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      Found 272 results

      1. FREEWILLY


        I just bought a 4 year old quintrex that has been in the water for the whole 4 years, I need to clean off the barnicles, I have tried using a presure cleaner (water blaster) with only half the problem fixed, there is some serious barnicles to remove. I am also still looking for an outboard 6 hp or less thats not too old and also a trailer to fit the tinny (3.7m) Any help would be appreciatted. Please does anybody have any ideas on how to remove the rest of the barnicles??
      2. Hi all I am planning a trip to toonumbar dam to chase some bass. I have never fished the place. I am wondering how itis fishing a swell as can I use my petrol outboard on the the dam or is it electric only? I also see u can camp near the dam. Can anyone tell me what the campsites are like? Regards Chris
      3. Hi guys, Looking to buy a new boat (I am set on new, sorry) for around 20-30k mark, can push it to 35k This is our first boat ever and will mainly be used around Woy woy area/Taren point/brisbane waters. Main use of the boat will be for fishing but also for cruising and having a good time on the water I have narrowed it down to mainly 2 boats -quintrex fishabout 481 60hp - Quintrex cruiseabout 481 60hp or 75hp (the 75hp variant is pushing the limit cost wise, will there be a significant difference in 60hp vs 75hp? The problem is besides Quintrex and Stacer I'm not too sure what other brands I should be looking at and it's difficult to find dealers in NSW. Any other information would be greatly appreciated. When I do decide to purchase the boat is there any chance of negotiations on a boat or are boats usually quite fixed with pricing, should I ask for things to be thrown in?
      4. beacs

        Tilt/trim Issue

        Hi all, Am seeking some guidance re issue with tilt / trim on 1997 130HP Johnson outboard. Bought motor second hand approx 6 months ago. Trim up always had a slight delay / sticking but after trimming motor down, then would work - down always worked fine. Went to trim the motor up today to move the boat (after about 6 weeks of non-operation) and the up trim would not work at all. Removed couplings near/behind switch on external side of motor and found power (with tester) to red wire, but no power to blue or green. Moved further up wires to box which houses relays. Same issue - power present to red wire, but nothing to blue & green. Tested with tester whilst the relays re attached to wiring - same issue. Found power on red wiring, nothing in blue or green. Spoke to someone over the phone who suggested it may be the relays, but am concerned this may not be the issue if no power present at wiring. Could use some advice guidance from forum regulars please!! Thanks.
      5. Hey Everyone, Late last year we had a new Yamaha F130 fitted to our boat, after our etec gave up the ghost. RIP. The Yam is a great motor so far! As part of the package it came with the square 6YC command gauge. But we have found that the fuel gauge bar readout is very vague and all over the place! An example from our trip out yesterday - travelled to the cape and trolled for 2.5 hours, the bar graph never dropped one bar, then all of a sudden it drops 5-6 bars!! We put in 20L from a Jerry and she was back up to full We have a rectangle 115 tank so its not an odd size. The old etec gauge had Litres and % remaining. which was much easier to read and rely on. I guess my question is, has anyone found any setting to maybe change the fuel gauge display to Litres or %.. OR can anyone recommend a standalone gauge that i can fit as i have no confidence in the current gauge. Thanks
      6. Morning fellow AFOers, Just a quick thought. Many a first time boatie has left the ramp without knowing the ins and outs of their motor and ran into trouble out on the water. Having just purchased a boat myself, is there any tips the boaters from AFO could give to newcomers? Eg - Where to buy workshop manuals What a basic toolkit should contain Maintenance Etc. Any tips or helpful advice would be appreciated and put to good use Thanks Felix
      7. Hi guys I have a 90 hp four stroke 2008 Suzuki the check engine light is flashing the flash pattern seems to be three then seven will not go out, buzzer will also sound in the same sequence. the service manual does not have this sequence in it Only one other guy has had this 3-7 code problem after my search but im unable to get in contact with him
      8. Soleit

