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      Found 113 results

      1. GregOug

        queensland Today

        So @ellicat how did you go today?
      2. Hi all, After a couple of weeks of ordinary weather, to put it mildly, Monday is looking like the only possibility of getting out for a fish. Even then, it’s supposed to blow back up around 1pm. With that in mind, is there anyone interested in heading out early Monday, checking out a few more marks and possibly doing a bit of trolling, in the mid to northern bay. It would be handy if you can reverse a trailer. cheers Greg
      3. GregOug

        queensland Wanted

        Hi all, Just thought I’d put a wanted ad out there. Looking for a new best mate. The ideal applicant will meet all, or at least some, of the following qualities: 1. Retired, or rich enough to be able to go out fishing whenever they want to. Note, if you are mega rich you will score extra points under this selection criterion. 2. Willing to go out into Moreton Bay to find the elusive Spot X, or preferably Spot X’s, in winds up to at least 10-15 knots and, if **** happens and it changes to ‘Oh ****!’ or even ‘We’re ****ed’ be able and willing to save me and get me to shore safely. 3. Know everything about fishing, tackle, methods and any of that other ****. 4. Have a ‘Speed Boat’ and ‘C’ class licence and be of sober character when fishing, ready to drive the boat and car home when I have one or three too many drinks while out on the water. Note this happens quite often, and is the main reason I paid for both my sons to get their boat and JetSki licences. However, once home, it would be good if you are unsober of character and prepared to listen to my repertoire of classics dating backwards from today’s hits to those of the fifties, including Dean Martin, all the while replenishing my red wines on ice as needed. If you can get absolutely pissed along with me extra points will be awarded. 5 Preferable live on the Northside, or be prepared to travel long distances, so as not to put me to any effort. If you are my ideal applicant, I am prepared to give you a house key so that you can wake me when the boat is ready, fueled, trailer attached to the car, stubbies placed in the esky, ice placed on top and everything is ready and raring to go. 6. Know how to use a high pressure washer, clean fishing gear, reverse a trailer, drive a boat on and off a trailer, tie knots the names of which I can’t even pronounce, gaff fish when the ******** on the end of the rod lifts it’s head out of the water at precisely the wrong time, clean fish, cook fish.... Well you get the idea. 7. Just generally be a bloody good bloke. Or Blokette. Please reply on this thread if interested. cheers Greg
      4. Have done a couple of trips recently and only finding time now to share the quick stories and a few pics. Trip 1 It was my best mates little's brothers birthday and he's on the cusp of being a dad so we used that as an excuse to get out for a sneaky fish. A launch at 1pm at Manly harbour in 10 knot winds was pretty uneventful, but getting around the rock wall, my memories were reconfirmed - 10knots in my tinny sucks A careful run across to Lota Creek to fish the falling tide and then pump some yabbies when the banks were exposed was our plan. I really do enjoy teaching and showing people better fishing techniques and skills and then seeing it turn into catches. Lota creek can be hit and miss but man it can have a wild mix of fish in there.
      5. ellicat

