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      Found 4,155 results

      1. Well weather was amazing and tides lined up so I finished school at 230 and snuck away went to BCF got some dodgy prawns and some metal slugs gradbed some diesel and headed straight to Farnborough beach. Drove the 17km to the top where the mouth of the river is and was surprised it was like 500m-a lot longer across with pools of water throughout. Since I was on my own I decided to stay safe on the hardish sand. Parked up about 100m from low tide mark as there were loads of holes al over place full of ghost crabs and toad fish... 1.5hrs later not a single bite. saw a big break of herring splashing just out of casting distance. If I had of known the beach better I would of parked close to water line and had my 13ft surf rod with metal slug ready for the salmon or mackerel that were chasing the herring....Alas I am new to the area and learning.... Good tides and reasonable moon on Saturday so I might go again then.... Tight lines.
      2. straddiebrad

        south queensland Burrum Heads

        he guys heading up to burrum heads on friday for the long weekend ,has anyone on here fished the area and like to share,as i will be fishing blind up there and would have a clue on where to start,well i plann on heading out and troll around to see what i come across,any help would be great thanks brad
      3. hattori hanzo

        Jumpinpin Pointers

        Hey, Pretty new to fishing this area and am just after some pointers. What I've done to date is fished the northern side of the mud clumps and the entrance to Tiger mullet channel on a run out tide targeting bream with plastics with reasonable success. Today I'm going to fish the afternoon run in tide but never really had any success in these areas on this tide. I also wish to target Tailor and or Jew this time. Can anyone please steer me in the right direction i.e do these areas hold these species? Should I move else where lke the stys? should I use bait(e.g. pillies or livies.) Any input/opinions or yarns about past success in the area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cam
      4. mattybb

        regulations on live shellfish

        coming in from a yak session at wello point yesterday i noticed a family with there white buckets collecting every live shellfish they could get there hands on and it didn't seem wright. is ther a law againts this and if there isn't there should be. and should someone be notifided if i see this again.
      5. tugger

        tingalpa ck land based

        i see lately quite a few posts asking for info on any land based fishing spots in and around brisbane. thought i share a great spot on the south side at tingalpa ck where you can access 5 diferent areas on the creek from the bank. 1st one is at the mouth of the creek at lota near manly where you can walk the bank at a lowish tide level and pump yabbies, drown baits or flick lures.2nd spot is a bridge built just for cycling and fishing on ricketts rd and 3rd spot you can walk from the same car park at the bridge along the track to a shelter on the bank ,this track will also take you to a rock bar in the creek. last spot is not far from this bridge down chelsea rd and into chadwell st ,drive down this street to its end and you will come to a car park. here there is a small ramp conoeists use and there is a fishing platform built out over the creek ,you can walk the bank either way for a while here. i hope this helps some fishos good luck
      6. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a Shimano Saragosa 10000SW. I was wondering if I could fit it to my Diawa Monster Mesh 832XX. The rod is rated to PE 8 (80lbs). However, I only want to spool the reel with 50lbs power pro braid. Is the rod too heavy for the reel and line I wish to use, or should this work? Also, it says on the rod that it's casting weight is 200 grams. I was wondering if I could successfully throw 75-150 gram lures on this rod? * Please help, as I have already purchased the rod and will have to return it if you recommend otherwise. Thanks.
      7. Hi i am sort of new to game fishing but wanted to know what the best way to rig a skirted lure would be I brought 2 new tld 25's and have 15kg mono and then leader attached. I just don't know what the best way would be to attach the skirted lure, I also want the ease to change to a hard body diving lure. Can some please answer me in detail, because i am quite confused
      8. Hello all, I'm coming to Brisbane for the month of December for my sisters wedding, and I going to be doing some fishing! Since I am about 20 hours from the nearest coast line I have done very little saltwater fishing in my life and am wondering if any of you kind fellows could help a fellow fisherman out. Any ideas on pointers, spots to try, or what gear to use would be very appreciated. Or if you want a fishing partner I would be happy to tag along on any type of fishing expedition! I would love to catch a shark while I am there, but would be happy catching any type of salt or freshwater species. I would also like to catch some mud crabs while I'm there if anyone is into that! If any of you are on Instagram give me a follow @Esox_angler and send me a DM so I can follow you back! Thanks, and tight lines! Aaron
      9. Angus

