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      Found 107 results

      1. Hey all, This is my first post on here, so be nice lol. I was hoping someone could fill me in on a few details and/or point me in the right direction for information. Today after 2 long years of hunting I bought myself a Vintage Black Queen Deluxe fishing rod. From when I was a really little kid, both my father and grandfather had these rods and I always loved them! A couple of years back i decided that I wanted one for myself, so started the hunt. The 2 things I'd be interested to know... Is the deal and condition of the rod I've managed to find good? Also, does anyone have any information on the history of these rods? eg, the different versions, when they were made etc. Images are below - I paid $170
      2. Hello everyone, Does anyone have any jigging combos for sale or trade in the Cairns area? I may drive a little for the right combo. I have family in Innisfail so can go there. I may buy but have some quality reels I would like to trade. Thanks
      3. Hello everyone, I have started to take apart a free Daiwa Exceler 4000TW. I have already replaced the roller clutch bearing but need to replace a seized bearing on the shaft (the one that sits under the roller clutch bearing). The bearing is fully seized and won't budge. I have no leverage so need to find another way (as it sits in a recess). I have soaked it for days with no luck. What should I do now? Thanks and tight lines.
      4. Had some 10lb braid lying around and decided to spool my new reel with it I managed to get around 100m metres of braid on my reel maybe a little more. I was wondering if this is enough. Will be possible be using this for fish like jewfish maybe small Murray cod if I go south one day or a mangrove jack if I go north . Yea so will this be enough ? Thanks
      5. Hi all, I have a Shimano TLD10 I am restoring. All I have to do is put in my new bearings and it is done. The reel works like a brand new reel as it had little use and I polished all the gears. I have put many hours into this reel and am looking to sell it or possibly trade it (and a few other reels I have) for a jigging combo. Cosmetically, the reel is in pretty good condition. All the text is there and there aren't many scratches. I believe every scratch tells a story so the ones that are there give it some character. The reel was used before I acquired it so it has caught some good reef fish. If I was to sell this, what should I be asking? I was talking to my tackle store and they said I could get at least $200 for it. I just want to see everyone out there thinks. Thanks
      6. I got a new rod and it also came with a bonus reel it was combo which is nice. got it at bcf for $150 usually $300 it’s a 2-5kg rod and it came with a 2500 size reel now I was going just to get a 3-5kg rod not a combo but when this came up I couldn’t let it slip away the rod feels really light and has a great action but feels durable at the same time . Now the reel feels really nice I was originally just going to put 8lb braid on my aird lt but I’m going to put it on this reel instead and turn my aird lt into a bait fishing reel or spare/backup reel . The reel Is a daiwa lexa Nero lt 2500 but I’m almost certain it’s a legalis lt with a different name and paint job .so here is my updated rod and reel setups 1 ultra light atomic Arrowz bream surface rod 2pc soon matched with Shimano Stradic fl 1000 6lb braid and daiwa aird lt 2000 as back up reel 2 light daiwa aird x 2-4kg rod matched with daiwa lexa Nero lt 2500 8lb braid 3 medium daiwa td Nero 2-5kg rod matched with upgraded shimano cazna 2500 10lb braid As you can see I like to mix different rod and reel brands to dial in the perfect spin combos just bored in semi quarantine so wondering what people think of these setups
      7. Hi all, I have just gotten a Saragosa 8000SW and am after a rod for it. I am leaning at more of a 'jigging rod' style to feel the bites better. The outfit will be used for bottom bashing for Cairns reef species and estuary live baiting. I only have reef fishing experience with rods under 6 feet but want a longer (6 foot 2 or 3) rod to fish the estuaries with. I just would like some advice on what length rod I should go for to use for reef fishing and estuary fishing. I know some people will think I am crazy for fishing a reef combo in the estuary but the jigging rods I am looking at bend really easily yet have a strong butt end and can really pull some serious fish up. Thanks everyone for your help and tight lines.
      8. I’ve been collecting cans and bottles for while and that’s how I’ve been earning money around $100-120 a month I’ve almost saved up enough money to the buy the new Stradic FL in the 1000 size it cost $254 where I’m buying it from . I’m going to use this reel on my atomic arrows bream surface rod instead of my aird lt 2000 which I’m gonna move on to my 2-4kg aird x rod and buy a 3-5kg rod to match my 2500 cazna with so i will finally have enough fishing gear to cover most fishing situations . Ok now back to point does anyone that owns the new Stradic in the 1000 size have any issues with them I’ve done a lot of research and I couldn’t find anything negative about them . I’ve watched about every tackle advisors video on the Stradic and that really sealed the deal for me as he had a very great option on them so after watching his videos and doing research on google I’ve decided I’m getting the reel it’s a lot more money then I usually spent on a reel .cough cough almost triple the price I would normally spent on a reel. so I hope it’s good and reliable like my aird lt which I know the Stradic will be better anyway .any information about the reel I would be glad to hear positive or negative
      9. Today I purchased a Daiwa 3-6Kg rod for landbased fishing around Port Phillip bay I want to use some Grubz on it and other soft plastics and lures. Should I have gone the 2-4KG or the 3-6KG? Purchased a Shimano Nasci 2500 to go with it. Also got some Daiwa J-braid 15lb. What leader would you guys buy for this setup please. I'm very new to fishing.