        Runabout Max Hp

        We just got a 3.9m runabout made by Contender Craft and the manufacturer label is half worn off and contender craft doesn’t seem to exist anymore so I’m hoping someone on here would happen to have one of their runabouts with a label they can read or know the max hp for these and how many people it can carry.
      9. SOUTHWEST MARINE The sun is out and summer is here!!!! Perfect time to get your boat out and start fishing!!!! We at SOUTHWEST MARINE are a small and friendly marine mechanic business providing excellence in marine and mower repairs and services. We are located in South Western Sydney, NSW, 2565.. contact us on (02) 9605 6559 For more information on us and our services, check out our website Kind regards, Southwest Marine
      10. It comes to being that while many boat owners have special licenses, neither spear-fishers from shore nor low powered ocean going light dingy require a license hence no training either ! I am a bow fisher apart fly fisher, and i share my legal saltwater region with all spear-fishers, however, most spear fishers use a hand spear or spear-gun but the essence , they are "DIVERS". One of the things i saw from the rocks i was waiting on was a person move in swimming and he pointed to a flag on a buoy that was obviously not as large and distracting as the type of flag in the following about spear fishing safety. DID YOU KNOW (and how many didn't) , there is a type of "international standard" safety flag for spear fishing pairs called a type-A or Alpha flag ! Transport safety PDF document for spear fishers URL: section: "Safe spearfishing" ..."Avoid propeller strike. To alert other vessels in the vicinity that there are divers on the surface ensure your safety vessel clearly displays the international diver-down flag "A" and that all divers in the water are towing a highly visible float with a safety flag attached."...
      11. Afternoon AFO, I do not trust my current fuel gauge (when full it reads 3/4 full). So I still haven't been able to get a close to accurate fuel usage reading. Not to mention I have an under floor tank, so I cannot visually see how much ive used or how much is left. (Still unsure of the tank size still). Im wanting to start doing some larger trips (Moreton, chasing tuna in Hervey Bay etc) Has anyone had experience with using a fuel flow meter before? I haven’t found one yet, but I've been told that you may be able to install a fuel meter (analogue) just in the fuel hose which will show how many litres have passed through it and into the engine. Thanks
      12. G'day all, I'm new to the forum so firstly hello. I have a Mercury Saltwater series 125 out board and it has just stated out of nowhere giving me problems with the tilt and trim. Started yesterday at first I got to the boat ramp and when I tried to tilt my motor up from the forward controls there was nothing. I went to the back of the boat and tried to do it from the actual motor but same thing. Anyhow left it down and got the boat on the trailer and went home. At home it come good and started to go up with no dramas, but now it will go up all the time but will only every now and then go down. A few times I'd have to go up to get it to go down, but mainly it just will only go down intermediately. The batteries are good, when I press the button either on the forward controls or on the outboard itself, there's no clicking, no drowsey flat sound, its just completely dead not making any noise and just not responding. I think mine is a 91 year of manufacture, and just hopeful there is a few things any of you can guide me on checking to rectify the problem. Thanks Geoff
      13. Danny91

        New Project Boat

        Hi guys, so last week I was driving by mudgeeraba to my inlaws....for my wife and inlaws to be shocked when I rolled on in with a not so nice surprise....a very very old Haines hunter v16, I saw a potential in this boat, I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice or ideas on how to turn it into a nice fishing boat.
      14. Angry51

        Damaged Prop.

        Hi all, Damaged the prop on my 15HP Mercury, hit something submerged on the dam, suspect it was a piece of timber/log in 40 feet water. Got pieces missing on the edges of 2 blades, pics probably don't show it up as well as looking at it.. How much damage can a prop take before it's out of balance. Should I buy new prop or can I use this one safely. Cheers Gary Damaged prop prop Prop 1 Prop 2
      15. Just after some recommendations for a solid marine mechanic. I’ve heard that mobile blokes tend to be a hell of a lot cheaper compared to the bigger shops, but im just cautious as to how thorough a mobile person would be. Engine is a 2002 merc 75hp 2 stroke
      16. Wombatroo

        Fuel Leak?

        Hi I have a Savage Ranger 4.5 with a 60 Yamaha on the back. I can smell fuel and it seems to be leaking down the side of the boat from maybe an air flow hole? I'm new to this not sure if it's something I should worry about doesn't do it all the time and not necessarily on a hot day. Tania
      17. Heya, Next round of gifs. 4 days out this time. Allowed me to generate higher res. Also have the gif loop working... Due to myself nor AFO paying for the bandwidth of the images(hi imgur), I decide to post more regions. If you'd like me to include any other regions sing out. If you find these annoying, also sing out and it'll stop. Maps are South to North. Where there are arrows, it means the map has current direction, and the arrow angle indicates the direction. Australia Jumpinpin Point Lookout Cape Moreton Caloundra Rainbow Breaksea Bunker Group Wind Arrows
      18. Hey, Been playing with some weather forecasting software on my lappy(since it's been so bloody windy!). Plus it's always been an interest to understand how Seabreeze and other folk actually do it. I don't have access to local swell and wave data as our government charges 2k a year for this data. Weird as other governments provide this information for free. Along with free Vector based charts... Thanks AUS!!!! If you think this is handy, I can also put up the 10 day forecasts for Agnes and any other areas requested. Around the GBR I can get wave height, but not current direction due to lack of data. Here are some 10 day out forecasts. Point Lookout/Southern Bay Cape Moreton/Northern Bay Caloundra Wide
      19. Cmaltby

