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      Found 44 results

      1. I'm definitely not the first person to try this but I thought I'd give it a crack. For the last week I've been doing local work so every second day I've been taking the boat out before work and throwing my keeper bag with around 4kg of burley log in . Some mornings it was a bit dicey but i still have another week to go. Has anyone else had any luck trying this method ? I'm hoping it works for bigger snapper.
      2. Went for a session at the rock wall tonight with @Leosonfire. I got done by a bristle worm right at the end of the night. Wiped my hands on my shirt and the little spines went into my tender belly. Bugger. Anyway, there is more to the tale, but I'll leave that for Leo...
      3. Well, no big fellas tonight but thought i might share some interesting pics to help out those just starting out. Headed to a southern bay island late this arvo Pic 1 Find tbe bait ( notice the flat bottom with no reef) ( also notice the vertical lines on the sounder - thats a bait jig, with full string hookups) Pic 2 This is what was actually showing on the sounder - herring - millions of them. Pic 3 The result was a couple of small snapper with the best about 62cm, was hoping for a stonker but not this time. There were definately pelagics present too, our 20 pound leaders were being snipped through like cotton, upgraded some leaders to 40 pound but no takes (typical).... Anyway, just thought i would share, take the time to find the fresh bait and you shall be rewarded.
      4. Head out with @dhess again on Monday, hunting to bag out on some bigger specimens than last week. We headed out and grabbed some Live Bait in close which were biting hard with some toothy critters amongst them. We then punched out to the FAD to try and get amongst some Dollies. With plans to put 10 in the boat and our expectations were high, we were quickly deflated. We found a school of good-sized 1.1 to 1.2m Dollies, but for the life of me, we could not get them excited. They were at the back of the boat, we where cubing, dropping livies on their nose, throwing poppers, plastics, cubed pillies, and everything in the tackle bag with only a brief follow on a popper. Very disappointed as the size would have been superb. We fished some marks nearby, and this is where I started my day "stuck in the nursery", pulling up the smallest Pearlies I have ever seen. If they where legal I would have bagged five times over as they were biting hard. Needing a change, we head in a little closer, and then I started catching undersized bloody Snapper instead. We tried this for an hour and then headed out wider. I decided to hit the mark on its own on the way, and 10 seconds later wack DHess was on, secretly I was not happy and wished I had got my pillie in 10 seconds earlier. I solid fight ensued, and Dom and I were calling it for a good-sized AJ however it comes up Red. 90cm of beautiful Snapper. OMFG, Dhess was lucky. I grab his net after taking mine out in the morning, I net the fish, and it fails just when Dom grabs the frame luckily. The Beast is on board only to have him bite through the 100lb leader on the snell. It could have been a very different outcome. Dom managed some nice sized Bonito here; I caught a Gold Spot which we later reidentified as a Fox fish, either way, it was delicious. However, once again, I was destined to catch undersized pearlies and Snapper. In a desperate attempt to catch something legal, we made the call to head out deeper, and this is where we made a fatal mistake. We should have sounded around that depth and tried to catch some more quality fish, but we left fish to find fish. hmmmm We got out deep, and the current died, we were drifting at .2knots to nothing and could not raise a fish, and there were absolutely no shows. Worked this line and our marks for another 6 km but still nothing. So we head to the 33s near the bar until sundown. However, the current was hauling and even with the drogue we where drifting at 1.5knots making float lining pretty much impossible. A great day out and we went home with something to eat thanks to Dhess. ## also eomthign to note the Bonito cared for correctly and trimmed was superb grilled. On another note. i do not like to waste anything from an animal I kill to eat. I will recover as much meat as I can, this time removing the wings and cheeks on the large snapper. I turn the frames and heads into stock and freeze it to use in cooking. We pressure cook what is left and feed it to the chooks safely. The bones end up soft like in a Salmon can. Images Fish Stock in smaller sizes Dhess the bastard the esky half way through the day Bonito sashimi The Whales that came to visit the chook lovin the bones and meat Me quick gutting fish in prep for the stock pot. joined_video_0e78e2ed89274751b2a94ae313aeffad.MP4 Whales visit.mp4 whales.mp4
      5. I head out with Dom, Coco and Jacob a couple of weeks ago to make the most of the opening Snapper and Pearl Perch season. It was a great day, and we managed a few fish and got back some of our confidence being without a boat for a few years. It was so good to be back on the water and achieve a few brownie points at home with fresh fish. Fished the off Stradbroke Island finding some interesting ground.
