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      Found 59 results

      1. ellicat

        Christmas 2020

        Should we have an end of year get-together this year ? Thinking a central Brisbane park and barbecue lunch kind of thing. I should also mention families are welcome. Open to comments and suggestions and if there's enough interest I'll organise it. Who's going - ellicat Benno573 Kat AUS-BNE-FISHO Cavvy kmcrosby78 GregOug Drop Bear Do$tylz Old Scaley fishingnut Leosonfire Crazywalrus (maybe) It has been arranged to meet at Orleigh Park at Noon on Sunday 29 November 2020. It will just be a simple sausage sizzle with butter and sauce. BYO alcohol. Coke, water and lemonade will be supplied. It will be a good way to meet potential deckies or skippers or just get to put faces to names, so worth coming along.
      2. I went out to check the letter box this afternoon and heard an odd bird squawk, so look around and there was this young Major Mitchell parrot looking down at me from one of my bamboo clumps about 3m up, so went closer to get a better look. It started to climb down a branch trying to get down to me so I thought that was a bit odd, normally they fly away when you get too close to them. Anyway it continued climbing down all the way down to the ground branch by branch, then after a bit of coaxing it came up to me and started to nibble on my feet and toes ( brave bird!). Even allowed me to pat it. My wife keeps telling me I need to make new friends, she doesn't like my other ones, the long slithery ones that slide along the ground, It was visibly quite hungry and trying to find something to eat on the ground with out much success, obviously it was someones pet that had somehow got loose. Got some bread and a pear from the house as they were the only things that I thought that it might eat as I didn't have any nuts. It didn't like those, so got my wife out there as well to keep it company whilst I scrounged around inside trying to find something else to give it. Found some Muesli clusters in the cupboard and got a small container of water for it. That was a bit more appetizing for it, then I remembered my neighbour keeps some parrots so rang them in case it was one of theirs that had got loose. Although it wasn't theirs but they did have a spare cage and their daughters other half works as a vet assist, so they came over and collected it, they will put it up on their facebook page so hopefully it will be reunited with its owner. So that's my good deed done for the day.
      3. My close friend Lance Collins passed away on Wednesday many of you knew him here and were guided by his fishing knowledge he would pass on selflessly. I am richer for his mateship and will never forget the times we hung out together fishing and camping. He has suffered some tuff times this year with illness and I'm glad there were some happy times as well fishing together up at 1770 and offshore here in brissy. Please feel free to tell some yarns here about Lance and celebrate the life of a kind, sharing and gentle man.
      4. Hi guys, this is going to be a long shot but thought I would ask anyway, are there any truckies on this forum going past Gibbon Road, Winston Hills NSW 2153 and heading towards Caboolture preferably, or else Brisbane that can pick up a large laser printer for me, it weighs approx 80Kg and will be boxed (not sure if it will be on a pallet). I have got a quote from the company which is almost the same price as what the the printer costs so makes it too expensive, but I don't want to miss out on it if it is doable. Thanks. Ed.
      5. Hi all It MOVEMBER and we want to help you raise awareness and funds for your page. if you are taking part or a mate is taking part (please let them know) List your link below or post on our fb page and we will share one a day on our FB page and donate $10 to your movember page. if your mates are taking part, let them know so they can post their link below.. Our fb page where we have started highlighting people taking part is here cheers Rob
      6. Hi all Enjoy Cheers Hamish
      7. I was wondering what is everyone’s most unusual or surprising catch’s when fishing mine would probably have to be A massive pufferfish when fishing for sharks a mackerel on used chewing gum and a flathead on bread
      8. Hi all I’m looking to buy a deep cycle gel agm battery for an up coming trip. It’s to be placed in an Engel series 2 battery box. Purely for running fridge camp lights etc. I’m after one in the 110-140 ah rating I’ve been doing a heap of research and have found a lot of the batteries labelled as 135 or 140 are really actually rated to 110ah. If any one on here has any recommendations on deep cycle agm batteries let me know cheers in advance
      9. A mate put me onto this eNewsletter that comes from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries every month. Looks like a good way to stay informed about any upcoming changes to rules and regulations, and some handy info on other topics that would interest most fishos. I have subscribed. Here is a link in case anyone is interested.
      10. Just wanted you guys to know that my instagram is now public and I will be uploading mostly fishing related pictures and stories . My insta Breaming with bro