        Tohatsu Warranty

        I bought a new tohatsu 30 last year and just warning everyone the warranty claims process with them is a joke. The rectifier on my outboard failed not a big issue or problem anyhow my boat has now been sitting at the shop for 3 weeks now waiting for tohatsu to approve the warranty claim. The shop can do the work just waiting on it to be approved then there's still the wait for parts to be sent out.. poor effort by tohatsu head office
      20. Does any body know much about 5hp merc four stokes there is one for sale up my way for $600 its got about 20hours on it and cosmetically it looks good.
      21. Hey guys and gals thought I would share with you a lesson I've just learnt i recently had my boat 'worked on' by a guy who looked like he has reasonable reviews in the tweed region simple task, disconnect my pre mix oil for my 2 stroke and allow me to pre mix well after nearly choking my neighbours to death and really poor engine performance I took my boat back to John Crawford marine to get it looked at properly Oil system wasn't actually disconnected, only the bar that dictates the oil mix value (25:1/50:1) was removed not only was I pre mixing but the engine was still feeding in an unknown amount of oil. my laziness of not taking the bot back to the regular maintainer cost me a reasonable Sum of $$$$ (not looking forward to the minister of finance finding out how much I spent) the guys name is Paul and his number ends in 285 Never cheap out on you maintenance as boats are just not forgiving cheers ben
      22. G'day lads, so I've finally managed to convince the boss (misses) to let me buy a boat her only rules are cheap and we can chuck it on the roof for when we go camping. I was was wondering if anyone has some advice or experience or knows somebody selling a topper. im currently limited to no longer than 3m and and could go around 1500 give or take a bit in width. Thanks a lot lads!
      23. Hi, Have been kayak fishing for a few years and am looking to buy a boat that I can take out around SEQ open waters. I plan to gain some experience around the bay and head to some of the islands such as Peel island, Stradbroke, etc. My budget will be around $15-20K. After getting experience in the bay areas I'd ideally like to have a boat (and myself) capable enough to go out into the deeper waters. I'm not talking out on the horizon deep - My novice idea of offshore is probably much closer than yours. I want to catch big fish to put it simply! Safety is paramount. I'm not rushing, I'll be looking to hopefully buy later in the year, but in the meantime I want to do plenty of research to make sure I'm pretty prepared and my budget is feasible. From what I can see my budget can get a variety of boats - I'm interested in something between 5-6.5 meters with a fairly new motor. I can see there are older boats with newer engines. I was hoping I could get some guidance to point me in the right direction - I don't at this stage need to know every little detail, but I'm hoping to get guidance on the important things to consider when in my position. I thought I'd start with a few questions that come to mind - I'm sure there's points I'm missing. How far out is 'offshore'? I just want to go where big fish are. I consider adult spanish mackeral, coral trout, snapper as big fish. 60+ cm. I'd ideally have room for 6 people, but at least 4. Is 5-6.5 meters big enough? No kids for a few years. What auxiliary equipment is a must. eg sounder, gps, epirb Is the mentioned boat size OK to tow and launch or a pain in the rear? Any special considerations with trailers? Is a 1985 hull too old for this type of fishing? What is the minimum engine size for this type of fishing? How old would an engine be to cause concern? How much $ do you put into maintenance annually to ensure the boat is safe? (very broad question, trying to gauge whether it's like a few hundred or 2 thousand) How much does a day out on the water usually cost you? Centre console or cruiser? Have limited experience in boating. How would you gain experience when you don't know anyone with a boat to learn from? Would be cool to be able tow a inflatable donut - obviously not offshore but in a safe environment. Is a cruiser generally too slow? How do you tell the weather is going to get dangerous? What swell / wind should get you concerned? Look forward to hearing some guidance!
      24. Anyone know where I can find one? Recently purchased boat with this on the back. Would like to do some basic maintenance myself. Thanks
      25. Well i finally got that chance to take my boat out 2day for a test after the paint job and motor fitment was finished/ pics of the paint job is on my other post.. But any ways the reason for this post is im a bit concern, when i got home and flushed the engine down with water i noticed there was water flowing from a whole in the rear (in 2nd photo) and running down into the whole were some shaft runs into. i dont know feck all about this if its normal or what another thing when i looked at it engine a hour later i noticed there was some oil on the prop thats in the 1st photo. it sorta smells like 2 stroke oil. is that normal? the outboard is a tohatsu 30hp 2stroke.. cheers