      6. Just thought us southside boys would be all gentleman like and start the northside boys off with their first snapper for the state of origin comp. Going to be hard for the southside boys to beat this one Didnt get a measure on it but a fine specimen and released to grow up for the 2050 comp...
      7. My son and i headed out this morning for another snapper session. Although this time we decided to change it up a bit, so we left our normal spots alone, and also this was a catch and release session. The challenge was on to try some new ground even closer to the boat ramp and we both decided we were only going to use little 2-4kg bream rods with 8 pound line. I had found some interesting spots on Google Maps at home the other night, so after a short 10 minute trip from the ramp we arrived and sounded around and settled on the likely spot. Baited up our little Shimano Raider bream rods and little Sienna reels, sat back and before too long the little reels are peeling line off ! We managed four Snapper between 60cm and 74cm and then ran out of bait but had a ball, and needless to say we have a new mark to fish at and to research ☺ All fish were sent back down to swim another day.
      8. Sunday afternoon I got a call from @tugger. Weather was looking magic for Monday. Let’s head offshore and see what is doing. As usual I was so excited about going fishing, and knowing I needed to be up at 2.45am, that I hardly slept a wink. Got to Mark’s place at 4am to find him in the car waiting so we threw in my gear and off we went. We needed some pillies so off to his usual servo only to find it closed. After a bit of a hunt we found some really cr@ppy overpriced pillies at the 7Eleven. Loaded up with ice and off to the Raby Bay ramp to be on the water by 4.30am. Conditions were good crossing the Bay, and I think Mark could do that trip blindfolded. He is a great skipper and always points out places of interest along the way. Timing was perfect and we arrived at the bar right on first light. The bar was super smooth and we quickly headed to the livie grounds where bait was abundant and we soon had a heap of slimies and yakkas. Off we went to one of Mark’s favourite honey holes. The call was made by the skipper to not anchor and do some drift baiting with pillies. First drop and both rods loaded up with quality fish. Mark soon had his 61cm snapper onboard. I was fishing with 16lb leader and the fish on my line was big. Unfortunately the leader snapped at the hook and I lost my first trophy fish for the day. Here is Mark’s first snapper. We repeated the drift for a while, picking up some just under snaps and 3 in the 40s. I had upgraded my leader to 30lb, but still got owned a couple of times. The sun was getting higher and the bite had slowed so we motored out wider to fish in 60 metres of water. There were a few other boats in the area but the fishing was very quiet. We had lots of these flopping around and waving to us. We kept trying out wide for a while, then headed back to the first spot. We had tried the livies down deep for no real action, so Mark decided to stick one out on a balloon. It did get one touch but no hook up. Meanwhile I was getting pickered (thanks yet again Hamish) on pillies so decided to fish lighter. Turned out to be a good move and we soon had some good Moses perch over the side, some in the low to mid 40s. Somewhere in there Mark picked up a 50cm bonito for the competition leaderboard. By now it was lunchtime so we had a bite to eat and called it quits. Back across a nice flat bar and a quick trip back to ramp. All the fish were filleted and on ice by 3pm. Yet another fantastic day on the water. Thanks again for the invite, Mark. Here is the take home catch.
