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      Found 16 results

      1. Where were you 50 years a go. I know a lot of you were not around then. I was just out of corp training in the army and was sent to Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton.When I arrived I found out that myself and 2 other privates had to feed 253 soldiers. As the oldest I took charge and one of the first things I got done was to get the walk in fridge cleaned out.Unknown to me a 20lb cod was taken out of the fridge and left on the table and got flyblown. Staffsargent that caught it was not very happy. While I was there I saw the moon landing on a 12 inch black and white TV. Few days later 4 of the top brass went on a fishing trip and caught 300 bream,They thought they would just dump them at the kitchen for the cooks to clean,wrong I said bring them back when they are scaled and gutted.Then the 3 cooks grilled them whole and each person got a whole fish and vegies.I thought I might get into trouble for making the top brass clean their catch, but they promoted me to corporal when we returned home. Dino
      2. Glassing over the various fishing forums lately and to me it seems like most of not all have very little to no input, to me i reckon social media has a massive input toward its decline, dunno what the solution is other than getting out there and posting things up there my self???
      3. So it has come to me to organise a bucks party fo rmy Brother in law. I am doing ok so far with rally car driving, clay target shooting, accommodation is at a brewery and we have private wine tasting Saturday Afternoon. We will be up at Stanthorpe on Saturday Morning and I don't have any activities organised. Is there a way to go fishing or sailing on the Saturday morning up there? I can do it at Moogera but not up at Stanthorpe and don't want to drive that far. Unless there is great accommodation available at moogera that you can suggest? Any ideas would be great it doesn't have to be water based.
      4. Hi all, we bought a camper trailer with boat racks last weekend (collect this weekend) so now I want to get moving on buying a car topper suitable to take to Cape York next Sep school holidays. Wanting to hear from people knowledgeable on this topic. Also, if anyone has a suitable car topper and is looking to upgrade, I have my 14ft tinny with 30hp Johnson back up for sale and am willing to swap so let me know. I am thinking 3.70-3.95m - they seem to weigh around 80kg. It won't be going on the roof of a car, just on top of the camper trailer. Any thoughts on size? I'd want reasonable depth to keep the crocs at bay ..... Engine wise I think I'd try to go bigger than 15hp - either an 18hp (Tohatsu or Mercury) or a 20hp. To save weight I'll go 2-stroke. If I buy one with a 'normal' trailer I'll probably sell it and buy a collapsible trailer so I have that option but doesn't take up extra space for storage. If you have one you're considering selling, please PM me.
      5. First to guess right gets a free post.
      6. Do you eat fish fingers? something to think about,
      7. Passed my test at the hospital this morning, surgeon happy to go ahead with my knee op
      8. I have two tickets to the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show that I won't be using - first in best dressed. They are for any one day this weekend. Let me know if you want them and we can sort out collection - I am in Murarrie.
      9. Hey guys, I just really wanted to know why you guys are passionate for fishing. I would really appreciate it if you could answer these four questions. Thank you so much! 1. Why do you fish? 2. How do you feel when you fish? 3. What do you think could improve your overall fishing experience? 4. What are the first three words that come to your head when the word "fishing" is mentioned to you? Again thank you so much!
      10. Bought myself a 6x4 box trailer that needs a longer draw bar put on it, it basically doesn't have one at the moment and needs a straight piece put on maybe 500mm. i can weld no problem but would rather find someone that specialists in trailer repairs/mods as i dont want to ruin a perfectly good trailer. cheers
      11. Just a heads up if you currently have health with one of the big funds have a look at their rates . I have just changed to Qld Country health fund who are Townsville based and have saved $1000 per year with exactly the same cover that I previously had with HCF who are also a not for profit fund. Qld Country do not subscribe to any of the comparison sites so do not pay a joining commission or trailing commissions and have lower management fees. Apparently HCF are owned by Mancheter Unity and pay management fees to Manchester Unity. Do a bit of research I am certain that you could save by looking around yourself instead of paying commission to the parasite comparison sites who tend to direct you to whoever gives them the biggest kick back. Cheers Ray
      12. Need an overhead light replaced with a remote control ceiling fan (supplied) Low set with tiled roof no hurry as summer is over. Cash job 0403072325 or pm Cheers Ray
      13. Hi All, I recently moved to a new place which has gas heater, I wanted to know how much it would cost to have it running all year long between warm and hot temperature. Its a Dux ProFlo 2006 model with energy efficiency of 3 out of 6 stars Cheers!! )
      14. I was tricked yesterday, had to go for a pre op interview forthe cancers on my lip,well I got a shock when they said yes we will get rid of them this morning.I said I thought my op was tomorrow abd they said yes thats right, we have to do the micro surgery then. So cut out yesterday and get stitched up this arvo.Still managed to get a bit of tucker down the throat last night.So guys and gals keep those hats on or pay for it later . Dino