 15lb braid and 20lb leader in about 10-15 seconds...No shark or ray, thinking Mack or tuna the way it ran..saw the spool so tightened up the drag and it was gone..Next time i might take my bigger rig out! Cracker day but only a few photos..might get myself a go pro soon!