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      1. Looks like a good weather window might allow a few of us to get up to 1770 next week. Fingers crossed it works out and we can get out to the reefs at the bottom of the great barrier reef again. I am heading off now to pick up the bait and put the fishing gear together. If we get out we should have a good report next week bring it on.
      2. Thought we were on a winner this morning with 12 good sized bass boated just around the corner from the ramp in an hour. They were not thick but consistent. We decded that we would then have a cuppa on the way to the redclaw pots and try our luck downstream The redclaw pots were productive but we could only catch 2 more bass the whole morning. We found a good show on the sounder at Andrews dropoff but after boating 6 forkies we moved on. In past years this time of the year is when the bass start to school up but so far it has not happened. Cheers Ray
      3. Bit damp first up this morning, 46 bass and 3 yellas and some spanglies between 2 of us all within 1 k from ramp, Spanglies are now redclaw bait. Quite a few redclaw 35cm long. Sorry no photos as I left camera home . Cheers Ray
      4. When we were at NPD last Wednesday we noticed that the eagles had commenced to rebuild their nest that blew down last year. Today despite it looking a bit ragged it is quite substantial. We came a cropper with both the fish and redclaw. We were smirking with the first 3 redclaw pots with 42 redclaw from them and then only another 8 redclaw from the rest of the pots as they all had holes chewed in them. Could not find a school of fish anywhere and finished with 20 bass.1 yella and 3 forkies
      5. Slipped up to Baroon for a change of scenery this morning. I was up that way yesterday having lunch at Ricks Garage Palmwoods and I will be up that way again tomorrow as I put my mobile on the rear bumper and fogot to take it off, thank goodness someone handed it in to the police station at Maleny. On the fishing side, I had to hide in amongst the fog for the first couple of hours and was lucky enough to hide where the fish were. By the time the fog cleared after 9am I was already on half a ton. I moved off to a couple more locations, some were OK and some the fish got spooked when I put a bait down.Along with 94 bass was 3 extra large eel tail catfish.Most bass were on shrimp with a couple caught trolling as well.I was surprised to get 3 undersize bass as the rest were between 40 and 48cm, couldnt crack the 50cm this time.I now have some very sore fingers as these bass have muscles in their shite. Yes I did put my thumb in the right hole. Left when I run out of shrimp. Dino
      6. My little boy took his 44ft cat up to the sunny coast, he takes it up there each year for 3 months and goes up whenever he can. Here is some of the catches, hope I can get some of them. Dino
      7. going to go off-shore friday if the weather says the way it is anyone got the day off and heading out.brad
      8. Mental health day on Friday Tried a few spots around Mud early morning but only to be plagued by Pike so went to Harries/Tiwi Pearl for a look as I'd never never been before. Used the pike as strip bait but only got pickers. This bait game is still a bit new to me. Picked up a mackerel on the slow troll, some sandies and a few squids on way back home. Magic day to be out on the water alone Mothers day was beer battered Mackerel
      9. I said to myself I think I'll troll the shallows with some flickashads and myself said OK. I hadnt gone 50 mt when I got a double hookup, surprise. Then while I was taking a pic I looked at the sounder and there was another surprise, fish all over the place, so stopped and had a quick baitfish. Then off down the dam further to try the edges, managed a few more along with yellas casting and trolling spinnerbaits.All up 47 bass and 3 yellas. Dino
      10. I have been using up the last of my long service leave on the way to retirement and to any fishos out there who are close to the end of their working lives, I can thoroughly recommend tossing it in as soon as you can afford. No more sitting in boring meetings on those days when you know the Bay will be glassed out, just wishing you could be anywhere on the water. Last Thursday was one of those perfect Brisbane weather days so I knew I had to take advantage of it. Contacted a few potential deckies but no one available so I was all set up for a solo effort. I do like the solo trip but also appreciate the company on other occasions. Anyway, at 5am @ellicat sent me a message to say he was recovering from his man flu and was keen to join me so I arranged to pick him up on the way through to the ramp at the port. The plan was to get to Mud around the turn of the tide and hope that a couple of bigger snapper may have been patrolling the area before too many boats moved in. The ramp was relatively quiet (ah, the joys of the work day fish) and we put in just as the sun was coming up. By the way if you are looking for a good bait shop around the Bayside try Mr Bait in Violet Street at Hemmant. Good stuff at good prices. I lost my marks for Mud a while ago when I did a factory reset of the sounder so we sounded around until we found a nice drop off. Baits we’re deployed and I had a a plastic working as well. The baits were being attacked regularly but only pickers. @ellicat was on a mission to show @jon how to wrangle a big tusky and it wasn’t long before he was battling his own pb. I have no idea why I can’t insert photos where I want them anymore but there is a pic below of the man himself with his monster from the deep. Over the next couple of hours we landed babies of a heap of species including snapper, grassies, tuskies, lancer, bream, stripies and more, but nothing near a keeper. We decided to move to the front rock wall at the port where I had some success a couple of weeks ago. Stopped at a favourite flathead spot on the way but no touches on bait or plastics. The wall was a bit more productive with a few bigger but still not legal snaps. We did get busted off a couple of times and lost connection with a few better fish. I managed a 41cm snap for a baked dinner but that was it for the day. No crabs either. Al in all, a very enjoyable day in perfect conditions despite the lack of keepers. Not the most exciting reportbut then reports have been scarce the last few days.
