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      Found 90 results

      1. I’m going on a holiday in a few weeks to Dubbo and some of the surrounding areas and need advice on fish species and how to catch them and general fishing advice for freshwater fishing . I will be fishing mostly around Macquarie river and possibly a dam or 2 all land based . My experience with Fishing is almost 2 year’s I can catch bream and flathead on soft plastics relatively easily And sometimes I catch some other fish like tailor and small snapper as by catch and I have little experience with hardbodie lures but some .I’ve caught a few of tailor and flathead with them. I also have some experience with bait fishing using bread nippers and corn and dough . For fish like bream and whiting. And I have very good/decent gear rods reels line and tackle are perfect for a variety of light fishing so for gear I’m all set . Took a long time to save up for .I just need some advice for freshwater fishing cause I’m clueless when it comes to freshwater
      2. Sorry for ripping off your title aus-bne-fisho lol anyway yesterday I rocked up to my local river which is about 2km from where I live at 3pm .I had 2 rods set up a bait rod and a lure rod bait rod daiwa aird x 2-4kg and shimano cazna 2500 with 10lb braid and 10lb leader lure rod atomic arrowz bream surface rod 2pc and daiwa aird lt 2000 with 6lb braid and 6lb leader Anyway i baited up my bait rod with some garfish I caught and froze not to long ago placed my rod on the wooden planks the tiny wharf was made out of with my bail arm open so my rod doesn’t go in the water Then set up my lure rod with some 2.5 slim swims no hits for around 40 minutes then all of the sudden I see line coming off my bait rod a fish is taking the bait I quickly but carefully place down my lure rod and walk over to my bait rod the fish is still running but slowly I set the hook keep in Mind most legal fish feel small on this rod anyway I set the hook and get a few really good headshakes and a little run which tells the fish is decent as I get the fish closer to the wharf all of the sudden the hook comes flying out of the water and the fish got away and the disappointment hits my like fraight train I then once again bait up the rod and throw a cast 40 metres off the wharf theres a drop off where sometimes flathead bass and school jew hang around I then pick up my lure rod and start flicking around my slim swim once again 15 minutes later no hits I see a few mullet jump out of the water and a bowel wave following them I quickly cast out and get right in front of the bowel wave perfect cast soon as the lure hit the water I see my line quickly shoot I set the hook and hook up to a decent size flathead which was 48cm I find that a bit strange because the water was fairly deep where the mullet were jumping out I fought a jewfish or a small bull shark was chasing them the flathead would have been right on top of the water because soon as the lure hit the water I got hits It didn’t even sink to the bottom or even close to the bottom anyway I brain spike it and bleed it out I get a few more hits on the bait rod as the sky darkens but only little fish they didn’t get hooked . Next time I do this I will bring my phone for photos also I wasn’t sure to put this in saltwater or freshwater as the river I was fishing is brackish mostly freshwater people catch freshwater fish like bass the odd carp and bull sharks but also saltwater fish like flathead bream and jewfish
      3. I went out to my not so local break wall but nearest break wall 40 minute drive fished there a few times got some good bream there before . So this arvo I rocked up to the breakwall light breeze sunny last 2 hours of the run out perfect time for flathead fishing flicked some zman slim swims for about 1 hour . only a few bites from some small bream couldn’t believe it so I switched to a surface lure and walked to the sandflats not far from the breakwall to see if any whiting were interested in taking my pimped 70m sugurpen not a single chase . So I walked back onto the breakwall and started fishing with bread fished this one spot for about 40 minutes caught 4 bream all under 15cm it was almost time to go .starting to get dark as I walked back I had a quick flick using bread not to far from the cleaning stations that they had on the breakwall .same thing small bream . I switched to a curly tail grub got snagged 2nd casted so I went back to bread on my last cast prepared to catch a 10cm bream on bread I cast out wait 30-50 seconds stairing at my braid with my bail arm flipped over waiting for a bite or a run suddenly braid starts flying through my guides and shooting deeper into the snaggy looking water I set the hook expecting a few good head shakes and then skull dragging a tiny bream but instead I got some massive head shakes and then a run like a Freight train and my rod was bending more then I was comfortable with I was huffing and puffing this fish was pulling line like a kingfish btw I was using 6lb braid 6lb leader and a 1.5-3.5kg atomic arrowz bream surface rod the fish didn’t give up as the fish got closer to the rock wall I seen a silver flash and a arrow shaped tail what could this be . I pulled it in closer making sure it didn’t wrap me around weed or oysters or even dive under a rock I got my net and scooped up a 33cm silver trevally that I originally thought was a pb bream or a juvenile kingfish or school jewfish a very good surprise for my last cast I brain spiked the fish with a knife and bleed it out and put it a bucket with water and kept it and is now in the freezer btw I’ve never caught one before I’ve only been fishing probably for just over a year never had a fish like that fight so hard . Fought harder then my PB flathead 55cm .so know I’m trying to do research so I can catch more of these things
