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Found 21 results

  1. Hey Guys i am going for a camping trip at the tip of Cape Moreton and was wandering if there are any land-based fishing spots for tuna, trevally, Macs, and other large pelagic species. I was going to throw some hardbody lures. I was thinking that fishing off the rocks was where to go. Am i wasting my time throwing lures off the rocks? Any response would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone! Just an update. It's been a while since I've drifted onto here, but it crossed my mind. Plenty of familiar members and many new ones it seems! What a community. Anyways I work for QFES now at straddie part time after over a year of training and study, and also a barista on the side. This leaves lots of spare time for fishing and gardening (I try to be self sufficient with about half of my meals). To aid in this I've purchased a brand new offshore kayak weapon! Coulda bought a boat with that money but it falls into place with my sustainability project; I can go out for free if I'm hungry A few pics from recent times
  3. Hey guys, new to posting here but long time member. I recently found some of my older land based catches around Brisbane most of them before the floods, back when jewies were 45cm limit lol, which has got me keen to start targeting the jewies again this season. I will update with some more pics and journals soon but thought it was worth posting them before they get lost again.
  4. Hi all, I would like to pick your brains on a few questions. I fish mostly landbased off Cairns. I am looking for a spot at False Cape (don't want to give the exact location away but people would know the spot if they fish it). Has anyone fished it recently and would be able to give me some tips and tricks for catching fish there? Can you catch mackerel if you throw a bait out on a float? Also, I would like some knowledge on land- based shark fishing. Has anyone got some good spots (just please tell me which beach, I will put the time in) for big sharks? I don't have a option to 'swim' a bait out o a kayak or something of the sort so would a float rig work to let it drift out or possibly just casting? Thank you all and tight lines.
  5. Hi all, I fish landbased off the piers in FNQ and constantly find I get baited without a hookup. I use 4/0 Eagle Claw Widegapes. I fish mostly with livebait or frozen prawns and squid. I am always getting bites on the frozen baits. They are reasonable and I have hooked fish like this in the past (but not much bigger than 40cm or smaller than 15cm). Should I fish like the snapper fishos in NZ fish by opening the bail arm and see if the fish runs with the bait? Thanks
  6. Land based fishing on the Gold Coast was good the past weekend. Grunter bream were the stars of the show with plenty of fish around 40cm with the best 42cm. Mixed in with them were whiting to 33cm, legal Moses perch, a few blubberlip bream and of course bream and tarwhine. Yabbies and bloodworms were the bait of choice with no real difference between either of them. As is so often the case, sinker size was the key with anything over an 0 Ball being too heavy for where I was fishing. While grunter bream are not my favourite fish to fillet, once that chore is out of the way they are fantastic on the table. The blubberlip are put to good use too as they go quite well in the smoker. A sample of the catch are in the photos.
  7. G'day all im looking to take my brothers kid (6 years old) out for his first ever little fish as he has recently discovered fishing videos on youtube and is in love with the idea, does anyone know of any easy access spots in the goodna area that i could take him for a flick? doesn't matter what species are about i will even go for catties i just want the young fella to have a bit of fun, landbased only as my wife wont let me get a boat haha cheers for any help you can give lads sam
  8. This monster land based snapper was picked up but the Victorian Fisheries Authority. Promoting what can be caught land based in Victoria this snapper season. The video was from Fishing Frenzy and you can check him out by follow the link on his name that will take you to his you tube channel. I have been a bit busy the last few months with new gear and trying to keep up with orders on our existing stock so I apologize for not keeping up to date here. Here is the edited version of Fishing Frenzy's catch with out the show and tell of our rigs and the bit of language of the 6 minute fight. It is well worth checking out his full vid which is in this link here Below is the edited one from VFA. You can check out my hand made gear that this was caught with on my site Will be also posting a article later this week I have been working on which is jam packed with some good info for all us fisho's. Enjoy fisho's and tight lines
  9. g'day everyone ive just recently gotten into fishing as a way to get out of the house while im out of work and im looking for good land based spots to fish in and around the north pine river, ive no specific fish in mind to target as i just enjoy catching them then letting them go. any advice for some good spots would be much obliged. cheers sam
  10. August is always a pretty good month to chase sand whiting at many locations around Moreton Bay and there have been a few fish nosing about the Southport Broadwater for me landbased after work for a couple of nights this week. Nothing over 40 cm so far, but a couple of reasonable fish. Bait choice hasn't seemed to make much difference with fish being caught on yabbies, surf worms and Cribb Island worms. Light leads (00 or 000) in less than a metre of water has been the go. These were caught from the beaches at Runaway Bay.
  11. Hi All, Heading to Broome tomorrow (29AUG to 06SEP) so hoping for some land-based fishing tips. Disappointing to hear only 180m of the 640m of the jetty boardwalk is accessible now as I do not have access to a 4WD. Not targeting anything specific just hoping to get out for a fish. Family holiday with a young toddler so hoping to make the most of the limited time fishing I can sneak in. Good fishing spots (?): The Jetty Entrance Point Rocks near the Fishing Club Town Beach Boat Ramp Rock Groyne Gantheaum Point Rocks Cable Beach North of the Rocks Gear I’m taking: 15kg travel rod 5kg travel rod 40-pound hand reel 200-pound hand reel Hoping for any tips or pointers for any of the fishing locations such as suggested bait, recommended lures, best tides (slack water top of the tide?) etc. Thanks in advance.
