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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way or if I could beef up the transom of my tinny. It’s a savage 3.3m (11ft) but the builders plate says it can only take 12hp? Really weird that it says this as I know 3m tinnys that can still take 15? If so, I’d only be looking to bump it up to a 15hp so not much more in terms of weight of the outboard. Would it be safe? cheers.
  2. Hi all, sad news is that my 2003 DF90 Suzuki 4-stroke has carked it, good news (apart from the fact I have to pay for it .....) is that I get a new (or newer one) ...... When I get some time I'll put up some info about one of the two issues that caused it's demise - it is a problem that wasn't fixed/removed by Suzuki until 2008 so may be helpful for anyone owning one of these motors. Am in a bit of a hurry to research and decide what I am going to do. Boat is currently sitting with Bayside Suzuki Marine and I have the option to have a brand new 2019 model DF100B-L (20 inch shaft) for $14600 fitted (minus about $600 for turning my 90hp into parts). Am wanting to know the following: Any strong opinions on which brands are better (Suzuki, Yamaha, etc). And any particular sizes - I can rebadge it to allow for a 140hp motor but realistically I think 100-115hp would be plenty. The boat is a 5.6m (well 5m with a 60cm extended transom) Fisher Centre Console with 5mm bottom, 4mm sides and approx. 120-140L underfloor fuel tank. Any recommendations on where I can get it done for a better deal? Long shot but does anyone know anyone wanting to sell a suitable second hand motor (I'm told there is a lack of quality options in the second hand market and therefore the market price for these is inflated, so I have a hunch I'll end up going new). @tugger - how long ago did you get your 100hp Yamaha, how's it going and do you recall what you paid? Cheers all, will update as I work through this.
  3. G'day, Fresh member here, new to boating and fishing. Wanted to take the boat out on the weekend and no steering hmmm Appears this bracket/arm has broken, and not really sure where to find one or what it's actually called? Anyone able to help? It's a 90's/ early 2000's yamaha 90hp 2 stroke Cheers
  4. Garfield28

    Water In Fuel

    G'day all,On Sunday I went out with my boys to drop the crab pots and throw out a line. Started off normal left the boat ramp, went past the 4 knots area and opened her up and she was doing the normal 60-65 kph and all was good. Stopped at an area to drop the pots and knocked her out of gear while I pinned some bait in the pot and dropped them both, then things didn't seem right. Started to creep off from the spot and pushed the throdle down and it was going but not fast, it was like it wasn't responding pretty much. Anyhow did this for about a 150 meters then just conked out. Tried to kick her over and she wouldn't start. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and it took a bit but she kicked over but there was plumes of smoke and it was running crook then conk out again. In the end I called marine rescue for a tow and got towed back to the boat ramp, and when I got home I was talking to a mate about it and he said sounded like dirty fuel or water in the fuel. He asked if I had a water separator which I said I do. He asked had I drained it, and me being a boating novice and dummy said I didn't even know that you had to. After I hung up I went up into the boat to suss out this water separator, and sure enoghe I loosen the little but underneath and there is heaps of water in it. I'm no expert and I know nothing much about outboards but I believe I have water in the fuel. My question and concern is, now that it has caused problems with the motor it obviously got in and I'm concerned now that my outboard is stuffed. Is this the case - or is there anutgany I can do to get it firing again? ThanksGeoff
  5. Hi all, I am currently in the market for a new outboard as my one is only running on 2 cylinders. Anyway I have found a company in Canberra called "First outboards" which have brand new motors that are 2016 models mostly which are much less then anywhere else. Has anyone purchased from them before? I emailed them asking questions about delivery and warranties and got a reply that although answered my questions seemed a little dodgey. I am trying to line a mate up to go instore to check them out for me. If it is legitimate it is about 5k cheaper than brand new from the dealer for etecs or about 2.5k for yammies in 60hp models. Cheers in advance.