      4. G'day all, I am hoping to get up to South West Rocks on the weekend and just looking for some info on the Bar crossing and/or other alternatives please. I've heard the Bar crossing at SWR is pretty dangerous and has claimed lives in the past. I have never ever been there before and I don't know if it is safe for a 5.2 metre Savage boat to cross at all, or at any particular time. I have been trying to search up info and cannot find a great deal, and some people have suggested other ramps like the back creek and Goal but some seem to think that they are dangerous also, and can only really be used at certain times. If anyone could please give me some info as if it is too dangerous I will give it a miss. I wanted to get up there this weekend and chase some Spanish and Spotted Mackerel. If SWR is best avoided, can anyone please suggest a safer area where I may still tangle with a few Spanyards or Spotties please. I've heard Spotties can be caught at Forster too which would be a lot closer to home, but I'm not 100% convinced or know much about when is roughly the best time/month to get them etc. Any info would be really appreciated, Thanks Geoff
      5. Just got back from Evans Head with the caravan what a top spot the van park has. It has the river and surf as 2 borders of the park and on the other borders you have the Rsl, pub, surf club and bowls club. As I have never been there before I took this as a challenge to visit everything. So I had a drink in all the establishments and fished both the river and surf. My brother also brought his van down as well as his roof topper tinnie so both he and our partners went fishing up river. The girls outfished us and got some big whiting and a nice flathead which fed us for dinner. We fished off the northern wall which was 300m from camp but had no luck. We went up to razor back lookout for beers and niblies with a spectacular back drop , it was good to see the position of everything. Then after we bought some ocean king prawns from the Co op to finish off our bellies. Here is the rainbow touching the lookout I was hoping it would bring me luck The last day to keep it simple we pumped yabbies off the beach right in front of camp and fished off the bank for more good size summer whiting. The river itself is loaded with these yabbies banks more than I have ever seen in any estuary I have been on and each 1 loaded with yabbies. It is a destination I will be going back to with plenty of natural beauty and of coarse plenty of fishing options.
      6. Hi all, Im after some advice from you legends. Im an avid fish who hasnt fished for 10+ years. i have no clue what is the go in the industry now in regards to rods and reels etc. Can i please get advice on combos for the following: Rod/reel/line for snapper and jew on plastics Rod/reel/line for bream on plastics and HB's. Thanks in advance
      7. we headed out to make the most of the great weather on Saturday and Sunday. On saturday our plan was to fish the high tide for an hour or so then head over to towra to see if there were any crabs about. Unfortunately there were no crabs but the kings were out to play only taking live squid. Ended the day with 1 hookup and one bust off catching 1 fat king at 78cm. Sunday was pretty much the same, except we wanted to solely target kings for the high tide. We had difficulties catching the live squid only managing two, and we had 1 hookup and 1 bust off again!! We left with another kingfish this time going 77cm but much much fatter! My father has been waking me up early taking me fishing since i can remember!! We eventually got a boat nothing big or special just a 4.5m tinny and all of a sudden i was the one waking up him up early. We have been boat fishing now for about 7-8yrs always going after the bread and butter species catching a nice feed of flathead, squid and crabs was our go to. We occasionally went for kings here and there and unfortunately my dad could never catch one it was always me hooking up and landing the fish!! That all changed not long ago when my father caught his first king it was a 1m+ monster but it was a decent size and definitely one to proud of. Later that day back at home my dad said it was the best fish he has ever caught
      8. I just want to know some good carp fishing spots in the central coast region.
      9. What sort of fish is this, please? Caught near Malua Bay, NSW (Batemans Bay Area).
      10. Hi, I fish for Redfin in a dirty slow moving river, am I better to use bright colours so the fish can see them or do I go natural ?
