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      1. I love wetting a line but have always struggled to find time, particularly since becoming a dad. Well, like a lot of people I was made redundant from my job recently so suddenly I have plenty of time for fishing. I moved to wynnum about 6 months but haven't really had much luck in any of the recommended spots. It would be good to explore some new spots and try to learn a thing or two (still struggling to figure out the bloody soft plastics). So if anyone's keen to go for a fish somewhere (happy to venture out to redcliffe etc), let me know.
      2. Hey all, Got out the other arvo before the wind was forecasted to blow again from the south Headed for the Northern side of Mud hoping to get a snapper for a feed whilst the kids are on school holidays. Anchored up about 3pm and put some burley out and set some baits. Tide was running just nicely to float some baits back in to a little bommie in 8m of water. Didnt have to wait long as I was floating the 2nd bait back it got picked up by a good fish. Set the hooks and this one ran straight for the boat, few tense moments with the rear anchor but managed to get the net under her and fish on the deck. She went 6.1kg and about modn80cm Quick picture and straight to the esky. Decky and I thought to ourselves. Could be a hectic session. Next 2hrs nothing but catfish, 5pm came round and the wind has died off and the tide was ripping so we started cleaning and sorting the boat before dark to make the trip back to the ramp... As normal. You take your attention away from fishing and my rod goes off again. This fish ran hard for the bommie and had me tied up on 30lb gear for a minute but managed to get him out . Netted and straight in the esky. As by this stage im late for a 6.30pm appointment. . Glassed out bay made it to the ramp bang on 6pm and home at 6.30 as promised for the wife. pic below of the 2nd fish, one on the rod trying to get him back off the bommie and got a nice one of the sun setting just before hook up. Cheers Josh <><
      3. Hi all Today was the day I had my charter for my b'day. It was at the Gold Coast, around the Jumpinpin/GC Seaway area. I was fishing onboard Coastal Spot Fishing Safaris, which is owned by Thomas Seabach. It was my third time going out with him. We certainly had our hopes high, as each other time it had been great fishing. Here is a link to their website - I went to bed early last night so I could wake up early, as we were driving there in the morning. I managed to wake myself twice over the night, once at 11:00PM, and the other time at 3:30AM. My clock eventually went off though, at 4:30AM. After preparing everything, we were out of the house by five. It took a bit over an hour to get there, and we were eventually at the Runaway Bay boat ramp, waiting for Thomas. He got there, at 6:30AM on the dot, and we were on the water at about quarter to seven. The first part of the day was to catch live bait. We motored into the first location, and saw some rises, but unfortunately after he did a few casts of the net we had nothing, so to the next canal we went. Yep, you guessed it - nothing after about 20 more minutes in this canal... We finally found an OK spot, up one of the side canals. As well as herring, there were some big mullet being chased, and something really big chasing them. Jack? Trevally? Bait was eventually caught, which consisted of some big herring and a lone silver biddy. We motored out to the first spot, the GC Seaway (mouth). It wasn't very nice here, but I was feeling OK. I dropped the first bait down, and in about ten minutes, I got a good hit. It either spat the hook, or I pulled the hook, but no hook hooked it. I was told it was most likely to be a jew, because of the strike. Bugger! I really wanted a legal jew today. Something far smaller began picking it after, and I set my circle hook in the mouth of a bream. It wasn't that big, 26cm, but we like our bream, and while we get little meat off it, it is still good. I quickly pulled up another one, but it was to borderline to keep so back he went. My dad had still gotten nothing - surprising. This spot we normally pull up lots of big, solid, breambos but right now, it was quiet. At least i got something! I started to feel sick, and since it was just us onboard, and i was told to go back if I even felt slightly crook, we reeled our lines in and went to drift for flatties. My dad's line actually had a small one on, which turned out to be a sand flathead. Cool! That was the first one of them I've ever seen. At flatty spot number one, we managed a grand total of... Nothing! The guide was flicking a little blade, while we were still drifting. He managed a couple though. A flatty, one or two centimetres under legal size, and a flounder, which unfortunately spat the hook as it was coming into the boat. The next spot was similar for us, but there was still some action. Thomas was getting the odd hit on his lure, and while I was caught off guard my line went off. I missed the strike completely though, and lost what would've been an OK fish. Sigh! The last spot we shot off to was another flat area. Thomas said there is good structure, weed patches, that