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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, New to the forum and hoping I can get some advise please. I have a leave pass from the missus to go on a solo trip. I am trying to plan a fishing trip in the first 2.5 weeks in August from Vic to either Northern NSW or Southern Queensland. I have a small 3mtr tinnie and wanting to fish some estuaries. Hoping to catch Jacks, Bass, Bream or something decent on light line. Happy to travel as far as Rocky if needed, however prefer to try my luck from Yamba to Sunshine Coast. Also ideally, looking to switch it up from Estuary to Rock or Beach. Hopefully you can help
  2. Going down to Ballina next month when it cools off to fish for blackish. I haven't targeted them for years but do remember it being quite addictive watching the float Bob underwater and hooking them. I am going for a week and should also get a few sessions in on the breakwall for tailor and jew. I should have a good report by the time I get back.
  3. Have fished Narrabeen Lagoon a few times during our last few Australian trips. It really is a lovely place and great to take the grandsons to. They have caught bream,whiting and puffers,even the wife caught some. Was wondering if lures are worth a go and if so what type ? We fly out 06 Feb for 3 months and will be staying at our daughters at Warriewood. Any of you fishos live around there and fancy showing a wrinkly auld pommie barsteward the ropes feel free Have caught fish by the caravan park and just upstream of Pelican Bridge. Will add a few images from trips we had there Grandson Joshua getting some casting tuition from his dad. http:// Me and my good lady. http:// Grandson Joshua giving grandson Theo a few pointers http:// Joshua with a bream http:// Dorothy with a whiting,as usual she outfished me !!! http:// John
  4. Caught this today in the Tweed, can someone I'd it please, cheers john M
  5. Entries Now Open To 2019 Tuross Challenge 8th - 10th March 2019. Tuross Head, NSW. Prize Categories Largest Bream 1st & 2nd Male, Female & Junior, Largest Flathead 1st & 2nd Male, Female & Junior, Largest By-Catch 1st Male, Female & Junior *Prizes to be announced soon* Tournament rules Each angler will receive an Angler ID along with a tournament bag Catch & Release only No bait or berley to be used Photos of the fish must be on a brag mat with Angler ID Flathead over 65cm (Overall length) & Bream over 38cm (Fork length) must be seen & verified by judges Fishing is permitted in the Tuross lake system as well as Coila lake All Anglers must comply with all state fishing regulations including licenses, Life jacket ETC: No dead or disfigured fish will be allowed to be entered Registrations & Briefing will commence at Club Tuross on Friday 8th March at 5pm – Bar & BBQ will be open for purchases Fishing times are Saturday 9th March 7am – 4pm --- Sunday 10th March 7am – 3.30pm Presentation will commence at Club Tuross Beach Bar at 4.30pm What do I get? Entrants receive on registration night (Friday) Tournament bag with tournament shirt, dinner ticket for Saturday night (at Club Tuross), bag also contains packets of soft plastics, stubbie holders... Plus more!
  6. 'The water is absolutely putrid': 10,000 fish dead in Darling River as water quality declines The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is expecting more mass fish deaths with a blue-green algae bloom blamed for 10,000 dead fish in the Darling River. The dead fish, mainly native species such as bony bream, Murray cod, and golden and silver perch, were found along a 50-kilometre stretch of the river. It was first thought 'just' 300 dead perch were found Menindee on Saturday, but a NSW District Fisheries officer put the count at 10,000 dead fish one day later. Local property owner Wayne Sullivan made the initial discovery. The Department of Primary Industries Fisheries have put the fish kill down to a lack of oxygen in the water from the blue-green algae outbreak."The prolonged dry period has resulted in poor water quality along much of the Darling River," a DPI spokesperson said. "Algal alerts have been in place for several weeks in the Menindee region and linked to this, low dissolved oxygen levels are likely to occur within slow flowing or still sections of the river." CSIRO environmental scientist Tim Malthus said blue-green algae posed a serious threat to marine life. "Blue-green algae really deteriorates the water quality, plus it has the ability, when in those high concentrations, to release toxins, which are capable of killing fish like we've seen," Dr Malthus said. He said algal blooms were driven by high temperatures, low rainfall and a build-up of nutrients from agricultural run-off. No respite for lower Darling water users WaterNSW spokesman Tony Webber said the lower Darling could expect more outbreaks of blue-green algae as summer continued. "There's certainly going to be ideal conditions for blue-green algae right across New South Wales, as we go into the hotter weather and the dry conditions continue," he said. With WaterNSW ceasing flows from below Weir 32 in Menindee to the lower Darling at the end of December, only water users with access to block banks will have access to water. It's a dire situation for irrigators and graziers reliant on the Darling River for water. Some towns, like Menindee, have already been carting water as the river supply became unfit for human consumption. Swimming in water affected by blue-green algae can also cause skin irritations and gastroenteritis. WaterNSW advised property owners not to water their stock with water from the Darling River. Mr Sullivan said he was at a loss as to what to do about the water quality. "The government's got to supply more fresh water to households for animals, or I don't know … I really, honestly don't know what to do," he said. "I've got 12 race horses on my property, and I'm afraid to give them this water. I don't know how it's going to affect them." Ngiyampaa Elder Beryl Carmichael said the government had completely ignored the interests and opinions of First Nations Peoples. Fixing the river's health won't be easy. The only real remedy for the deteriorating health of the Darling River is water flows. Dr Malthus said one option for remediating the oxygen-sucking quality of blue-green algae was water aeration. The DPI has rejected this suggestion. "The difficulty we have is scale," senior fisheries manager Cameron Lay said. "Aeration makes a very small impact in a localised area and, as was evidenced by the fish kill, we had poor water quality over a 40-kilometre stretch of the Darling River. "It's not logistically possible for us to have any meaningful impact on the oxygen levels through aeration." With both the DPI and WaterNSW predicting more fish kills, it raised serious concerns for the survivability of native species. Mr Lay said native fish populations were very good at withstanding poor water quality and long periods of no flow."Localised fish kills like this, while very unfortunate, are not uncommon in prolonged periods of drought," he said. Water NSW's Tony Webber said a solution could only come from a break in the weather. "We're optimistic the Queensland storm system might deliver that solution, but we'll have to wait and see," he said. With no end in sight to the drought, it's a stark reminder that the health of Australia's biggest river systems are reliant on summer rains. Story from the ABC.