  12. Belated report from our trip to Pottsville over the middle weekend of the holidays just gone. Was our first trip with our new (to us) Trackabout Safari camper trailer - worked really well and we love it. Had a bit of rain and found there's one small section of the zip seam about the entrance that leaks slightly so we'll sort that out with some water proof spray. It was our first time there and we loved it, will definitely be back. Our camp spot was right on the water so was perfect for the boys to go and explore - and me once I'd had my coffee ..... On the first arvo I walked over the bridge and saw a HUGE school of sea mullet going under the bridge. I reckon there could have been in excess of 1000 fish flow through under the bridge. They were milling around here and there for the rest of our stay - they certainly knew you weren't allowed to throw a castnet at them ..... The boys gathered up some fish frames from the beach on the first arvo which included a very, very solid 43cm bream, so hopes were high but we couldn't manage any legal bream, surprisingly. I got a 37cm whiting that I sight cast to right up in the shallows - a very rewarding capture. Quite a skinny fish though unfortunately. Also got a 50cm flattie on a hard bodied lure and my wife got a decent dart off the beach down at Black Rock - we did an arvo session with my wife chasing dart with pippies whilst I threw out a pillie in hopes of some tailor but no luck. I went back the next morning but no luck again - packed the lighter set up with plans to chase dart insted there were no tailor around but forgot the bucket of leftover yabbies and couldn't find any pippies to use pieces of pillie for one hookup which dropped off and apart from that a few bites but hard to hook up to. We also saw some very active whales breaching when we went for a walk on the beach - very cool! I enjoyed watching the locals fishing for mullet with their quill floats and dough, always good to see a different technique that you don't use yourself. Oh and for anyone going there, there are yabbies on both sides of the creek and I heard on the day we left that there is a much more plentiful yabby bank just past the second bridge (opposite Black Rock).
  13. I haven't been able to get out much over the last few months for a fish, but found some time to chase a land based feed at Point Halloran on Friday night. The bites were fairly steady during the tide cycle with the exception of the usual lull around the top of the tide. We ended up with a good mixed bag with some nice fish in the mix (only the best of each species are in the photo). Yabbies and worms accounted for the whiting and bream and small blue pilchards for the tailor and flathead. It was a good haul overall. We backed up for a session the next night at Sandgate. The wind proved to be a problem early, but we still managed to add a few more tailor and bream to the weekend's catch. Not much size to the tailor at Sandgate on this occasion.
  14. Hi All, Long time no post for me - have been living in Singapore for the last 3.5 years but got over it because the fishing is terrible. Was time to take a pay cut and move back to Aus and fortunate enough to get a job back home in Cairns. Been back two months and hitting the beaches for the spring salmon run; found the key is reasonable sized live mullet late afternoon and wearing my lucky fishing t-shirt (seem to catch only sharks if not wearing the brown shirt with a shark on it). The odd barra (just before closed season but released anyway - I'll wait for February to take one home) and queenfish has been in the mix, plus a couple of spoolings on unknowns. Looking forward to two weeks off at Christmas when there should be some big king salmon lurking at night. Here's a few recent fish. 2.mp4 3.mp4 4.mp4 6.mp4
  15. Hey All, I just moved up from Sydney to Victoria Point and keen to unpack the gear and get back into fishing, back in Sydney I mostly fished fresh water but grew up fishing salt and wondering if anyone can give me any tips on local areas where i can start exploring all a meet up to tag along. I have only fished with lures over the years and been itching over the last 10 days to get back on the water as use to fish every day back in SYD. I have a kayak as well but no boat ATM. Thanks Bryce
  16. Hey guys just wondering if anybody knows how deep it is off the beach around queens beach. Looking at going fishing around there sometime soon thanks
  17. Hi guys just after some advice on land based spots in the sunny coast to catch snapper hoping to stay overnight
  18. As I was heading up to Sandgate to talk about the history and environment of Moreton Bay, I thought it would be great to take the kids up to interact with some of the finned inhabitants of the Bay. You can't just talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. Fishing was easy even though the tides weren't perfect. We fished for a couple of hours on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday morning off the foreshore. The tailor were fairly plentiful and while no big fish (best was 42 cm) we only caught one that was undersized. Overall we got a good mixed bag of tailor, dusky flathead, bar tailed flathead and bream. The best bream was 39cm.
  19. Hi guys, how's dohles Rocks going at the moment? I've caught a few small flattie there in the past, might revisit it soon.
  20. Hi guys after some more advice on another place i frequently fish Anybody have any landbased advice about boggy creek in pinkenba i fish here quite frequently i nornally get the normal bread and butter species (bream,flat head) ive caught a tailor here and a cod aswell but wonder if theres any other species that i could target I fish off the bank to the left of the boat ramp and cast baits into the current and let it drift out until i feel bites then leave it there and wait any advice about rig setups and bait presentation that im maybe not doing would be appreciated I use 10ft rod with baitrunner 30lb braid as its pretty rocky there with a sz 5 or 6 sinker and 50lb leader down to 2 snelled 4/0 or 5/0 hooks i use either mullet strips or whole pillies for bait.the current is strong thats why i use heavy sinkers and dont like using live bait is this wrong? My second rod i have 10lb line with a sz2 ball sinker tied to a swivel and 20lb leader with a small hook and mullet for bait I get the feeling the technique im using is wrong but dont know what else to do
  21. Hi new to this I was hoping to get some advice about fishing landbased at scarborough boat harbour on the boat ramp side ive fished here quite abit but am getting sick of the bream and after something bigger ive recently set up two rods a bigger outfit of 10 ft surf rod paired with a baitrunner normally use whole pillies gang hooked for something bigger and then a 7ft estuary set up for smaller species i switched from prawns to mullet for bait as it last abit longe. Any advice on what/how to target species would be much appreciated