      10. Hi there, Can anyone recommend a rod that would pair nicely with a Shimano Stradic FL 2500? have been looking at the Jewel rods? What do you think?
      11. Hi all, Just bought a Shimano Baitrunner 12000d. It says it takes 500m of 0.35 diameter braid, which is apparently around 50lb breaking strain. Any opinions on whether this would be a good choice for general casting at Pelagics in the bay and a bit of snapper fishing (if I ever manage to find one, that is). I thought it may be a bit heavy but would welcome any recommendations. cheers Greg
      12. This popped up on my FB newsfeed today Lots of random items - tackle, lures, boat accessories etc. some good brands as well. I have bought cars at auction but never tried one of these general auctions. Could be a cheap way to get a tackle supply that will keep you going for years?
      13. Hi all. First post after doing quite a bit of reading. My family and I are moving from NZ to Sunshine Coast in about a years time and working through that process of what to take and what to sell. Originally from the US so have done a fair bit of freshwater fishing there and a lot of saltwater fishing in NZ. We've decided we'll sell our boat as it's too dear to import but planning on bringing our gear. As far as saltwater gear goes, we're set up with 5x 50W Tiagra sets, some Talica 16's and then 6500 series spinning gear. Looking through the forum this is looking like it may be overkill for a lot of the inshore species. Here we fish up to 25 miles out and try to target tuna and marlin in the summer and king fish and snapper throughout the year. Would this be a worthwhile batch of gear to bring along? Anyone want to start up a chat about appropriate size gear, not so much brand, that would be suitable to different fishing styles? Trying to digest everything on the forum but not living there some is a bit hard to imagine.
      14. I recently been learning about spinning reels and how they work so i open up a few cheap crappy ebay reels to look at them and how the basics of a fishing reel worked once i got good i started working out and how and were everything goes and works . I opened up my cazna not to do anything but to purely just look at the guts and gears without touching them . I just seen the gears with a little bit of grease without enough grease . And this is bad because metal grinding with metal under load with chip the drive gear so i will picking up some penn reel grease and oil to fix this problem. And also the ball bearings had grease on then for some reason . So i will add a bit of oil on them when i get the penn grease and oil . Has anyone heard of this . I’ve haven’t used the reel and the only thing i have to done is a put a drop of oil on the 2 ends of the ball bearings before opening. Just by unscrewing the handle and putting a drop of some on the ball bearings. I don’t think that would influence that though because it was only a drop or to not enough to wash away the grease on all the gears which i would never do . The sienna was also like this when i opened it up . But luckily its just a simple fix with a bit of grease and oil the reel will be running in order to prevent gears and metal grinding corroding and breaking. Just thought i mind tell you guys just in case your cheaper shimano reels are not running as smooth this could be the problem
      15. Hi all, Looking to buy a rod for trolling lures around 8-10 knots in Moreton Bay. I want something that is suitable for trolling for mackerel, tuna, wahoo etc. Any thoughts on strength of rod, line class, roller versus normal runners etc. And what size reel, and what line strength would you spool the reel with? Any favourite trolling lures as well. I like the rapala style in red and white myself. cheers Greg
      16. Hi all, Just letting everyone know there’s a fishing, camping and 4x4 expo on tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday at the Redcliffe Showgrounds for those that weren’t aware. cheers Greg
      17. i got a cazna after my dud sienna crapped it self . Note im glad i kept the handle from the sienna fe as it fits perfectly into the cazna i actually perfer the sienna handle over the cazna handle so i will keep the handle that came with the cazna as a spare. Sorry for bad photo. Edit I actually don’t mind the handle knob on the cazna so i will probably use both handles equally depends on what i feel like i the day. Honestly thought I’d hate the handle knob on the cazna but its not half bad so will use both sienna and cazna handles on the cazna. Yea i really love the feel of the cazna . I honestly prefer this over the sienna fe . But i still wish my sienna wasn’t a dud though as i both love them. Another edit i pretty happy today as everyone in my year including me got a day off school today still don’t know why in year 8 btw. Sorry for the bad spelling will fix later
      18. Hey everyone... I'm just curious if anyone would know anything about this old reel. It is wooden and that all I can really tell you about it. I had a customer give it to me when I was at work but neither one of us know anything about it.
