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      1. A big thank you to SEQ water for relaxing their access restriction to NPD to allow the release of 40 thousand golden perch fingerlings on 11/4 under very strict guidelines. Only 2 prfma members allowed but they have given permission for a 4 stroke powered vessel to be used to allow a scattered release rather tan just dumping the fingerlings in the one place. There are 2 releases planned for Kurwogbah and more for NPD so at least the stocking can proceed despite the restrictions, ( Private post non official PRFMA] Cheers Ray
      2. Hi all Yesterday night I decided to go for a trip to the local park, so I did. I was supposed to be back by 8:30AM but I ended up going 1 hour overtime. It was pretty quiet on all scenes but I still got some fish. I arrived at approximately 6:30AM, and casted my lines out baited with prawn. After the flat salmon - some bait I caught when I was in Yeppoon - was thored, the shark line was thrown out to. It didn't take long for the first bite either, because in about 10 minutes of waiting I had a run. It was short though, and to my disappointment the fish (most likely a catfish) had dropped the bait. I rebaited that line but the next time, in about 5 more minutes, the rod next to the pylons went off. I didn't have a chance to pick it up before it bricked me in the artificial wire rock wall retainer, so I picked it up, felt its vigorous head shakes but couldn't pull it up. I walked over to where it had taken me, and started pulling. Hoping it was another cod, I pulled it up. To my surprise, it was a nice eel, of 45cm. There wasn't a second thought in my head, and straightway this fish was shark bait. The legal limit is 30 cm for Longfin, Pacific Shortfin and Southern Shortfin so in to the esky it went. I didn't want to chop it up on the jetty though in fear of it slipping back into the water, and the fact it was still alive. The fight was pretty lousy as in my experience eels normally go pretty hard, but hopefully the next time I go sharking it will produce. Here it is - I only got a picture of Sharkbait (I named it, how original) at home After that was initially dealt with, I had a throw of the cast net. Hoping for some prawns, my first couple of throws produced a couple. I baited up a line with a good sized banana prawn and chucked it out. In five minutes time the live prawn rod went off so it was frantic. One eel flopping around in the bucket and me trying to reel in a fish. It was fighting quite well, and I thought it might've been a large catfish, or even a bream. Though, after 30 seconds or so, maybe one minute, I saw the fish. It was a small catfish, and I was shocked at how it had fought. Head shakes and tiny runs. Pretty good for a catfish though. Here it is - Catfish do fight well! Taken on a live prawn After the catfish, I threw the net some more. A couple small prawns was all I caught initially, but after I had one more throw I saw some silver. I had made one good cast which gave me some prawns and three big frogmouth pilchards. These are my favourite bait in the river, especially if they're alive, so I emptied the cast net bucket and took them over. One problem - the eel was currently occupying it! I put the eel in the esky after some failed attempts at it, and then filled the bucket up. A couple ones were dead, but one was going good. The aerator was fired up and off they went. After chucking them in though, I noticed one was orangey, not blue like the usual. I might need and ID on this if it is not a frogmouth, because while I am 99% sure it is, I just wanted to check. I got some ID photos and threw it back, kicking and alive at the end. Sorry the photos are bad. Is it still a frogmouth? By now, it was about eight. I had supposed to be home by 8:30AM, and with a few more casts of the net I decided to take a break from it. I had already checked the shark line once, so this time I saw the tip bent over. I was excited, hoping I was on. When I started to pull it up, all I could feel was a dead weight. This surprised me and I thought maybe whatever it was had bricked itself. I guess I'll never know, because after about 30 seconds, it dropped the bait. I reeled it up to see only a hook... oh well, time for a new bait. The next half of the flat salmon was chucked on, and wished good luck LOL. Back up at the pier (there is a pier going down to a jetty, I put the shark line on the jetty and the other lines on the pier) my lines were getting