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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Guys i am going for a camping trip at the tip of Cape Moreton and was wandering if there are any land-based fishing spots for tuna, trevally, Macs, and other large pelagic species. I was going to throw some hardbody lures. I was thinking that fishing off the rocks was where to go. Am i wasting my time throwing lures off the rocks? Any response would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, I'm heading to Moreton with family this weekend. I don't have a boat of my own but was thinking to hire one of those 4hp tinnies from the resort and try some offshore fishing. I read a lot about good spots around the north and south end of the island, but I imagine the tinny will be lanuched near the resort which is right in the middle and I dont think I could take it that far with fuel being limited. So my plan is just to take it out 2-3ks into the bay directly from the launch area (weather permitting), does anybody have any suggestions around any specific spots along the west coast. What kind of line and lures should I use? Cheers
  3. What a funny day today. Went out with Ellicat again. In his spanking new boat. We hit up one of his spot Xs at Green (Island, not the green zone). Nothing was raised there so we decided to hit the Rainbow to see if there where any Mackeral still around. We settled in and I provided Ellicat with some grinner bait and within few minutes he is onto a cracking fish, hmm well I should say a shovel nose ray Ellicat was not to upset at this stage so I provided him with another live bait. Again it did not take long and he was on again this time with some good runs and what seemed to be some head shakes. The fight quickly changed to a fight to keep the fish off the bottom. A solid battle ensued and up pops a Stingray. This is where Ellicat’s mood changed yelling at me to pull the anchor. A quick run back across the bay and we where back at the ramp. Lesson learnt I will not give him any live bait as he really is a Ray magnet and I am not talking Mr Kennedy. IMG_0698.MOV
  4. Hey everyone. Want to help the cause but are not interested in the Wynnum Fishing Classic or buying a raffle ticket? Please check out our chuffed crowd fund page. It goes into a lot of detail about the project as a whole and also specifically what this crowd fund is all about, the acquisition of some commercial oyster leases to propagate growth on our bio blocks... This project allows donations of a humble $1 to naming a lease! Thanks for looking. Oh and I forgot to mention... Please feel free (in fact please please please) share this link on other social media platforms as this is how crowd funding succeeds.
  5. Hey team! Just a heads up that this week the early bird price for the 2018 Inaugural Wynnum Fishing Classic expires so please consider taking advantage of this discounted price! You can sign up here: If you have not been keeping pace with posts made by @Drop Bear please check out the website anyway and take in what the project is all about. So far the effort and goals have been huge. From nothing earlier in the year we now an oyster processing site, increased membership, coporate support and by years end we will be placing our first inter tidal reef systems into the bay! The road ahead is long however and we can use every bit of support and exposure that can be given. Even if you cannot make the competition please consider a raffle ticket or two (same link). You may just end up with a boat for your trouble! If you enter there will be some sweet prizes on offer especially for the overall Moreton Bay Champion Angler in both the jnr and snr categories including Shimano Stella fishing reels! The categories have been designed to be both fun for the serious anglers and accessible the novices to better support the cause behind the event. Once again thank for your consideration. Angus