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      Found 20 results

      1. Hi All, Its been a while since my last fishing post and a long time since I last had a fish to be honest I think Australia Day was my last fish . Headed out with a mate from Tasmania who has not ever caught a decent shallow water bay snapper before , So the pressure was on . Lucky me, with literally months off the water and know knowledge of fish on the chew any where the search was on. Headed out for a quick bay snapper session Saturday arvo leaving Clontarf around just after 1pm to grab some live baits and then find some nice hard rubble bottom to anchor up on and burley in hope of a July snapper, After spending a couple of hours searching for live baits and finding some nice rubble bottom with a little drop off we anchored up about 3.45pm and started to burley up , send some baits back hoping some fish would come on the chew, After waiting close to 1hr (5pm), the 1st rod got lit up and the decky was into a nice fish with good head shakes, few tense moment as the fish ran for drop off with great intent , but some nice rod work and Ben had his head turned and coming to the boat nicely, few more small runs and I slid the net under a great fish , as we were dehooking this fish and getting ready for a few happy snaps - the other bait-runner went off hard , so I set the hook with it still in the rod holder - struggling to get this one out of the holder, I was now onto another nice fish which I felt running hard along the bottom almost straight away., after some back and forth action I slowly had nice snapper in the net and on the deck of the boat yay me, trip successful, So we quickly rest the baits and went about a few photos, after getting a shot of Ben holding both fish , both rods went off again with a big double hook up on 2 more cracking snapper at 75 & 78cm - which went back - I went checked the esky had a quick measure and with a 81cm & 84cm in the ice box I realized we where wasting out time. Ben had set another 2 baits out and whilst holding my Snapper for a photo we had another double hook up, Ill put the photo up of myself looking away at the back of the boat holding my fish with a concerned look of holy geeeeezzzzz. . We had another crazy 20minutes with about 5 more fish hooked and released totaling 11 for the session and taking the 1st 2 home for a feed, Both fish weight 6.0kg & 6.1Kg . Hope you all enjoy the read Cheers Josh <><
      2. The best part about not working any more is being able to pick the best days of the week to go fishing. Yesterday was certainly a cracker to be out on the water. Had a little solo trip to the front of the rock wall, leaving the port ramp about 8am. Pretty quiet with just a few very pretty wrasse, some bream around the 25cm mark and a sole to keep me entertained early. Not a single snapper, which is what I was looking for. Decided to move to a spot close by where I often find flatties. Threw a prawn on a bream rig while I tossed plastics around looking for the flathead. The prawn was taken by a winter whiting so I changed hooks and started feeding them half a peeled prawn. Gathered 19 in no time, and thought that would be enough filleting for one day, so moved into the river to see if I could bag a snap on the outgoing tide. Very quiet to begin with, but came on the chew 30 minutes before I needed to get off the water. Caught 4 or 5 that were around the 34cm mark and then bagged a decent 45cm model for the esky on my last cast. Overall a beautiful day on the water. Interesting too - I saw the Japanese warships and a sunken tinnie tied off to a channel marker. Never a dull moment down there. Here is a bad picture of a couple of dead fish. Thanks for reading.