      11. Its been that long that Luke thought he had forgot how to catch fish.Well it didnt take him to long to bring back a few memories. We trolled up a few on flikashads to start with followed by quite a few on bait, before we headed for the edges to do some spinnerbaiting, casting and trolling.There was some big yellas around along with plenty of good bass, Luke managed an over 50cm model, we got pics of it on the mat but forgot to get one holding it. All up managed 41 bass and 6 yellas. Dino
      12. A quite morning made good at the last minute. Started off very slow with a couple trolling flickashads and then put in a thousand casts to the edges for very few fish.I had been hitting up a lot of back alleys and was in the last alley when I noticed a big round blob on the bottom under the boat in 10ft of water,so to investigate I quickly put down 2 shrimp rigs,well hell broke loose, first one rod buckled over, then the other rod.First up came the blob which was a whopper yella, next was another whopper a 51cm bass.Well the scowl finally left my mouth and I was able to get a smile on the dial again.Managed 21 bass and the one yella,so a lousy day turned around at the last minute. Dino
      13. Drizzled on and off all morning but some good quality fish landed. First off I targeted spanglies for red claw bait while Rick was clearing the pots. once again we averaged around 14 redclaw in the pots that did not have holes in them. The bass were a bit elusive until we worked the best method was to just drift along the edge of the drop off in around 25 feet of water, Bit of a bonus was one of the yellas that we caught went only 32cm so good to see that some of the recent stockings are progresing, Rick had a bit of fun with a good sized eel before he broke it off, We went down near the island for no fish but checked out the eagles and their eerie. Ross and the boys from the PRFMA installed the fourth group of fads this morning
      14. I thought I had retired, but I had to work real hard to get a few fish this morning.I was only up to 17 bass and a yella fishing the edges and had to get some more bait fishing to bring the tally up to 33 bass and one yella.It seems to be getting harder each day.Bring on winter. Dino
      15. We took our first trip out to Maroon Dam, but couldn't find where to fish from. Got a helpful tip from the fella minding a caravan park, who told us about this spot 2km or so down the road. Lotsa weeds and trees in the water, and I caught our first legal size bass! It's the first time we caught cookable fish, so these guys were taken home and baked in foil with tomato and herbs! Very satisfying. My partner caught a smaller (~15-20cm) bass and three similar sized golden perch. We even used the prawns we trapped last night at Cribb Park.
      16. Headed out from Mooloolaba last week in some nicer weather. Well it might have been a bit too nice as the fish weren’t playing the game! Fished hard all day for a couple of tuskies, Maori cod, Moses, a nice snapper and the biggest hussar I’ve ever seen! Between 6 of us on two boats we kept about 20 reefies for the day. Conditions were so nice my spearo mate was foaming at the mouth to jump in, even after we saw a decent shark on one of the spots! Brilliant day on the water nonetheless. Mmmm fish tacos!
      17. Thanks guys n gals for your good advice, We done the trip to Hervey Bay for a week of fishing, I must say I was impressed with the place, The bay is huge with a lot of reefs, The sandy straights also has some good reefs, The weather started out a bit blowy, the bay was very choppy especially in my 3.9m Quinny, we got tossed around heaps and had a sore back for 3 days from it, However, nothing was going to stop us from having a go. the r est f the week was good weather except the day we left were it was perfect, I didn't wat to leave. Over the week we tried several locations, from out passed the Urangan Pier, to the Sandy Straights behind Woody Island and some of its reefs, 2 days at River Heads up the Susan. Finished the week fishing with the masses on the Urangan Pier were the bait fish was thick, Spotted mackerel carving through and some massive GT's, however no one could catch a thing, every one was using live Herring, Some young guy walks up and drops a frozen half of Pilchard in and was on in seconds for an under sized Spotted Mackerel. How ever it was still a good day with great views and lots of Turtles and little Rays, The water was crystal clear. Over the week we caught lots of fish species we don't get on the Tweed River, I caught my first King Thread fin, sadly it was only 57cm (legal size is 60cm) and in a matter of minutes the misses lands a Blue Thread Fin Salmon at 58cm, it turns out we could have kept that one "NOOOOOOOO" . Most of our fish was under sized except a Flathead, We ate that one. No Coral Trout or Barra this time round, but we did get a lot of other little reef fish including a Bone Fish. Next time I go there I now know the Spots to go, I can't wait This is only a few of the fish we caught.
      18. Hello! Hubby pulled the little guy in this photo out of the Barron this morning and only snapped this one picture before throwing it back. I'm guessing the markings change when it gets bigger because I haven't been able to ID it from Any ideas?
