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      1. June catch statics PRFMA area NPD. Think the redclaw numbers are a bit iffy with people trying to keep their spots secret, We are averaging around 10 redclaw per pot and some are entering 6 as total catch and a few not entering at all, Bit strange as a conservative estimate of number of pots would be around 80 to 100
      2. With the water dropping quite quickly and lily pads being exposed it is nearly time to go treasure hunting. There are plenty of redclaw and shrimp pots exposed and I know of a rod that was lost near this bank, Reckon it is fair game because the owner is incapacitated for another couple of months> Cheers Ray
      3. Another good day at NPD with plenty of quality fish and redclaw. Mark still unable to crack an over 50 bass with his first 5 bass going 45. 45 . 47 and 2 at 49.No big schools with the fish scattered over a few spots. We gave Steve a bit of stick as he was persevering with icejigs and blades , We told him to keep it up as the vibrations of his jigs and blades were attracting the fish to the boat so we could catch the bass on shrimp.Redclaw still prolific on forky bait and we were able to catch some more forkies for bait for next trip. Percy gave us a bit of entertainment trying to give his offsider a head job with another pelican coming in to join the affray.82 bass2 yellas1 tandan Cheers Ray
      4. Second fly rod break in as many outings Caught lots of these In amongst all of these But then I high-sticked an excited one and ended up with these
      5. Another good one yesterday apart from getting wet feet due to my ******** decky leaving the bung out . I was too busy gassbagging at ramp to a couple of newbies in a hobie cat with a leccy on the back. Gave them a few shrimp to start with and saw that they caught a few fish when I came back in.. Did not notice it for around 15 minutes until I pulled the first pot when there was an inch of water over the floorboards. Took around 10 minutes for both bilge pumps to clear it. I had used a couple of forkies as redclaw bait last trip and they worked well so will keep any in future instead of just donging them on the head.Did a bit of exploring around the no1 fad and picked up 3 bass there. They were not schooling on the fads but just cruising around around them.Nothing at first at a couple of normal spots but found a school of mixed fish from 20cm to 40 odd in 35 feet of water towards the far marker. Nothing doing at the far marker but the chippys ( Birds) that had their nests burrowed into the bank were not happy as their nests were submerged.Plenty of bass on the floats on the way back to the ramp despite there being nothing there earlier. Owen was at the ramp just launching his new rig to try out his twin stern motor set up so I culled my redclaw and gave him all the smalls. 46 bass ( Around 16 under) and one yella. Decky is still suffering from toungelashing as I write this. Cheers Ray
      6. It was our 58th wedding anniversary yesterday and the only thing that I have learnt over the years is to always do what I am told ( When I want to). I aked Judy what did she want for an anniversary celebration and she said go fishing and leave me in peace. Bit cool this first off plus a stiff westerly but I had my coat and trusted BOM who said the wind would drop off. The wind made it interesting doing my redclaw pots at the end of Koala straight but I persevered and only ended up in the lilies once where I had to turn the bow mount around to assist the stern mount to reverse out. Plenty of bass in the usual spots End of second rock wall,Andrews drop off,the floats,the old old far marker.the inlet near the old old far marker plus some in the new area where the forkies outnumbered the bass by 2 to 1 so I returned to Andrews drop off and picked up another dozen bass and a tandan.Percy provided a bit of entertainment getting agro with an interloper. Also spotted a deer on the island Final tally 86 bass 1 tandan 1 yella 9 forkies that were converted to redclaw bait. one happy wife as I did not get home till 5pmVery long day talking to myself and not back to the ramp till 3.30. Cheers Ray
      7. Deckies were afraid of getting their raincoats wet so it was another solo trip. Quite a few rain squalls with some rock and roll. Few wobblies feeding on the green pick half a bucket of forkies for redclaw bait. Percy could only manage 2 big ones. ended up with 46 bass and uncounted forkies all off andrews drop off. Bass were 2 distinct sizes either high or low 30s. Cheers Ray
      8. Hey guys and gals! Firstly thanks everyone on here for the posts! Been awesome looking at people’s catches. This is my first summer ever fishing for bass. Finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I normally fish locally around Ipswich. Heading to the NPD for my first time on Sunday morning in the yak. Any advice would be awesome!!! Recommend lures/how it fishes? I’ve only ever fished maroon and I caught nothing that morning I don’t have a depth sounder but I’m sure there are still ways of catching a few without to much local knowledge? Would love to get my misso onto her first ever bass! Thanks guys! Hope everyone has a good week!
