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Found 3 results

  1. Just a quick report sorry. I have taken on a new job that takes up a lot of time. Went out yesterday with a few family members that don't fish much. We just fished around Green island and just north of King. There were loads of little School Macs but alas nothing we could take home. All Macs were released. Hope they grow up soon, I'm getting hungry for Mackerel tacos. Caught a very small diver whiting that swallowed the hook so decided to neck it. I like to butterfly these little ones and you still get a good fish finger. Willy caught a nice sand whiting and a just legal bream that also went into the pan. Nice day with light winds for most of it. The Water Wallopers had a good chat to me at the ramp. The self inflating life jackets had some corrosion on the bulbs. I had not checked them for about 6 months. They gave me an official warning. Seems I will have to find room for some of those stupid big jackets. It will be a bit of a challenge in my boat as it does not have much storage... Anyway if you are wanting a bit of fun the Macks are in big numbers. Paravanes and 3inch spoons did the job on the Mackerel. I use 30lb line from the Paravane. About 5m of line then a swivel then another 5m then the spoon. No need for steel trace, I have caught around 100 of them and am yet to be snipped off. I don't like the white lures and prefer the chrome ones. Worms did the job on the other fish.
  2. I took nephew bear out for a paravein fish this afternoon after the wind dropped. There was still about 10 knots but it was made choppy by the outgoing tide. I started with one of the white plastic lures and one of the chrome/ss ones. I have had almost no success with the white one in about 5 trips despite being told how effective they were. After getting 3 fish on the chrome lure and nothing on the white one I cut it off and put it in the bin and replaced it with a second chrome one. This did the trick and we had several double hookups. We used the outriggers I bought from @aussie123 at reel tackle. They are so good and so well made and kept the boards well apart despite my dodgy driving while setting the 2 rods. Willy is my nephew and isn't really up to putting out lines etc so effectively I was on my own. He did pull them in which was really fun and helpfull. So with my hands full I did a few sharper than advised turns. I love the Suzuki 70. It has a throttle lock and steering lock. Perfect for this sort of fishing. you can set it pretty straight and lock the throttle at about 6 knots and just let it be and set rods, throw back fish, take dodgy photos of fish etc. We caught about 30, I wasn't really counting but we got double hookups very regularly. Its a fun and easy way to fish and I will do a fair bit more of it I'm sure. This was the average size And this is willy with a fish
  3. Took my Dad out for a quick troll for school mackerel (using a paravane and a metal spoon and a white Smith's jig spoon) on Friday. They'd been on around the Hope Banks in the middle of the bay a week earlier but hadn't had any recent reports but after half a lap around the banks we found a patch. Got the first one in, just legal at 52cm, so turned around and went back through them. At this point we noticed a couple of dolphins swimming along behind us and soon realised why - they took 3 off us (including a double hookup) as well as mouthing a small one that we got into the boat. Would have liked to have got a photo of it as it had two lots of teeth marks on it but wanted to give it a chance to survive, but don't think it released real well so we'll call it four for the dolphins and one for us unfortunately.I heard a guy got 3 and lost 8 to the dolphins last week and also lost plenty of squire and grassies to them around Peel Island, plus we had some stealing our livies outside the South Passage Bar before Xmas so they're becoming a real pest at the moment.Sorry no photos this time and already eaten