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      Found 24 results

      1. Reasonable day yesterday with perfect weather with glass out most of the morning. The Redclaw are really loving using forkies for bait I though that it would stink the boat out but with a 3 day soak all that is left are bones. The numbers are starting the glory days best pot had nearly 30 redclaw in it reckon it will only improve over winter. 45 bass 1 yella 2 tandans Plenty of forkies for redclaw bait. PRFMA are currently assembling a huge number of various types fad to be deployed in the dam commencing next saturday. Cheers Ray
      2. It was our 58th wedding anniversary yesterday and the only thing that I have learnt over the years is to always do what I am told ( When I want to). I aked Judy what did she want for an anniversary celebration and she said go fishing and leave me in peace. Bit cool this first off plus a stiff westerly but I had my coat and trusted BOM who said the wind would drop off. The wind made it interesting doing my redclaw pots at the end of Koala straight but I persevered and only ended up in the lilies once where I had to turn the bow mount around to assist the stern mount to reverse out. Plenty of bass in the usual spots End of second rock wall,Andrews drop off,the floats,the old old far marker.the inlet near the old old far marker plus some in the new area where the forkies outnumbered the bass by 2 to 1 so I returned to Andrews drop off and picked up another dozen bass and a tandan.Percy provided a bit of entertainment getting agro with an interloper. Also spotted a deer on the island Final tally 86 bass 1 tandan 1 yella 9 forkies that were converted to redclaw bait. one happy wife as I did not get home till 5pmVery long day talking to myself and not back to the ramp till 3.30. Cheers Ray
      3. Another day of laughs and fish with two Michaels as deckies. Started the day checking redclaw pots before trying to find some fish. The redclaw are now starting to get some size with plenty of small ones coming on so they will not taper off over winter. No fish were found until we reached the floats where both Michaels had a double hook up with a bass and yella successfully boated. The fish were of good quality in high 30s and low 40s but a little slow. so we went searching again with little found until we located some good sized bass in the new area. before having a last shot on the floats on the way back to the ramp . The bass were cooperative once again but we decided we had had enough. Checked a few of the redclaw pots on the way back and a few of them had between 8 and 12 redclaw in them so the two Michaels ended up with a feed of fish and redclaw to take home. Glass out conditions all day with the breeze maybe getting up to 3 mph a couple of times 20 bass 4 yellas 9 forkies that were converted to redclaw bait on the way back to the ramp as the pots that I put forkies in as bait on Wednesday had twice the number of redclaw as the ones with just dog biscuits.I was bit worried that the dead forkies would stink but all that was left were a few bones. Cheers Ray
      4. Seized black marketer’s boat serves as a warning FISHERIES QUEENSLAND·WEDNESDAY, 2 JANUARY 2019 A fishing boat has been forfeited to the state and a recreational fisher and restaurant manager fined more than $8,600 for black marketing of redclaw. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner welcomed the successful court prosecution, as the Queensland Government moves to further strengthen fisheries laws. “Unlicensed selling of fisheries resources undermines the legitimate commercial fishing industry and threatens Queensland’s reputation as a producer of high quality seafood,” Mr Furner said. “Reforms currently before Parliament are aimed squarely at fishers who illegally sell seafood on the black market, including stronger compliance powers for fisheries officers and higher penalties for offenders. “The community has been calling for change to fisheries legislation for many years and these proposed reforms will bring Queensland fisheries management in line with world’s best practice.” Member for Lytton Joan Pease said all fishers need to know the consequences of committing a serious fishing offence, which included losing their vessel. “If fishers are thinking about breaking the rules, they better be ready to risk losing their fishing boat,” Ms Pease said. “To reinforce that message, this particular forfeited vessel will be displayed at prominent boat ramps in south east Queensland over the coming weeks, including at Manly Harbour on 29-30 December.” Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers intercepted a Kuraby-based fisher delivering almost 200 redclaw to a Sunnybank restaurant in March. During the investigation, 82 freshwater traps, more than 133 kilograms of redclaw, a 4.5 metre catamaran and a kayak were also seized at Somerset Dam and Brisbane. A recreational fisher, who was not a first-time offender, pleaded guilty to five charges including selling fisheries without a licence and using 78 excess and unmarked freshwater traps, was fined $7,600 and had his vessel forfeited to the State. A restaurant manager, who said he bought the redclaw for a staff party and didn’t intend to sell it, was fined $1000 after pleading guilty to one count of selling seafood without an authority. Follow Fisheries Queensland on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@FisheriesQld).