      9. It was a bit windy when we launched but by the time we got into Koala straight it got up to about 15 to 20 knots as the change came through. We decided to do few redclaw pots and see if it would abate. As the rain came the wind commenced to drop a bit so we went to Andrews drop of where we quickly picked up 40 bass but the biggest would have only been 35cm . By the time we arrived at the floats the wind had dropped out completely and more bass were boated. More caught at the old ,old far marker and then into the new area where more caught. 68 bass and one yella and 3 very wet bums final score. Cheers Ray
      10. Another day of laughs and fish with two Michaels as deckies. Started the day checking redclaw pots before trying to find some fish. The redclaw are now starting to get some size with plenty of small ones coming on so they will not taper off over winter. No fish were found until we reached the floats where both Michaels had a double hook up with a bass and yella successfully boated. The fish were of good quality in high 30s and low 40s but a little slow. so we went searching again with little found until we located some good sized bass in the new area. before having a last shot on the floats on the way back to the ramp . The bass were cooperative once again but we decided we had had enough. Checked a few of the redclaw pots on the way back and a few of them had between 8 and 12 redclaw in them so the two Michaels ended up with a feed of fish and redclaw to take home. Glass out conditions all day with the breeze maybe getting up to 3 mph a couple of times 20 bass 4 yellas 9 forkies that were converted to redclaw bait on the way back to the ramp as the pots that I put forkies in as bait on Wednesday had twice the number of redclaw as the ones with just dog biscuits.I was bit worried that the dead forkies would stink but all that was left were a few bones. Cheers Ray
      11. Had a leisurely 7.30 am start after hitting up the local market first. Very pleased that the pelicans have gone from the ramp and the few showers have left the ramp clean enough to et your breakfast off I had a supply of shrimp left after my last trip so I started exploring for some fish first up. First spot was bare but a few 30cm bass at the next spot. So i kept moving as i just wanted to see where the fish were rather than sitting on a school.Some more near Dinos shrimp traps and along in front of the second rockwall before finishing up around Andrews drop off with a total of 35 bass boated,on a mixture of live shrimp . Found a couple of our missing redclaw pots in my travels. Total of 31 legal bass and 5 unders and not one forky. Cheers Ray
      12. Bit of a dud day today with 30 bass ( only about 10 legal) one yella and numerous forkies with double and triple forky hook ups. Mark had the fish of the day with a bass of only 40 cm that was tagged. Shrimp were very scarce with small redclaw outnumbering the shrimp by about 5 to 1. The forkies were distributed all over the dam at all depths. Surprised by the number of swans on the dam with 37 in one group and plenty of clusters of 4 and five everywhere. We had run out of bait by 10am so had an early finish. didnt have to hose out the boat as the rain gave the new carpet a good wash. Back on wednesday for another go. Cheers Ray
      13. Neil and I were banging them on live shrimp and Steve on a purple blade until Steve had to retire hurt and visit the GP to remove the hook Steve putting to bed the story that you will not catch fish on a lure while there are liveshrimp in the water. Maybe it is the garlic scent that he is using on the blades and plastics. . Plenty of bass mixed in with the forkies and we had a system going in that every time we got a triple hook up on forkies we would move Andrew drop off and the old far marker and the old old far marker the most productive spots . Andrews drop off on the way back was looking really good until we had to knock off.. 45 bass on the counter and did not keep score on the forkies. Percy was not hungry and only ate a couple of forkies so the eagles also had a feed. Best news was not a pelican in sight on the ramp but still a bit of residual smell which hopefully will wash away with a bit of rain.