is. That means it's good for squid, as well as flatties. We started our drift, and down went our live herrings. It was quiet for quite a while, and we had some choc-chip biccies, but then I got a hit. I struck hard, and probably started pulling up my catch to eagerly. It just so happens this was a squid, and the second it saw us, it dropped the hook . It was apparently an OK one too. (Thomas saw it). I love calamari. That was disappointing. We kept up the drift though, and in the last five minutes of the days session, I struck, and I WAS ON! Woohoo. A short fight ensured an OK flatty coming up, which looked very borderline legal. We measured it, and it was 38cm... Ahh, that was disappointing. One keeper for the whole day! It wasn't happy to see us - tried to run away from the boat twice! (On the surface!). We got back to the ramp, and I took out the left over herring (not many) for freezer baits. We chucked the bream and herring in the esky, and after saying thank you and our goodbye's to Thomas, we went on the journey home. It really was a nice day out. Just enough wind to keep us at a good temperature, good boat, good food... The only disappointing thing was that we struck out on the fish . Me looking depressed with a 26cm keeper I cleaned the fish when I got home, which is pretty hard when it is so small. In hindsight, I should've scaled, gutted, and just kept the rest of the body on the maximise meat but I knocked some fillets off and did a dodgy bone removal job. I need to improve my filleting! (Tomorrow's dinner) Here are the stats of the trip - Trip stats - Tide: High tide, 8:35AM, 1.26M, Low tide, 3:10PM, .37M Moon Phase: 56% full, so not the strongest run Tackle used: I'm unsure on most of it, but we had large-small ball sinkers (depending on current), small circle hooks, and small lines. Fish caught: Yellowfin Bream x 2, Sand Flathead x 1, Dusky Flathead x 2, Flounder x 1 Bait caught: Herring and biddy Bait used: Herring Water Temp: 17.5 degrees Celsius Air Pressure: 1017 Overall Success Rate: 50% - A good day out at least Hope you all enjoyed this report, because it'd done now. We certainly didn't do as good as expected, but at least we got onto a couple of fish in the whole day. Sadly for me, my hols are over, but they's been great fun, with lots of fishing... Oh yeah, and there are still three mor BR sessions to be reported (not that they are that exciting though). Cheers Hamish
      4. Went out for a Saturday fish around the southern bay islands, hoping to pick up some snapper before the season close. We ended up picking up seven snapper, with five just under sized at 34cm, and two a little over 40cm (no pics sorry). I also caught this 50cm fish. At first I thought it was a mulloway, except its tail didn't look quite right. I also thought it might be a teraglin, but then I thought its head wasn't quite right. Either way he put up a good fight, especially when he got next to the boat. I took a pic and let him go on his way. Any ideas what this fish is? thanks Matt
      5. Only been a member for a few weeks and everyone is so helpful and positive! Absolutely loving it
      6. A snuck our for an arvo session in the yak floating pilles and squid and first trip I’ve had never give up thou! I’ll keep at it! Still trying to convince the misses I need a tinnie
      7. Spent 14 days up at 1770 with a dozen lads and 4 offshore boats and 4 smaller tinnies. We rented the same place we had last year with 3 dwellings to house us all on 4 acres. This place is mint with a fire pit 4m across, we burnt a Ute load of timber every night in which I chainsawed from the paddock behind the block. The 1st few days we got over to Lady Musgrave island in ordinary conditions and managed to collect a feed of fish each from the 4 big boats we caught coral trout, redthroat emperor, spangeled emperor, moari cod, hussar, green jobfish and tuskies. It was a squeeze getting everyone in the boats but we managed i had Lance and Terry in my boat for the overnighter out there at Musgrave. The rest of the week was blown out but 1 of the boats got out to bustard head the next day it was the biggest boat for the ordinary conditions and they got 3 good spanish mackerel. The next day we all went to baffle creek in the samll tinnies, my outboard was playing up so I slowly motored to a likely spot close to the ramp. It had a rock bar with a deep hole and the water was back eddying behind the rock in this hole. I was using mullet strips on my light rod with 10lb line and 10lb leader. I caught many bream where I was casting against the bank. I cast out into the middle in the deep hole and got thumped and broken off so I upgraded the leader to 20lb. The next cast I hooked a good fish and next thing a small jack was netted this fish went 33cm returning him after a qujck photo. The next cast I got thumped again another jack fought hard running line and finally hitting the deck at 39cm. The next cast you guessed it thumped giving me curry stripping line and the net slipped under a good 42cm jack. The other boys turned up and 1 of the boys got another jack around 42cm as well. The bight slowed and switched off so I called it very happy with my self with 3 jacks from 3 