      19. I recently got the shimano sienna 2500 fe great smooth reel. After 1 fishing session i noticed the anti reverse system didn’t work anymore . So silly me thought why don’t i open the reel and check it out after doing that I couldn’t even find the problem anyway so then I realised about shimanos 10 year reel warranty i had . Read the conditions and it said something about once a reel is opened and put back together they won’t except it . So i was a bit sad about that . So i took the whole entire Reel apart and put it back together see if it will fix anything. 1 it didn’t fix the anti reverse and now the reel felt like a coffee grinder for same reason . So i tossed the almost brand new reel in the bin and kept the spool and reel handle . And I bought the shimano cazna 2500 to replace it . A bit disappointed but atleast the sienna i got was cheap . The cazna i picked was $47.50 on special so I quickly bought that as I’ve heard the really good value for money reels . And there also pretty smooth . So im looking forward to getting that and not worrying about the $50 i wasted on a dud sienna . Has anyone else had or heard about siennas doing this? Thought it was unusual as siennas are usually a go to reel for budget lure fishermen
      20. Hi all, Anyone know of a good rod repairer who’s not too expensive in Brisbane, preferably Northside? Greg
      21. I was on my second outing on my kayak, and dropped my brand new shimano nasci reel in the the drink, it rinsed it out when I got home, any advice appreciated, like how long will it now last lol. I bought to replace my symetre, but in the brief period of use, I don't think it's anywhere near the symetre, anyhow cheers
      22. Found this on FB. Pretty cool.
      23. Hi I have read around a bit on this and another forum looking for a rod and reel combo for fishing on holidays. It will mostly be used in East Gippsland around Paynesville area for land based fishing of Flathead and Bream. Kids would like to do a little fishing on our summer holidays, I thought why not get something so I can join in as well. I haven't had a chance to fish since I was a kid. May also have the use of a kayak for fishing as well. My ideal rod would be 7ft /2.13m 2-5kg travel rod paired with 2500 reel as a decent allrounder. I would prefer a travel rod as driving to holiday destinations with a wife and two kids in a 2 door hatchback doesn't leave a lot of room, also means I can pack the rod and reel when visiting the grandparents in Tassie when we fly. My choices have also been limited by looking for something that is tough and can take some abuse. In all likely hood a pure graphite rod is going to get too many bumps and fail pretty quickly when trying to fish with two youngish children. Ugly Stik Rods seem to have a reputation of surviving some rougher treatment. I am a realistic parent as I'm sure the fishing rod will be used as a light sabre as soon as my back is turned . As with all things in life it will be a compromise solution, otherwise I would just buy a Shimano Raider Travel Rod or a Pfluger Transcendent travel rod. With the Ugly Stik been a bit tougher I may be able to get away with a two piece rod and manage to squeeze this into the roof pod on top of the car. When the kids get older and a bit more responsible then I can look to upgrade the gear if we all still enjoy fishing together. I'm looking at the following: SHAKESPEARE UGLY STIK GOLD Travel Rod 6'6''/195cm, 3-6kg line weight, 4 piece Action : Light/Medium - price around AUD $100 SHAKESPEARE UGLY STIK GOLD Spin Rod 7'0' / 210cm , 2-4kg line weight, 2 piece Action : Light - price around AUD $80 Could either of these rods be used with soft plastics or will these be just bait only rods? Would these be usable for my intended use of land based fishing with maybe some kayak fishing as well. ? If anyone has used either of these and has some feedback on them in use it would be fantastic. Thank You all for helping a novice out in advance. Regards The Spook.
      24. Hi Folks, Just got back from Lakes Entrance. Was fortunate to fish Bunga Beach and managed to land a nice salmon. I'm currently using a Butterworth surf rod (15ft I think) with an Abu 7000C overhead reel. The combination work well however there's one problem - lots of crabs at Bunga that constantly steal the bait. I was talking to a local who was using a shorter, lighter surf rod (around 9-10ft) with a lure. The rod was a lot thinner and "whippier" than mine. Just wondering what people would recommend for using with my 7000C in the surf with lures? I'm thinking of something around 9-10ft. Cheers, Chris
      25. Having been a bit too productive at work lately I deserve a bit of a break so I’ve decided to list a few of my favourite rods, reels and tackle on here in the hope that it helps a few punters select some quality gear that has been put through its paces. I buy low to mid range gear or good second hand stuff so most of my favourites are within reach of the regular punter (unless they’ve stopped making it!). Feel free to contribute your favourites too. First up is the Shimano Stradic FI 5000. This is my most used reel by far. I’ve had it for 10 years mainly fishing plastics and slugs and it’s still going strong. Has accounted for many fish from snapper and grassies to mackerel, tuna, Coral trout, Jew and even tailor off the beach! The drag is smooth and easy to upgrade (with carbontex washers) and reel is straightforward to service. I fish 20 and 30lb braid on it as it came with 2 spools. I have a similar vintage Sustain FE 4000 but prefer the Stradic as it feels a bit tougher. Bought mine from the US when the dollar was good I think it cost me ~$130 landed. I’ve seen a few FIs on gumtree lately that look in pretty good nick. Worth a shot if you want a quality reel on a budget and don’t mind second hand. I’ve got this reel on a Shimano Starlo Stix tournament pro Maxspin 4-7kg which is another of my favourites. At 7’2 it’s a perfect length for long casts with plastics and slugs and a nice soft tip so hooks don’t pull. If anything the guides are a bit flimsy (would prefer Fuji) but I’m yet to break any so I guess they do the job. I haven’t seen many for sale but if you do come across one in good nick, jump on it! Ill finish this with a recent favourite. Rovex Depth Finder braid. Bulk spools are reasonably priced and allow you to fill multiple reels. It’s thin, strong and changes colour so you know where your lure is I’ve used the 20 and 30lb and am happy with the knot strength and smoothness so far.