      3. Hello all, Long time no post! I've been through a couple of years fishing hiatus, life hiatus really, due to health problems. I've lost the obsessive nature and passion I used to have with fishing but I'm happy to be involving myself every month or two in a fishing trip! And enjoying it which is the main thing. Unlike other sports such as golf I was pleased to discover that I haven't 'lost it'. It was great to find that fishing is an activity once you learn it you can't unlearn it, maybe just brush up on the basics and wrack the memory and you're good to pick up where you left off. Last month with a mate in his boat (I am now boatless and only have 2 rods and reels and hardly any lures! The true minimalist fisho) we headed out into the bay in search of tuna. From past years, the first of the westerly winds brings them in close to the western bay shore. And sure enough we found them within 5 minutes of looking. Successful day hooking up to 6 and boating 3 or 4, I can't remember. I don't really bother with photos much anymore but here's a couple of little cuties around 1m from a double hookup. I literally own 2 types of plastics and 1 stickbait which has actually made it a cool experience. I used to be so caught up wondering which of my 7836 lures to put on next and wasting time doing so. In the end sticking with something that has been proven in the past and keeping it in the water is what caught the fish. Funny that. This morning myself and Murray (same mate) went out in search of snapper in the shallows which was a bucket list item for him. Conditions were too still but I'm really glad he got one at 47cm, he has massive hands haha. That was about it aside from a couple of squid. Thanks guys! And hello to all of you I know and those of you I don't, I hope everyone is going well
      4. I woke up on Friday and looking at the weather I said to my wife that I should have gotten organised and gone for a fish only to be told that she had no intention of spending a day listening to me moan about how I should have gone out on the water. So after fuelling up the car and boat I set out to catch the last of the run out tide and fish the incoming. I decided to try my luck on the front wall of the port because I haven’t fished that area for ages. I wasn’t expecting much because of the small tides and my lack of preparation but the weather was way too good to be anywhere but on the water. Apparently half of Brisbane felt the same way because the parking area was absolutely chockers by the time I got there at the crack of 9am. Must have been a lot of sickies taken that day. Had some frames left from recent trips so put the pots in close to where I would be fishing and then started to drift along the wall throwing plastics towards the wall and had a lightly weighted half pillie on my baitrunner out the other side. The plastics were not getting a touch but I got a good run on the baitrunner about half an hour into the session and pulled in a nice little 40cm snap. A bit more drifting and I managed another 5 smaller squire that were released to fatten up through the winter. Then I moved to a little spot I have a bit further out that often holds flathead. I was using a bright orange and yellow 4 inch paddle tail that came out of the specials bin at the tackle shop. Landed 4 smaller models just under legal length before hooking up to a really nice fish of around 60cm which I dropped beside the boat while I was organising the landing net. The bite stopped then so I went back to where I was catching the snapper and anchored up. There was so little run in the water and no wind at all so the anchor rope was just floating around on top of the water most of the time. Had a steady stream of hook ups and got absolutely owned 3 times. At least one of them was a really good snapper because I got it close enough at one stage to see it but it busted my 10lb leader. The other 2 could have been sharks because I did get 3 sharks around the 1.2 metre mark to the boat and the leader was cut through rather than snapped when I lost the battle on 2 occasions. Also got a few of @kmcrosby78‘s favourite fish and could resist a photo because I know how jealous Kelvin gets when I catch grinners. I packed it in early in the arvo and picked up the pots. Only managed 4 keeper sandies from 4 pots but still they made a nice entree for the baked snapper main meal that night. Overall a pretty good day for a late decision and maybe a good indicator that we are going to have a good snapper season again this year.
      5. Thought I’d share my latest fishing video - I team up with Rob Kriz from Robs fishing adventures and we have an amazing fishing session on Port Phillip bay around Black Rock. We launch from Altona in some choppy conditions and eventually anchor in Black Rock after coming across a nice school in the Simrad sounder. Thankfully the wind and swell calms down and the fishing action is frantic as we catch heaps of good size pinkies, snook, whiting, and then finally into a school of big salmon. There's no better way to break the new Savage Gear 1DFR rods. Gear used Savage Gear 1DFR 3-5k inshore rod, Stealth 2000, 9.3 Adrenaline braid, Fat Curl tail soft plastics in motor oil which was a deadly combination for the day. If you enjoy the video then please sub the channel. Regard Al - FishingMad
      6. Been out of action for a few years - don't ask ( rock fisherman since my teens on worse I did was a dislocated elbow , but I injured my knee in a slip stepping into the bloody shower at home !! and I've not been fishing since) .I've lost touch with most the old timers and regulars (snapper and jew specialists) I used to meet up / fish with and have a yarn with since I banged up my knee . Hoping to be break out the jewy and snapper rods, my trolley, and big alveys , now I'm getting mobile again, but it's bloody long walk from the car park to the Shark Hole or the end of Nobbys and if the snapper are no longer being taken from there I wont bother going. Similarly I'll give it miss if that ratbag pro fishermen is still running out a gill net along the entire length of Nobby's Wall on the harbor side , or if that other pro fishermen has dozens of lobster traps all the place from Flat Rock to the end of the wall. I don't like loosing terminal tackle or fish to gill nets or lobster pot ropes . So , any reports of good snapper or jewies still being caught by the regulars on Nobby's Wall in the last year or two ? I wont fish for jewfish from Stockton Wall , too many pests there who cast over you and too many people with sticky fingers ( I had my both my livebait pumps knicked one night while I was gaffing a good jewfish for someone else ).