casts. The rest of the week we did some exploring in murimbular national park with the 4wds and checked out middle creek and a couple of cool lookouts. We burnt plenty of wood each night as mentioned and cooked up some great dampers in the camp ovens. The 2nd last day I rang home and the missus says to me are you staying longer with the weather coming good. I hadn't looked at it as we were packing to go home so I decided to stay a bit longer and get out again to the reef. My deckies had to leave but Callum jumped ship off another crew so we were on our own in my boat. Sunday was mint and by late morning we were banging good trout and lipper. We worked our way deeper and by 3pm for the tide change we hit the red grounds. Callum hooked a stonker and after a good battle landed his 1st legal red emperor going 77cm. We both got plenty of just under or just on legal sized reds. This spot went quiet so we moved up to the next bump and Callum hooks up again to another good red again boating a good red at 68cm. The fishing slowed and the sun setting we ran behind the reef to anchor for the night. The weather was still mint and a beautifull night was had without a breath of wind. The next morning the reds didn't bight so back to thumping trout and red throat, tuskies, cod and hussar. We worked our way down to Fitzroy lagoon for a snorkel and we blasted home from there. Another night spent back at the ranch by ourselves we lit the fire and downed some coldies. The next day we filleted our catch and parted ways with Callum heading north and me running home.
      8. Went to Somerset dam for 5 days after I got back from 1770 so I have had a big month off work and loving getting out and about again. Took the missus out there in the caravan with the kids joining us over the weekend and a few friends with their van as well. We got a few redclaw and did a bit of fishing but mainly just chilling around camp. We burnt about a ton of wood and cooked some mad feeds in the camp ovens. Already got 2 more big trips booked with the van down south so more reports of our van life to come. Here's some photos out on the lake.
      9. Seeing as how I can’t catch any fish ( which I suspect has at least something to do with having only taken the boat out four times in the last four months) I thought I would post a couple of photos of some of the fish my nephew catch’s up at Mackay. I think I might tow the boat up there this Christmas holidays when we visit the rellies for our annual pilgrimage. Any thoughts on stone guards for the trailer?
      10. My son and i headed out this morning for another snapper session. Although this time we decided to change it up a bit, so we left our normal spots alone, and also this was a catch and release session. The challenge was on to try some new ground even closer to the boat ramp and we both decided we were only going to use little 2-4kg bream rods with 8 pound line. I had found some interesting spots on Google Maps at home the other night, so after a short 10 minute trip from the ramp we arrived and sounded around and settled on the likely spot. Baited up our little Shimano Raider bream rods and little Sienna reels, sat back and before too long the little reels are peeling line off ! We managed four Snapper between 60cm and 74cm and then ran out of bait but had a ball, and needless to say we have a new mark to fish at and to research ☺ All fish were sent back down to swim another day.
      11. Had to be home early so had to make it a quick session.Got a few on shrimp to star with then manage to jig a few, troll a few on spinnerbaits and a couple on hardbodies, then back at the ramp by 10am with a tally of 38. Dino
      12. I was sitting on my front verandah this morning enjoying a leisurely late breakfast and thinking about the snapper closure kicking off next week. I haven’t landed a decent snap for months and usually the port area can be relied on at this time of year as a reliable source of those 40 to 50cm fish that go well on the line and on the plate. Then a number of things occurred to me: it was not raining; it was not windy; I had fuel in the boat; I had pilchards and squid in the freezer; there was a high tide in the middle of the day; I was free all day and the car was available until 3pm. I had no excuses for not going so I grabbed a bit of tucker for lunch and headed for the ramp. I decided to focus on areas close to the ramp that had delivered in the past, sounded around and found fish on the sounder but no hits on bait or plastics for the first hour. Moved up and out of the channel and found some bait schools so deployed the spot lock (love the electric) and was soon pulling in squire at the rate of a fish per cast. Trouble was they were all about 25cm, which seems to be my new limit. Fished up to the tide change and then headed home. So no keepers (hence the “short” snap sesh title) but still an enjoyable outing in great conditions. Maybe the bigger snaps will move in after the closure. Oh, and my new sunnies are fantastic. For all those viewers who enjoy my terrible photos of dead fish on a dirty esky, sorry there is nothing for you today, but here is an even worse photo of a live fish for your viewing displeasure.