      9. So, in the spirit of being extremely competitive, @Old Scaley brilliantly concocted a cunning and calculated plan to scope the scene in preparation for next months comp. The plan was to have a sleep in till 6am and casually saunter over some spots around the river. It was a stunning but cool morning and Scaley Dog expertly slipped the boat (that more fish fear than any other) into the inky black waters of the boat passage and motored us out under cover of dawn-ness to the infamous rock wall at the mouth of the mighty and majestic Brisbane River. Just as Old Scaley had hoped for, the fishing was really quiet out where he had done well before. Like true legends we persisted and the two stoic southsiders were rewarded with 2 excellent bites. This told Old Scaley more than any Northsider could ever know. What this man gleans from 2 bites, most anglers don't know in a lifetime. A few moves around and we got closer and closer to our next fish and the rock wall. All the other boats left the area and Scaley Dog predicted that with the tide change, the fish would rise and we would smash a few crackers. The tide did change, it started to go out and the fishing, like the air temp, was hotting up. Scaley Dog lifted expertly on a good bite and was attached to a solid fish. It headed to the rockwall but the dog was not perturbed. He had seen a few briny beasts before and knew these clever old tricks, he quickly saw to these antics by expertly guided the piscatorial predator away from the rasping rascally reef ridden rocks and gained line on the furtive feaver-pitched fast fading foe. A bit of shenanigans from the oversized beast at the boat but I slipped the nicely knotted net, neatly under the bodaciously broad backed bream. It went 6 foot if it was an inch (using the official southside measuring tape, not the one in the photo). The dog decided it's throat was far too beautiful to slit so slid the shimmering shiny scallywag into the deep dark dampened depths. Who knew how deep these waters out here were. Many thought they could be hundreds of leagues to the sea floor, the sounder said it was 2m. The bite continued and I caught a massive beast of a snapper on my heavy gear. As a southsider I needed a bigger challenge so, like the stable genius I am, I expertly changed down to the 6lb line to sense the bites better and finesse the catch. Just as I predicted I preceded to loose 2 monster, potential competition winning, snapper when the line broke at the knot. This taught me more than I can say in any amount of 4 letter words. Old Scaley caught a few nice but unersized snapper to keep his hand in, not wanting to spook or disturb the 1.3m versions that he had lined up for the comp. I got a good sized bream that the Scaley Dog decided would make a nice dinner for his majestic maiden and we slipped it into the icebox. Not because we were not catching fish... we decided to head into the river to another prime spot. Old Scaly cracked a ripper snapper and I put on a slightly heavier leader and caught one too. It was time to go so we left them biting and called it a day. What a successful mission. All data collected will be distributed to the Southside team and this huge advantage will see victory again for the competition heavyweights.
      10. Found this in the courier mail, 3 fisherman caught with approx. 52 snapper with a catch weight of 61kg. fish caught from either Moreton Bay or Offshore Moreton/Straddie.
      11. I know it has been mentioned many times in posts on this forum but I thought it might be worthwhile to make a separate topic letting everyone know that we have now entered the one month closure for snapper and pearl perch in Qld. A mate who is not on this or other fishing forums called me yesterday to see when we were going snapper hunting and that made me realise that it would be easy to miss these changes. Let’s hope it has the desired effect long term. Here is further info.
      12. Hi, All, Headed out into the bay the other arvo in not so good conditions looking for a few early season big bay snapper. Grab some live baits headed to some slightly deep water for the bay. Got set up and started some drifts. Around 4pm I hooked a good fish that ran pretty hard and dropped the hooks cold, so we marked that spot and proceeded to drift this area in hope of another bite... another 1&1/2 hrs later and finally enticed one to grab a livie and keep the hooks in it. Few seconds after hooking mine .my mate hooked up as well. . Few moments later my mate netted my fish, then I his followed , put my fish in the esky and release his hoping for an upgrade later in the evening. Managed another fish similar size which was realised also as we had plenty for a feed.... About 7.30pm headed for the ramp in solid 15knot southerly. Cheers Josh <><
