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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all My brother and I decided to go to our local park on the Brisbane River yesterday, targeting sharks. We were successful and had some other surprises. Here's what happened, and the statistics of the trip So, after waking up at 5:30AM, I woke my brother up. Well, it was to early for him, so I got my Dad up and he took me down. After he left, I threw out my shark lines, one with a slab of mullet, the other with a bony bream. The combos were a Rogue Firepoint 6'6" and a Penn 650 with 30lb braid, as well as a lower quality set up. I was up on the pier area, not on the jetty, but i saw two pecks, (well strikes) and I ran down thinking "Jeez, am I on one already?" Nope! I reeled it in, and nothing was on the hook - *disappointed*. Then, I caught a little catfish which was perfect shark bait size, which i kept (mainly because the line was stuck in it's gills). I pulled up a couple more, threw the cast net and caught a prawn for live bait, then Declan came down with Dad, and after a couple more bait checks we had caught about 5 catties. They each put up a good fight for their size, they really took off when the drag was loose Great fun too. The catfish are caught on a 1000 size Shimano Sienna and a 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Now it was about 8:00AM, and I did another bait check on the shark lines. I felt a sudden pull, then realised I was hooked up. After about a five minute fight, I realised the little bully was tangled with this line and he was actually hooked on the other It was a pretty bad situation, because he had some wire tang;ed around his body, but after he rolled a couple times I could walk him down to the jetty to land him. In about another 10 minutes, he was netted and then released. Here he is- We didn't get a precise measurement but I'd say he was around 80cm and about 5 kilos. He scoffed a big chunk of mullet down too. After he was dealt with and released, Declan and I pulled up a couple more catfish, and by that time it was warming up a bit (but we were in shade). We only kept one shark line out, i figured it would be easier to handle. We had a crowd watching the bull shark too, a lady who walks there a lot and someone else. So, we re-casted all the lighter lines then upped the catfish count to seven or eight. Then, I dropped a line right next to pylon (mainly so it wouldn't get tangled with the other because we were fishing the run out of the end of the pier which is only about five metres wide). I hooked up after about ten minutes, at first thinking it was an ok catty again, but then after feeling the weight and the runs it was doing back to the structore I released it was something better. I got it away from the structure and then was happy/surprised to see a nice estuary cod on the end of my line. I slowly walked it down while Declan was grabbing some gear, like the landing net, brag mat, lip grips and pliers and he scooped it up. I dehooked it and it measured about 40cm on the mat. Here it is - He was released to be caught next time and swum off well, back under the pier/jetty. After that, Declan pulled up a few more catties (I let him have them after set the drag, etc) and he was having fun. After we got the tally to ten, the bite went quiet, as it was about 10:00AM and the tide had slowed a little. Most of the catties would've been under 30cm, but he caught a couple bigger ones. Then, I pulled in one more and my Dad came down and took us home. Here are the statistics of the trip: Statistics Tide: 1.7metre high, run out and .8 metre low, at approx. 10:00AM Moon Phase: First Quarter, so not that much run Weather: 34c, 55% humidity Wind: Very glassy, though the breeze picked up later in the morning Tackle Used: 14lb braid mainlines, 12;b mono leader, size 2 bean sinkers, 4/o suicide hooks, 30lb braid mainline, 80lb wire trace, 100lb mono leader, 6/o circle hook. Fish Caught: Shark x 1, Catfish x 9, Estuary Cod x 1 Bait Caught: Prawn x 1 Bait Used: Herring, Mullet, Prawn Successful Overall: Very Successful Trip I hope you enjoyed reading the report, I know it was a very fun session Cheers Hamish
  2. Been putting a few hours into the local lately and starting to get a few results. Set a mission to get a fredd off surface and finally nailed a 109cm.