pickered. I missed quite a few fish, and in the period of about 45 minutes I lost a bit of tackle too (snags). I had another throw of the cast net as well, and just caught a tiny herring which I threw back (to tiny for bait). I started to switch up my rigs a bit as well, and I put on a whole frog mouth pilchard (smaller one) and half hitched the tail, like you rig normal pilchard with single hooks. This got me nothing except a snag so I switched back to prawn. I decided to change the bait on the shark line as well, as I had recasted it a few times. I put on the largest frogmouth pilchard, in hope of a nice bully - It was nice and cool the whole time, and in the shade was nice. In about another half hour from when that bait change had happened, I got a couple more missed hookups. They were all small though, and nothing would've been very big. They were either taking short bursts of line (I have the drag loose) or just picking away. My dad then called and told me I had to head home, and I was an hour late LOL. When I got home, I still had one important job. To deal with the eel. I sharpened the bait knife quickly and began to chop. After about 20 minutes and a lot of blood on the bait board (not to mention slime) the eel was done. What I found most disturbing is even after i chopped the head off the body still moved . The final product is now in my freezer, and waiting to be consumed by a shark. Here it is - The eel on the chopping board on in chops. That is all that really happened, here are the stats of the trip: Tide: 3:50AM high, 2:00M, 10:10Am low, 0.8M - I was fishing the run out Time fished: 6:30AM-9:30AM Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent, first phase after new moon Fish caught: Eel x 1, catfish x 1 Bait caught: Prawn, frog-mouth pilchard, herring Bait used: Flat salmon, prawn, frog-mouth pilchard Tackle: 4/o Suicide hooks, 6/o circle hooks, 20 inch wire trace, size 5 ball sinker, 30lb mainline and leader, 20lb leader, small swivels, size 2 ball sinker/bean sinker, 1000 size Sieena, 2500 size Nasci (Shimano), 650 Penn, 8ft Ugly stik, 6"6' Ugly stik, Rogue Firepoint, 14lb mainlines. Overall success rate: 50% - not the target species but still a nice morning out Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the report. Sorry if it's a bit boring. I hope everyone is safe with COVID-19. Cheers Hamish
      3. Hi fishos hope everyone is still getting a line in considering these social restrictions and such. So I've spent two or three nights a week over the last five weeks targeting sharks in the north pine river. I haven't had any success with the sharks, though I've caught some other fish. I've been busted off above the leader, had my trace bitten through, had large live baits bitten in half and smaller ones mangled. I guess I could say I've had a run of bad luck on the sharks. Mostly fishing around dohles rocks and at deepwater bend a couple times and under the bridge on the north side couple times. Fishing with my heavy duty shark rod 30lb line, my 8ft gen purpose 10lb line, and my 6ft spin 8lb. I also have an extra reel with 30lb I sometimes bang on the 8ft if I want 2 shark lines in. Using mullet and catfish for bait mostly. This last 2 weeks at dohles rocks (I mostly fish both sides of low tide usually after dark) I've caught some decent bream 35cm+ (and a couple smaller ones), a javelin fish about 35cm, two or three cats about 30cm and two large pike eels last night. I kept one of the eels for shark bait as I was running low on bait. I was disappointed when I saw the first eel because he put up a good fight I thought he might have been a little shark. (continues after pics) I've done a little fishing in Sweeney reserve at petrie. I was getting baits picked off really quick so I put a little whiting hook and tiny bait on and I was catching catfish one after another but they were like only 12cm long. Couple of bream about the same size. Does anyone know if this section of the river is worth fishing? I've put in a few nights there and caught nothing bigger than about 7 inches. Done a bit of lure throwing there too and only caught sticks and snags. I've heard that tarpon sometimes get into this section of the river can anyone confirm this or give me some info on the time of year I'm likely to catch them? I caught a good one in a gold coast canal last November (after hooking up and getting my lure thrown about 5 times) I really loved targeting them I'd love to get onto some more. Thanks for reading!