      11. Wish I was fishing. Poor magpies have nowhere to perch as most of neighbors no longer have tv antennas.
      12. Wondering if And how I should cook the fish . Should I cook it whole or should fillet???? Like what should I do. I tried looking up stuff but didn’t get any results
      13. Hi all Just thought I'd make a list of all the different abbreviations, for anyone who might not know. Feel free to add - FYI - For your information TMI - Too much information! IRL - In real life AFK - Away from keyboard BRB - Be right back IMO/IMHO - In my opinion/In my honest/humble opinion TBH - To be honest BTW - By the way WTH - What the heck POIDH - Photo or it didn't happen ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing RHS - Right Hand Side LHS - Left Hand Side IDHAAOUTA - I don't have any abbreviations of use to anyone (GregOug's only abbreviation) Cheers Hamish
      15. Went to the doc last monday with a sinus problem, bleeding from the nose, had it a hundred times. Result you better have a covid test, next result you are in lockdown until you get more results. Next result a phonecall 5pm friday, all clear. I blxxdy knew that,OH well it gave my sore back a chance for a rest.Now planning next fishing trip, you ripper.
      16. An extract from the chances of winning lotto Being struck by lightning Odds: 1 in 12,000 You have a far greater chance of being struck by lightning than winning Gold Lotto. Now, at the not-so-lucky end of the rainbow, you also have a far greater chance of being hit by lightning than winning the lotto. Surprisingly, statistics show the chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is only one in 12,000. But can you guess the most common activity people are doing when they are struck? Fishing. So, if you don’t mind throwing a line in from time to time, take this as a timely warning. For all of us though, there are some simple things we can remember during storm season that will reduce the odds. Most of us know not to shelter under tall trees and structures but, just as importantly, you should also make sure you’re not the tallest thing if you’re in an exposed area. Experts say that if you can see lightning, or hear thunder, even in the distance, you are already at risk. Amazingly, lightning can strike as far as 16km away from a storm. So, if you’re outside and you see the tell-tale rumbling clouds rolling in, it’s time to take cover indoors. If you are one of the few that are struck by lightning and survive to tell the tale, you can consider yourself very lucky indeed – go ahead and buy yourself a lottery ticket
      17. Hey! Just noticed I’m beating ELLICAT and AUS-BNE-FISHO in the popularity stakes! Who would have thunk it!
      18. Hi all, My name is Aaron. I am currently in Year 11, go to school in NSW and am a keen recreational fisherman. For my Senior Geography Research Project my topic is "Impacts recreational fishing has on the environment in Australia". In this project I am required to do a survey to get as much primary data as possible. I would really appreciate it if as many as you could complete the short survey I have attached. It will take around 5-10 minutes to complete and is entirely voluntary. If you have finished the survey, I would really appreciate it, and it would help me a lot if you could copy this link and share/send it to as many people as you know. It would be best if they too were a recreational fishermen/fisherwomen. Link - Thank you for the support Regards Aaron
      19. Since I seen favourite boating hack I decided what’s everyone’s favourite fishing hacks . I’ll list mine Hack 1 for people that tie the Alberto knot you can make it a lot stronger by going through the loop 3 times instead of 1 before pulling it tight or you can just do a regular alberto and put 2 half hitch’s on the braid either way it does the same thing and is stronger then the regular Alberto hack 2 wash your treble or single hooks on your lures after fishing freshwater or saltwater . This gets rid of any salt weed or mud on the hooks and keeps them free of rust hack 3 write down the fishing conditions what you used weather and anything else you can add .into a empty book and turn it into a fishing dairy this way you will be able to predict good fishing times for certain spots you regularly fish and helps with fishing overall . i know some of these aren’t really hacks there more tips but I have found them to be very helpful
      20. Some of you know that I have prostate cancer. I am getting it cut out tomorrow. I hope to be back on the water ASAP. The reason for this post is to give any of you handsome rosters that are over 40 years of age a kick in the bum to go get a PSA test. Its easy, just ask your doc. I got mine early and hopefully it will all come out in one piece and ill be catching bigger fish than all you lot very soon. I hope you catch a stack while I'm gone.
      21. After some recent spam and abusive posts, I'd like to remind members not to engage with these members. At the top right hand of each post you will see "Report Post". If you see something you think breaks site rules or is spam, simply click on that and I will get the message to deal with it. Thanks.
      22. Game. First to guess has next shot.
      23. Happy Birthday Hamish. Hope all your fishing dreams come true.