      14. Back to NPD this morning with Steve and Neil the novice. Neil had never been fishing before and it took a while to educate him to not wind the fish to the tip of the rod and lift it into the boat. Fortunately he was only catching tiddlers at first before he got some larger ones. I quite did not catch what he muttered when he dropped a 50cm plus yella at the side of the boat. We knocked off at midday with 58 bass and 2 yellas on the counter and a feed of redclaw for Steve and Neil to share. Cheers Ray
      15. Copy of email from PRFMA. The Stocking of fingerlings into Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurwongbah for 2018 / 2019 has now be completed. Detailed below are the details of fingerlings stocked this season Lake Samsonvale 58,000 Australian Bass 22,000 Golden Perch (Yellow Belly) 1,000 Mary River Cod 27 Adult (Average 55cm) Saratoga Lake Kurwongbah 31,300 Australian Bass Our thanks and appreciation go to all those who participated in the very successful releases Regards Barry Tucker Treasurer
      16. Back again this morning We did well from 6 of our redclaw pots that had forkies as bait but the boat is really on the nose even though all that was left in the pots was a few bits of skin and bones. Averaged around 20 redclaw in the pots with forky bait against 4 to 6 in the other few pots that had dog biscuits in them. We got 4 forkies today so they have been converted to redclaw bait but I am not popular with the pongy boat parked outside the bedroom window. We found a good school of bass and managed 12 in quick time before the school moved on never to be found again. Saw the energex boys working on the pylons after being raised up on a mobile tower.Not for me with around 20k of wind blowing. Cheers Ray
      17. Internet been down, still not fixed properly, have to wait until tuesday.Went to NPD tuesday for 41 bass and some forkies plus the biggest eel I have ever caught, it was bigger than a lungfish, no way was it getting in my boat so I cut the line. Back again yesterday for 41 bass some forkies and one yella. I would stick with the lures as long as I could to get half a dozen then onto the bait to finish up with. Dino
      18. Infofish - Fish Details (v46225).htmlInfofish - Fish Details (v46225).html
      19. Article on NPD in feb QFM Cheers Ray
      20. Couple of photos from today . I have volunteered drop bear to do a post. Cheers Ray
      21. Down into the new access area in front of the island for a good day. Colin was the tandan king with only one and he reckons he made up for it by catching the only yella which he promptly placed on the tether. Usual feed of redclaw Two fish shy of the ton and a half. Fish were all in 30 feet of water change the depth by a couple of feet and nothing and were predominately caught by Jason and rick in the bow with 108 between them and only 40 between Colin and I. Rick and I both recaptured a tagged fish and they were weighed and measured and details forwarded to Suntag and Prfma for inclusion in their data bases. The fish are now noticeably weighing less now that the roes have been reabsorbed Cheers Ray
      22. Bloody pelicans back roosting on the ramp Got a feed of redclaw but fishing was a bit tough with only 5 bass and 3 yellas. One of the yellas fell in love with my foot. One of the yellas was tagged 11 days ago at the survey event and managed to shrink 1cm probably because it as so randy. Cheers Ray
      23. Decky spots avail this sunday leaving Redland Bay 6am or meet at Gate Adsets Rd whiteside Leaving bit later than usual as I am going to local market first. Plenty of redclaw ATM bass have been a bit hit and miss there one day and gone the next. But should get some keepers to take home for a feed. Cheers Ray 0403072325
      24. \ To PRFMA Members After many months of negotiating with Seqwater and the Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association LSWSA (Sailing Club) we are pleased to advise that:- As from Wednesday 21/11/2018 our southern boundary has been changed to be further south than previously. Refer map of the Boundary Markers. CLICK HERE The Boundary is made up of 2 Seqwater ‘No Public Access” Yellow Buoys east of our new boundary Island and on the west side of the island – A sign on the Island – the Sailing Club Buoy “B” and 2 Seqwater “No public access” yellow buoys One of the boundary markers is a Sailing Club Racing Competition Buoy depicted as B. This mean that we share this area with the Sailing Club on their Racing Competition days which is usually Sunday afternoons. If you are fishing close to Buoy B and the Sail Boats are competing then please find somewhere else to fish in our 400 hectares of our Lake Access Area. Under no circumstances should Redclaw Traps be set where they may become a hazard to the Sailing Club competitions. The Boundary is the Boundary – Any Permit Holder who intentionally goes beyond this new boundary will have their Boating Access Permit cancelled. As a PRFMA Member it is our responsibility to ensure that all Permit Holders comply with the boundary rule. If any detail in this email or attached map is unclear, then please phone me on 0419 748 311 Just make certain that you have the battery capacity as it is a very long paddleback to the ramp sadly I have to wait till thursday , The forecast looking crook so may even have to wait till Sunday
      25. It was not too cold initially but when the south easter came in and combined with the cloud cover Binder regretted that he only wore shorts. Plenty of redclaw and they are getting bigger every week. Bass were slow and scarce with us ending up with 22 but the company made up for all the shortcomings. Cheers Ray