      4. Hi all Since I am going on another scout camp this weekend, I was just wondering what your favourite fish story is. Maybe of your best catch (that you consider) or funniest fishing trip, etc. Mine is where I was fishing at Colmslie Beach Reserve targeting jewfish and threadfin. We were walking up the beach to do some more cast netting (only had one or two mullet left in the tank) but we didn't get any more. Though, when we walked back I realised we were missing a rod, and had a quick look. To my shock, it was in the water going out. I ran to it as fast as I could (not very fast ) and picked it up. The drag was locked (my bad) and I proceeded to drag in a nice GT, my first Brisbane River specimen - Sorry its not the best photo, either. The setup is still working well too, it has caught shovel nose rays and little bullies as well. Hope for some interesting stories, Cheers Hamish
      5. Hi all Today I decided I would go for an afternoon session at my local park on the Brisbane River. It was a nice afternoon, I did get soaked in the rain LOL, but I still caught some fish. I rocked up at about 2:45PM with my fishing trolley. This has proven to be a very good investment ($50 from Kmart) and has served me excellently so far. It has great stability and the rod holder I've fashioned on to it have done me well. Here it is - That was from last time all loaded up as well. As well as this, three other people were fishing off the pontoon (not the pier) which is rare. I barely ever have company, but I finally figured out they had organised to meet up. They were flicking soft plastics so I assume it is one of their first time's fishing at that location (rarely are soft plastics used). Now, to the fishing. It was pretty good especially the prawning. After I got down and got the lines in, I had my first bite in about 10 minutes. I dropped one but soon after I managed to set the hook well into a catfish. It put up a pretty dud fight as I skull dragged it in. Though, saying that, it was not big at all by any means. I had the shark line in as well, and another rod. After that catfish, I got a couple touches but no more hookups. I was throwing the net a bit and I got one or two prawns. In this time, my mate dropped by so we had a chat for a bit. It wasn't to hot as there was a nice breeze keeping us cool. I didn't get sunburnt at all either because I had my balaclava, sunnies and cap on . Though, in about 30-40 minutes of him being there, the sky started to darken. Soon, it was raining down on us. He moved some of the gear under a tree which gave temporary shelter until wet. He left about 25% through the storm, so I was getting soaked and so were the reels. I had no raincoat as I left in a hurry but I wasn't to cold when it passed. In the time of the storm the tide was still receding... and the prawns were going off. I must've had a good dozen in the bucket for live bait before I began to feed the fish. I was hurting a bit from throwing the ten footer around, but every cast was worth it as I always got a prawn in the top. If it wasn't in the top, it was in the bottom pocket as well. After the storm passed, the prawns stopped going crazy but I still was getting good captures. I also had a few more hits. Most of these were due to me throwing the net and then the fish dropping the bait, but on one occasion I pulled the hook/ struck to hard. I was slowly pulling and then I timed it badly. Oh well, there is always next time for the fish. I kept getting more hits as well, until I eventually got the fish on. It was a bit of a better fight, and I pulled up a tiny catfish. Here it is - After that one, I kept getting some more prawns. These have became freezer baits so hopefully I can get out this week. Though, apparently we are in Stage 3 Lockdown so we can't leave the house unless necessary (I have argued with my parents and told them it is necessary to have a weekly fish ). Soon after, and a few more hits, I got a call from my Dad that said, 'Come home now, it's dinner and getting dark'. Bad timing I said, so we made a compromise that I could have 5 more throws of the castnet. I got a little take and a good take in this time, and I am wondering if it was just a cattie or something else. The shark line was reeled in untouched - I think the best time at this park is early morning. Then again, it might just be because we are cooling down... I wheeled my cart back home so we could unload bait and prawns, clean cart, etc. I did this and here are the prawns I caught today which have been salted and frozen - Not really big, but great bait! Here are the stats of the trip, for anyone's reference. Tide: High 1:44PM, Low 7:24PM so i was fishing the run out Moon Phase: Waxing crescent - first phase after New Moon Rainfall: 3.6mm in last week and fortnight but maybe a bit more as of this afternoon. Tackle Used: 1000 size Sienna, 2500 Nasci, 650 Penn, Shimano reels, 20lb leader, 30lb leader, 80lb wire trace, size 5 sinker, size 2 ball sinker, 4/o suicide hook, 6/o circle hook, Ugly Stik rods, 6'6" and 8'. Rogue Firepoint 6'6" Bait caught: Prawns: Roughly 15 but 8 frozen Bait used: Prawns, mullet Fish caught: Catfish x 2 Overall success rate: 80% - A great day on the water with some fish and prawns Thanks for reading the report, I hope you enjoyed it even though it wasn't the most exciting Best of luck and safeness with COVID-19, I hope no one is affected and everyone stays healthy. Cheers Hamish
