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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has any good rock fishing spots for the general bread and butter species (bream, cod, etc) and jewies. I don't mind them as long as they are in about a 2 hour drive from BNE. I might take a holiday there. If so, what baits and set up would you use. Cheers Hamish
  2. Hey everyone! my name is Jared, I’m looking for a bunch of keen fishos, who want to go chase some tuna, mackerel, kingfish, GT’s off the rocks! Would love to meet some like minded people to travel around Queensland and NSW looking for these fish and catch them! If your like me and would love to have a chance at catching these beautiful creatures, but don’t have anyone to go with, go ahead and email me at: Ide love some company, and the chance to make some new friends.Hopefully we can organise a trip someone and catch some big ones! cheers - Jared
  3. Hey Gang, After a fit of advice. I fish with a mate at an undisclosed location off the rocks. Where we cast from is a long vertical drop (about 10-15m) to the water. It is dangerous and slippery on the edge and if you went in it would be tough to get out. Very hard to climb down as rocks are loose and its basically a vertical cliff and I don't want to risk it. We sometimes get good sized snapper there and cant lift them on the rod and if we try and haul them up by hand lineing they get caught on the rocks. We have had limited success spearing them with a spear gun. but it is over 10m and hit and miss. Anyone got any good tips?
  4. Timely reminder for those rock fishing: The drowning deaths of three men in two separate rock fishing accidents in Western Australia’s south has prompted the deputy state coroner to recommend fishermen wear life jackets. The WA Coroners Court examined the deaths of Chinese-born men Chunjun Li, 42, and Jiaolong Zhang, 38, in April 2015, and former asylum seeker Ali Mohammad Soltani, 30, in April 2016. Mr Li and Mr Zhang used rope to tie themselves to a rock while fishing at Salmon Holes in Torndirrup National Park when they were swept into the sea. Mr Li washed towards the beach but bystanders could not revive him, while Mr Zhang’s body was never recovered despite an extensive search. Deputy State Coroner Evelyn Vicker said in her findings that the pair and their families had come to Australia to start new lives but it ended in tragedy. “On behalf of all those who risk their lives and emotions in these tragic circumstances, please wear life jackets,” she said. “It may not always save your life but it will help return a better outcome to your families and the community as a whole.” Mr Soltani was fishing from rocks at Salmon Holes when his anchor rope broke and he fell into the water. Police divers recovered his body the next day on the sea floor. “The fact he surfaced and was seen to be swimming supports the contention that had he been wearing a life jacket ... he would have survived and probably rescued before he drowned,” Ms Vicker said. She said rock fishing was recognised as the most dangerous sport in Australia. “Yet (it) is one where participants frequently take minimal precautions for their own safety and so rely heavily on emergency services and volunteers, often in treacherous conditions when something goes wrong,” she said.