        A Day In The Bay

        Got an invite to head out with @GregOug, son Tom and @Kat on Saturday. The plan was to leave at gentleman's hours and suss out some marks Greg had been working on. So a bit of an explore and hope day. The first couple of marks showed a small amount of structure but no fish holding so we moved on and around finding a lot of the spots were no secret, with boats already chancing their luck. The bay was glassed out and at one of the vacant spots we tried, a solitary dolphin paid us a visit. Kat and Tom both got some footage of it taking Greg's food offerings. Interestingly it bumped away a frozen squid and a frozen pillie but was happy to eat the defrosted ones. I thought afterwards the dolphin was probably expecting us to feed it fish that we'd caught, so it either had misplaced confidence in us or there were fish around to be caught. Hopefully @GregOug or @Kat can post their footage/pics. We discovered some new ground towards the north of Moreton that looked promising but the weather turned on a five cent piece and the bay chopped up accordingly. We then trolled for a while without luck before the whitecaps appeared to our north so we decided to head for home. We stopped along the way at some nice looking bottom and had a quick drift and lost some bait but no hookups. We crossed the Brisbane bar and it was as curly as I've seen it. We were surprised to see a small tinny heading out with two onboard. With the weather forecast to worsen it makes you wonder what it was that saw them taking such a risk. It was my first outing with Greg on his boat. What a weapon it is. All those ponies at the ready make for an exhilarating ride. Plenty of room for the 4 of us. We had a good day and shared a lot of laughs and story telling to make up for the lack of fish. A top day on the water. Thanks for the invite and company.
      6. A couple of spare days and good weather lined up so I packed up the yak with camping gear and paddled to peel island for an overnighter; a trip I've had in mind for a while. After loading the tent, bedding and a plethora of the usual camping utensils I had room left for approximately 2 potatoes (and of course I had enough space for a coffee grinder and filter setup). The plan was to catch a fish for dinner or go hungry. Upon arrival and setting up camp I had a much needed nap, followed by a sleepy trudge across the flats with a fishing rod in hand. Second cast in I got a nice flathead for dinner. That was a bit easy for a change A chilled afternoon and early nights sleep was had, and a beautiful glassed out paddle home this morning at dawn. No more fish to report
      7. Legends need some advice! Looking at getting a Shimano raider 7ft 4-7kg and pairing it with my Daiwa freams 15pound braid or Might get a Baitrunner 4000 or 6000. Chase snapper mainly. Any thoughts??
      8. What is it with this weather at the moment! I finally get my boat back after it’s first service and a good weather day is nowhere in sight. Then I get up Sunday afternoon and realise that the predicted 15 knot winds have magically dropped to 5 knots. By the time I got the boat ready it was dark.
      9. If the weather forecast holds for this coming Wednesday, I am going to spend the day sounding around Moreton Bay in varying depths from Mud Island down to Coochiemudlo Island and all the islands in between as well as some other general areas. If anyone has any tips for me I'd love to hear them. It's a big area, I know. Would you recommend narrowing the search area ?
      10. Got roughly $10k for a boat to buy. Looking at heading around moreton bay (on a good day), not quite to moreton island, aswell as primarly fishing estuaries and the bribie passage. What is a good boat that doesnt break the bank for this if possible? Was looking at the quintrex renegade (bit out of price range) and quintrex hornet trophy. Obviously buying second hand Cheers
      11. These just arrived and bloody excited to use them ! Handmade by Andy @ sucoast skutes
      12. Hi legends! Need some advice on tinnie size and hp to fish around green and mud etc. I wouldn’t go in anything over 10knots. i was thinking 3.7 25horse. Something like this? interested in your thoughts leo
      13. Hi all. Does anyone have a good ramp on Brisbane Northside? I usually use the Pinkenba boat ramp near the mouth of the river but it is steep and slippery as the tide falls. I used to use the Nudgee Beach boat ramp which is a good ramp and has pontoons but the entrance to the bay is very shallow on low tide with a bit of rock bar which can damage your prop. Any suggestions welcome.
      14. I am thinking about going for a look over West Peel Arti Reef in the coming weekends. Last time that i went for a sound over it i was hardly impressed, the marks that i have on the reef balls are flat as a pancake, with no shows of fish in the vicinity. That was May last year though. Is it worth my time? Have any of you guys got anything on it? On nice days you see heaps of people over there but whether they catch anyhting is a different story.
      15. I couldn't stay home with the forecast conditions today looking great. I decided to have a go at Harry's. Haven't been there in over a decade. It was packed, so I sounded around and eventually found some bait showing on the sounder. Taking @Allnighter's recent tips I had a bait jig rigged and ready, but got no joy unfortunately. So I anchored up and deployed a couple of lines while I sat there and observed the other boats not showing any action. The conditions for boating were superb. After no love for an hour or more (not even a touch) I pulled the anchor and decided to go have a look at some marks I made at Mud last week and also have a sound around looking for structure in deeper water. Didn't find any so went to mark 61. Put out a couple of lines again - one with a small pilly and the other with a squid. Squid went off and had a bit of weight to it and peeled a bit of loose drag. Hopes were dashed when I saw this - Then the pilly went off and in came this little fella - Caught a few of his siblings before I started to get snipped off. I suspect little mackerel from what the sounder was showing. A couple more snips and I decided to quit that spot with no entry into the comp and have another look around before heading home. Found a great piece of structure in some deeper water that is now mark 79 that I'll be back to next time I go to Mud. Back at the ramp at 1.30pm where I once again enjoyed the thrill of the electric winch., For now I'm just watching the weather for Thursday when @Leosonfire and I are going to head up to Curtain in an attempt to get demolished by Kingfish.