        fishing Shark Baits

        Gday everyone. We are often talking shark baits and what to use etc etc. I want to know from everyone what they have had the most success on. For example i always hear of good sharks being caught on eel. However, i have never seen one caught on eel and most sharks that people tell me about were not caught on eel either. So i want to know what bait has caught your best shark, and what bait has caught the most sharks for you. I was talking to Neil Shultz today about this very topic and he had this to say \"Angus, As a general rule of thumb live baits attract a quicker and more determined response from sharks than dead baits. Livies however aren't the most practical bait, especially when fishing from the shore. Eels are renowned as baits for most land based and some offshore situation for large sharks. If I was chasing a tiger I'd choose a stingray wing as #1 followed by a chunk of eel. I suspect one of the reasons eel is so sought after is because it lasts a long time on the hook, especially where crabs and pickers are a problem. I wouldn't bother using eels for bait in the river. Live mullet, bony bream and even catfish are very effective baits for river whalers. For dead baits in the river, mullet, bony bream and saltwater herrings (the bigger the better) top the list, (though I've caught them on glass perch, prawns, mullet gut and even corned beef). The biggest drawback with dead baits in the river are mud crabs and catfish. Kind Regards, Neil Schultz\". So fire away lads. Attached is a picture Neil sent me of the most successful shark bait and rig he uses. One thing i noticed and liked was the use of quite small hooks and wire. I think mabe some of us get a bit carried away with this? A lot of people have been complainin about Bullies fightin poorly but could this be because we are pratically pulling them in with a chain. I plan on trying much much lighter set ups come summer. Cheers, Angus
      10. rodreellurefish

        tasmania Salmon And Tailor Off The Rocks.

        Had fun chasing some local salmon off the rocks. hope you enjoy. Cheers Clinton.
      11. This one may stir the pot - but honestly, it will make your fishing so much more comfortable, if you use good technique - which armpit fishing is not. Years ago, I went to purchase a new rod. I commented to the Queensland tackle shop owner "Why are so many of these rod butts so long". His reply was "That is because Victorian anglers tend to fish with the rod butt under their armpit". That comment has stuck with me for a long time. This oddity has born itself out more and more now that so many more fishing shows are now aired (mostly coming from Victorian based presenters) are showing this method of tackling big fish. My concern is that these presenters are teaching very poor technique, but I doubt they even realise it, as they were never taught properly to begin with. Yes, fishing is a very personalised hobby, or sport for some, but like all personal endeavours, good technique makes things more pleasant. The number of these presenters that fight big fish, with the rod butt under their armpit, is painful to watch, as they look so awkward. This is a poor technique. You lose leverage in this position, and your rod hand wrist is cocked at a weakened angle. This is made even worse if you are using a threadline reel. So often, watching these shows, you see the presenter having to then take his reel hand off the reel, and use it to help lift the rod. At some point, they realise that it is not working, and drop the rod butt down to waist height and get the leverage required to make the rod work as it should. Much of this style could be attributed to heavy tackle spin fish casting for heavy weights like trevally up north, where the longer butt may help with casting heavy poppers and the like, but this should not flow on to other tackle forms. The manufactures may be part to blame for this. A lot of these presenters also suffer from "Rex Hunt Syndrome", where every moment has to be filled with often stupid or childish commentary. Bring back the commentary style of Peter Morse, Bushy or Steve. Honestly, get the rod butt out from under your armpit when tackling big fish. It will allow you to handle the fight with so much more ease, and you wont look so awkward or 'special' either.
      12. Court forfeits ‘borrowed’ boat used for illegal fishing 18 Oct 2017 “Fisheries officers searched the boat and found over 250kg of fish on board, much of it hidden in concealed compartments under the deck,”…….. obviously the boat`s owner is a model citizen too.
      13. straddiebrad

