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Found 6 results

  1. After spending hours yesterday trying to figure out why the gps/chartplotter function wasn't working I went to the last resort and contacted Lowrance Support who were good enough to respond within 24 hours. Unfortunately they told me the Hook Reveal 5x that Anaconda sold me does not have maps and you cannot load maps/charts. I was pleased to know that I'm not a complete idiot who can't read manuals or understand every menu option available. However I'm pretty disappointed that they would sell a sounder/GPS combo where the GPS is completely useless and redundant. What's the point of including it ?!?! Feeling rather cranky about it and wondering if they'll respond to the questions I put to them. In the meantime I'm going to sooth myself with a bit more retail therapy and visit BCF for one that will actually do the job. Anaconda and Lowrance can go eat a rotten fish.
  2. Hi All, Prompted by @ellicat what are some of the default sounder settings you have changed immediately and recommend: List your sounder model and the recommended setting changes: Sounder: Lowrance HDS Live 12 Chart settings I have changed: Created default page view split with downscan, chart and structure Chart Map North Up Added heading extension Chart Look ahead On New colour Trail for each Month. (Can then open trails for the same time last year) SonarChart on when prospecting. Sonarchart off when travelling. Shallow depth alarm 1.0m Low voltage alarm 10.5v Data overlays: Depth, Speed over ground, Time (always handy), Voltage (paranoid about flat battery) Shallow water fishing mode (not sure what this does) Most of my fishing is inside the bay so I turn off autorange at set at 30m (down) and 40m (structure) that way i get used to fish arch sizes and don't have to adjust to how far zoomed in the image is and a smaller fish looking larger than it really is For structurescan: In the bay 455khz when prospecting and 800khz when i'm zeroing into a spot I'm sure there are other settings and will add more in later posts.
  3. snap1946


    Viewing Lowrance hook 2 7 .USR file on computer
  4. Mowzeh

    New Sounder

    Hi everyone, I recently returned my elite 9 ti2 due to some issues (restarting when changing pages, losing bottom, and sidescan interference) so I am back in the market for a new sounder. I fish from a Hobie pro angler and mainly target bream. I am in two minds and have narrowed my choices down. 1. Garmin echomap plus 95sv 2. Lowrance HDS live 7 3. Give the lowrance elite ti2 9 another go. Can anyone here offer some advice from personal experience with these units? Anything from user interface, touch screen responsiveness to charts and image clarity (downscan sidescan). All help will be. Greatly appreciated. My budget is 1450 if you feel you have some other model you would recommend. Cheers.
  5. Heading to Noosaville next Saturday and taking my kayak for it's yearly voyage. I remembered that last time the sounder played up - anyone have a clue what might be causing it (and more importantly what I can do to fix it)?
  6. Once I get out on the water I'll give you my opinion on if there is much improvement and if I think it's worth the extra money. I bought this mainly for the extra distance it provides for the side scanning capabilities. The 3D image will be a bonus. The depth of the transducer is deeper than the previous Totalscan transducer so I'm expecting with the block and the extra depth I will get a very clear image. Wanted to get out this weekend but don't think it will happen. Here's a photo of how deep it will be off the keel. Should catch any anchor ropes now