      6. Hi all It was decided we would do a session at the river on the kayak today, so today we put that idea into action. It was a nice session on the river - a bit hot - and some surprises. Yesterday I had put in some shrimp traps so after we departed (at about 5:30AM) I pulled them up. I was hoping for some livies, but all I got was vermin. I think it was the fact we were using cooked chicken (it was off) instead of the raw, normal stuff. Despite that fact, the trap had 3 big catfish and a muddy - 3 Forktails and a baby muddy filling up on my shrimp! Sorry it's not the best photo. After that disappointment, we set sail on the water. Our first task was to collect some livies. We paddled for about 15 minutes, quite quickly as we were with the tide, to the first stop. Well, the tide was still a bit to low and my Dad wasn't letting me go onto the mud at first. We looked around and saw the perfect pontoon, so we had a quick throw. Turns out the current was ripping through there and way to much current means no bait . Our next spot was then to a rocky ledge. It was quite slippery and we did not see much (in terms of bait, fish busting up). Despite this, I had a throw but it turned out it was still to much in the current, and it was snaggy. We then moved to the opposite mud banks, which were, well, muddy. I was pretty dirty by the end but it was worth every throw as I got a mix of river shrimp and banana prawns into the live bait tank. I was throwing a bit until I found where the bait was, and as well as this I got a big hole in my net that was un-stichable. I am still going to give it a crack though, and hopefully it still throws. Our final destination to collect bait was the Fig Tree Pocket boat ramp (the park had the beaches we casted off). It was probably the most productive space, I found most bait was pushed up right against the wall. I had no photos of this one, but one thing I have noticed with all the prawns I have been getting was that they aren't big by any means (that doesn't mean they aren't good bait), but I might try and find a spot where they are a bit more consistent. I am still working on my techniques for livies in this part of the river, I will hopefully crack the code soon. Now, to the fishing scene. It was very quite overall but we still had a catch After paddling to the boat ramp, we went to the opposite bend to do some bottom bashing and have a flick for bream. The largest live shrimp was put on a paternoster rig. The idea behind using this is that it will keep the vermin (i.e. catfish and pike) away from the bait as it is a bit higher in the water column. I also had the standard running sinker going as well. We drifted in the deep holes for about 45 minutes all up and in that time we had no luck. It was quite unfortunate as well, maybe due to the high tide the fish and bait were in the mangroves. It was only on the way back towards the next location we pulled up the line for a check. To my surprise, my Dad's line had a catfish on it. It didn't fight one bit though, and in fact, we barely noticed it on the retrieve. It was only a small one at about 30cm but I still got a photo. It took a live prawn, and was released boat side. After that, we went to a mud bank where I have caught a thready before. I assume it was because of the huge tide again, but there were no hits whatsoever. We drifted right down until we were about 45 degrees from the park, and then we started to paddle. The drift was probably the hottest part of the trip, as there wasn't any shade of that side of the river. I'm somewhat regretting not going on the other side as it was shaded. I reckon there might've been a bit more fish activity there. We then paddled back to the park across the river, trolling out baits behind us. Nothing touched them, and we arrived back at the jetty. We then proceeded to unload the kayak, and the jetty was a bit more crowded than usual. Then, my Dad got a call from my mum saying she was sick so he left me down there for about another 45 minutes. In this time, apart from baking, I had a few touches. Otherwise, the later morning was a fish less session. The session I was fishing in on the pontoon was decent though. I must've flicked the bream lures for a good portion of the time, right in the snags. Next time I think we will certainly come back there, but we will know where to go and what to do.The day ended on pulling up the shrimp trap with a couple in it, but they were released as they were to small for any good bait. Here are the stats of the trip for anyone's reference - Statistics of the Trip: Tide: Rising since 4:00AM, high at 9:30AM Moon Phase: Waning Crescent Phase - growing smaller until the new moon. Time fished: On the water at about 5:50AM Rain in recent times: In the past week, there has been 0mm. In the past fortnight, there has been 15mm. Bait caught: Banana Prawns and River Shrimp Bait used: Live banana prawns and river shrimp Fish caught: Catfish x 4, mud crab x 1 Tackle Used: 1000 size Shimano sienna, 14lb braid, 20lb leader, size 2 bean sinker, 2/o, 4/o, 6/o circle hooks, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, size 5 ball sinker, 650 Penn reel with 30lb braid, Rogue Firepoint 6'6" boat rod, Jarvis walker setup. Overall Success Rating: 60% - Found good spots for bait and learnt a bit about the river but no good fish came in Hope you enjoyed reading the report Cheers Hamish
      7. Drop Bear (Robbie) and I went out squidding today started off a bit sqaully so we had to don the wet weather gear. Once we got to the spot it dried off and turned into a beautiful day the squid were steady and we kept catching good size tiger squid. Some drifts were insane getting 7 squid before resetting the drift. Then the last drift we scored 11 squid with triple hook ups. Back at home Robbie and I took a couple of pictures then cleaned the squid and split it up. Fresh Calamari for dinner tonight and a enough for another night or 2.