      7. Hi Guys Got 20-30 kg squid fresh I'd like to pass on. Not frozen import. Local stuff. SM Arrows Canx order. Boss says must go by midday 07/03/19 as fresh caught. Brisbane pick up. I'll check in again at 11pm then 2-3am off to freezers after that. PM for details
      8. Hi everyone new to this site and reef fishing been estuary fishing up to now have recently purchased a 5.7m formosa with a 130hp Yamaha. Looking to start fishing the northern end of morten bay would love to get my hands on some snapper and pearlies what's the best way to find some spots to start at is there a site that lists GPS spots at all not having much luck finding any
      9. Hey guys just wondering if anybody knows how deep it is off the beach around queens beach. Looking at going fishing around there sometime soon thanks
      10. Hi guys just wondering if anyones had any luck around redcliffe for snapper off land I went out today off a rockwall close to the jetty but had no luck alot of locals say night time is better but i couldnt cast far enough i had 2 rods out a baitrunner paired with a shimano triton 6-10kg rod and a strikerunner on a 12 ft rod both reels spooled with 20lb line and really long leaders roughly a metre-metre half to 2 snelled 4/0 baitholder hooks had a 4 sinker down to a swivel on the surf rod and the same rig on the 7ft just a lighter sink i had whole pillies and mullet slabs for bait just wondering if my leader was to long for casting or baits to heavy Apparently the location is very good at timea for a range of species but im looking to catch snapper,squire or sweet lip
      11. Hi guys just wondering if anybody has had any luck fishing the passage at bribe been hiring boats there the past month but haven't found any decent fish I've tried all the spots the hire guy told me about but with such limited time it's hard to properly fish them also any advice on reading the lowrance fish finders I assume when you are anchored the screen keeps scrolling and every new image that's scrolls past is what's directly underneath the boat?
      12. Hi guys just after some advice on land based spots in the sunny coast to catch snapper hoping to stay overnight
      13. Hey All, I noticed the wind was dying out around lunch time yesterday so a quick decision was made to go have another crack at a big bay snapper, Launched from the Cabbage Tree Creek at Sandgate for a quick run to the bait grounds where we found some big live yakkas ( the type you need 2 hands on to rig up) after 15-20mins loading the bait tank we headed off to see if the fish where going to play the game, not long after that We arrived at the designated area and started drifting , Pretty much straight away the wind started picking up from the WSW and made fishing this area impossible, the call was made to move a back to another area and anchor , float some baits, burley up and play the waiting game hoping the big fish would bite on the tide change right on sunset, about 5pm the bait runner spooled with 15lb mono gets lit up and we have fight a fight on our hands, with structure both to the east & west of where we are fishing and the fish pretty much doing what it liked under the drag pressure I could apply there where a few tense moments especially when it started heading for the rear anchor, the Decky quickly sorted that out and grabbed the net and slid it under another decent bay snapper, , Around about 10mins later the heavy overhead goes off and the decky is on , this fish pulled a lot of line on its first run and not the usual snapper run we are used too here, after about 10-15mins we called it for a large cobia that would had been about 30kgs, just out of reach of the gaff the line broke and it got its freedom , After that it was pretty quite, So I made the call about 6pm to head for home, The run home was pretty good until we got to the measured mile marker area where we felt the full brunt of the 15-20knot WSW, . Back on the trailer just after 7pm and home around 8pm kept me in the good books with the Wife and kids Cheers Josh <><
      14. The bay was like pea soup with a thick blanket of fog as we left the ramp after reaching the rainbow channel it cleared and it was a good run to the bar so calm on the bay it was quite eerie. After we crossed the bar we headed to the livie grounds and the bar dissapeared as the fog moved over it but we stayed ahead of it the rest of the morning we ran over to the rock after getting only 4 yakkas. We started drifting 1st up and both 1st drops were smashed and line peeled off the reels with both Alan and i having trouble getting the bail arms over on the spinning reels my fish felt big with wicked head shakes eached time it stopped peeling line. Alan had a bigger fish on and could not turn its head it peeled line only stopping to shake its head then tear off again but it found a sharp edge on the reef. My fish gave its best to not leave the bottom but i finally got a few winds on the reel eventually gaining line and closing the distance back to the boat the fish came in to view and the colour red was called Alan did the net work and we put a good snapper in the boat. We kept the drifts going and i hooked another good fish putting another snapper in the box around the 60cm mark things looked good The snapper slowed after a couple more were landed so the decision to anchor and berley up brought on some more fish we were also able to drop some livies down. The current was moving well past the rock and this had the fish still in the mood. The yakkas got monstered and these brutes were having none of seeing the surface they soon reefed us every time. The snapper were qaulity with 2 fish around 45cm another 3 snapper around 50cm 1 just under 60cm and the 72cm model. The current stopped and so did the fish so we headed home to fillet some fish and drink some beer the run home was as flat as the run out topping off a perfect day out.