      13. Hi everyone. I’m headed to Woodgate Beach in August for a couple of weeks with the family. I haven’t been there before. We will be land based fishing and I also have a kayak. Can anyone give me any tips on where to fish and if I can pump yabbies etc. Also can you only get to Theodolite creek by 4WD? Thanks everyone
      14. Hi guys, been a long time between drinks here on the forum, have been busy fishing and diving around the place. thought id start to throw a few reports up on here. Have had a mad few months moving house, travelling and fishing all over the place but ill start with a little session I had in Airlie beach. This was mainly a bait collection mission to collect a few barra baits, everyone in FNQ knows how tastey a snake head gudgeon / mud cod is to a big barra, so what better way to spend an afternoon in Airlie beach than with my head burried into my phone on google maps, searching for a likely creek that might hold a few. Didn't take me long on satalite view to find a few small pockets of water and away I went. I chose to take a 6ft Nordic stage dynamic F1 in 10lb with a 2000 caldia, anyone whos been around these forums for a while will remember the craze with Angus and Henry with the Nordic stage rods, and I still rate these small light rods very highly for fishing small creeks and native species. I managed to find a good few of these awesome coloured fish in a few decent sized pools in the heart of Airlie beach, stay tuned to see the results when they get rigged up under a balloon and floated into a barra lair.!!! tight lines for now! Callum Im not too sure how to upload videos, I must have forgotten as its been a while since posting here but ill work it out again soon.
      15. HiI have a 5.5 meter plate centre console and am looking for some advise on what weather reports to look out for wind direction/speed and swell combinations for fishing out at the Cape / Hutchies Reef?I'm looking for something as a guide that will be relatively smooth / safe, it does not have to be glass (although nice) but not wanting something too rough to keep it comfortable for the family.Whats the max / min between the combinations to keep an eye out for? Ive seen weather reports where I assumed it would be bumpy to see it flat...and vice versa.Leaving from and returning to Scarborough.Any advise appreciated.Cheers
      16. As promised I took the nephew out for a fish today. Having lived almost all his life in cairns he had never seen a bass before so I decided to change all that for him. Launching the boat at a leisurely 9am it was off down the dam in search of some schools that have been playing hide and go seek lately, With bugger all shrimp in the pots (they were left for a week) we had enough for me to be confident we weren’t going home empty handed. Located a decent school near the fig tree and soon had him high-fiving me after getting his first. Fishing was pretty slow the rest of the day as me moved about a little bit looking for some more active fish as they sat there with lockjaw. With 19 fish coming over the side 15 for him and 4 for me he was over moon to say the least. Looks like I’ll have to start sneaking out there without him as he reckons he’s coming every trip now ! Here’s a few pics cheers
      17. Seqwater July 7 at 7:01 AM Each Tuesday, will are spotlighting a different Seqwater staff member with our 'People behind the water' series, so you can learn a little more about the individuals who help provide safe, reliable and affordable drinking water for South East Queensland. This week we spotlight Principal Compliance Officer, Amber B... “My team and I allocate a significant portion of our time patrolling Seqwater catchment and recreation areas, interacting with visitors and promoting public safety in these beautiful settings. Across Seqwater we have six authorised shipping inspectors – three of which are in my team – and these powers allow us to enforce maritime legislation on Seqwater lakes. We are also involved in covert and overt operations to crackdown on illegal trespassing and other offences on Seqwater-managed land. Through our work, my team has built a strong working relationship with a number of external agencies such as the Queensland Water Police, Maritime Safety Queensland, Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol, and Rural Stock and Crime Squad. We also work with other teams within Seqwater to help manage non-compliance issues on Seqwater land, such as land encroachments and stock grazing. When we’re not out and about, you’ll find us in the office taking care of the administration side of the job; updating policies and procedures, negotiating shared boundary agreements, managing access to Seqwater land, risk assessments – there’s always paperwork to be done! I started working for Seqwater back in 2010 and love the flexible working hours, the variety of tasks I get to perform, working with like-minded and supportive people and the evolving responsibilities in my role. One of the highlights though is that I have the opportunity to see some amazing natural areas within South East Queensland, including some of which are not accessible to the general public. “