      19. A few of us are heading up to 1770 for a week during the school holidays starting from Saturday the 28th of September to Saturday the 5th of October. We have booked a house for the week and will be fishing the close and wider reefs depending on the weather. If anyone is interested in coming up and getting a house or just heading straight out to the reefs fishing post here and we can plan our trip on this thread. So far we have 2 boats and crew going with a few more boys to get back to me. This time of year is quite stable with the weather and we hope to get out to the wider reefs chasing red emperor, coral trout, red throat emperor, cod, etc.
      20. heading for a troll tomorrow morning chasing the big flathead that should be around the place,have done pretty good there in the past just hope the wind stays away for a few hours.brad
      21. jon

        queensland Tax Time

        Went out for a bit of troll today hoping to finds some Spanish or hoo around. First lure had only been in the water under a minute and hooked up small yellowfin which was a pretty good start. Next few hours had us hooking into some good Spanish but getting annihilated by the sharks. It was the most frustrating day I have had for a long time. We had multiple double hookups and If it wasnt for the sharks we would have got our bag limit in about three hours (two people). But we ended up fishing for most of the day and could only convert three. Still was pretty good day out weather wise with finally tally going 3 Spanish ( biggest was about 15kg) one yellowfin and a bunch of Mack tuna.
      22. The weather according to Willy weather was a bit of rain with very minimal wind on Saturday morning. Given it was a long weekend, I thought most people would write Saturday off and give either Sunday or Monday a go. We arrived at the Scarborough boat ramp which already had quite a few cars and trailers already parked up. Hit the water and off to the measured mile to see if anything was about. It was at this stage we knew good old reliable willy weather was wrong…the bay was sloppy and much windier than predicted, but we pushed on. A few drifts resulted in nothing at the mile so I set course for the 4 beacons. We drifted past every beacon multiple times for no fish, nothing on the sounder either. Having no experience at this location, maybe they fish better if you anchor up there? I’ve read reports of people catching cobia, snapper and kingfish here as well as the usual pelagics. Guess I’ll have to go back and try next time! In my planning for the trip, id also read that the tuna will show up anywhere in the channel that runs along the inside of Moreton. So, we headed in closer to the island cruising in the main channel and bam, the first school of tuna turned up. First cast and im hooked up, only a small mack tuna which we kept as shark bait for later on. About 30 mins later we found another school hitting the surface, by the time we got within casting distance, they were gone. But I remember reading a while ago that if the tuna go down after you get to them, just let your lure sink to the bottom then crank it back…which worked this time! Another slightly bigger Mack tuna was boated then released. Just goes to show, that properly researching your target species can really be vital. We then just cruised along the channel in between the 4 beacons and Tangalooma watching for any surface activity. Ended up chasing another 10+ bust ups throughout the morning for no luck. We decided to anchor up near a beacon and put the shark bait out (half a tuna). Didn’t take long before the reel was screaming, but it wasn’t to be… 5 minutes into the fight we dropped whatever it was…bugger. Given the bite marks on it, id call it as a bull shark (cutting marks on one side and puncture marks on the other side) After retrieving the bait for inspection, we had a local come say hello. We threw out half of the tuna for him which he smashed then swam away. A few minutes later, he was back and just sitting 5m behind the boat as if to say…”is that all? im still hungry”. He must have been one of the dolphins that visits Tangalooma as it was very tame. We were able to get some cool clips of the dolphin taking the tuna under the water. 0D91D2E1-C196-4D73-8D31-4B78B6996CDD.MOV89D713FE-57D1-442E-9099-A5EE76CC0E02.MOV On the horizon we could see the rain rolling in, so we decided to give the other half of tuna to the dolphin and steam on home (that and every time we tried to float the bait out he would play with it). Funnily enough, the bay was flatter on the way home, only taking 32 minutes to get from Moreton to the boat harbour. All in all, a semi successful first trip to Moreton. Since being a little kid, I’ve always wanted to take my boat over to Moreton, which I can tick off the bucket list now. Probably could have picked a better day to do it, but it was a blessing in disguise really. Now I have much greater confidence in my boat’s abilities to handle poor weather! Until next time…
      23. Bass have moved around since Sunday but we found a couple of schools. 84 bass No forkies Redclaw are a good size of the 5 pots that we had forkies in as bait 4 of them had at least 12 redclaw in them The other pot had a big hole and the other 3 pots that had dog biscuits as bait only had a few redclaw in them. Cheers Ray
      24. Just when you want to catch some forkys they have gone . Only caught 5 today ,2 on bait and 3 in one redclaw trap. They are working very well in the redclaw pots compared to the dog biscuits. Probably because they last a lot longer. Ended up with 81 bass 4 yellas,and 5 forkies plus a bucket of redclaw. Would have had a lot more redclaw but they are chewing holes in the pots and escaping. Steve had fun catching bass on a icejig but only managed one on a jackall with the bass not much bigger than the jackall. See Ross and Noel have been busy making more concrete fad bases. Cheers Ray
      25. Second fly rod break in as many outings Caught lots of these In amongst all of these But then I high-sticked an excited one and ended up with these