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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm a novice angler, JayJAY.I bought the Pryml Raptor Spinning Combo from BCF. It is 7ft, 2-4kg. (reel 2000)I'd like to know the thickness of the line and the weight of the luer for this combo.I want to do light inland fishing, squid, bream, flathead, etc. on land lure fishing.Crankbate minnow zighead and so on.I'm a very beginner, so I don't know much. Please help me a lot.Thank you! Buy this!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips for targeting some bass in the Bulimba creek area. I have done tonnes in the way of bait fishing but absolutely nothing in the way of lure fishing so I will need some tips for when I head out on my kayak. Also, does anyone know any good places around Brisbane to get a first fish on a lure. Thanks heaps
  3. Hey folks, Looking to rig up an old school handline with larger fish in mind for passive fishing, no reel.. just hook, line and sinker, lasso style. Firstly I despise using gloves so I would like to have the line made of that thicker twisted or braided rope like you see on vintage equipment, I want to catch larger fish so I would probably opt for 100lb line, but where can I source this old type of line? Does it have a name? As for hooks, I assume I would want want a circle hook but I'm not sure how I'd rig it with the thicker line and if it would fit through the eye of the hook etc, perhaps they make hooks with larger eyes but where can I source them? Do they have a name? As for bait I could just use a fish and call it a day however I was questioning lures, I know typically they need to be actively worked in the water but what about floor dwelling creatures such as, crayfish, crab and octopus? apparently some tournament guys on youtube have great success using soft crab lures with minimal movement, what are your thoughts? Cheers
  4. I posted an article last time asking for advice on catching a bass near Lake Wibbon.I didn't catch any fish and concluded that lake fishing needed a boat.I went to the mouth of the Brisbane River because I was a poor foreigner and could not buy a boat.Where there are private vessels, I got a proper seat in the river and I threw a fishing rod.After tens of minutes of twitching and jerking, I finally caught the first fish of my life.Even though it's small, it's such a happy moment!And caught a fish the size of Luer. What a happy day!Lour is a big w minnow.I began to feel more interested in fishing in the future. And I give this honor to those who helped me in the comments last time.!!
  5. Hi all this is my first post on the forum excluding my introduction post. I've moved to Brisbane from Hobart about six weeks ago and I've been doing as much fishing as time allows because I'm very keen to get onto some species we don't have down south. The missus moved us up here because of work and we've done a bit of traveling around because of that. Mostly just fishing with an 8ft general purpose rod 15lb braid 20lb leader and Paternoster rig or running sinker rig depending. Then while baits are soaking I like to have a cast with my 6ft spin 10lb braid 10lb leader with a variety of lures depending. Squidgies biotough flickbaits are my favorite. Then there's my shark rod 5ft Penn warfare with a Penn spinfisher 850 with 30lb braid 50lb leader and a wire trace. Live baits or large mullet pieces. So to begin with we were staying at redcliffe. I did a bit of bait fishing from the jetty for a few sessions but after only a couple undersized bream I decided it wasn't a spot for me. I wandered north a little and fished off queens beach a few evenings. During these sessions I got a couple grassy sweetlips, few large bream and a small snapper. Lost a few decent fish. One afternoon I had a go off the rock wall at the entrance to Scarborough marina. I got a decent sized catfish. I saw some birds working about 100 yards out into the bay so I banged a wobbler on my spinner in case they came closer. They didn't but shortly after I saw a large wake and swirl slowly moving against the grain of the water heading straight up into the marina. I thought it must have been the turtle I had seen getting about earlier but then I saw a narrow dorsal fin poke out. Excitedly I cast the wobbler across it and it did a big blowup but missed my lure. Two more casts for nought then on the fourth cast he had it and I was on. Apparently this fish was much bigger than I thought it was going to be because it screamed straight into the marina at high speed totally unstoppable headed for the boats. I stressed and put on as much pressure as I could without breaking anything and my lure popped out of his mouth. I guess he wasn't hooked real well because everything