  3. Hi all Last night I put in another session on the Brisbane River with my Dad and brother. We were fishing, near Green Bridge. Overall, it was a pretty successful night, here is what happened. So, we rock up to the fishing destination (jetty, don't tell anyone) and see it's as crowded as we've ever seen. Two guys fishing together, and an older couple taking up the spot we'd normally go in. After a quick throw of the cast nets, we decided to fish off the side and back of the jetty. One rod out for bream, the other live baiting for salmon/jew. We started throwing the nets for about 10 minutes after I had chucked out a whole dead herring and a cube of prawn. Initially throwing the nets, we were catching nothing, so we went to have another sit down with the rods. We got our first take on the dead herring with in 2 minutes of us doing that, and the fish felt good. Sadly, after some vicious head shaking, it spat the bait and we lost the fish. I re-baited and we started throwing the nets again. That's when we started getting some good prawns, we realized to be successful we had to throw our net right in the shallows/mangroves. After numerous bait checks, we got another take on the herring, which felt considerably smaller. It pickered the bait off the hook, making me think it probably wasn't a trophy fish at all . Now, it was about 7:30 and the prawns really started coming in. Unfortunately, the older couple hadn't left yet, nor had the other guys, taking up most of the jetty. In fishing situations like these, I probably should've gotten there earlier to get a better spot. After a couple more tiny takes and a few more prawns, the older couple hooked up to a decent fish which turned out to be a fairly big pike eel. Then, they got a double hook up, a pike eel and a little bull shark. Then, they caught another little bully. This happened in the space of say, 45 minutes. It was about 8:15 and I guess those other guys decided that the fishing was good 'cos they called in one of their mates, and in within fifteen minutes of that, they called in another one of their mates. These guys started to get a bit annoying/rude, throwing their lines directly over mine and trying to take my spot and swearing a bit too loudly for when there's little kids around (another guy had rocked up with his children, about 4-6 I'd say). It was then about 8:30PM, so we did a final bit of netting, caught a couple prawns and frog mouth pilchards then packed the nets away in the car. With the final half hour of fishing, I just chucked out a whole herring on my light line to see if a big bream/cod was sitting in the mangroves. It ended up turning into a small pike eel, which was about 50cm and released because no-one seemed to have a donga and we didn't really need any shark bait. The bloody thing nearly bit me twice (once on the shoe, once on the glove) and then we decided just to 'nudge' her back in. Here it is - After skull dragging it in, we began to pack up and just left the last line out with a live mullet on it. Well, nothing smashed it, and I spent about 10 minutes untangling it from the guy who threw his line over mine. At 9:00PM, we decided to leave just as it began to rain. Overall, it was a pretty good session, here are the nights statistics (tide, time, moon, etc) Statistics of Night Tide: 1.2M - 1.7M (halfway high to high) Time Fished: 6:40PM-9:00PM Fish Caught: Pike eel, 50cm Bait Caught: Prawns, frog mouth pilchard, mullet Moon: Third Quarter Cycle Tackle used for the night: 30lb mainline, 100lb mono leader, size 6 ball sinker, 80lb trace (mono), 6/o circle hook, large barrel swivel 14lb braid mainline, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, size 2 ball sinker, 2/0 suicide hook. That's everything, hope you enjoyed this report. Cheers Hamish
  4. Hi all I've just gotten back from a trip in the Brisbane River, near the Story Bridge. I was fishing of the wharf in Captain Burke Park, that's the one near the beach. First of all, we went to get some live bait from the beach. WE threw our nets for about 30 minutes and we were pretty unsuccessful. WE caught a sole, a couple baby bream, some glassies and one mullet. WE only used one of them though, the mullet. I chucked it out on my 650 Penn reel spooled with 30lb braid on a Rogue Firepoint 2m Boat rod. I had a size 1 star sinker on and a pretty large swivel. I had 80lb mono leader to a 6/o circle hook. The second rod isn't a very good quality setup though it has lasted and works great - I've had it for over 5 years. Once I casted the mullet out, it took about 15 minutes for our first action. I saw it getting some pretty good pecks, and i could feel they were good nibbles. When the nibbles stopped, i reeled my line in and expecting the bait to be gone, i saw it's head was bitten off clean. I cast it back out and then in about 5 minutes the reel was screaming. I tightened the drag and struck. Once the fish was on, it felt heavy and was taking some good runs. The very large head shakes gave me the feeling it was a Threadfin Salmon or Jewfish (Mulloway). Though, about 30 seconds - 1 minute later, the fish had busted me off. ON closer inspection, it looked like a knot failure but i made sure the braid was tight. I think the braid must've weakened from the knot and broke. The fish was off and i wound up the line and re-rigged. After throwing numerous herring and prawns cocktails out (and herring and prawns) i realised dead baits we just going to keep getting pickered. As well as having 2 bream lines out, which also were getting pickered, we weren't having any luck. WE went out to catch some more live bait and we were eventually successful. Another lousy mullet was pinned through the tail and thrown back out in the river. WE waited and then we caught a little herring which was thrown out on the other line. After about another 30-45 minutes, i got another take just as we were leaving. After the initial run, the fish shot up and took a jump. IT made a decent splash and was probably about 20 metres away from the pier. I thought it was a salmon at first, as it was silver and jumped. When i finally got it to the side of the pier though, i realized it was another small bull shark, probably just over 90cm. I walked it down to the beach, were i had an audience watching. After a quick struggle trying to de-hook it, it busted off and i took a picture. Then, i swum it and it kicked off. I guess this was a successful trip, but i was targeting threadfin salmon, which is what i reckon i had on first. I will certainly be coming back here for another session and i hope this interests someone in my tale. Cheers Hamish
  5. Hi all I've gotten back from a fishing trip and we caught a couple undesirables such as shovel-nose sharks and pike. Does anyone have any good recipes for these species or what to do with them (pike eel is shark bait tho) Cheers Hamish
  6. Hi all 2 days ago i just got two more sharks at my local park on the brisbane river but they were both under a metre. I was wondering if anyone had any spots for bigger sharks on the Brisbane River, preferably land based though i could go out of a kayak to launch lines or fish out of it. I do know i can get some bigger ones if i keep fishing my area, though i don't think that's efficient a there are so many pups around that it would probably be a low chance i catch a big one. My range is probably anywhere in the river, but it can extend out into the moreton bay area around the port of brisbane boat ramp. I'll be using bait i catch (mullet, bony bream, eel) and if anyone has any other bait i'll give it crack. Cheers Hamish
  7. Any of my contacts still into tagging fish? Keen to organise a day over Christmas Vacation care with my kids we catch, tag and release some sharks from the Brisbane River. Such an explicit exposure to the presence of this animal I have no doubt will have long term affects on how they view the river as a Eco system. Any help would be most appreciated. Angus