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      Found 15 results

      1. Hi all With the last few sharks I've caught, I've found it to be very hard to de-hook them, because as well as the hook being wedged good in it's mouth, the things are flopping around like no tomorrow (probably trying to get there jaws on my hand ). Does anyone have any methods/tools that help getting the hook out? Cheers Hamish
      2. Hi all Just wondering where some good spots around Brisbane might be to catch some freshwater eels or pike eels consistently. I don't mind if it's at night either. I need to stock up on some good shark bait, and if anyone has some good techniques to catch mullet as well it would be appreciated (or spots.) Cheers Hamish
      3. Caught a few small black tip reef/whaler type sharks the other day. An old greek fella showed me how to do them up years ago. I did the same thing a few years later (today) and they turned out as good as any fish. Sharks were 1-1.3 mtrs size. Once caught I donged them on the head and then cut their Gills with a knife (my preferred method of bleeding){see old post "dont cut fishes throats to bleed"} as well as cutting off their tail, Dorsal and pec fins. Then left in a bucket of water or tied over the side for 5 mins to bleed out. next off with their head and guts and into the freezer or Ice slurry for 4-5 hours. pull them out and fillet and skin. Chop the fillet into 10 cm pieces, then fillet the fillet. That means make each piece as thin as possible, say 1-2 cm thick. (roughly the dimensions of a piece of loaf bread) Then put in a tray and soak in milk for 4-6 hours or over nite in a fridge. this will remove the iodine and ammonia taste/smell shark is known for. When ready for eating they were rinsed off in water and then rolled in flour, salt, pepper etc and oil shallow pan fried. .Turned out sensational and how i remember all those years ago when the old Greek fella gave me a few pointers. I have also used this meat for curries and it is great. He taught me how to do BIG OCCY as well but another time/post. So next time if your having a tough day and can only manage a few of the Razor Gang NOAHS, something to try.. Good Luck.
      4. Hey guys, Me and a couple of friends have recently been trying to target small shark in the Sunshine Coast area. I live in Caloundra and have tried the pumestone passage numerous times, as well as moorochy River, and Mooloolaba River. My set up is simple, 30lb braid, wire trace, circle hook. Bait we try to switch up, mullet trunks, eel and when we have time live bait (poddie mullet). Over the past 6 weekends of fishing we have only been successfull once, catching a small bull shark in moorochy river. So my questions are; Does anyone know of the best place in Caloundra for catching small shark? Does anyone know of the best bait to use? Does anyone know the best location to catch mullet using a cast net in Caloundra? I would appreciate any help, and I thank you in advance. Zak.
      5. Hey guys, I've been a bit down of late, working night shift and having life stuff to do on my days off makes Jordan a sad soul. I haven't had my boat out in almost two months but was thinking about taking it out tomorrow and sleeping on it all night. The species I would love to catch are bullsharks, threadfin, Jewish, cobia and snapper. Just because it's easy I was thinking about fishing the mouth of Brisbane river using live bait and probably pilchards if I can't can't anything. Any suggestions on spots, rigs or what bait to choose. I could go Moreton Bay but the weather is so unpredictable at the moment and can always sleep under massive bridge. Anyway I wish I could be camping but this stupid weather hey. Any suggestions always welcome
      6. Made the call early last week to do an overnight trip out in the bay with the hope of tagging some sharks. Upon launching at the port of Brisbane just prior to sunset and trying to push out of the mouth, I soon knew I needed to run with plan B. The bay was a nightmare, waves crashing over the bow, 15knot winds (thanks willy weather forecast) so we decided to anchor up just outside the mouth of the Brisbane river for the night instead. We put some baits out (stingray flap, mullet and 30cm slabs of freshwater eel) the ray went untouched, as did the mullet but the eel received plenty of attention with 3 runs with one hook up. The first run dropped the bait and didn’t come back, the second run was a solid hookup, drag started to scream but lazy old me didn’t put any wind on leader on…so as the shark turned and started to swim towards to boat, I reeled like crazy until I felt weight again and bang! With a solid whip of the tail he busted through my 40lb braid. Lost the shark and my cable trace…I won’t make that mistake again. 8pm rolls around and we get the 3rd run, which resulted in a 1.13m bull which we tagged and released back. The tide changed around 11pm, so we got the baits in and waited for the slack tide to end before we floated the baits out again. 