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Found 7 results

  1. Hit up the Rous channel this morning with @Old Scaley to see if the mackerel were on. A bit of a choppy ride over from Manly with the wind against tide. The forecast was pretty good with sub 10 knots for much of the day. Plan was to get there earlyish and be back before lunch so we had time for a nap before the State of Origin game tonight. We deployed our pillies on gangs under a float in the strong current and waited while we had some croissants for breakfast. Steve landed one of those little tailor that you know would make a great bait but you have to let them go. I was berleying hard, but nothing much was doing so Steve had a play with some metal on his other rod. Next thing you know he is on to something from down low and this 40cm cod came onboard - Then Steve decides to put a dodgy looking pillie, meant for berley, on some gangs and fish the bottom with his new rod. Not expecting much I was surprised when his new rod buckled over. Early call of snapper, then maybe a ray, then it surfaced after a good fight. A 59cm Slatey - I managed to get off the donut with an unders squire so put that rod away so as not to waist bait. Things were once again slow and we said we'd get moving soon and have a fish at Harry's or Green on the way back. A few minutes later I got a hit on the mack rod which I didn't think was going to be much, but soon realised it was just swimming towards me. I tightened up the line and then it was on for all money. As it got close to the boat it went berserk and I lost it to a snipped leader. Bugger. So now we knew they were about Steve got his new setup deployed and soon enough he got a hookup. A few run ins with the other rods in the holders and a brief tangle with first the slug hanging off his other rod and then my squid jig rod caused some anxious moments. Finally alongside I christened my new gaff and sank it into the quivering flesh of a tasty school mackerel. - The tide had now turned and so had the boat, so a few extra shakes of the berley pot were made. Not long after, while Steve was measuring his mackerel, my float went down and again the fish swam towards me. As I got it close to the boat my line picked up Steve's line and a God Almighty mess of braid and leader ensued. At one stage Steve's knotted mess of braid was two runners down onto my rod. What a debacle ! As I couldn't wind my line in far enough, gaffing was proving difficult, so in the end Steve grabbed the leader and swung a nice 69cm schoolie into the boat. Finally I had a fish to take home. The bay had glassed out a bit earlier but was now getting a few waves. We cleaned up the boat and headed for home, satisfied with a top morning's work and play. Great conditions, great company and a great day to be out there.
  2. A window of good weather appeared for this morning so @Old Scaley and I headed out to my mark 'ROUS1A'. Thinking of changing the name to UBEAUTY1A. Set the mackerel lines out as usual. Steve tied on a metal slice again like he did to get the estuary cod last week. I berleyed hard again before dropping down a small pilly on a 5/0 circle hook. Took up the slack and bang ! I was onto a good fish. Pumped and wound hard as he'd taken me under the boat. Was just about tamed and it spat the hook. Bugger (again). This happened twice more. Steve seeing the action had put away the metal and dropped down a pilly. Bang he was onto a good fish. After a decent tussle I slid the net under this beaut maori cod - It went 50cm on the ruler and was promptly released to the esky, well after it had given the catcher a good spike to the finger that leaked a bit of the red stuff. I was called on to put away my fishing rod to tend to the first aid requirements - a cunning plan by Steve no doubt. I had a few more fish spit the hooks at me, so I upped the hook to a 7/0 and got the rewards. We both did and would have caught close to 10 of the suckers but they were all unders except for one that was too close to call so we let it go. In amongst the maori mayhem (pretty much a fish each drop) Steve managed to score a nice tusky that gave a good account of itself. - After that all Hell broke loose when Steve hooked onto a heavy powerful fish. It took him from the back of the boat to the side then up the front where it twice rubbed him against the anchor rope. I thought it was over for all money, but it swam the right way and played Steve further until it finally won its freedom. Disappointed !, but that's fishing. We got onto a couple of other AFOers via the VHF and they were east of Mud Island somewhere with some results to share. About 10.45am we decided the macks weren't coming out to play and with the tide change the picker squire had moved in in plague proportions, so we decided to head for home but stop for a quick flick at Green where I picked up a take-me-home grassy a couple of weeks back. No love from the fish there but a couple of AFO reprobates paid us a visit just as we were sounding the spot. A quick chat and some bragging about the fish caught by everyone (except me) and we parted ways. The wind blew up to 15knots pretty quickly so we headed back to the ramp, well satisfied with another successful outing. We stopped on the way back to grab a better pic of the cod. The man was compassionate enough to let me take home the delicious tusky so the wife will let me out again next time. Cheers Steve. Another good day ticked off.
