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      1. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together ! Have been avoiding npd the last week as I dont fish weekends and the wind hasn’t been favourable and with willy weather predicting it would drop off today I held off launching the boat till about 10ish. Wasnt too bad at my place when I left but getting to the ramp it was a solid westerly making me wish I had bought along another jumper, bumping into a few of the regulars it was as expected slow fishing up our end and I would have to go looking for them down the far reaches of our boundary , being a quick trip down with the wind behind my back I spotted a wise old fisherman the npd king. Doing the polite thing I dropped in to say a quick gday and a chin wag luckily I did as it saved me a lot time going to look for the fish else where on the dam, he was even good enough to gift me his spot as he was leaving Talk about being spoon fed !Long story short it was a glass our day just as willy weather predicted and the fishing was pretty good too! 31 fish landed 29 bass and 2 yellas some pics to look at. Get out there and do it while you can. cheers
      2. Well what can I say, weather was picture perfect and the fish were happy to play the game too.found three different schools and caught them on as many techniques. Also managed another pb for npd. Still chasing a a yella out there they have eluded me for a while but I will find em. Will let the pics do the talking, 36 bass and a whopper forky. cheers
      3. With anticipation through the roof as usual I was up early and off out to the dam. Wasn’t as cold as it has been lately which was much Welcomed being up to my knees in water launching the boat, heading off down stream looking for that school that I found last week I passed up a few loose schools that I have been seeing sitting in the small drop offs. Made it all the way down the dam and heading back with all but two tiny bass and whopper forky giving me some grief on the silly string. Working my way back to the ramp I bumped into a familiar face and a quick chat and report from each other reveals some better needs. Working my way back hitting the edges looking for a toga or some bass sitting in the edges was nothing but casting exercise.almost home and the sounder lights up “you bloody beauty” dropped a shrimp down and was on immediately, after a few on shrimp I started to jig and that’s where the fun started, almost a fish a drop for a frantic 20min session. Even managed a double hook up at one stage with a dirty bloody forky taking the blade off the bottom. Turned out to be a good session in end. fish while you can guys n gals as tomorrow isn’t promised. 20 odd bass and a hand full of catfish, didn’t have much time to take pics cheers
      4. Well for ray not for me ! After putting the boat in and finding out the rear motor has decided to pack it in I should have taken the hint. Beautiful foggy conditions out there this morning making me second guess where I had the shrimp traps, after debating to head down the dam with only one motor my greed got the better of me after the session I had earlier in the week. Passing a few scattered Fish here and there and seeing the bass sitting in the small drop offs I should have really stopped and had a go at what was on offer but the blinkers were on ! Passing a half decent school I stopped for a quick jig to see if they were hungry but my own impatience got the better of me and off I went ( see rays report for the school he sat on ) hoping I could replicate the previous session I looked everywhere and only raised a few fish here and there. Nothing jigging but got some casting to the edges using spinnerbaits ( forgot how good the bite is fishing edges) and a couple on shrimp. Only a hand full of fish for the day but beats vacuuming that’s for sure! As they say you can’t win em all.
      5. Off to a chilly start out the dam this morning, after losing a shrimp trap to snag I had 5 shrimp to try and convert into bass so off I go trolling my merry way down dam taking in the serenity, let’s just say after a few hours of enjoying the serenity I had Deffinetly had enough of it ! Searching all the usual haunts of the dam revealed nothing except a few scattered fish here and there and even they weren’t interested, by dumb luck I managed to to find the school I had been searching for after going to investigate what I thought was a eagle eating a snake (turns out he it was a stick) with the sounder lit up like a Xmas tree it was on for young and old. No trophy fish landed but what they don’t have in size they deffinetly made up for in fight. By far the best session I have had on jigs out there and also managed to get a pb of forkies! I don’t mind to as they get a quick shave from me and turned into eagle food as Percy was not interested he’s too well fed ! Took a while to find em today but well worth the wait. I managed to take a few quick pics In between the action. 37 bass all up, also managed to get gill spiked by a bass for the first time today too right in between the knuckles I can tell you now it’s not much fun!