2 hours later the mullet goes off screaming off at a very fast pace (this was dodgy servo special frozen tweed mullet by the way) hooks set and we are in. The 24kg rod had a fairly good bend in it, wasn’t the most exciting of fights as we had it next to the boat within about 5 minutes. (Setup was a Penn Squall 60 with 50lb braid) Was a nice fat 5.8ft male bull shark. Circle hook did its job perfectly hooking right in the corner of its mouth which made for a super quick release, the faster the better in my opinion. We tried to tag this one as well but we didn’t have the right gear on board to puncture its skin (very tough skin to get a tag though!) That was it for the night, we stayed until sun rise then we powered home for a sleep. Was kind of poetic, as we left the ramp the sun was setting, and as we came home the sun had just risen. The amount of weekend warriors at the ramp was nuts! Line up 6 deep with 3 on the ramp at any given time. Lessons learnt form my first overnight trip ALWAYS use a leader My boat is super uncomfortable to stay on overnight lol DB2F908B-BC2A-4EB2-A48C-BE213DE6FC14.MOV
      7. Hey guys, I'm a bit late on my post but last Friday I ended up going for a little shark fish. I have to say Special thanks to christophagus for the maps and everyone for the advice. As everyone was probably aware last Friday was 36 degrees so a good excuse to head out and have some breeze across the face. I just knocked off night shift and basically picked up my boat and headed out to pinkenba. I had to drop the girl off at work first and was probably in the water around 8am. I had about 5 hours to high tide so I cracked a breakfast beer and slowly plotted up channel to the second last beacon before the river meets the bay. I loaded up my eel and dropped off in the channel and putted my way to safer grounds to anchor up. Needless to say I fell asleep and heard this annoying sound of clicking. Not really all with it I let the noise annoy me for about another 50 meters plus of line until I finally twigged that I had caught something. I looked at my watch and I had only been there for about 10 minutes. I fought the little critter for about another 10 minutes until I had him at the boat and struggled to get him in. I didn't have a rope gaffe or anything ready lol. Anyway I got him on board bled him out and gutted him. 105cm weighing in at 8.1kg it was the perfect size for me and the freezer. And just like that my day on the water was over just about as soon as it began. I had a troll and a flick around but didn't catch anything too special. Sorry about the poor quality video. It was just a telegram video message to a friend. Thanks everyone for the help 5_6237716630458073144.mp4
      8. Hey, My Nephew has come up from Sydney to stay with us for a week. The plan is to take him shark fishing. I thought I would start this thread to update you on how we go. Today we are heading down the road to try and catch 2 eels for bait. Tomorrow head out through the port to look for some bait schools to soak our eel in and probably float out some pillies to see if there are any mackerel around. Wed is heading to Myora and Moreton to look for Oyster Reefs. Any one who wants to be part of the oyster reef project would be welcome to come. Thursday we are going to try for some prawns. Full boat sorry. Friday... hmmm not sure yet suggestions welcome. PS Nephew is 7. I will take photos and post up. Wish us luck.
      9. Launched the boat at 6am on Sunday morning with the intentions of a lazy morning on the water with some music and food with my fiancé Lauren Dropped the anchor, setup the two rigs and threw out two baits….2-3 minutes later (literally, I had barley sat down and just opened a bottle of water) one reel starts peeling off line. Set the hook (I have a new found love for bait runners) and the fight was on. It was a fairly lazy fight of only about 5 minutes and we had our first shark for the morning in the boat. Only a pup at 78cm but still a fun catch. Popped a tag in its back and back in the drink he went. An hour passed with a missed hookup before we had another run. Though this next run hit the bait at speed and was swimming against the current. I had to wind in a lot of slack line about 30m worth before I felt any weight, then as soon as I felt the weight the little bull shark started going beserk! Must have had something to do with having a hook in its mouth…maybe he was just in a bad mood…who knows? Another 5 minute battle and we had bully number two in the boat. Another little male that went 77cm, but it fought much harder than the first. Tag went in and back in the water to fight another day. Happy with twofor the morning, we called it a day. Back home with the boat and gear washed and away by 10am, sure beats sleeping in! I never ever get sick of catching these beauties on gear intended for bream. Gear was a 3000 reel, 2-4kg rod, 8lb main line, 40lb mono leader (50cm), 80lb wire trace (50cm) with an 8/0 circle hook. Fresh water eel as bait (always) On a side note, just after we got the first on in the boat some bloke went screaming past on his jetski with a big smile on his face. So I held up the shark and showed it to him....I've never seen someone's smile disappear so fast and turn into a worried look, we cracked up laughing after that Im hoping to be able to offer a decky spot or two in the coming weeks for anyone who is interested.