      13. Hey all, Got out the other arvo before the wind was forecasted to blow again from the south Headed for the Northern side of Mud hoping to get a snapper for a feed whilst the kids are on school holidays. Anchored up about 3pm and put some burley out and set some baits. Tide was running just nicely to float some baits back in to a little bommie in 8m of water. Didnt have to wait long as I was floating the 2nd bait back it got picked up by a good fish. Set the hooks and this one ran straight for the boat, few tense moments with the rear anchor but managed to get the net under her and fish on the deck. She went 6.1kg and about modn80cm Quick picture and straight to the esky. Decky and I thought to ourselves. Could be a hectic session. Next 2hrs nothing but catfish, 5pm came round and the wind has died off and the tide was ripping so we started cleaning and sorting the boat before dark to make the trip back to the ramp... As normal. You take your attention away from fishing and my rod goes off again. This fish ran hard for the bommie and had me tied up on 30lb gear for a minute but managed to get him out . Netted and straight in the esky. As by this stage im late for a 6.30pm appointment. . Glassed out bay made it to the ramp bang on 6pm and home at 6.30 as promised for the wife. pic below of the 2nd fish, one on the rod trying to get him back off the bommie and got a nice one of the sun setting just before hook up. Cheers Josh <><
      14. I was sitting on my front verandah this morning enjoying a leisurely late breakfast and thinking about the snapper closure kicking off next week. I haven’t landed a decent snap for months and usually the port area can be relied on at this time of year as a reliable source of those 40 to 50cm fish that go well on the line and on the plate. Then a number of things occurred to me: it was not raining; it was not windy; I had fuel in the boat; I had pilchards and squid in the freezer; there was a high tide in the middle of the day; I was free all day and the car was available until 3pm. I had no excuses for not going so I grabbed a bit of tucker for lunch and headed for the ramp. I decided to focus on areas close to the ramp that had delivered in the past, sounded around and found fish on the sounder but no hits on bait or plastics for the first hour. Moved up and out of the channel and found some bait schools so deployed the spot lock (love the electric) and was soon pulling in squire at the rate of a fish per cast. Trouble was they were all about 25cm, which seems to be my new limit. Fished up to the tide change and then headed home. So no keepers (hence the “short” snap sesh title) but still an enjoyable outing in great conditions. Maybe the bigger snaps will move in after the closure. Oh, and my new sunnies are fantastic. For all those viewers who enjoy my terrible photos of dead fish on a dirty esky, sorry there is nothing for you today, but here is an even worse photo of a live fish for your viewing displeasure.
      15. Well its getting closer to Snapper shutdown, all conditions were right on wednesday so decided to head out midweek to a favourite spot near green Island for the last fish for me for awhile. Spent some time the night before having some fun loading up with some locally caught fresh squid. Headed out at around lunch time, with a dead flat bay , and wasn't long before a 75cm snapper on board, and then another 69er After a hectic bite period i sat down pretty much exhausted and i looked up in to the sky because it was so bloody hot for a winters day, and i still thought how crazy it was to be catching snapper in shallow water (6m) at near midday. ( plus i also believe in shallow water once 1 or 2 snapper have been caught the school is spooked for awhile) Oh well, i shrugged my shoulders and decided it was time to crack open a JD and celebrate For shitsngiggles i put the snapper gear away, and baited up a 1-3kg bream rod which i usually use for catching squid on. Deployed a bait down on it and whammo ! The reel starts screaming on the bream rod with only 8 pound line on hahaaa ! The sporting aspect was great fun, although it took about 20 minutes to see colour and a big beautiful 70-80cm snapper came up through the clear green water near the boat. Okay by this time i am huffin and puffin and before i could slide the net under it....... ping goes the 8 pound !!! Lol Off it swam so graciously back down which sorta made me feel all warm n fuzzy inside ☺ Well maybe i had one too many JD's Cause as i packed up to head home i maaaaay have forgot to reel in the bream rod and it flew out of the rod holder into the drink..... wooooooops Still though , gotta be happy with 2 in the pink and 1 in the drink. Until next winter, Green Island Snaps....