      8. Last trip yesterday as now shut out due to virus. As normal took a while to find a school of bass with forky schools still prevalent. Usual procedure find a school on the sounder and drop live shrimp. If 3 forkies and no bass landed move on, After around 6 stops we found a school of reasonable sized bass in 39 feet of water out from the stump behind the island. Final tally 40 bass one small yella and 25 forkies. See that percy and his mates have resumed roosting on the ramp, Wish i had known about closure as I could have brought my shrimp traps home. I now have a little job to do at home which is to see if I can find my saltwater boat in the back of the garage. Cheers Ray
      9. Hi all, Went over to the Sandhills the other day. I know it is renowned for its whiting but does anyone have any details such as specific areas, water depth etc to find them? cheers Greg
      10. From Seqwater UPDATE: To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, recreation areas at Seqwater-managed lakes and parks will be closed from Thursday 26 March 2020 until further notice. This includes all land and water-based recreation, including boating, walking trails, skiing and fishing. More details: We appreciate the public’s cooperation and understanding as we work to prioritise the welfare of our communities and employees and look forward to inviting everyone back to our recreation areas as soon as possible.
      11. The squid have been on lately I think it's time to have an explore and find some. Looking at heading out tomorrow as it is a great way to get away and self isolate should be plenty of distance between me and anybody else.
      12. Going camping and fishing again on South Stradbroke island on the last weekend of this month. Will be good to get away do some fishing and sit around a camp fire. Hope the weather plays nice and I can chase some mackies on the close reefs they have been thick of late. This is a great camp site and is well protected from the weather and big boat wakes. It's time to get away from the big smoke and have some sand between the toes.
      13. I have been told lately a few conflicting things about this body of water and was wondering if anyone firm information. I think the topic has been thrown around a few times on here but I wanted to start a fresh thread in case there was revised and updated information. It seems like a relatively large body of water to go wasted? So does anyone know what the factual deal is? Is there potential for it to be fished? Is it just lacking a stocking association or something? Or has it been ruled strictly no go for some reason? (And what could be done to change this)? It looks like it would make an awesome little bass and toga fishery. Angus
      14. Went to NPD yesterday Beaut glassed out conditions all morning with Stew as decky,Shrimp were scarce and were outnumbered by small redclaw which should soon grow to a decent size, We had to work hard for the bass as the forkies were mixed in with the bass, Gave us a chance to test out the bespoke hand forged forky dongers that I had custom made yesterday We filled up percy and even the eagles had enough, Tally was 38 bass,
      15. Hi all, I would like to pick your brains on a few questions. I fish mostly landbased off Cairns. I am looking for a spot at False Cape (don't want to give the exact location away but people would know the spot if they fish it). Has anyone fished it recently and would be able to give me some tips and tricks for catching fish there? Can you catch mackerel if you throw a bait out on a float? Also, I would like some knowledge on land- based shark fishing. Has anyone got some good spots (just please tell me which beach, I will put the time in) for big sharks? I don't have a option to 'swim' a bait out o a kayak or something of the sort so would a float rig work to let it drift out or possibly just casting? Thank you all and tight lines.
      16. Went prawning with Robbie and Steve yesterday we left redland bay ramp finding the boats and finding the prawns. Some of our 1st casts had great numbers of prawns in the top pocket of our nets. We worked around the area with Robbie the skipper putting us on the good shows. Some casts had 20 to 30 prawns which brought big smiles and the odd YOU BEAUTY. I think we did really well and had the other boats following us. I tried telling others nothing to see here no prawns here but they were onto us. I must thank Robbie and Steve for their patience as I had to cancel the morning session as work got in the way. The midday session ended by 2pm with our bag limit of 2 bucket of prawns. My share of prawns I cooked 2 kg in sea water with a good squeeze of honey and will peel the rest for prawn meals like curried or chilly prawns with rice. No need to line up in shops to get a feed here mmmmmmmm tasty prawns.