was intact. I was devastated and my hands were shakey for half an hour. Anyone have any ideas what it might have been? I did see him again later (or one of his mates) but way out of casting range. I don't think my gear could have handled him anyway. Then we went up to bundaberg for a few days. I was surf fishing just a little north of Elliot heads. That was great I got a large slatey bream, couple of Moses perch, three or four swallowtail dart and a GT. fished a little bit with the missus at Burnett heads and got a heap of little fish. Javelin fish, whiting, estuary cod, crescent perch and tiny baby Spanish mackerel. Got smoked by a big ray or something unstoppable. Since then we've been staying at Petrie. I got my first bass from kurwongbah and I've been doing a lot of fishing in the north pine river around dohles rocks. I've caught some big bream and catfish there but mostly I've been targeting sharks because on my first attempt there I later out the shark rod with a big ol mullet head for bait and I hooked up only to be bitten off. Mangled my wire leader. I've had a bunch of sessions there over the last couple weeks but no shark yet. I had a legal size bream on for live bait one night and I had a wicked run. Shark took the head half of my bream without getting hooked. Another night I was using small live catfish and something was yanking them off my hooks with short hard runs but again no hookup. I don't know if it was sharks or maybe something else? I've been using multiple hooks per bait since but no luck yet. I've also had a couple gos at woody point and deep-water bend. Just bream and a whiting and a few weird little aquarium looking fish and a couple small shovel noses. If anyone based north Brisbane wants a fishing buddy I'd love some company. I'd also love to get out on the water if anyone with a boat needs someone to pull the anchor! Beers and fuel on me. Haha. I'd also appreciate any advice Cheers thanks for reading
  6. G'day I used to have this ~50mm twitchbait that would absolutely slay the bass in my local creek. I've since misplaced it and the company that made it is no longer operating. Looking for any suggestions of lures that would be similar, i cant find anything that the bass in my creek like near as much. Attached are photos of the lure. Cheers
  7. Hi all, just wondering everyone’s preference when they use cranka crabs, or any crab lure, as to whether they go for a knot or a snap for ease? thanks
  8. Video footage can be seen here - I bet everyone has a cool story they can share about a good fish that they have recently lost. I just missed out on catching a very large trout today which I managed to capture on my GoPro. I cast my metal lure out and a few seconds later the trout hit it really hard. I battled it for a few minutes, with some intense moments as the trout continually leapt out of the water and then it finally spat the hook only meters away from me. I landed one about the same size last year which managed to get me on the cover of a fishing mag, Clearly, I was shattered. That feeling when you lose a big fish, and how you relive those last moments over and over in your head, and what you could have done differently. Again, I bet many here have great stories they can share. If you enjoy the video footage, then please subscribe to the channel
  9. G'day all, Im going down to St.georges basin in 12 days and am unsure of some good spots to fish as i have not fished there before. Im fishing landbased and boat and will be using lures (soft and hard) and bait any input will be valuable, Cheers
  10. Well inspired by Ray's yabby trap project I pulled out my "to do" box. This is basically my box of decent lures that have corroded or stuffed trebles. I knew there were a few here but had really lost track of numbers of quality. Some really good lures here see if you can name some! Anyway... This is my project while little bubs are sleeping.
  11. Do you think I could have any success catching fish of any kind casting a very small spoon lure in the surf on one of the beaches on the Sunshine or Gold Coast? I've been consuming a lot of fishing content on Youtube when I am stuck at home and unable to fish. And one of the videos I find interesting is this guy using a rod, reel and small spoon lure in the surf. He is using a ~3 gram Acme Kastmaster Lure, and catching a few different small fish. It seems that these kinds of lures are often much bigger and used for Pelagic fish that live in deep water far from shore. So I don't know if buying a similar lure would be a total waste of money when I don't have a boat or kayak. I don't want to take any fish from the surf, I just want to see what is there. I really like the look of what he calls a "houndfish" in the video.