      11. Hi All, I'm looking to get out to Iluka mid March and hopefully for a few days in mid April. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me for fishing around that time? What should I be targeting? How should I be fishing the rock wall? Last time I was there all I was catching were those small annoying eastern kelpfish. I would have thought there would be plenty of bream, or maybe it was just that day. I see a lot of articles online of people going for LBG, (macks, longtail tuna), but as always I'm sure it is a lot harder than they make it out to be. Any other place between Iluka and Brisbane is also an option if anyone has any other recommendations. Have a kayak and a range of gear so can target almost anything.
      12. went fishing this arvo first 10 minutes i got a small bream using bread as bait so i switched to a zmen slim swims 2.5 inch in opening night with a 1/8 jighead as a size 1 hook. First cast soon as the lure hit the water flathead busted me off . So I switched my leader from 4lb to 6lb a few cast later landed a small flathead basicly 5 metres away from the wharf i was fishing from and 40 minutes go past and I’ve landed plenty of flathead around the wharf all undersize but was a good session overall caught 1 bream and 4 flathead . Still learning how to fish with lures as I’ve only been fishing for a year now and I’ve just using bait for my first year of fishing . Good start with the lures btw the gear is suitable for lures I use light braid with fluorocarbon leader and a small 2000 daiwa reel with a full graphite 3-8lb rod . So i think im off to a good start. Any advice would be helpful . Btw the jigheads i was using were the tt lures headhunters . The fishing session was 50 minutes long
      13. Hi, I am relatively new in Sydney. Can someone recommend some good beaches to go for worming and what is the best time to go. Thanks
      14. Went through the Tweed river bar a couple of mornings ago and out to the Fad. 1st drift we had a double hook up and my friends 2 kids caught their 1st dolphin fish. Next drift was the same double hook up and dollies jumping around us. The new boats arriving drove fast straight up to the Fad and spooked the fish so it all went quiet. We decided to move back to the 9 mile reef where it was a lot calmer. 1st drift my friends son hooked up to a good snapper and after a dogged fight he reeled in his 1st snapper and a beauty at 66cm. The bottom went quiet so we trolled around the 9 mile reef for some pelagic hoping for a Spanish or marlin but it wasn't to be. We called it early and went back to the camp and filleted our catch. A big bbq fed plenty of family and friends at camp that night.
      15. Hi all, I've got some time off first week of November, I was wondering what would you recommend to fish for that time of year, I can do anything in along the norther half of NSW coast. Driving out of Brisbane, but I do not mind a nice road trip. Recently spent a week in Iluka which was quite nice. What are prevalent species to target at that time of year? Whiting I suppose? Regards,
      16. . Hello All. First post here. I specifically joined this forum for help with identifying a fish. I have looked everywhere (well maybe not, but it is starting to feel that way!) and suddenly thought a fishing forum would surely be able to help. For interest purposes, I am try to identify a fish that swam past me in January 2019. I was snorkelling at The Basin in Pittwater NSW (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park) in about chest high water. The tide was flowing in, and it was around 2.30pm. A very large fish swam past me quite close. Many little fish were trailing it, and I am guessing the bigger fish was hosting them. I think it may have been a shark or ray (looked a little like a cross between the two). But am not sure, as really never seen such an fish before. It was so odd looking, it almost looked like a prehistoric beast! I am a little confused, as some features do not add up (to pictures I am looking at online) The colour was a mottled pattern. The nearest match I have found online was the colour and pattern of a Wobbegong (but it was a lot longer and thinner shaped than a Wobbegong - it was more shaped like an Angelshark or Shyshark) The oddest thing about it, was its tail actually looked like the front snout of a Largetooth Swordfish, because it was a long flat blade shape with spikes segregated and jutting out the whole length. So unless it was a Largetooth Swordfish swimming backwards (it wasn't) - I am having problems identifying it. I have been searching for nearly a year now, but not been able to identify it. Thank you for any suggestions
      17. I have some time off end of September and looking for a trip. I was wondering if you guys have any advice for Iluka around that time? Kind of in between seasons so not sure what one would target?