      6. Pretty good day at NPD Sunday morning the shrimp pots were reasonably productive considering that they have been sitting for so long .Picked up around 12 bass at the point opposite the end of Koala straight before heading to Andrews drop off where it was on again and then to the 50ft mark near fad3. We ended up running out of shrimp with the counter on 50 bass by 10am. The fish were thick on the sounder right through the water column wherever we pulled up.. Give the shrimp 3 flicks of the rod and bang you were onto a fiesty bass but leave it go to the bottom and the dreaded forkys were there. We headed back upstream and found a mixed school of bass and forkies ending up with 68 bass and 18 forkies which are now in the freezer for crab bait. Wind was not too bad with no whitecaps but kept the i pilot honest holding position the first spot we tried we were swinging between 18 and 48 feet with the fish hanging right on the edge of the drop off. Bit of a comedown for me resorting to use bits of painted tin instead of proper bait when we ran out of bait Cheers Ray
      7. Added to SEQ water website today,
      8. First off things were looking grim with 6 bass between 30 and 32cm and 4 forkies so we headed off to the floats for 5 bass and one yella before things quieted down. Next spot was in the usual spot between the islands where the fish were a little slow but consistent and of a good size. We stopped fishing at 11am with a tally of 58 bass,2 tandan and 4 forkies. Tagged fish grown 20mm Did the redclaw pots on the way back to the ramp for 8 redclaw from 10 pots.
      9. Starting to get back into it again at NPD 49 bass and one yella between the 4 of us this morning. We found one school that we pulled 20 odd bass from before they moved on . The rest were scattered all over the lower part of the permit area. Redclaw were light on had a yarn to another angler back at the ramp and he said that his pots had been raided with cable ties cut.. Whenever a new permit season commences we always find a few selfish bastards who raid pots belonging to others.
      10. It was a case of invade the fishes territory while they were trying to evade me.Something turned them off yesterday,maybe to much sun and not enough overcast for the style of fishing I have been doing.Trolled all the way down the dam for nothing, then managed 32 and 2 yellas casting spinnerbaits before picking up one trolling home, tough day. Dino
      11. quite quick session as the back is playing up, 34 bass and 2 yellas trolling, jigging and casting.Not much overcast conditions so the numbers were down. Dino
      12. A foggy start at NPD this morning with Hai and Ray the fish were patchy managing 35 bass in first 2 spots by 9am and we then moved downstream checking redclaw pots by the time we got to Andrews drop off the forecast westerly had picked up so we went down to the floats where we tied up as there was too much movement on the spot lock. Just he odd bass there so we ended up near the far marker to increase the daily tally to 45 bass. Ray and Hai took advantage of the new bag limits and took home 3 fish each. Some blind uninsured dykhed gave the boat a kiss whilst I was stopped at a traffic light. Boat seems ok just a busted transducer .broken tail light and winch post. Cheers Ray
      13. I am still the tandan king with 3 to my tally against one each for Rick and Jason. I also get bonus points as one of my tandans had beauty spots on it. By catch was 2 yellas and 63 bass. Redclaw numbers still down but enough for a feed for Jason. Cheers Ray
      14. Took young Dennis out to North Pine for a fish yesterday, but his camera battery was dead before we even started. So for this report, you’ll have to give me all the likes and compliments instead. Don’t worry, I’ll pass them on We checked a few shrimp pots first up, including one that had previously been lost from the float being cut off. The pot was sitting mostly above the water, but amazingly, still had plenty of live shrimp in it. I told @Dinodadog that today would be so good on lures that I bet we don’t even touch the shrimp.... We had our sights set on a few spots where we could cast to the edges. Spinnerbaits worked nicely last trip, so we wanted in on that action again. Most of the water fished was actually very shallow (less than 3m), SUPER clear, and had thick weed beds. The spinnerbaits were basically retrieved just below the surface, and the fish would burst out of the weed to hit them. Caught a few fish trolling along the way, but spent most of the morning getting our spinnerbaits smashed by the chunkiest of winter Bass. Had hoped the yellow fish would also turn up, and watched as Dennis caught one now and then. Finally managed one myself as last fish of the day. As we hit the thrusters and headed back to the ramp, I pointed to the shrimp laden esky..... “Told ya”.... Luke
      15. Best $110 you will ever spend Anyone want a trip to check the place out drop me a pm I normally go on wednasdays and sundays .Cheers Ray
      16. decky spot also avail tomorrow sunday 18th no smoking no bananas 5.45 am end of adsetts 0403072325 rd whiteside cheers ray
      17. June catch statics PRFMA area NPD. Think the redclaw numbers are a bit iffy with people trying to keep their spots secret, We are averaging around 10 redclaw per pot and some are entering 6 as total catch and a few not entering at all, Bit strange as a conservative estimate of number of pots would be around 80 to 100