  7. Hi everyone im wanting to book a holiday house for Easter next year for 4 adults and 3 older kids plus 2 small dogs. We love fishing for things like flathead, bream, whiting etc and I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for places to try or if you’ve stayed in great accommodation yourself and can recommend it. I’m just outside of Brisbane so anywhere up to 4 or 5 hours north or south of Brissy would be fine. We have stayed at Evans Head before and loved it but they are pretty booked out already. Thanks guys.
  8. AFO

    Global Tackle

    Global Tackle is a family owned business specialising in fishing tackle. We are conveniently located in the Eastern Suburbs at 503 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, Sydney. Our objective is not only to maintain the latest in fishing technology but to challenge and develop new boundaries. Global tackle is run by anglers for anglers. We are confident that our expertise in rock, surf, estuary and bluewater angling will enhance the enjoyment and quality of your fishing experience. We are passionate about fishing and always willing to offer friendly advice to the novice and the more experienced angler. So why not drop in to have a browse and say hello. If you have fished the rocks, beaches or blue waters of our eastern seaboard, you will most likely bump into old friends.
  9. For More Details, Please visit our website, Thank You
  10. Just went on my first fishing today with my mate near Rose Bay today , we caught a few fish but have no idea what they are so we put them back . Can some one please identify there 4 fishes, are they editable, what is the legal size and bagging limited so we know in the future. help is appreciated.
  11. Did a road trip to spend Xmas with my brother in Singleton (coal miner), stopping at a farmstay (sheep) at Deepwater (just north of Glenn Innes) on the way for a couple of nights (which was very cool - got to drive a tractor!). After Xmas we then spent 3 nights each at Shoal Bay (Port Stephens), Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. All of our accommodation except Coffs Harbour (because it was darned hard to get something we were happy with) was booked through Air BnB which I'd thoroughly recommend - so much better than staying in Motor Inns and a lot cheaper than booking at hotels, etc. With tight timeframes at each place and young kids to wear out (or is that the other way round ....?) I did what fishing I could (apart from with the kids, which was fun) early in the mornings. With no time (or energy in the middle of the day while they were asleep) to do recon missions, I resigned myself to the fact that I may not gain access to the spots I'd like to look of on Google Earth, and that at worst my fishing trips may end up just being bush walks/hikes with a fishing rod in my hand (and backpack on my back) ....... The morning after we arrived at Shoal Bay (which is beautiful - nice clear water and weed beds just off the shore that Liam and I took advantage of and snorkelled - well, sort of, we just had swimming goggles and no actual 'snorkel' - and checked out plenty of bream, large whiting (one of which was attacked by something else right in front of us a couple of times, still don't know what it was but a few minutes later we saw what must have been some sort of saltwater eel-tailed catfish so that may have been the culprit) I got up early and headed down to the beach and came up trumps with a 53cm flattie in amongst the weed (took a while to get into a rhythm and not get weed caught on my jighead EVERY single time!!) beds. I was using a 1/4oz 3/0 jighead with a 5 inch white/pearl Zman GrubZ. Happy with that, I decided the next morning it was time to turn my attention to rock fishing, which I have an affinity for. I was keen to explore Tomaree Headland and without a recon mission, couldn't decide whether to head clockwise around it from our unit, or go over to the surf beach and head anti-clockwise. I opted for the former, and sure enough reached a point where I couldn't/wouldn't get access to the water (I'm very cautious).
  12. Off with the family to Northern NSW for a few days... Mostly family time and Alastair sitting (Tanya calls it parenting) while Tanya recovers but will try and squeeze in a few little fishes. Will post on successes or failures