      18. Boat load this morning with Johnathon ,Mark and Rick. Shrimp still scarce .With the lower water level all the weed and grass on the edges has died off with the pots being full of small redclaw which are a pain in the but as you cannot use for bait or return to the water. Bass were scattered and we only found 2 small schools. Johnathon provided a bit of amusement when the head of his reel snapped off the base when he was playing a fish. He did not wish to handline in the fish and spill braid on the floor of the boat so it ended up a combination effort between Mark and Johnathon to bring in the fish ad save the braid. Finished up the day with 64 bass,1 yella and 1 tandan. Cheers Ray
      19. G'day all, I'm after some sunglasses for fishing, must be uv rated, tough etc any recommendations I know they'll cost. I mainly fish off my kayak, estuaries on the gold coast, cheers in advance, john
      20. I had the dam to myself yesterday morning, never seen a soul till I was on my way back up the dam at 11 am.It turned into a great morning, it was glassed out and warm. Managed 48 bass from 2 schools, jigging and bait and a few trolling spinnerbaits in shallow water. Dino
      21. Hi all so never fished the Wynnum side I live smack bang in the middle of Wynnum and Redcliffe but have been to Redcliffe on the last two trips. Keen to explore the other side and some advice would be greatly appreciated. Im in my little yak which handles north reef ok what would be some snap holding spots I could reach in the yak around Wynnum manly?
      22. Hi all I'm putting up the report from my last few days fishing at the local park. This is from Thursday until today. Some sessions were certainly more exciting than others, and hopefully you're all not bored to death by another series of reports! I got down to the local park and had the lines in at about quarter past two. I had the lines in first off baited with dead prawn from last session. To catch bait this time though, I'd done something different - made burley. The mix was very simple, but I'll do a quick walk through of it as well. You will need the following - 1. Breadcrumbs - 2. Chicken Pellets/other pellets 3. Tuna oil (one of the stinkiest things on earth in my opinion) - First off, layer the bottom of your container (for the purpose of this I used an ice cream tub) with breadcrumbs. You can also just buy a cheap $1 loaf of bread from Woolies and rip it up into small bits. Once you have a layer of this, do the same, but with your pellets. Continue to do this until you have the amount of berley you want. Make sure you are giving it a good mix so both of the things are well dispersed into one another. When you're done, get your tuna oil. (DISGUSTING ALERT!!!). Give the mix a generous splash of this. That is the recipe done. Easy peasy. I found this worked excellent on baits, but it also attracted some undesirables, like glassies. Back to the report. I chucked a bit of this in the water (get yourself something to scoop/deploy it with as it stinks you up if you hold it), gave it a couple minutes, and then threw the net in the general vicinity. As well as a bunch of bloody glassies, up came a couple prawns. I put them on the lighter lines, as these weren't to big, and then kept casting. It actually didn't take long for a lighter line to go off, as I saw a couple nibbles, then a big strike... I ran up, but unfortunately, whatever it was it didn't hook up. On one of the first throws, I felt a big more weight in the net than usual. I was hoping for a mullet, or at least a school of something, but up came another baby bream. I think it's very good there are juvenile ones around here, because it means that they are being bred into the river, and, where there's small ones there's normally bigguns, or so I think... Here it is - Juvenile Yellowfin Bream - roughly 20cm After that, it all went a bit quiet. I was still getting lots of prawns and glassies (more of the latter), and the glassies would almost always be stuck right in the net and take a couple minutes to come out. So annoying. I kept berleying, and they kept coming up in the net. I found the best way to get them out was to just give them a big flick, which therefore flinged them back into the water. The prawns on the heavy line just kept getting pickered, and since these glassies were so hardy, I decided to see how the went as bait. I pinned two through the area just below the fins, and they swum as hard as a biddy. The next catch did not come until later... I decided to give the line out deep a check. It had been pushed towards the