  3. After reports on FB about winter whiting on the chew headed over to rous/small ships channel. Launched from Manly @1st light (6ish). Tide was running out at start of session but turn of tide was only a few hours later. Have found that ideal scenario is first light, incoming tide and either wind or current pushing our drift about 0.5-1knot so our guess was the bite would be hot around from 7 to 9am So we pulled up in the middle of spot x and we were straight on. For the next hour and half the action was non stop, between me and my partner we ran three rods, two in the water and one in the boat with whiting to be dehooked and rebaited. We started with peeled prawns but bite was too hot and swapped to squid which was being readily taken as well as Berkeley red worms. (I run 3 droppers). Action was hectic and as we were out at first light only a handful of boats around. By about 9am we had 60 in the bucket. By this time quite a few more boats probably grown to 30 boats. Even with all the boats we could see everyone was catching just not at the same rate from earlier in the morning. We decided 60 was enough to fillet and also we like to our whiting fresh. We left the the whiting still on the bite but I was was keen on having to constantly adjust my drift with so many boats around. Could have continued fishing but Back at the ramp by 12pm no ramp rage to be seen . Sorry no photos other then what we cooked up for lunch. So good and fresh as.... Tight lines. hweebe
  4. The weather forecast Seeing as though last weekend the weatherman predicted 50% chance of showers but it stayed sunny most of the day, we decided to go fishing despite the forecast 1-3mm of rain. At the Manly boat ramp at 1st light - not many braved the weather with the pick of any parking spot available. It had been drizzling all morning but just as we launched the sun was peeking out and the drizzle temporarily stopped. Seeing some reports on FB of people bagging out at Fishermen's last week we headed to some usual whiting spots in 3-4m of water. Tide was running in so this was ideal for this spot. Never seen so few boats at Harrie's on a Saturday - counted 4 boats. Run out was choppy but no whitecaps, we expected some with wind against tide. Zero for Fishermen's We had Fishermen's gutter all to ourselves but drifts over the usual spots for whiting didn't produce. Tried several drift lines for the next couple of hours with no success. The target was whiting but with nothing happening we headed to Rous channel, where we spotted some nice fish arches on the sounder, not huge arches but something definitely there. Rous Channel The drift was SW to NE which kept us on a nice ledge / drop off depth in the channel. Caught a few small pinkies on the drift but nothing sizeable. We came across some nice bait shows so anchored up for brunch and started a burley trail. Using old pillies as burley we started drifting out some fresh pillies and managed one Bonito. My partner continued with bait and I switched over to 30g slugs. Over the next couple of hours we managed 4 baby school macs (~40cm), one 51cm school mac and a second bonito. Guitar fish. In between fish my partner landed her PB guitar fish. It was too big to get in the boat and still had plenty of energy but it would have been 1.3m to 1.4m in length on a 6kg outfit. She was pretty stoked to get it up to the boat as each time we got close to the boat it would make a run before we could ID it. (Needless to say her arm hurts today) Nice fight and runs at the start got us excited before the familiar dead weight right under the boat got us thinking it was some kind of shark. It was not happy get lifted up to the surface. Guitar fish.MP4 Until next time tight lines - next week we are thinking of hitting Jacob's well with the predicted wind forecast. Hweebe
  5. Rous Session Sun 8 June 2020 - Trip plan was to get back into the groove (after not much success last couple of outings) targeting winteries. Launched from Manly boat ramp just on first light. Already quite a few trailers in the car park, about 1/3 full from boats I assume were overnighting given conditions in the bay were very calm starting Saturday night and it was a full moon out. Made the run to Rous passing by Harries and it looked like a fair few had overnighted at harries. Tide and wind was going in the same direction so very nice cruise out. Small Ships channel We started our first few drifts in the small ships channel targeting the higher ground as water was running in. Dropper rigs with combination of either Squid/Prawn/Berkely worm critters Made 3-4 long drifts for nothing but we persevered until we found a very tight patch in about 3.5 to 4m of water where we were getting nibbles but no hookups. They felt like whiting but for whatever reason we were not hooking up. Change in technique Our typical setup for whiting is three rods out in the rod holders on the drift and whiting pretty much will hook themselves. We quickly found out that in this spot, to hook up today rod's needed to be in hand and to be striking on the bigger hit. Once we changed this up we started bringing the fish in. Not in in huge or prolific numbers but all