      16. It has been a while since I’ve last gone fishing, mainly due to some pretty ordinary weather, and not wanting to battle with the weekend crowds. I decided to head up to Harry’s this morning for a little poke around, I wasn’t really feeling it though, it was pretty lumpy at 5:30am, slow trip out there, and with the breeze, I was all but freezing, Harry’s was stale, tried a few spots, did some drifts, to no result though, the wind was backing off at around 10am, so thought I’d give the West Peel artificial a go, I haven’t fished it properly before, have always just scooted through it, so I spent a little time sounding around until I found some likely looking ground, I worked the soft plastics pretty hard and eventually ended up nailing a 50cm grinner, dear me, things were not looking good, I knocked some fillets off him and put him to work on a running ball rig with a 7 0 hook, I didn’t take any bait out with me this morning, and was planning on only using plastics, I continued flicking around as my rod holder was taking care of the grinner fillet, I could see in the corner of my eye he was getting touched up by pickers, until all hell broke loose and line started disappearing, I’ll admit, first thought was a shark as it took off in the direction of Coochie, then came the head shakes, oh could it be I was thinking?,he had plenty of go in him and kept me pretty honest on the light gear, he fought the whole way back to the boat. Considering I managed to leave my landing net at home, I was lucky to get him in the boat, I had to resort to an unorthodox method of using the square bucket that’s in the pic, it wasn’t pretty, but I pulled it off. Having fought so hard considering his size, I decided he wanted to live more then I wanted fillets, so after the pic I gave him a little swim and off he went, the plastics didn’t end up firing and all I got after him was a shark around the metre mark on another chunk of grinner, the wind dropped off completely and made for a nice run back to the ramp, turned out to be a pretty good day really.
      17. Hi Guys As some of you may have already read, I am looking to do some over nighters in my boat - was going to consider Yellow Patch is wx was ok, but I was chasing snapper - is Yellow Patch ok for Snapper ?
      18. Well it's Snapper time in the bay again ☺ Been looking at seabreeze for a couple of days now and really wanted to head out on monday, tuesday or wednesday this week but the wind factor doesnt look good. I rarely go fishing in the bay on weekends but today was the opportunity where conditions were too good to pass up. Headed to spot x on the eastern side of Green Island with the Yammy singing at WOT where they were on the chew straight up. Kept a couple for dinnies and returned a few in the 40cm or so range back down to grow for a year or two ☺ Missed another two absolute horses, one while i was having a pee over the side (why does that always happen) A good solo trip just 25 minutes from the ramp and look forward to a few more before 14th july ....
      19. Well, due to all the chaos lately I’ve found myself with a fair bit of spare time on my hands, which can only mean one thing really... more fishing!. I set out from Cleveland point at around 5:15am the other day, and made a beeline straight for the promise land, halfway there I was starting to curse Seabreeze for giving a dodgy forecast, it wasn’t quite the 3kts predicted, but still quite manageable in my 4.2 tinny. Upon arriving at my destination I was beginning to have second thoughts, the minn kota was having trouble staying in the choppy water and the sun was just starting to creep up. I decided to persist and rigged up a 9” Z Man curl tail, I began flicking my offering around in hope of attracting the attention of a snapper, and low and behold, it didn’t take too long at all, the plastic got nailed after the 3rd cast, and I found myself connected to a substantial fish, a short battle later and I had him in the net. Feeling a little chuffed, and after a quick photo shoot, I sent him back on his way to fight another day, and then thought to myself, job done, now what?, keep fishing of course!. I changed sides in the tinny and began peppering casts off the portside bow, and once again my offering got devoured!, this was indeed something different, it had quite a lot weight and began pulling like a tractor!, hmmm, this is definitely not a snapper I thought, as I’m hanging over the gunwhales with the rod butt jammed in my gut, and after a few good runs I managed to gain the upper hand, it came to the surface and I couldn’t believe my luck, a decent Jew!, this was going to be fun trying to coax him into my little net, but I succeeded. I don’t know his exact size as my esky is only 820mm overall, needless to say he was hanging over both ends. After a questionable photo shoot with size 11 hoof in shot, he was happily returned to make someone else’s day, this was fast becoming a very memorable day on the water, the chop that had hampered the minn kota had all but sudued, and the conditions were as good as it gets. Well and truly on cloud 9 now, I kept flicking, and in less then 10 minutes was connected to another beauty! This fella was quite well behaved and didn’t mind laying on the esky to have his photo taken, he too was in good shape and went straight back in the drink, this was