      15. Hi guys just wondering if anybody has had any luck with snapper landbased around redcliffe/scarborough i have caught a few small ones but nothing of legal size ive also heard stories of people catching jews here aswell
      16. Hey guys having abit of trouble choosing a surf set up to target snapper,jews and tailor ive been looking at the shimano aerowave surf rods but cant decude between the shimano ultegra ci4+ and the shimano baitrunner longcast or baitrunner thunnus anybody have any input or experience with any of these
      17. Hi All, Hopefully you all had great weekend with the fantastic weather , Headed out Sunday after lunch to chase a few more bay snapper on the run out tide, We left the ramp about 1pm to go and get some live baits and do a little bit of searching before having a crack at a few snapper on the gravel patches & ledges in the northern part of the bay. We did some exploring and found a few tiny isolated bumps to no avail, we loaded up on yakka in a matter of minutes getting full strings of solid snapper lollipops, We started off with some drifts and we managed to put a 40cm grass sweet lip, a 55cm & 60cm squire in the esky. Moving around and drifting different areas after each fish, We lined up for the 4th drift and I left the 15lb overhead In free spool with ratchet on whilst ill sorted a few thing outs on boat, heard the overheard give away 2 ticks on the ratchet and thought that was a little strange , picked up the overhead & felt a little bit weight but nothing happening, So I free spooled a couple of meters of line back, locked up and struck and was slammed hard with the fish running hard back to the east looking for the ledge (silly fish as ledge was back west) after a few moments of umming and arrghing ( me thinking it was possible a shark) I managed to get some line back and felt the head shakes of a solid snapper going 82cm and about 6ish KG, Moved again and started another drift, and this time we had a few small fish but we had the wind coming from the NE and out going tide which made our drift nice and slow and we seem to head through this area perfect along the SE-NE section of the area . Floating another bait down and letting a lot of line of our to entice something I was then hit again , but very timidly , So I struck hard again and got a about 3-4 winds on the little shimano TR200g overhead and this thing lit up and took off harder than the 1st, bit of a struggle and back and forth I finally started gaining line, and managed to get it up to the net for the decky to do his part, fish netted and another solid bay fish hits the deck, this one being solid again & going 86cm and similar in weight to other, After this it went a little quiet with my decky getting another squire about 50cm for the box, Buy this time it was getting dark and cold and the wind was increasing from the NE So we made the run for the ramp, Good arvo out with some quality fish and great conditions Look forward to seeing everybody's reports from the weekend, Cheers Josh <><
      18. A stunning forecast for Friday saw me and @tugger scramble to the South Passage bar. With the cooler mornings of late we hoped that the 33s would show some nice snapper. 5 to 10 knots WNW made a nice crossing of the bay in the full dark and we quickly made it to the SPB as the first grey light poked through the few clouds and distant rain on the horizon. I tied on a bait jig by torchlight and we made ready for the bar. A simple crossing with one big bump and we were out. The wind more westerly here and perfect conditions saw us at the bait grounds very quickly. About 10 other boats followed us through the bar taking advantage of the good weather before the nasty change predicted for Saturday morning. My bait jig had gotten wet at some stage on a previous trip and had only 2 hooks that were not rusted out.... Tugger found one in the tackle box and we got about 8 yackers. Out to the 33s. With not much wind it was easy enough to float down pillies with small sinkers. it is about 65m deep here so a bit tricky to find the bottom without a massive sinker but not too bad. Tugger showed me some subtle changes to my bait presentation so that the hooks were more exposed. I got 2 small snapper and Tugger got one small keeper at about 40cm. After a few hours and not many fish, with