pylons, and as I pulled it up there was a lot of weight with it. I thought it may be a catfish, or an eel even, but when I got it up I realised it must just be some log/wood. On closer inspection, I realised it was a bunch of line and sinker from the ground. I wonder who's it may be... Mine? I was quite curious. How much of this would be in the whole, entire, ocean, polluting many areas??? My glassies were still going strong, but unfortunately nothing else was biting. What does that mean? Cast netting, of course! I started throwing the net to top up on the prawns. More glassies and less prawns, though. As I went for another throw, I saw the glassy line buckle over. I pulled up the net as fast as I could, and picked up the other line. I knew it wasn't big after about 5 seconds into the fight, and in about a minutes I had an OK catfish up. No photo for this one, I actually flicked him off the hook so quickly I forgot The day was very quiet after the catfish, and after more relentless picking attacks I got the final haul of prawns out of the live bait tank (not too many but some were Ok size) and chucked them in the esky. I was also fishing with someone else, whom could pancake my net very well. he was fishing for big sharks/cod, but it was very quiet for him. No hits or anything except pickers. I think it also is worth a mention how low the tide was when I got there, which initially helped with the berleying and bait catching - That is the first report done for now, here are the stats of the trip - Statistics of trip - Tide: Moon Phase: Fish caught: Yellowfin bream x 1, catfish x 1 Bait caught: Prawns and glassies Bait used: Live prawns and glassies Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb braided mainlines, 20lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb trace, size 2 and six ball/bean sinkers, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, large-ish barrel swivel. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 650 Penn Reel, 6"6' and 8" Ugly Stik rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, Size 2500 Daiwa Shinobi reel Weather: Sunny, slightly cloudy Overall Success Rate: 40% - Like the other sesh, at least it wasn't a donut!!! OK, now to the next report. This time I was fishing with my mate, Hayden, and he wanted to come down at 1:30PM. I met him there a little bit after that, and we got fishing. It was a dead low tide as I got there, which is normally a good tide here. Today was no exception. On the first throw, I got a few prawns, so the lines were thrown out with livies. That continued, and I also continued berleying up the water for bait. More prawns, as well as some glassies. Unfortunately, the pickers would not leave us alone. The prawns just kept getting eaten and eaten! I decided to throw a line in off the jetty to try and get my friend a fish, so with a little live prawn on, I gave him the line to hold. It wasn't long before he got picked to bits. This happened a couple more times, but then when he was getting some nibbles he handed to me. I felt the nibbles, and then felt the rod load up, and then I was on!!! Briefly... The fish dropped the bait as quick as it took it, so that was mildly disappointing. With this , we put the line next to the jetty pylons to see if any fish would eat it there. It was very quiet for the next part of the session, apart from more live prawns and more pickers... As I was doing a quick check of the line, not much was happening on it. I walked back down onto the jetty to do more cast netting, but as I went down I saw the rod next to the pylons get some nibbles, and then I heard the reel squeaking. I tightened the drag, and I was on! Woohoo. It was only a small cat, but both my mate and I had some fun free spooling the line, then pulling it back up again for more 'fight time'. Here it is - Dirty Catfish I de-hooked him, and grabbed him by the tail throwing him back into the drink. It was then more quiet-ness, and my dad eventually came down. He said I had/should go home soon, and my mate wanted me to come back with him so I began packing up at about 5 to five. As I was reeling in the salmon line though, it was a lot heavier than usual. I was still reeling very quickly, and drag was actually coming out. To my surprise, a river perch came up. No fight to it at all... And it clearly explains what's been picking me - those dirty, old, perch! Hopefully these pickers bugger off! That was the end of the session, except for me taking home 5 or so prawns, as I didn't have that many more in the bait tank in the first place! I packed up the cart and got home. A nice, warm, shower certainly helped with the cold temperature outside. Here are the stats of this report - Statistics of trip - Tide: 9:00AM, 1.8M, high, 3:20PM, .2M, Low, 9:50PM, 2.4M, high Fish caught:River perch x 1, Catfish x 1 Bait caught: Prawns Bait used:Live and dead prawns Tackle used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb braided mainlines, 20lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb trace, size 2 and six ball/bean sinkers, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, large-ish barrel swivel. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 650 Penn Reel, 6"6' and 8" Ugly Stik rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, Size 2500 Daiwa Shinobi reel Weather: Nice, not to hot or cold, mild winds Overall Success Rate: 55% - At least it wasn't a donut OK, if you're still reading, this is a bit embarrassing. I went out yesterday morning, for a session. I thought it would be a good one, as I have always done good on the +5 +11 session logic/pattern (probably a bit more of an religious thing than truth). It was freezing cold, and even though I was in my thermals, I needed to throw the cast net. On my first throw, I got a butter bream, all the way up the river. This interested me very much, and I was curious to see why. It then became evident my hands and feet were very cold, and, well, that's why I left in about 30 minutes of getting there. LOL. Cool - that's a first - Brisbane River Butter Bream! OK, so here is the final report. The most exciting one too. I'm hoping you haven't lost interest and you're still with me. I got to the park at about 2:15PM today, and the tide was still about half way up, running out. Not quite ideal, but the run out was (it was the tide height that wasn't). I had a hard time gathering bait first off, with only occasional prawns in my first casts. Once I got enough though, each line was out (I had four lines, as a mate was there too). One of them didn't last that long though, as it got snagged, and would not come off even with a heap of pulling and yanking from all angles with our hands. My friend cut it with the knife, and that line was not re-rigged all day. Prawns were by no means plentiful, but I was starting to get a couple. The salmon line was pickered, numerous times (I witnessed this while cast netting), and I wasn't having much success with throwing the net. It seems the pickers first rip off the prawns legs, then eyes, then head, and then the body (somehow miraculously missing my hook!). More cast netting, after cast netting, and then a bait check, was basically what I was doing... I eventually got a school of glassies, so as last resort I live baited a couple of the buggers and sent them out, hopefully for something golden. My friend head off soon after, at about 4:30PM. The first run of the day was again, soon after this. I was cast netting, and heard my little Sienna screaming. I pulled up the net, and hastily got up there. Unfortunately, the fish had dropped the bait. I believe it was a small catfish, anyways. They are actually a speedy little fish. I stayed up at the top of the jetty, with the two lighter lines, while the salmon line and glassies soaked. The line in the cod spot got pickered, so I dropped it down with another live prawn (I'd also caught some more live shrimp, river shrimp, in the cast net). It didn't take long for a peck-peck, and then the rod to load up. I thought it was just a picker, but before I knew it the line was screaming off the reel, as fast as a cheater! I started trying to get this fish to the surface, as it was beyond me what it could be. Bream? Cod? After about two minutes of screaming runs, up came a big lizard (I believe it was a blue-spot flathead, because the tail was blue). There were some nervous moments, as when I began walking it down to the jetty it nearly ran into the pylons and did me in, and then again as we were netting it (some passersby did the honours). He/she was landed. Relief! Sadly, it was hooked right down it's gob, so I cut the line. I hope it spits the hook quickly. It's battle wasn't over, either. It went crazy the second I lipped it, and before it was trying to slither back into the drink. I grabbed the photo real quickly though, and got it back into the drink. With one big splash this biggun was off! Woohoo. A solid 60cm Brisbane River lizard. How's that?! Another man had also came down with a rod and reel, and a lire. He had a quick flick, but annoyingly for him he got snagged on his second cast. Bugger! We then had a chat, and i found out he was actually just on holidays, and he found a fishing rod in the house he was staying in. "Why not?" he said. He said he also came from Cairns, where he is a bit (lot) more serious. He catches big queenfish trolling lures on a handline off the back of his surfski. Pretty cool if you ask me. His real target was mackerel, where he's only hooked (and been busted off) by one. While we were having a chinwag, my line, with live shrimp, went off, and after a short fight, up came a little catfish - At about quarter past five, Dad told me to come home, so we said goodby to one another and then I packed up, and was on my way. I