getting a bit ridiculous I thought, but I persevered and kept at it, only to be rewarded yet again this guy didn’t fare so well during the battle, so he ended up inside the esky. At this point, I needed a breather, I sat down and sucked on an ice coffee and just savoured the moment. After my spell I thought, I’d better keep going, and in no time at all, had another one in the boat!, by this stage it seems I had aroused the attention of a few nearby boats, I held up my quarry to show one of the approaching fisherman, and then speared him back in the water, only then to realise, I didn’t get a photo, bugger!, now now people, I’m familiar with the rules, if there’s no pic, it didn’t happen, but rest assured, the crayola have not made an appearance in this recollection. So the tally was a respectable 1 snapper, and 4 Jew all before 7:30am. It became apparent I was on fire, and couldn’t believe how the morning was unfolding, a quick trim up of the leader was required and I was straight back into flicking, and they just kept coming!, the school must have been huge!, and ripe for the picking. This fella was a little unruly, and didn’t want his photo taken on top of the esky, he much rathered the carpet as a back drop, after the shoot he too was sent back on his way. One of the boats that came over during all the commotion had a couple of old boys on it, and they asked me what bait I was using, I replied, no bait, just plastics, I hadn’t even gotten a chance to rig a floating pilly, as the action was just too hot, they were quite shocked as I proceeded to do battle with yet another monster. I held this one up to show the old boys who were fishing next to me, and in a friendly gesture, asked them if they wanted it, well bugger me, I’ve never seen someone pull an anchor up so quick in my life, and in no time flat they came alongside me with a landing net hanging over the edge to accept my gift. They were very grateful, and I was just as happy. I continued flicking and managed another hook up, only to have the leader snap down near the jig head, I then realised in my haste to keep going I neglected to check the state of the leader, and it cost me Jew number 7, mind you, I wasn’t really that phased, just a little disappointed about losing the plastic I’d already boated 7 fish with. As with all good things, it eventually comes to an end, and by 9:15am I made my way back to Cleveland point in some of the best conditions one could ask for, with a smile, and a feeling of accomplishment that will be hard to top for, for a very long time.
      20. A few weeks back now, myself and a mate headed out into the bay in search of some Snapper, it was an early start that Monday morning and we were armed to the teeth with quality fillets of mullet, fresh squid, and fresh green king prawns that were probably too good to use for bait. We fished the sunrise and weren’t doing too bad really, we managed a few undersized squire, and a couple of grassy’s, then my mate got a squire that went 37cm, so he was pretty happy. I decided to change tactics and rigged up a curl tail, second flick in, upon retrieval, got hit by a little school mackerel, nice, the little guy only went 45cm, he was quickly sent packing, the 3rd flick in, as I was hopping the plastic back to the boat, it got inhaled!, my mate knew straight away it was a quality fish, and quickly got his line in and assumed net duty, It fought quite hard and had a couple of good runs, but eventually surfaced and was guided toward the net, we were stoked!, a quality bay Snapper I snapped the pic with my trademark foot in the photo, and he was quickly dispatched, and put in the esky, alongside his smaller mate, he ended up weighing in at 6.1kg. What a morning!, I managed another hookup on an equally sizeable fish, but somehow dropped him during the fight, I’m still not sure what happened there, I didn’t have the drag locked up, so ruled out pulling it, I think he must have only just been hooked, and during his signiture head shakes managed to get free, oh well, you do get that, it was still a great day. A week after that trip, the weather was good so decided on a little early morning solo run, I pulled up to a spot and rigged a floating pilly to send out the back, then began working the plastics, it wasn’t too long before I snared this little garbage truck who managed to find his way into my esky. He measured 55cm, and unfortunately for him, I do enjoy their taste. The action died down, and the bumps all but stopped, I reeled in the floater that had been out the back for a couple of hours to assess its condition, and it was unmarked, at that stage I decided to start a drift and sent the pilly back out, I continued working the plastic for quite sometime before I heard the floater screaming off at a rate of knots!, wooo hooo! mackerel time!, that’s what I thought at the start, but soon began second guessing my call whilst fighting this fish, you can only imagine my surprise when a very respectable Snapper came up alongside the boat. He was around 82cm, I didn’t realise it at the time, but the arm of my sunglasses was in the pic, I do apologise for that, so after the pic I returned him to the water, swam him a bit, and he was back on his way. I ended up doing 1 more unproductive drift and then decided to make my way home, that Snapper turned a good trip into a great trip!
