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      1. G'day guys, I'm pretty new to this site and even newer to overhead reels (bought one last week when up at hervey bay under the impression i'd catch something... i was wrong). So, I'm going to admit I reely (yeh it was a lame pun) suck at casting these things. I had to resort to spooling about 15 metres out and hand lobbing my hooks out. This worked, twice. Then the dramas with birds nest line tangling begun and I ended up getting pretty pissed off and just using my little crappy 10 pound eggbeater. If anyone has any tips on casting the overheads, I'd love to know. I should probably admit that I generally suck at fishing anyway, but I seem to try and go at least once a fortnight. Getting a bit tired of driving out to the hornibrook bridge and deep water bend just to catch bait fish and snags so I was pretty stoked to learn there were fish (let alone sharks) in the Brisbane river. I live about 3 minutes drive from the fig tree pocket boat ramp and figured the guys up at lone pine do daily catfish feeding for the tourists which would attract more sharks, or at least some cat fish. So, I did my reading and made a plan.. get some hot dog rolls, catch some cat fish and use the cat fish for shark bait. The hot dog rolls were easy, the catfish were almost as easy.. but the sharks. Well I'm not to sure, I think I might have hooked up one (in 5 hours) but it was only on my line for a minute before shredding my line (with a metre of 50 pound leader onto 40cm nylon coated trace) above the leader when something fairly large broke the surface and splashed around. My mate got a couple of hook ups that looked fairly promising but also lost them. Apart from the catfish all I managed to actually land, was a 4' eel.. oh, and 1 prawn that somehow got stuck in my crab pot. Has anyone else tried sharking down there at the boat ramp and had any luck? Or is anyone keen to go down for a fish there and show me how to use this damn reel? Cheers, Al
      2. Hello my AFO Bretheren, Thought i should let you know of a particular sighting i saw on my way to work this morning. I was driving towards the innercity bypass from racecourse road and the traffic was pretty shitty. As i was driving past the mouth of breaky creek, i noticed right at the mouth, where the water from breaky creek clashes with the brisbane river, there was about half a dozen smallish bullies thrashing around. I was driving pretty slowley so i got a really good look, there seemed to be 3 in a very tight ball either feeding or fighting or something, im not sure, and then there was another 3 swimming on the outskirts that would swim streight into this splashing mess and swap with one of the sharks in there. Each of the sharks would have been between a meter and 1.5m's. A very cool sight.
      3. Hi everyone, Wanting to go bull shark fishing this weekend at the Logan river (land based) and I'm wandering what bait to use. I've got a shimano stradic with 12lb line will that be a good line strength to battle one of these beasts. Any help will be appreciated thanks.
      4. Huge thanks to @Drop Bear for taking my wife and I out fishing yesterday! We had such a blast! After numerous wrong turns trying to figure out how to drive on the wrong side of the road we finally made it to Drop Bears place 40 minutes late, but once we got out on the water conditions seems great to us Canadians. Neither of us got seasick so that was also a bonus! When we got out to the spot we threw some eel down on hooks that were 100 times bigger than anything I have ever used, and let them sit in hopes of catching a shark. We decided that my wife should get the first shot at reeling one in because every time I take her fishing she catches the biggest fish. After about 45 minutes we had our first bite! And just as predicted it turned out to be a nice one! After another 45 minutes of fighting and some seriously tired arms, my wife managed to reel in a nice bull shark! We gave it a quick measure (1.8m) and released it to grow into a bigger one for the next time we are back in Australia! Once we returned to our spot and put our eel bait back down it didn't take long for us to get another bite! This time it was my turn! Mine was just over 1m and still put up more of a fight then most fish will in Canada. We were super excited to catch a smaller shark so we could take it home and try some fresh shark for the first time. To top off the day we had a bite that was an absolute zinger! All I could see was the line flying off the spool faster then I have ever seen! We were informed it was too fast to be a shark. Unfortunately it broke off and we never got to see what it was. All in all we had an amazing time fishing with Drop Bear yesterday and it will definitely be one of the highlights of our trip here to Australia! Thanks so much for taking us out!