perfect conditions headed to Boat Rock hoping that we could get in close. There were 3 other boats here, the closest one had 6 blokes on it. With a gentle westerly and not much current we anchored in close, right in the Honey Hole and dropped pillies and live yackers and floated out a slimy under a balloon. Bang, Straight on. We pulled in fish after fish but they were mostly small. The boats around us were pretty ****** that we were doing so well and they had not raised a fish. Tugger battled something we hoped would be a cracker only to find a Chinaman fish that we sadly let go. Stunning fish especially when they are young like this one. I caught a stack of Trevally. Mrs Drop Bear and I are going to a dinner party on Saturday night. so I phoned the host to make sure we had enough but not too many and we released all the trevally after I got the 5. The Moses perch came on in waves. Tugger caught the biggest one. I busted a hook off and a sinker off and dodgied up the Paternoster rig. It looked a real mess but still worked fine. Tugger got a grassy... well we think it is a grassy. We let it go as we had enough fish and weren't sure as it had very rusty colouring. Tugger yelled and I looked down to see a massive whale shark cruising under the boat. I don't think you can see it properly as the sun was in the wrong place but I got a pick of it. So exciting to see it I had no idea that they were around here. I think you should be able to make out its tail? We bagged out on the Moses and threw one back. We caught 4 snappers here to add to tuggers one at the 33s and I took an ok sized goat fish to try. The wind started up from the north and I had to do some OzFish stuff so we pulled the pin at 1pm. The wind was still slight and made for a nice trip past Point Lookout and Shag rock. The bar was easy as the swell only 1m and we even made it over the shortcut. "If it looks too shallow then give her heaps" but it didn't look too shallow at all today. Thanks @tugger for another amazing trip. Your ability to constantly catch fish is amazing. Look at all these fish!!!! Yew!!!!! We are going to feast like kings this week!!!!! I will try and get some photos of the trevally when I cook them up. Thanks
      19. Hope to find some big snapper on the chew with Robbie but if not I do have a plan b and c should have a report to follow our trip out
      20. Hi all. Headed out from scarborough at a very gentleman like time of 10am for a go on a early season bay snapper and maybe get my mate from tassie his first bay sweetlip or snapper . We had a lightning run @58kph across the bay to our 1st spot to see about 5 boats bang on the area i intended on fishin. All i moved away from the other boata and sounded around and found a good show whilts waiting for the tide to change before we started fishing. With the NE wind going to kick in around the the tide change i knew the other boats would leave once it filled in. The boats moved on about 12.30 whilst we put a 45cm cod 2 x 40cm grassy sweetlip and a 42cm moses pearch on board. Around 1.30pm i saw a ship coming up through the spit fire and realised i had an old mark in the shipping channel that produces good fish after a ship passes the ledge .Putting a old theory to the test we got ourselves in behind the container ship about 100m up current from the ledge and sent out 2 baits and i was lit up on my 15lb mono overhead which i normally dont do in this spot as the fish run hard for the ledge and i have been done over many times on 40lb tackle. Well this time the fish ran east and i managed to turn him after a few heart in mouth last effort lunges before my Decky slid the net under a solid bay snapper going 6kg exactly. Whilst i was sorting out a new rig my decky Ben dropped his bait down and was slammed hard and 15lb was ripping of the tr200g overhead and my 1st thought was another snapper. Not this time tho. After a bit of coaching Ben had his 1st cracking bay Grassy sweetlip goin 61cm and about 4kg. With the ENE wind building and tide running out hard now the bay was starting to get messy amd plently of filletts to feed us. So we decided to secured everything and I pointed the Surtees in the direction of the scarborough boat harbour and made our way for the ramp with a happy deckie and plenty of smiles and stories to tell. cheers Josh <><