      21. Hi all this is my first post on the forum excluding my introduction post. I've moved to Brisbane from Hobart about six weeks ago and I've been doing as much fishing as time allows because I'm very keen to get onto some species we don't have down south. The missus moved us up here because of work and we've done a bit of traveling around because of that. Mostly just fishing with an 8ft general purpose rod 15lb braid 20lb leader and Paternoster rig or running sinker rig depending. Then while baits are soaking I like to have a cast with my 6ft spin 10lb braid 10lb leader with a variety of lures depending. Squidgies biotough flickbaits are my favorite. Then there's my shark rod 5ft Penn warfare with a Penn spinfisher 850 with 30lb braid 50lb leader and a wire trace. Live baits or large mullet pieces. So to begin with we were staying at redcliffe. I did a bit of bait fishing from the jetty for a few sessions but after only a couple undersized bream I decided it wasn't a spot for me. I wandered north a little and fished off queens beach a few evenings. During these sessions I got a couple grassy sweetlips, few large bream and a small snapper. Lost a few decent fish. One afternoon I had a go off the rock wall at the entrance to Scarborough marina. I got a decent sized catfish. I saw some birds working about 100 yards out into the bay so I banged a wobbler on my spinner in case they came closer. They didn't but shortly after I saw a large wake and swirl slowly moving against the grain of the water heading straight up into the marina. I thought it must have been the turtle I had seen getting about earlier but then I saw a narrow dorsal fin poke out. Excitedly I cast the wobbler across it and it did a big blowup but missed my lure. Two more casts for nought then on the fourth cast he had it and I was on. Apparently this fish was much bigger than I thought it was going to be because it screamed straight into the marina at high speed totally unstoppable headed for the boats. I stressed and put on as much pressure as I could without breaking anything and my lure popped out of his mouth. I guess he wasn't hooked real well because everything was intact. I was devastated and my hands were shakey for half an hour. Anyone have any ideas what it might have been? I did see him again later (or one of his mates) but way out of casting range. I don't think my gear could have handled him anyway. Then we went up to bundaberg for a few days. I was surf fishing just a little north of Elliot heads. That was great I got a large slatey bream, couple of Moses perch, three or four swallowtail dart and a GT. fished a little bit with the missus at Burnett heads and got a heap of little fish. Javelin fish, whiting, estuary cod, crescent perch and tiny baby Spanish mackerel. Got smoked by a big ray or something unstoppable. Since then we've been staying at Petrie. I got my first bass from kurwongbah and I've been doing a lot of fishing in the north pine river around dohles rocks. I've caught some big bream and catfish there but mostly I've been targeting sharks because on my first attempt there I later out the shark rod with a big ol mullet head for bait and I hooked up only to be bitten off. Mangled my wire leader. I've had a bunch of sessions there over the last couple weeks but no shark yet. I had a legal size bream on for live bait one night and I had a wicked run. Shark took the head half of my bream without getting hooked. Another night I was using small live catfish and something was yanking them off my hooks with short hard runs but again no hookup. I don't know if it was sharks or maybe something else? I've been using multiple hooks per bait since but no luck yet. I've also had a couple gos at woody point and deep-water bend. Just bream and a whiting and a few weird little aquarium looking fish and a couple small shovel noses. If anyone based north Brisbane wants a fishing buddy I'd love some company. I'd also love to get out on the water if anyone with a boat needs someone to pull the anchor! Beers and fuel on me. Haha. I'd also appreciate any advice Cheers thanks for reading
      22. Well its been a few months since ive wet a line, been busy at work and that bloody summer northerly keeps us from fishing most of our favourite marks in the bay. Last winter we returned to some of our old gps marks we have collected for 30 years of fishing the bay, and fished around Green and Mud Island for some great catches of Snapper. With summer well and truly upon us i was mindful that in years gone by, in summer, some of the bigger snaps seem to be found in the more southern bay, so was keen to fish Macleay Island when everything was aligned, and that opportunity was last night ☺ So my son and i left Viccy Point boat ramp late yesterday arvo, spent a few hours gathering bait, and then headed to our favourite spot at Macleay Island. Set the Minny on spot lock, with a gentle breeze, no rain and a flat bay☺ Wasnt long before one of the rods buckled over and line screaming off the shimano! ☺ , wooow this one was unstoppable and reel almost spooled and then it was all over... gooooooone, snapper 1 - fisho's nil..... That initial snapper run in the shallows is mind blowing and still has us gobsmacked everytime. Anyway next screaming spool wasnt too far away, and was really patient with this one, a blistering run like a freighttrain and could feel the head shakes and after a loooong few nervous minutes , out of the darkness of the water appeared a nice 80cm Snap ! ☺ Back to the boat ramp in 15 minutes, what a great fishing haven we have at our backdoor!