      5. Angus

        fishing Shark Baits

        Gday everyone. We are often talking shark baits and what to use etc etc. I want to know from everyone what they have had the most success on. For example i always hear of good sharks being caught on eel. However, i have never seen one caught on eel and most sharks that people tell me about were not caught on eel either. So i want to know what bait has caught your best shark, and what bait has caught the most sharks for you. I was talking to Neil Shultz today about this very topic and he had this to say \"Angus, As a general rule of thumb live baits attract a quicker and more determined response from sharks than dead baits. Livies however aren't the most practical bait, especially when fishing from the shore. Eels are renowned as baits for most land based and some offshore situation for large sharks. If I was chasing a tiger I'd choose a stingray wing as #1 followed by a chunk of eel. I suspect one of the reasons eel is so sought after is because it lasts a long time on the hook, especially where crabs and pickers are a problem. I wouldn't bother using eels for bait in the river. Live mullet, bony bream and even catfish are very effective baits for river whalers. For dead baits in the river, mullet, bony bream and saltwater herrings (the bigger the better) top the list, (though I've caught them on glass perch, prawns, mullet gut and even corned beef). The biggest drawback with dead baits in the river are mud crabs and catfish. Kind Regards, Neil Schultz\". So fire away lads. Attached is a picture Neil sent me of the most successful shark bait and rig he uses. One thing i noticed and liked was the use of quite small hooks and wire. I think mabe some of us get a bit carried away with this? A lot of people have been complainin about Bullies fightin poorly but could this be because we are pratically pulling them in with a chain. I plan on trying much much lighter set ups come summer. Cheers, Angus
      6. Launched the boat at 6am on Sunday morning with the intentions of a lazy morning on the water with some music and food with my fiancé Lauren Dropped the anchor, setup the two rigs and threw out two baits….2-3 minutes later (literally, I had barley sat down and just opened a bottle of water) one reel starts peeling off line. Set the hook (I have a new found love for bait runners) and the fight was on. It was a fairly lazy fight of only about 5 minutes and we had our first shark for the morning in the boat. Only a pup at 78cm but still a fun catch. Popped a tag in its back and back in the drink he went. An hour passed with a missed hookup before we had another run. Though this next run hit the bait at speed and was swimming against the current. I had to wind in a lot of slack line about 30m worth before I felt any weight, then as soon as I felt the weight the little bull shark started going beserk! Must have had something to do with having a hook in its mouth…maybe he was just in a bad mood…who knows? Another 5 minute battle and we had bully number two in the boat. Another little male that went 77cm, but it fought much harder than the first. Tag went in and back in the water to fight another day. Happy with twofor the morning, we called it a day. Back home with the boat and gear washed and away by 10am, sure beats sleeping in! I never ever get sick of catching these beauties on gear intended for bream. Gear was a 3000 reel, 2-4kg rod, 8lb main line, 40lb mono leader (50cm), 80lb wire trace (50cm) with an 8/0 circle hook. Fresh water eel as bait (always) On a side note, just after we got the first on in the boat some bloke went screaming past on his jetski with a big smile on his face. So I held up the shark and showed it to him....I've never seen someone's smile disappear so fast and turn into a worried look, we cracked up laughing after that Im hoping to be able to offer a decky spot or two in the coming weeks for anyone who is interested.
      7. Hey guys me and a mate of mine were thinking of fishing off the Mooloolaba Spit wall. Have fished there a few times but caught nothing more than whiting and eagle Ray's. We were thinking of targeting sharks or some mackerel but am wondering what your ideas or tips for fishing the area would be as we would like to have a better idea before heading out. What bait, rig, technique, spot or time to go would be amazing. We would be able to move around a little bit of fishing at the trawler jetty is more productive. Any help would be amazing. P.s I'm new to the forums so if I have done anything wrong just let me know. Cheers, Kyle
      8. Hi, I was talking to Sam from PNG trip and he told me he targets Bull Sharks in and around Vic Point and it got me thinking. Many of my friends from Melbourn catch and eat sharks and say they love them to eat. They are a large fish to catch, seem to be plentiful and if they eat well whats not to like? I was wondering; Why don't we eat more sharks? Where is the best place to catch them (we don't get many at Green Island)? What is the best bait? What works well as a rig and what line class? What sharks taste the best? I have had some gummy sharks that we got at Amity. One was delicious but the next one was really strongly metallic flavoured? Also are little ones better to eat? Male v Female? I will have a look at the restrictions on size and species before I go but am really keen to do this. Thanks Robbie
      9. Hi all, just wondering if any of you have spent time sharking in the canals at Newport or Scarborough. I have read the reports and posts on the Pine and Caboolture but there is nothing to detailed about Scarborough and Newport. I know it's a bit cool ATM but looking to do a little research before spring. Thanks Wayne.