      10. Special thanks to WillyWeather for getting the wind prediction so wrong for Sunday morning. Was meant to be 9 knots but ended up being 22knots... Apart from that we boated another awesome hammerhead shark going over 5ft which we tagged and released and lost a 5ft dusky whaler boat side (snapped hook). The hammerhead was a Winghead shark which is on the endangered list (, so to catch tag and release this fish is truly awesome. Had another 4-5 runs which we couldn’t hook up. Still looking for that 6ft+ time @Daryl McPhee are you able to help confirm the species of shark? If it is what we think it is then its a really cool capture. Although from what I can read online, they are listed as globally endangered, but have a somewhat healthy population in Australia. On another note, we looked a lot for bait on the sounder around the beacons and found zip, threw around for mackerel too with no hits...Been a quiet season for mackerel in Brisbane.
      11. Wow, that is cold! Sharks are washing up on a beach in Massachusetts frozen completely solid amid a record-breaking cold snap in the United States. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said it had found three dead thresher sharks stranded on the shore of the Cape Cod Bay in Brewster, south of Boston, in the last three days. The first two were "likely stranded due to cold shock" it said. The third was frozen solid.
      12. In the space of 45 minutes of a 2 hour afternoon session produced one of the more productive afternoons I’ve had chasing little bullies. I had 5 runs in 45 minutes and landed 3 all around the 70-85cm mark. first run of the day went dead after a few gentle runs, deciding to check it anyway I felt a good weight and set the 7/0 circle hook. 5 minutes later in comes my first for the arvo. Few happy snaps then back in the water she goes. Another 15 mins past and I get a solid run this time. Set the hook and tried my best to keep it out of the snags...but despite my best efforts she got nice and tangled. Climbing down the bank to pick the bully up from the shallows I hear my other rod start screaming. Luckily I had pliers in my pocket so I was able to de hook the first bull, send it back on its way and race back to the other rod.....missed the hook up. The line went slack, so I checked the bait which was torn to bits. I threw it back out, cracked open a drink and had a rest, re baited you other rod and threw it out too. I hadn’t even got comfy in my camp chair again before the rod started screaming again. Half way during the fight it became tangled with my second line...which eventually ended in heartbreak. I fought it into the shallows, sighted the fiery little bull and bang! The line snapped and off it swam! Angry to say the least, and only one bait left...I prayed for another run...which didn’t take too long at all. The last bull for the arvo was much easy to land. All in all it was a fun and frustrating session. Made all the more difficult by using 8lb main line. Bait go choice today was the old freshwater eel.
      13. Howdy everyone, I’ve got a few hours spare tomorrow morning and am planning to go land based for some bull sharks on the Brisbane River. Im going to target the smaller 5ft models to tag and release. Happy for someone else to come join me, im no expert but im happy to show you my techniques etc Ill be fishing from about 5am til around 10:30am I always enjoy getting first timers onto a shark, their smiling face and heart beating from their chest is always awesome to see. Can’t make any promises but ill do my best to hook into a few. PM me or reply here if you’d like to come along. Happy to take one person with me, first in best dressed. If you miss out and still want to come PM me and we will organise a trip in the future!
      14. We hit the water on Sunday after a few weeks of not fishing at all (thanks rain!). Plan was to stay a few hours and be home and cleaned up before the “storm” hit We only had two runs on freshwater eel, with one hookup. With the Penn 850ssm drag locked up, and the line peeling off easily I knew we were in for a fight…. Every time we got her boat side, she would scream off for another 100m run. We did about 3 laps around the boat, passing the rod under the anchor a few times and after 30mins, the shovelnose was in the boat and we were spent. Circle hook came out easily, few pics and back in the water for a strong release. Very proud of my fiancé who fought it the whole way through like a champ, it was a dirty fight that’s for sure. I was hoping for a bull or whaler, but this wasn’t a bad runner-up prize. It measured 143cm Later I checked the drag capabilities of the reel…on 6kg of max drag. No wonder it peeled line off easily. 40lb braid, 200lb wire trace and 12-0 circle hook with a 15cm slab of eel. Awesome fun!
      15. Morning all, After having my new bot serviced this week, it was time to get it out on the water. We headed for some beacons to float some shark baits out and spin for some mackerel too. Long story short, not one mackerel to be seen, but 50+ bonito were caught on halco twisties. They were a bit of fun to pass the time while waiting for the shark rods to go off. Only one run for the day which resulted in a 1.2m hammerhead which was caught on pike eel. It was only a 5 minute fight, with it only in the boat for 2 mins before the hook was removed, tag was inserted and she was released. Was an awesome sight to see her swim away strongly as hammers can sometimes struggle to after being caught. The pic doesn't do it justice as there looks to be a lot of blood , but it was a perfect hook set in the corner of the jaw. First shark for the season tagged and released, very happy. My aim for this season, is to tag and release as many as possible. I know doing so may rub some people up the wrong way, but at the end of the day im providing the possibility of obtaining valuable data on these beautiful creatures which may end up helping protect both us, and them.