      23. Haven’t posted In a while so thought I’d throw up a quick report. Fished the Moreton bay classic two weeks ago with a few mates. Weather was good for most of the week and got plenty of time out on the water and very little sleep. Most of the week consisted of very little sleep, waking up in the middle of the night, trying to piece together a decent game plan or heading to the grounds before others arrived. Although a multitude of specie categories were available we decided focus efforts on snapper and tuskies as we thought this would be our best chance. We fished hard and spent most of the time on tuskies. After three days of persistence I finally raised our first and only bluey which at 9.5 kg had put us at the top of the leaderboard. This victory was short lived though as only 20 mins after I weighed in somone else we know weighed in a solid 11 plus kg fish. After this we decided to focus on snapper and got a few fish around 90cm with the heaviest going 6.1 kg which is pretty light for that size, and it seemed most of the snapper weighed In were also pretty light for big fish. I think the biggest snapper was only around seven kg. In in the end I was pretty stoked to take second In the tuskie category,( along with a custom built rod brand new reel and a tackle bag for prizes too) and can’t wait to learn a bit more about these fish and chase them again next year. Throughout the week we got plenty of tasty by catch from sandies to squid and grasses and was just good to have a week off of work with mates doing what we enjoy. Here’s a few more pics and hopefully another report soon if the weather holds for 1770.
      24. I have been promising to take Uncle Drop Bear out for a fish for many years now. He is a legend former Banana farmer from Mulumbimbi. He has a tinny down there and dreams of fishing the Brunny but never really gets around to it. He is up for the show today and we are going out to take advantage of the magic weather conditions expected for tomorrow. I'd love to take him offshore but I don't think he has had much experience in the deep and he is getting long in the tooth so, to make it a nicer day, a whiting trip is planned. With all the talk about cuttlefish I am keen to try for a few of these around Green on the way out. Perhaps try a drift or 2 for a snapper with a whole cuttlefish head then run over to the Sandhills to try for some whiting and some more squid. Uncle Drop Bear is only comfortable with Alveys (bless his cotton socks). That should mean I will only need 20 rods for the day. One whiting rod each, one squid rod each and one snapper rod each as well as 1 rod with a slug if we see some Tuna. I might chuck in a shark rod as well to try the sink hole as we will over that way. This trip has really been more than 30 years in the making. I hope I can get him onto a few fish. Wish us luck!
      25. Hi All, Quick report, Headed out the other night to try for a another snapper & to see if I could get one a bit closer to that magical double digit mark, Left the Ramp at 5.30 and on anchor just after 6pm, Had the whole place to ourselves Started to deploy the burley and 20minutes later the first fish hit the deck nice snapper around 83cm - Things where looking good, Kept plugging away and releasing another 6 fish in the high 70cm bracket. , we re-anchored after the tide changed and started the burley and putting baits back out and the decky's rod goes of very slowly, Sets the hook and just about get pulled out the back with serious fish running hard for the ledge. My 1st thought was a shark but the tell tale sign of a nice snapper started in the rod tip. Decky sorted it out pretty quick and I slid the net under another good fish. This was somewhere in the 94cm back, and went 8.2kg on the lie detector, Thing didn't fit in the 80L esky. Race home on a glassed out bay around 10pm... Hope you all took advantage of the good weather over the weekend. Cheers Josh <><