      10. I thought it might be a good idea to sticky a link to this article considering how often this topic comes up in the forum Light Tackle Shark Fishing Written by Neil Schultz
      11. good fun on light gear, caught a few of these sat morning on live mullet
      12. Some of you may be interested in attending a free public lecture I am giving on the sensory biology of sharks and shark attack. There is free beer, wine and snacks. If you are attending pleae RSVP:
      13. Hey guys, There's a lot to read here, sorry bout that, just so many questions I can't find answers to. So I had a bloke a few weeks ago tell me there's some big old bullys in the tweed river up around Murbah, condong, tumbulgum area, and that there really good eating. Since he told me this I've been obsessing over catching one. He gave me a little advice but after a night out with no results and endless research I've decided to ask a few specific questions to see if I can better my chances. So first off, does anyone know of any good spots around the Murbah area? Or if the rous river has them too? (I'm assuming it would, but its quite a long way from the ocean, and not very tidal, not sure?) I'm not overly phased about size, big or small, I'm guessing they're going to taste the same, but for the sake of a bit of fun, I wouldn't mind targeting a few bigger ones. So what tackle do I use? I've got a small baitcaster spooled with 12lb mono, and a medium sized boat rod, I think about 8-14kg, spinning, spooled with 60lb braid and 100lb leader. I was using on my big rod size 7/0 shogun circles, rigged up on two lengthals of 150lb nylon coated wire, one about a foot, the other about half a foot and just like half a freshwater eel, and size 4/0 or 5/0 circles on my baitcaster, single wire trace to just a small strip of eel. I don't know if that's like, over kill, or I haven't done it right or whatever?? Also, I know in the cooler months they tend to go off the bite, but surely not completely right? Am I wasting my time or is there a chance of catching one? Does burley really make much difference? If so, what is the easiest and best way to burley, and what do I use? Does the moon phase have an effect? Tides? What times are the best? Just all these little things I couldn't find answers anywhere. If you guys could help me out, it'd be much appreciated
      14. mmmm, aren`t set lines illegal! One that didn't get away - shark caught in canal /> A TWIN Waters resident has hooked a 150cm (five foot) bullshark in the canal behind his house. Mark Bowyer hooked the shark, which he estimated at 50-60kg, on a line that he had baited with ox heart on Friday night.
      15. ATTENTION SHARK FISHERMAN/LADIES PLEASE READ Eel conservation Longfin eel... Anguilla Reinardtii The long finned eel has long pectoral fins, a large head and fleshy lips. It can be easily distinguished from its close relative the short finned eel by the length of its dorsal fin Size range Landlocked longfin eels ( eels that cannot return to the ocean due to man made objects/barriers ) can grow up to 3m and weigh as much as 22kg but are most common around 1m in length. Life cycle The long finned eel undergoes a hugh migration to sea to breed. Adult long finned eels swim down stream to the sea and then undergo a hugh task where they migrate to New Caledonia. Females can have millions of eggs. Once born the babies (glass eels) take about 1 year to return to the streams of eastern Australia. In short Eels can be easily be fished out if they cant return to sea to breed. So if you are having troubles catching eels there is a high chance they have been fished out of that area. />
      16. I want to try my hand at catching small bull sharks I thought I would need a completely new setup but it seems you can go fairly light apart from your trace so I'm just curious if I can go from 8lb mono straight to nylon trace instead of using a leader between the mono and trace or would that cause problems? Cheers.
      17. Hi All We are planning a trip to Fraser Island in late March or early may and will be targeting sharks and rays. Where is the best place to do this and which camp sites are nearest. We do not need facilities as it is a boys week away. Any advice you can give on bait etc would be appreciated. Thanks
      18. Had dramas on Friday with putting livebaits out the back of the boat under floats. Only livies I could get were 30+cm boneys and they swam in all different directions. Getting lines tangled around each other, the prop and the transducer. How do you control them? Was it just because they were big baits they did this or do the little baits swim everywhere as well? In the Logan I used to fish on the bottom as the catfish weren't as plentiful but in the Brissy at Kooka all I have been getting is catty's off the bottom. Also I just used some cheap floats from BCG, Rogue brand and I thought they were crap. Don't particularly want to use balloons as they come off and float away and it is just littering in my book and could kill fishlife if they eat it thinking it's food. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
      19. News story from Islamabad about locals catching a baby megalodon (or relative thereof), including photo. Apparently at 10.5m only half grown. />