was extremely happy with the flatty today's session, as it is my first 60cm flatty with a pic (I got one with a mate in Marcoola in the surf a few years ago, but chose to release so no photo. It was estimated 60cm - odd). I was home, happier than ever. Here are the stats of this trip - Statistics of trip - Tide: 11:35AM, 1.7M, High, 5:30PM, .3M, Low Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous phase, 98% full moon, so a lot of run Fish caught: Bluespot flathead x 1, Catfish x 1 Bait caught: Banana Prawns and River Shrimp Bait used: Live and dead prawns and river shrimp Air Pressure: 1024 Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb braided mainlines, 20lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb trace, size 2 and six ball/bean sinkers, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, large-ish barrel swivel. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, Size 650 Penn Reel, 6"6' and 8" Ugly Stik rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, Size 2500 Daiwa Shinobi reel Weather: Nice cool weather - minimum wind Time fished: 2:15PM - 5:10PM Overall Success Rate: 85% - While it wasn't the target species, it was bloody solid! Thanks for reading guys, I know it was a bit or a report-marathon. Hope you all enjoyed. Cheers Hamish
      23. I had been talking with my brother about a quick trip on the Bay for ages, and finally teed it up for yesterday. He was a very keen fisho and boat owner until he discovered golf about 20 years ago and now his boat and gear is just sitting under his house going to rack and ruin. Anyway, the forecast was good so I decided that Mud would be good because you always catch something, even if it is undersize reefies or squire. Left the PoB ramp mid-morning and headed to spot A. There was a boat where I wanted to be so we sounded around and found some structure holding bait and hit the spot lock on the Minn Kota (did I mention how much I love the electric?). We spent the next 45 minutes feeding squire around that 25cm size, so decided to leave them biting and headed to spot B. Of course there was a boat on that spot as well so I sounded around about 70 metres away from there and found more bait and structure on a small drop off. First cast and up pops a tuskie that was right on the legal limit so back he went to grow some more. The bite was constant and I was pulling in small tuskies and grassies every couple of minutes. Then a bigger model came onboard, around the 34cm mark. Then a nice cod around 43cm and 2 more tuskies about the same size as the first keeper. The bite slowed as the run out tide slowed down. My brother is still a bit rusty so only managed a few undersize squire and grassies. I was desperate to get him onto a decent fish so we stopped at a couple of snapper spots at the port on the way in. Not much happening there until I said time to go home. As I packing up the boat he kept a line in, hoping for one last chance. Suddenly, his rod buckled and a good size fish took off. He called “finally!” And then it was over as quickly as it started - the fish spat the hook! Even though he didn’t take home a keeper I think he had a good enough time to want to do it again, and maybe soon the golf clubs will be gathering dust and his boat will be back on the water. All fish caught on prawns or squid. Only one photo- my usual poor effort with a pic of dead fish on an esky. Thanks for reading.
      24. Just wondering, vibe colours, size etc for chasing bream, you guys have had success on, perhaps throwing next to pylons and open water to try, also experience with them, cheers in advance for any help, John
      25. Hi guys Thought I'd share some of my research, and I've also got a question. So, I managed to come along the topic of jacks in the river. I've seen the odd pic/story of them, but never heard of them as a viable target species. There are some abandoned wharfs near the deep holes at the local park, which is about one and a half Kilometres paddle away. I was thinking, if I lob a big mullet right under there, with a locked drag on thirty pound, I might have a chance of a cod, salmon, or a jack... Obviously my hopes are WAY to high here, and I'd probably even struggle catching the bait I'd be going out for a night yak session. Sounds fun, but it's kind of creepy when you seem to be the only thing alive in the river in pitch black. Now, to my question. Have you guys ever heard of jacks being caught in the river, consistently or fluked. I'm interested. I don't want the spot, I prefer finding my own, but I'm thinking once I get a better knowledge of the area of river I'm in my Dad and I may be able to find better spots for livies, and for other fish. Also, just out of curiosity, what is the weirdest/best thing you or someone you know has ever pulled out of the river? Here is a thread of two making my mouth water with envy!!! Cheers Hamish