      18. With the water dropping quite quickly and lily pads being exposed it is nearly time to go treasure hunting. There are plenty of redclaw and shrimp pots exposed and I know of a rod that was lost near this bank, Reckon it is fair game because the owner is incapacitated for another couple of months> Cheers Ray
      19. Another good day at NPD with plenty of quality fish and redclaw. Mark still unable to crack an over 50 bass with his first 5 bass going 45. 45 . 47 and 2 at 49.No big schools with the fish scattered over a few spots. We gave Steve a bit of stick as he was persevering with icejigs and blades , We told him to keep it up as the vibrations of his jigs and blades were attracting the fish to the boat so we could catch the bass on shrimp.Redclaw still prolific on forky bait and we were able to catch some more forkies for bait for next trip. Percy gave us a bit of entertainment trying to give his offsider a head job with another pelican coming in to join the affray.82 bass2 yellas1 tandan Cheers Ray
      20. Second fly rod break in as many outings Caught lots of these In amongst all of these But then I high-sticked an excited one and ended up with these
      21. Another good one yesterday apart from getting wet feet due to my ******** decky leaving the bung out . I was too busy gassbagging at ramp to a couple of newbies in a hobie cat with a leccy on the back. Gave them a few shrimp to start with and saw that they caught a few fish when I came back in.. Did not notice it for around 15 minutes until I pulled the first pot when there was an inch of water over the floorboards. Took around 10 minutes for both bilge pumps to clear it. I had used a couple of forkies as redclaw bait last trip and they worked well so will keep any in future instead of just donging them on the head.Did a bit of exploring around the no1 fad and picked up 3 bass there. They were not schooling on the fads but just cruising around around them.Nothing at first at a couple of normal spots but found a school of mixed fish from 20cm to 40 odd in 35 feet of water towards the far marker. Nothing doing at the far marker but the chippys ( Birds) that had their nests burrowed into the bank were not happy as their nests were submerged.Plenty of bass on the floats on the way back to the ramp despite there being nothing there earlier. Owen was at the ramp just launching his new rig to try out his twin stern motor set up so I culled my redclaw and gave him all the smalls. 46 bass ( Around 16 under) and one yella. Decky is still suffering from toungelashing as I write this. Cheers Ray
      22. It was our 58th wedding anniversary yesterday and the only thing that I have learnt over the years is to always do what I am told ( When I want to). I aked Judy what did she want for an anniversary celebration and she said go fishing and leave me in peace. Bit cool this first off plus a stiff westerly but I had my coat and trusted BOM who said the wind would drop off. The wind made it interesting doing my redclaw pots at the end of Koala straight but I persevered and only ended up in the lilies once where I had to turn the bow mount around to assist the stern mount to reverse out. Plenty of bass in the usual spots End of second rock wall,Andrews drop off,the floats,the old old far marker.the inlet near the old old far marker plus some in the new area where the forkies outnumbered the bass by 2 to 1 so I returned to Andrews drop off and picked up another dozen bass and a tandan.Percy provided a bit of entertainment getting agro with an interloper. Also spotted a deer on the island Final tally 86 bass 1 tandan 1 yella 9 forkies that were converted to redclaw bait. one happy wife as I did not get home till 5pmVery long day talking to myself and not back to the ramp till 3.30. Cheers Ray
      23. Deckies were afraid of getting their raincoats wet so it was another solo trip. Quite a few rain squalls with some rock and roll. Few wobblies feeding on the green pick half a bucket of forkies for redclaw bait. Percy could only manage 2 big ones. ended up with 46 bass and uncounted forkies all off andrews drop off. Bass were 2 distinct sizes either high or low 30s. Cheers Ray
      24. Hey guys and gals! Firstly thanks everyone on here for the posts! Been awesome looking at people’s catches. This is my first summer ever fishing for bass. Finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I normally fish locally around Ipswich. Heading to the NPD for my first time on Sunday morning in the yak. Any advice would be awesome!!! Recommend lures/how it fishes? I’ve only ever fished maroon and I caught nothing that morning I don’t have a depth sounder but I’m sure there are still ways of catching a few without to much local knowledge? Would love to get my misso onto her first ever bass! Thanks guys! Hope everyone has a good week!
      25. It was a bit windy when we launched but by the time we got into Koala straight it got up to about 15 to 20 knots as the change came through. We decided to do few redclaw pots and see if it would abate. As the rain came the wind commenced to drop a bit so we went to Andrews drop of where we quickly picked up 40 bass but the biggest would have only been 35cm . By the time we arrived at the floats the wind had dropped out completely and more bass were boated. More caught at the old ,old far marker and then into the new area where more caught. 68 bass and one yella and 3 very wet bums final score. Cheers Ray