      20. Australia has recorded the highest number of fatal shark bites globally over the past three decades, as the number of unprovoked bites increased threefold, new research by Bond University shows. The report, which will be published this week in international scientific journal, Coastal Management, reveals 32 fatal shark bites had been documented in Australia between 1982 and 2011, more than South Africa, where there were 28 fatalities, or the United States, which recorded 25. Associate Professor Daryl McPhee, who undertook the research, said there was a total of 171 unprovoked bites in Australia during that period, compared with 769 in the United States and 132 in South Africa. "Of the six countries where shark bites are most prevalent, Australia actually recorded the fourth lowest percentage of bites that were fatal at 18.7 per cent, despite having the highest number of total fatalities," he said. "In comparison, the United States has by far the highest number of recorded bites but also the lowest percentage of fatalities, at just 3.6 per cent, which is likely to be because of a higher level of reporting of incidents, while Reunion, a small country located south of Mauritius, had the least attacks of the six countries, but the highest fatality rate at 51.6 per cent." Associate Professor McPhee said the high number of fatalities in shark bite victims in Australia could be attributed to a number of factors. "Australians have an obvious love and affinity with the water, so the high level of usage undoubtedly plays a part," he said. "The type and size of sharks found in Australian waters is also believed to be a factor, with the white shark behind the highest number of unprovoked shark bites globally and prevalent here. "Where the species responsible could be identified, the white shark was responsible for 41 of the 171 recorded bites over the period of the study, with 46.3 per cent of these proving fatal, with white, tiger and bull sharks behind the majority of unprovoked bites." Associate Professor McPhee said the reasons behind the increasing number of bites and fatalities was complex and the next phase of the study would look more closely into 'hot spots' globally. "While an increase in the human population clearly plays a role, it cannot explain the observations entirely," he said. "Changes to the species habitat use or behaviour as a result of both natural events and because of human activity is also likely to play a role. "For example, an increase in the population of humpback whales and the New Zealand fur seal in Australian waters, including in Western Australian where there has been recent fatal shark bites, is believed to be a potential factor as the presence of this marine life potentially attracts more sharks to these areas." In Australia, surfers were bitten more than any other recreational water user, with 63 surfers suffering shark bites, compared with 44 swimmers and 26 scuba divers. However, only 15.8 per cent of surfers suffered fatal injuries, compared with 34.6 per cent of scuba divers and 33.3 per cent of snorkelers. "Scuba divers suffer a greater number of bites to the head and torso, as their whole body is submerged in the water, while surfers are more likely to receive less fatal bites to the limbs," said Associate Professor McPhee. "However, overall it is important to remember that despite numbers increasing, unprovoked shark bites still remain an extremely infrequent event with, for example, 129 people drowning on Australian surf beaches between 2001 and 2005 alone. “The fear of a shark bite is out of all proportion to the actual risk posed. “Unfortunately Hollywood in particular has created an inaccurate impression that there are sinister 'rogue' sharks waiting around every corner to 'attack' an unsuspecting human. This is simply not true.†Associate Professor McPhee said the fear of shark bites could drive governments to enact expensive shark control programs. "These not only kill sharks but other marine animals including dugong and marine turtles," he said. “Instead of shark control programs, governments should focus investment on non-lethal alternatives including public education. "We need to focus on actions that facilitate early warning of an enhanced local risk, improve information flow to allow people to make better informed decisions about going into the water at certain times and locations, and increase our understanding of the habitat use of sharks commonly implicated in unprovoked bites." The next phase of the study, due to be completed next year, will look at the data in further detail, complementing it with evidence from scientists in 'hot spots' to get a better understanding of why unprovoked shark bites are more prevalent in some areas.
      21. G-day all. Hopping to chase shark this season. If I put my boat in at Clontarf do I try the pine or should I just head over to the mouth of Brisbane river. From reading the forum there are shark in both but appears brisbane may be a bit better? If so is the mouth as much chance as further up the river? The bi catch is probably a bit better in the mouth. Thanks in advance Wayne.
      22. hey guys i live on the gold coast and am tryig to target bullsharks. ive seen them be caught and seen them less then a meter away from me so i know theyre in there. just looking for some tips on catching them. whats the best bait, best burley? how to burley? sink the bait or float the bait? just want to know the ropes so i can hook on to one of these monsters
      23. Hi all. Have been reading through the pages in the sharking cat. And appears that it's best to chase shark in the warmer months. Can anyone tell me why this is and where do they go. Thanks Wayne
      24. Hi all, In late August i will be on north straddie doing some beach fishing and id like to target the biggest fish i can land while there, so that usually means sharks. Ive got a bare rod/reel combo and im looking for help on what to put on the reel first up. Its a 13ft - 14ft 2 piece surf rod and a Shimano 14000FB reel. Ive only ever fished with braid in the past but ive been told that mono is best for this sort of thing, is this true? What size line would i use ideally? Ive been looking at these pre-made shark rigs, are they any good? /> They dont appear to have anything on the end, can they be bought anywhere with a swivel etc so i can just clip them on and go? or not this simple? Has anyone else chased sharks(or any large fish will do me) off the beach at north straddie around late august? Whens the best time to be out there? Does it matter if i float the bait or sink it? Does it depend on the species im after?
      25. A film crew has captured the moment a great white shark started to chew on their inflatable boat. />