      5. Rick and I had a better day today even though the fish were still a bit slow. We notched up a quick dozen at the usual drop off near Koala straight after finding them in 15 feet of water.Then a good feed of redclaw before resuming our search. for fish finally finding some more near the far marker. Cheers Ray
      6. Went with Arthur today we tried just off the ramp with nothing doing so then moved to next spot and after moving back and forward around the drop off we found a school in 14 feet of water. Ended up with 41 bass by 7.30. The fish were only small with largest around 35cm and about half under 30cm. I decided to check our redclaw pots and then look for some larger fish. Got a feed of redclaw for Arthur but could not find another fish. There were too many redclaw for Arthur and as I did not want any we gave the rest away at the ramp. Sorry no photos. Cheers Ray
      7. Went to NPD with Andrew this morning and as we had to wait for Drew and Steph to arrive from Lockyer waters with an anticipated arrival time of 7.30 we has a bit of time to fill in so we checked the redclaw pots and filled the esky before returning to the ramp . While Andrew drove up to the gate to let them in I dropped a shrimp on the road crossing straight out in front of the ramp and found bass in 12 ft of water on top of the old road. With the boat loaded up we went back to the spot and pulled another dozen or so bass and a couple of tandans before the school moved on.' The bass were a bit shy in a couple of spots but we found them again and ended up with a total of 56 bass and 2 tandans. Cheers Ray
      8. Had a reasonable day with Malcom,Rik and Hai. 37 bass 1 yella plenty redclaw. Initiated Malcolm into the art of pot pulling and showed him a few spots as he is a newbie at npd. We had to knock off early as Rick had an appointment so have arranged to take Malcolm back and take him further downstream.
      9. Going to be a bit tough at NPD today Max wind 6kph temp 26 degrees. Will be thinking of you all at work Cheers Ray
      10. Bit quiet for Rick and myself yesterday.We were late getting there as we had 15 minutes contemplating our navels on the gateway as contractors were late finishing and had complete road blocked whilst they removed witches hats. The redclaw numbers and sizes were down so we spent a bit of time relocating the pots. Bass were a bit elusive at first and when we finally found a school in 40feet of water they were coming up with baurotrauma so we moved on and found another school in 25 feet with most of them just over 30cm. Percy was very aggressive and actually grabbed a couple of bass as we landed them. he lost interest after I bounced a sinker off him and beat a strategic retreat. Finished up with 35 bass and one tandan that was in a redclaw trap. Cheers Ray
      11. Started off a bit cool but warmed up nicely but the wind got up around 11am and forced us to call it a day at midday. Ran in to Dino who was just commencing to go fishing on the way back, Plenty of bass between 35 and 48cm with the better quality down near the island. Redclaw numbers were down as we could only do half our pots as there was only 2 of us . Hopefully will have a full crew on sunday. I brought a couple of bass home and am going to have a go at smoking a couple of roe and making bottarga with the rest. Also scrounged 2 roe from the bass that Rick brought home. Cheers Ray
      12. Had to go to NPD this morning to pick up new permit for new season commencing 1/9/18. We only had a short session as I had to be home by 12. Had a good laugh at Tai using his new $10 twenty four inch K Mart combo. It handled the bass surprisingly well but you would have been able to hear the screaming of the drag half a mile away. We stopped fishing at 9.30 with 35 bass and the usual feed of redclaw and picked up our permits and had natter and just made it home by the deadline so I am still in the good book and able to go again on wednesday Cheers Ray
      13. Reasonable day at NPD this morning . Tried to crack the 50 in bass but best I could manage was 49.5 with a couple on 49. Could have cheated and squeezed the tails , Don got a 55cm yella that went 3.4 kg and also donated a rod to Davey Jones and nearly followed up with another one. Usual feed of redclaw. Final tally 57 bass,1 yella and one forky that got into one of the redclaw traps. Cheers Ray
      14. Thumbs up redclaw. This lot from 8 pots.choose files... Click to choose files Thumbs up bass Thumbs down. Cheers Ray
      15. Actually every day there is a good one but today was the best for a while. Nearly glass out all day. Plenty of redclaw. Great company with gourmet salad provided by Tai. Hai got 2 tagged fish. I had problems catching enough bass to tag with the recommended size to tag being between 200 to 350 mm. ( Others were all too big.) Final tally was 59 bass between 31 and 49cm. Cheers Ray Permits commencing on 1/9/18 for boating access to NPD will become available on 15/8/19
      16. I had great company yesterday morning at NPD but just as pity the fishing was not the same .After a late windy start at 8am and checking the traps I thought we were going to have a good day when Neil pulled an ok bass at the first place we tried. How wrong can a guy be as after trying some more spots we had only boated 2 fish by 12 am. We then tried some deeper water where we landed 2 under 30cm bass and a dozen or so forkies which percy and the eagles enjoyed. Next spot was over near the far boundary marker where we located some better quality bass and no forkies. We knocked off around 2pm with a final tally of 11 bass,1 yella and one tandan with everyone catching some good sized bass. At least the boys ended up with a feed of redclaw to take home. Cheers Ray
      17. Only 3 of us this morning due to decky no show.( Probably my fault as I forgot to send reminder email) Bit bleak and cold but we were prepared being all rugged up. We finally seem to have the redclaw sorted. Double zip tie the sides of the traps to stop them getting their tails into the gap and wriggling out plus the best depth seems to be around 10 feet rather than the edges of the weed beds. Bass were scattered until we found a school opposite the end of Koala straight on the way back to the ramp. We left them biting as it was starting to rain. Cheers Ray
      18. Spare seats avail monday NPD 6am start you will end up with a good feed of redclaw and probably a couple of bass to take home. 0403072325 Cheers Ray
      19. Bit cool there this morning and the fishing was not hot either. Colin was the gun today with most and largest fish. Total tally for the day was only 19 bass and Tai was the tandan king. ( It was in one of the redclaw pots ) Placing the redclaw traps in deeper water has paid off, Todays catch Previous trips One before that.