      16. Hi all so never fished the Wynnum side I live smack bang in the middle of Wynnum and Redcliffe but have been to Redcliffe on the last two trips. Keen to explore the other side and some advice would be greatly appreciated. Im in my little yak which handles north reef ok what would be some snap holding spots I could reach in the yak around Wynnum manly?
      17. Woke up at stupid o'clock and set sail for my new favourite spot in Moreton Bay but unfortunately it was windier than I'd hoped which caused a problem as it was wind against tide til about 8am. At this point I was thinking back to all the dud sessions I've had over the years when I get up super early and don't boat a keeper til much, much later. Difference this time was that I didn't boat a keeper all morning, well, unless you count the large barnacled sand crab that I happily put into the esky. Lots of small stuff around with only a small bream, two undersized squire (one tiny) and a 40cm school mackerel boated. Had heard there was meant to be lots of mackerel around so proceeded to troll a spoon with a paravane, doing a loop out past the Hope Banks for not a touch so begrudgingly headed back in towards the channel between Green & King Island's to see if @Drop Bear's mackerel had grown since last week. Finally saw some bait on the sounder (none the rest of the time amazingly) and sure enough, hooked an undersized schoolie. After releasing it, turned back around an soon after the sounder was looking very impressive but somehow after going back and forwards through it a few times, no more love, so decided to drift through it with a pillie on gangs. Silly me through the pillie in the wrong direction to the drift so had to mess around bringing the rod and line around the nose of the boat, then a couple of minutes later notice the boat had turned a little and the line was close to the motor. At that exact moment the rod buckled over and I was in a foul mood as the motor is pretty new and I really didn't want line caught in it. Picked the rod up and wound a little and realised it wasn't court on the motor - fish, yahoo!! Worked out it wasn't a mackerel pretty quickly so it was time to start guessing - shark? shovel? ray? then I remembered reading about a large cobia boated in the same stretch of water last year and I told myself it was the right time of year for one, hmmm that would be good. Anyway, I can confirm that unfortunately it wasn't a cobia either, so you can probably guess what option that leaves ............. Was meant to pick the family up at about 10am but it was too lumpy so canned it. Conditions settled beautifully an hour or so later so re-invited them to no avail. Long day on the water but good to get the boat out as I haven't used it since before the last school holidays (painting the exterior of our house and a camping trip filled the holidays and I've had a injured knee since day 3 of this school term).
      18. Hi all thinking of heading out for fish at wello early Saturday morning in the yak. It’s my first time at wello so any tips on spots, launch etc.... anyone keen for tag along?
      19. Hi all is king island worth a paddle in the yak come snapper time?? Anyone had good success? chers leon
      20. Hello all, I am going fishing at Flinders Reef in a few weeks and was wondering how to fish it. Should i throw poppers and stick-baits towards reef, troll or bait. I am really hoping to catch larger size fish such as Dolphin Fish, GTs, Macs, tuna and any other large pelagic species rather than small whiting and bream. Would really appreciate any advice given. Thanks
      21. Who’s excited for snapper! 4 more sleeps (I’m assuming we can’t Fish until the 29th) gonna fish as much as I can and land a monster Post your excitement!
      22. Gday legends! sooo how do u convince the better half that u need a boat? Is it; 1. that u will be providing a plentiful supply of fresh fish for the family 2. It will be good for your mental health 3. u will obsess 4. u will be gone for long periods of time 5. all your spare cash will be spent on tackle 6. Bunnings will no longer be your favourite store 7. utube will now eat your data not xtube 8. the second car will now sit on the street instead of the garage 9. When u are home, you will spend nights tinkering with your new toy 10. fishing in a boat is safer than my yak now she wants a cost benefit analysis so if that’s what she wants that’s what she’ll get! So if you have a spare moment please help me in preparing this report all comments will benefit my cause...just think of it as a go fund me page without actually coughing up hard earned. forever grateful Leon
      23. Decided to hop on the ferry from Macleay Island to Karragarra Island this morning a couple of hours before high tide. My mum and her friend came along to keep me company. My mum's friends husband headed out on the bay in a mates boat to a special spot. I fished one of the little beaches. Landed my first flathead. Just over 45cm. No fight whatsoever - wasn't even sure there was a fish on the line. After a while going up the beach and getting no bites I returned to the spot where I got the flathead. Mum wanted to go to the toilet so I went with her. Her friend asked if she could have a go so I cast for her. Briefly told her what to do if she felt anything on the line and left. Came back to her jumping up and down about not being able to kill it - she landed a decent sized Bream. Anyway line was all tangled around my reel and had to give it up for the day. Travelled back to mums, scaled, gutted fish. Awaiting her friends hubbies arrival he had been out for hours longer than us. Thought he must be filleting at his mates. But they had no luck. I feel a little better about land based fishing now!
      24. The weather is looking too good to miss out on this week. So Monday @Old Scaley and I are heading out, Tuesday @Leosonfire and I are heading out and on Wednesday @shaun1800 and I are tagging up with @GregOug and decky and heading up Curtain way. Tuesday is showing up as an 'Excellent' day for fishing according to the almanac, with Monday and Wednesday showing as 'Good' days. Hopefully with 3 days on the water there will be something to show for it (other than an early tan) and the reports will keep those who have to work entertained.
      25. Next week’s weather is looking good. Seeking interest in a exploration trip of Moreton Bay on Monday. Anyone who doesn’t like speed need not apply.