      17. Hi all this is my first post on the forum excluding my introduction post. I've moved to Brisbane from Hobart about six weeks ago and I've been doing as much fishing as time allows because I'm very keen to get onto some species we don't have down south. The missus moved us up here because of work and we've done a bit of traveling around because of that. Mostly just fishing with an 8ft general purpose rod 15lb braid 20lb leader and Paternoster rig or running sinker rig depending. Then while baits are soaking I like to have a cast with my 6ft spin 10lb braid 10lb leader with a variety of lures depending. Squidgies biotough flickbaits are my favorite. Then there's my shark rod 5ft Penn warfare with a Penn spinfisher 850 with 30lb braid 50lb leader and a wire trace. Live baits or large mullet pieces. So to begin with we were staying at redcliffe. I did a bit of bait fishing from the jetty for a few sessions but after only a couple undersized bream I decided it wasn't a spot for me. I wandered north a little and fished off queens beach a few evenings. During these sessions I got a couple grassy sweetlips, few large bream and a small snapper. Lost a few decent fish. One afternoon I had a go off the rock wall at the entrance to Scarborough marina. I got a decent sized catfish. I saw some birds working about 100 yards out into the bay so I banged a wobbler on my spinner in case they came closer. They didn't but shortly after I saw a large wake and swirl slowly moving against the grain of the water heading straight up into the marina. I thought it must have been the turtle I had seen getting about earlier but then I saw a narrow dorsal fin poke out. Excitedly I cast the wobbler across it and it did a big blowup but missed my lure. Two more casts for nought then on the fourth cast he had it and I was on. Apparently this fish was much bigger than I thought it was going to be because it screamed straight into the marina at high speed totally unstoppable headed for the boats. I stressed and put on as much pressure as I could without breaking anything and my lure popped out of his mouth. I guess he wasn't hooked real well because everything was intact. I was devastated and my hands were shakey for half an hour. Anyone have any ideas what it might have been? I did see him again later (or one of his mates) but way out of casting range. I don't think my gear could have handled him anyway. Then we went up to bundaberg for a few days. I was surf fishing just a little north of Elliot heads. That was great I got a large slatey bream, couple of Moses perch, three or four swallowtail dart and a GT. fished a little bit with the missus at Burnett heads and got a heap of little fish. Javelin fish, whiting, estuary cod, crescent perch and tiny baby Spanish mackerel. Got smoked by a big ray or something unstoppable. Since then we've been staying at Petrie. I got my first bass from kurwongbah and I've been doing a lot of fishing in the north pine river around dohles rocks. I've caught some big bream and catfish there but mostly I've been targeting sharks because on my first attempt there I later out the shark rod with a big ol mullet head for bait and I hooked up only to be bitten off. Mangled my wire leader. I've had a bunch of sessions there over the last couple weeks but no shark yet. I had a legal size bream on for live bait one night and I had a wicked run. Shark took the head half of my bream without getting hooked. Another night I was using small live catfish and something was yanking them off my hooks with short hard runs but again no hookup. I don't know if it was sharks or maybe something else? I've been using multiple hooks per bait since but no luck yet. I've also had a couple gos at woody point and deep-water bend. Just bream and a whiting and a few weird little aquarium looking fish and a couple small shovel noses. If anyone based north Brisbane wants a fishing buddy I'd love some company. I'd also love to get out on the water if anyone with a boat needs someone to pull the anchor! Beers and fuel on me. Haha. I'd also appreciate any advice Cheers thanks for reading
      18. Back to NPD with Rick and Joy this morning. Redclaw still very scarce so we brought half our pots home. Had to work hard to find some bass but plenty of forkies for percy and the eagles. Picked up 3 bass and plenty of forkies on Andrews drop off,not even a forky in front of the fig tree,nothing on the floats, nothing between the islands, nothing at the old far marker and then we found a school of bass mixed in with some forkies in forty feet of water in front of the cassia tree. Fortunately most of the forkys were on Ricks side of the boat so Joy and myself were able to concentrate on catching bass.On the way back to the ramp we pulled up on the floats to see if we could get a yella and Joy caught a spangly. Final tally was 47 bass. No photos today Cheers Ray
      19. Hi all, I fish landbased off the piers in FNQ and constantly find I get baited without a hookup. I use 4/0 Eagle Claw Widegapes. I fish mostly with livebait or frozen prawns and squid. I am always getting bites on the frozen baits. They are reasonable and I have hooked fish like this in the past (but not much bigger than 40cm or smaller than 15cm). Should I fish like the snapper fishos in NZ fish by opening the bail arm and see if the fish runs with the bait? Thanks