of good quality sizes. All were coming up fat and plump (well fed). I guess they had grown larger by being a bit more shy to the bait. Biggest one went 29cm in the photo. This spot produced 29 whiting all up in the next hour in about 4 drifts. Next spot - Amity banks / Maroon hole The fishing slowed and while we were still catching whiting on the last drift we decided with a feed in hand to try and explore some new ground. Decided to drift over some fishy areas next to Amity green zone and through to maroon hole. We used the same rigs but mostly ended up with baby squire or the dreaded toad fish. Shark! on With fishing getting slower i decided to get a livey out the back with one of the smaller sized whiting (not expecting much to happen) Was thinking maybe i would jag a makerel, but then rod tip bent with a solid first run but on the 4000 bio master my partner was making good progress. Couple of shorter runs, it didn't quite feel like a makerel but as it got closer we could tell it was a small reef shark of some sort about 60-70cm. We got it to the boat but 40lb leader used for the snelled hook rig broke off. It was getting a bit cold and overcast with not much sun so that got the adrenaline pumping. Bigger Shark Wanting some more action i sent out a pike bycatch from the last whiting spot, 3 gang hooked. It wasn't long before rod again lent over with another wild first run. Same feeling as the last one just more power in the first run. This Shark was fun because we were again on 40lb so were unsure we would get it to the boat. The gangs held up we got the shark which would have been around 1m next to the boat but it still had plenty of juice. It was a clean hook up and i didn't want to risk missing toes so we got the shark on the duckboard unhooked the gangs and left the shark to live another day. Flake? Does anyone keep shark for Flake? With the whiting already in the bag we already had plenty of fish to eat but what do people do with their shark bycatches. The last one at 1m would have produced perfect sized fillets. I just wasn't sure on the table qualities. PB Grinner - Third times a charm? Couple of more drifts but we couldn't find any more whiting. I tried the similar setup of pike out the back and landed this monster. Who knew they got that big!! This was our omen to start heading back for the day. We anchored up on our run home near green island boat watching while we relaxed for lunch. Boat ramp mayhem. We were glad we got back early as it was already queuing up at the ramp (around 1pm). Car park must have been chockers as every traffic island, run-off area had trailers parked over gutters and bushes. Boat retrieval etiquette? When we got to the ramp there were about 6 boats queued up all quite orderly fashion waiting their turn. We did have a group after us that drove up to the pontoon to drop off the driver. I didn't think much of it. I eventually got the pontoon, leaving the partner with the boat and making space for another boat to dock up behind us. What happened was that because old mate from 7 boats back was quicker with the trailer he reversed down the ramp to where my boat was docked. With the boat docked behind us and our boat it was near impossible to get old mates boat in. So he asked my partner to move our boat......which my partner respectfully said no (there is no where to go). I was at the car this is where I'm a bit angry, he ignored my partner proceeded to undock my boat to try push it back for more room. My partner isn't the biggest person pushing under 50kg, this made her quite anxious. If it was me I would have told him to bugger off but want to confirm what the etiquette is in this scenario? I was literally the next car to reverse down the ramp except old mate was in the way. I didn't find out until my partner told me but old mate made contact with our boat trying to squeeze onto his trailer. Luckily no signs of damage. Until next time - Tight Lines Hweebe
  6. I don't normally launch from Raby Bay but have heard the ramp can get pretty busy on weekends. Anyone have experience launching from there? Any tips on what i should target in and around Peel. (Is Peel productive given how close / accessible it is to brisbanites? ) I have no spots so I plan to do some charting and google maps to drift/sound ledges until i see something that perks the interest.
  7. @Old Scaley and I followed @Drop Bear out to his secret spot where they've been cleaning up lately. Ran into @tugger out there as well. The fish were a little scarcer today. Steve was first on with the first fish to blood the boat. Then he couldn't get the hooks to stick on a couple and I hadn't had a touch all morning. I was thinking a doughnut may have been on the cards. Finally one took the pillie and I was on. The fish did some circles and then dove down a bit and wrapped my line around the motor. I thought it was all over, but managed to get the line clear and landed my first mackerel in 13 years. He went 65cm on the lie detector. Managed only one more with a 69cm giving a decent tussle. The boat went well and it won't be long before she takes me out again. Thanks for the day, Steve. Bestest decky ever (as well).