      20. Back again with Adrian. It was not quite as cold as Sunday morning but still cool. Not as many redclaw as sunday but as there was only 2 of us we only pulled 8 pots. I took half home ( Normally dont bother) and Adrian had the rest, Fishing was hard with plenty showing on sounder but they all had lockjaw with only 4 bass boated till 11.30 when as final act of desperation I pulled up on a school showing in 50 feet of water. Normally this showing consists of forkies but for a change they were bass so we were able to increase the tally to 26 bass before knocking off at 1.30. Hate the late knockoff on weekdays it was 4pm by the time I got home with gateway congestion and school pick up times. Still a good day and it must be around 4 or 5 years since I had a fish with Adrian so good to catch up again. Cheers Ray
      21. Went with Rick and Mark it was raining heavily when we lft Redland bay at 4.30 this morning but by the time we went over the gateway it had stopped and on arrival at the dam the road was only damp and dry under the trees. We kept our wet weather gear on as the clouds looked threatening but we only had a few showers until we left at 11.30 . Good haul of redclaw and the first pot we pulled had a 32cm bass in it.The bass had a bit of fin and scale damage so do not know how it will survive. By 10 am we only had boated 6 bass until we found a school that was sitting at 30 feet in 50feet of water. We ended up with a tally of 46 bass knocking off just a the rain started to set in. Only a couple of photo from my phone as I left the camera at home. Cheers Ray
      22. Nervous start yesterday morning. We arrived at the gate around 5.30 to find it wide open with the security chain and locks missing and the gate damaged. We reported it to the duty officer ( Got Luc out of bed) and waited a while to see if anyone tried to exit. We proceeded slowly in case the culprits were still on site and checked the containers and found that they were still securely locked and chained down. We heard back from Luc who had contacted SEQ water ( Who own the gate) to arrange for them to repair the gate . By this time it was 6am so we had an early launch ( by 10 minutes ) which did not really do us much good as it was too dark to do our redclaw pots. We had a good haul from the redclaw pots and headed downsteam in search of some bass. They were elusive and by 9.30 we only had caught 24 bass and by 12.15 when we decided that we had had enough we had only increased our tally by 2 more bass and one tandan. When we returned to Ricks place and diveyed up the redclaw we found we had well over 2kg of redclaw tails which made it worth while . Cheers Ray
      23. Not too good start to the day this morning. Left home nice and early at 4.05 and about 10 ks from home realised that I had left my wallet at home. Normally this would not be a drama but I had planned to fill up with cheap diesel at the red dog at petrie as it is 10c a litre cheaper than at home and I only had enough fuel to get to the dam so a quick return home to get wallet and laughed at by wife and dog. The dog was already cracking a pooyey on me as I was not taking her for her morning run in the dog park. Headed off again and on the gateway near the Deagon on ramp in the pouring rain i found a free ladder in the middle of the left lane. At first i thought it was a carton in the middle of the road and swerved to miss it and realised it was a ladder the rain then got heavier and next thing I found another ladder and hit it fair and square as I did not see it in time to swerve. Luckily I was going slowly but it still gave me a hell of a fright . I pulled over and had a quick look and got nice and wet but could not see any damage . When I got to the gate of the dam saw that one of the trailer mudguard support brackets had a good bend in it and the impact had caused one of the dura hubs to fall off. The good part is that Rick was there yesterday and had dropped in 4 redclaw pots as we had been getting small redclaw in our shrimp pots recently. We ended up with half of a basket of redclaw. No whoppers put they will continue to grow . Rain and wind was a bit of a pain and the bass are still slow and scattered but still a fun day with great company. Will be pulling more of our shrimp traps and replacing them with opera house pots on Wednesday. Cheers Ray
      24. Hi. Looking to fish Wyaralong dam. I am looking to case bass, redclaw and anything else really. Just wondering if I am wasting my time. Cheers Chris