      20. It started off ok with little breeze but did not take too long for it to get up.We found a school of sub 25cm bass in front of the fig tree but went searching for some bigger ones. Not one fish on the floats so we went in between the islands where the wind really got up with plenty of white caps so we retreated behind the island where we picked up one bass and about 7 forkys. We then went and tied up to the yellow float where Hai caught most of the fish whilst Steve and myself had to be content with the odd stray. As the wind had dropped off a bit we then went back to the front of the fig tree for some small bass with the odd legal one mixed in with them. Once again redclaw very scarce maybe they had all escaped as it has been a week since we checked the pots. Saw a largish eel floating on the surface on the way back. Cheers Ray
      21. Got a text from SEQ water at 7.15 this morning stating the water release from NPD has commenced . Dam was 67.4% yesterday morning 68.7% 4am and 68.8% currently. Hope that they are using the cone valve to release instead of opening the gates. Should not affect the bass as it is not spawning season so they should have no desire to migrate downstream Cheers Ray
      22. Added to SEQ water website today,
      23. SEQ water dam levels. NPD gone up 1.4 % overnight so according to SEQ water they will now commence to release as it is over 68%. Kurwongbah 107% Dams in the Lockyer valley still in trouble with Clarendon at .3%. Bill Gunn at 4.6% , Aitkenson at 6.5% , Moogerah and Maroon very little increase. More rain needed in the Lockyer,Downs and New England but looks like inland has done ok. Maybe the possible cyclone may bring some to where it is still needed. Cheers Ray DAM LEVELS The following table provides the latest available information about the region's dams. Dam levels are updated regularly 24 hours a day. Please note: dam levels are based on automated data which has not been verified. For information about flood levels, contact your local Council. For information about road impacts, contact Transport and Main Roads. For information about river levels, please see the Bureau of Meteorology website. Weekly water security and usage update Dam release notification service Latest dam release update Water for Life Dam Current volume (ML) % full Latest observation Comment Atkinson 1, 968 ML 6.5% 4:49am 10/03/2020 Baroon Pocket 61, 250 ML 100.4% 5:14am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Bill Gunn (Lake Dyer) 321 ML 4.6% 5:02am 10/03/2020 Borumba 46, 332 ML 100.7% 4:35am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Cedar Pocket 751 ML 102.2% 2:24am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Clarendon 66 ML 0.3% 1:07am 10/03/2020 Cooloolabin 7, 050 ML 86.2% 4:57am 10/03/2020 Enoggera 4, 848 ML 106.2% 4:45am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Ewen Maddock 16, 785 ML 101.2% 9:05pm 09/03/2020 Dam is spilling Gold Creek 915 ML 114.2% 5:06am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Hinze 311, 613 ML 100.3% 3:30am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Lake Macdonald (Six Mile Creek) 8, 608 ML 107.4% 5:11am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Lake Manchester 26, 426 ML 100.8% 4:00am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Leslie Harrison 13, 293 ML 100.7% 4:56am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Little Nerang 6, 783 ML 101.2% 4:37am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Maroon 27, 180 ML 61.3% 2:47am 10/03/2020 Moogerah 32, 494 ML 38.8% 2:57am 10/03/2020 Nindooinbah 225 ML 83.3% 4:30am 10/03/2020 North Pine (Lake Samsonvale) 147, 188 ML 68.7% 4:20am 10/03/2020 Extra comments Poona 666 ML 101.6% 4:57am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Sideling Creek (Lake Kurwongbah) 15, 208 ML 107.2% 2:36am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Somerset 304, 859 ML 80.3% 5:19am 10/03/2020 Extra comments Wappa 5, 001 ML 106.5% 5:17am 10/03/2020 Dam is spilling Wivenhoe 599, 168 ML 51.4% 4:34am 10/03/2020 Extra comments Wyaralong 102, 883 ML 100.0% 4:10am 10/03/2020 EDUCATION
      24. Hi all This weekend has been a busy one for me but I still managed to squeeze some fishing in. The tides were checked and it was decided we would go to the Green Bridge for a session targeting threadfin salmon, mulloway and sharks, live baiting. We left at about 6:40PM, after I had finished tennis (I lost 6-3 ) and we were shocked to see the amount of lines and people there. I counted 20 people, all trying to squeeze on to this pontoon. What made matters even worse was when I discovered someone had kept a threadfin, left it lying on the jetty with scales everywhere and didn't even have the courtesy to clean up at the end! It looked undersize as well, but the tail was chopped off and I was told it was 72cm. After the initial 'Oh crap, I'm not going to be able to fish in this' thought, I managed to squeeze two out of five lines in. One at the end, and one bream line towards the mangroves. It didn't take long for some action to happen, but not for me. One of the