      18. Hey everyone, how good are pippis for bream and flaties? Never used them
      19. I was reading the dpi stuff about not being able to catch crabs around the south coast, I have never caught one anywhere as I’m new to it all , but I love eating them, is there a ban on them here if not can anyone give me pointers on getting a few? Tia
      20. I've tried all winter to catch my first Mulloway fishing every Wednesday night from from 8.30pm to 5am on the Tweed River in my Quinnie, with no luck what so ever, I've tried live mullet, live whiting, hard bodies and plastics, Every deep hole I could find, Even at the river mouth. I was told the start of September is getting a bit to late in the season for the Tweed so I give up until next year, I go down to the old Chinderah bridge with a bit of mullet fillet, no sinker, and I drop it down on a fast incoming tide, 2 min's later I was getting little soft bites I thought were bream and I give it a tug, My line takes off , A large bend in my rod and the real screams. my next thought was a stingray, 10 min's later it surfaces, To my surprise its a big Jewy, I was and still very happy with that catch, I had to walk it down to the rivers edge then run down to the water and drag it on to the sand, Yippee, I picked it up and the hooks fell out, Lucky night for me, Here is the photo. 100cm Jewy for my first ever, now I need a bigger esky.
      21. A great weekend trip with Terrigal Bluewater Fishing Charters, masters had good fun and a nice feed of various tasty fish!!! Rod: Alpha Tackle Deckstick Reel: Daiwa Tanacom Bull 500 Reel - Master RG: Daiwa Saltist Reel - Master J: Shimano Stella SW 8000 Reel - Master L: Shimano Biomaster 8000 Mainline: number 2 high quality braid Leader: 22 pound flurocarbon leader Jig: Shimano Bottom Ship Jig for Snapper
      22. I had a good feeling about this deepliner Japanese made 150g slow jig. My usual setup: Rod: evergreen slow jerker 6 Reel: Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500 overhead reel. Mainline: No. 2 mainline Leader: 22 pound fluro carbon leader. Jig: deepliner 150g slow jig, sardine colour.
      23. Very excited to catch this BEAUTIFUL Easter Blue Devil Fish on the jig, due to the changing conditions, tried a variety methods of fishing and got some good fish. Slow Jigging at 30m deep, bottom bashing at 40m deep, shallow surface fishing for Sweep and Trevally, bottom fishing for Gropers with cooked Prawns. Slow Pitch Jigging Setup Rod: Evergreen Slow Jerker Number 6 Reel: Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500 Mainline: slow jigging braid number 2 Leader: high quality flurocarbon 22 pound Jig: Deepliner slow jig 180g orange and blue Bottom Bashing Setup Rod: Alpha tackle made in Japan deckie rod for electric reel Reel: Daiwa Tanacom Bull 500 Mainline: Premium braid number 2 Leader: high quality flurocarbon 22 pound Hooks: 2 hooks Sinker: 6 oz Bait: small squid, freshly peeled banana prawns, cooked tiger prawns, freshly cut blue morwong fillet...
      24. A good before-dawn iso session! My tackle for the day ************************************************************* Rod: Shimano ISO Limited 1.2 Reel: Daiwa Tournament Hand Lever Brake Spin Reel 3000 DXG Float: Yamamoto hand made iso float 0.8 hand made in Japan Mainline: Chrisma floating iso fishing line number 3 Green Leader: Sunline flurocarbon number 2.5 Hook: Hiramitsu purple iso hook number 3 *************************************************************
      25. THE best tasting fish you can catch off Sydney - personal opinion - steamed with ginger and shallots to reserve its original flavor - flaky white flesh!!