        Overhead Rods

        hey guy going to pick up 2 1200 wft electric reels on friday and was looking for good priced rods to go on them anyone got any thoughts on what to get dont what to pay over the moon prices ,thanks brad
      14. From Facebook.
      15. Hi, I'm new to this forum, so if I made some mistake please let me know. I have a Shimano TLD 20 reel which I bought recently along with a Daiwa Sensor Surf(11.6 ft). This is my first time using an overhead reel and casting a rod this large. I'm confident with casting a baitcaster, largest that I've used is a Corvalus, but I might have been relying too much on the brakes and spool tension knob, and it's not on this one. I've practised using what I know from my baitcaster experience by adjusting the drag knob so that the baits fall down slowly, but the best I can do goes as far as my usual baitcaster cast(around 10-15 m), along with a light birdsnest. I even tried releasing my thumb earlier during casting. Any looser and a birdsnest occur pretty quickly, killing the distance to only a few metres, even if I had my thumb lightly on the spool. If anyone can provide me with any tips I'll be really grateful. Also, I have a size 3 star sinker and a 6-7 cm x 5-6cm squid for the bait(spproximately), do I need more weight for my setup?
      16. Hi all, Left home 4am Wednesday, 2hr drive to new boat ramp in Townsville, absolute dream to launch. Dropped 8 pots and went out the front of the new port area to do some fishing. Was looking for Whiting/Bream/ anything with fins. Using prawns/squid for bait ( frozen from trawler ) pretty fresh. Used half tank fuel , got a couple of nibbles, nothing to get exicted about. Moved south to the sand bars on the making high, never even gat a show, at least thought we'd get some whiting. Moved up the creek fished the rock walls and mangroves still nothing, yes did have lines in the water. Pulled pots late afternoon pushing low tide got one 100mm crab. Fished deep hole at mouth of sh@t creek and got 1 x 100mm bream. No worries, got to use new sounder and leccy motor. Pulled out late arvo and headed home to some nice cold rums. No pic's wasn't worth it. Good day anyhow. Cheers Gary.
      17. Hey AFO legends A mate is selling a Calcutta CT 400b baitcaster. I'm looking to put together a 40-50 lb braid rod/reel and wondered if the Calcutta have enough drag and line capacity. Is it the sort of thing that would be good for the 1770 trip? i have 30lb on a 5000 sustain and a TLD 25 at 60 lb but wanted something that has more stopping power than the sustain but more fish-ability than the heavy TLD. What cha recon?
      18. Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT, worth $10K. Flights, accomodation, meals and transfers all included. Sign up to Fishflicks in the month of August, get access to your favourite fishing, hunting, and 4WD content whenever you want, and automatically go into the draw to win the trip of a lifetime. Visit to sign up.
      19. Name: Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT Category: Saltwater Fishing Date Added: 2017-08-15 Submitter: Fishflicks Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT, worth $10K. Flights, accomodation, meals and transfers all included. Sign up to Fishflicks in the month of August, get access to your favourite fishing, hunting, and 4WD content whenever you want, and automatically go into the draw to win the trip of a lifetime. Visit to sign up. Win the ultimate fishing trip for you and a mate to the NT
      20. straddiebrad

        Electric Reels

        would like to get 2 electric reels for the 1770 trip coming up ,whats your thoughts on witch ones to buy have been looking at the wft one they have fro sale at dinga fishing they look good and good price,thanks,brad
      21. tazza10

        East Coast Trip

        G'day everyone! Me and a few mates are planning an east coast fishing/surfing trip for the Christmas holidays and are looking for a few suggestions on good areas to fish. We're from the Mornington Peninsula, but will be starting from Noosa/Sunshine Coast and working our way back down over about 3 weeks. Looking mainly for estuaries/lakes/rivers to fish but we're keen on some close offshore spots to try out as well. Any suggestions/comments would be great to hear! Cheers
      22. Mario Robles

        What Fish Is This?

        I caught this fish over the weekend at Black Head in Gerroa, NSW. Do you know what fish is this?
      23. Shane_45

        Identify This Fish

        Hi guys, My brother caught this fish on a beach in South Australia yesterday. Is anyone able to help identify what it is? I've searched online and can't seem to find an answer. Cheers, Shane.
      24. Reelsy

        Where To Fish After The Rains?

        Hi all Brisbane based angler here. Heard a lot of good things about fishing after rain, some bad things too. Thinking about doing some landbased fishing along the pine or the in the port. Is it better to go right to the mouth of rivers after rain or bit further up? Not targeting anything specific, some advice would be welcome. cheers