larger groups had pulled up a nice big buck, in about 20 minutes of me getting there (7:00PM). It had wire wrapped all around it, and once they cleaned it up I don't think release was even thought of. Straight into their esky, but nothing wrong with that as it as legal and a feed I'd caught one there myself a while back, so it does mean muddies hang around there. Just about the same time, those people pulled up a goliath of a cattie. I mean it was 60cm plus, and it was fat as. It also was kept, left laying on the jetty for a couple minutes before being chucked in their esky. These people must be a regular crowd, I'd say they go there a lot as they were the same people as last time. To be honest, I think it's a bit of a shame because they don't clean up and soon this destination will be known to the world and heavily fished (when it opened it had little to no fishing pressure of huge groups, now, not so much). For about the next hour, nothing happened. My dad and I got some bait (prawns, mullet, frogmouth pilchards, herring) and the only thing that proceeded to be caught was vermin (pike and catfish). Eventually, one of the groups left so I swooped in to get a spot and i did. I had my livie (well, deady) on the hook and i was praying for a hookup. Nothing happened except tangles though, and when I went to re-bait i was shocked by how rude this lady was who immediately casted her line right where I was seated when I walked two metres to get some bait - some people . We called it quits at about 9:00PM, but the session was not a complete waste. My dad and brother sussed out the rock wall on the other side, so we will try this destination next time, most likely at day time - Here are the statistics of the trip for anyone's reference, I assume we were fishing the right tides/moons as every man and his dog was there but it may just be because this is their chosen time. Statistics of Trip Tackle Used: Penn 650, 30lb braid, 80lb leader and trace, size 6 ball sinker. Jarvis walker setup, 30lb braid, 100lb leader, 80lb trace. Diawa Shinobi 2500 20lb leader, size 4 ball sinker, 80lb trace, 4/o-6/0 circle hooks. Same on other setup except for bream gear, 20lb with size 2 ball and 2/o suicide hook. 1000 and 25000 Shimano Sienna and nasci, both with 14lb braid. Tide: 3:45Pm low, .4m, 9:10PM high, 1.9m - we were fishing the rising tide Moon: Waxing Gibbous - more than half but not quite full Bait: Herring, Prawns, Mullet Bait Caught: Frogmouth pilchards, mullet, herring, prawns Fish Caught: Another donut, I'm starting a drought Time fished: 6:40PM-9:00PM Overall Success Rate: A solid 60% - no fish and crowds were there but a new spot sussed out. Now, some of you may be wondering why I've got number #10 up there too. Well, I wasn't going to report another donut for everyone so I decided to go to the local park this afternoon with Declan. I also made a new investment to a fishing trolley ($50 Kmart trolley) so hopefully it serves me well (will post up some pictures on another topic). I got down to the local park and chopped up some of our supermarket prawn (no frozen stuff in the freezer). Within two minutes of me casting out my line, I got a take. I managed to hook him pretty well, and from the great fight he put up on light gear I suspected he might've been a bigger catty. It certainly had some go in it, that's for sure, and here's the photo's Declan took - After that, the bite went a bit quiet. I had a flick with a prawn imitation plastic in the shallows to see if i could snag a flathead, but maybe it was just a fluke when I got that lizard. About 20 minutes later though, Declan's line went off again. I missed the hook up, but i think for a better hook up rate i should strate tightening the drag a bit more (I have the drag loose like you would when shark fishing). Declan's friend from down the road came and found him though, so off they went together. Now, it was up to me to catch a fair fish. I had had about an hour of no fish and then my rod went off. I was not going to lose this fi- to late, already had. I waited patiently about another half hour, having the odd conversation with passers by. Eventually, my rod went off and I set the hook. I was on! After some aerobatics about 25m out, I landed a nice forkie, which was a bit smaller than the last- That was the last fish for the day because then my mum came and told me to pack up my stuff and get home! Here are the stats of the trip- Statistics of Trip- Tide: I was fishing the run out, must've only been .3m (from a 2.5m high) Moon Phase: Same as the last - a bit over 50% but no quite full Bait used: Prawns, mullet, herring Bait Caught: - Fish Caught: Forktail Catfish x2 Tackle Used: 650 Penn reel, 30lb braid, 80lb wire (shark rig), 14lb braid mainline, 20lb leader, 2/o-4/o suicide hook, size 2 sinkers, size 6 sinker Time fished: 2:45PM-5:30PM Overall success Rating: 70%, a nice afternoon out
      25. There are some lovely Bay Prawns to be had around the powerlines and towards Rocky point.. About to tuck into some. Plenty for everyone there as all were catching them. Unfortunately there are those on the water that just don't have any manners at all and cast there net right over the top of yours etc. But give it a go anyway.