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      Found 8 results

      1. Sorry for the lack or reports of late. Lack of internet and loads of work have gotten the better of me. As many of you know I have moved to Bowen about 8 months ago and have now finally got the hang of GT fishing the inshore areas. From having never caught a GT over 5kgs about 6 months ago my new gear and lure collection is finally showing its worth! Just going to post bulk pics from the past few months as I cant remember too much detail, too many beers between sessions maybe.... Plenty of sessions involving double digits and some of those solo too. Biggest so far ~30kg.
      2. Today was meant to be some amazing GT fishing but unfortunately my 8 month old Yamaha 4stroke had other ideas and I was forced to take my mexican (NSW) visitors fishing landbased. We decided to chase some jacks with an arvo storm looming, and although it wasnt red hot I was happy to nail my PB by 9cm. I stalked up to my favorite snag and landed my lure right in the edge of the drop off and had a huge swirl on my Nories wakebait within seconds and a more commited stike just seconds later. After a long nerve racking tussle I managed to clear the jack of danger on my 2500 stradic with 8lb braid and 12lb leader to guide it into the net. Stoked to hit 63cm landbased! My dad managed a solid fish of about 40cm on a plastic also which was a pb. Overall a good result considering the lack of boat. Hopefully be back on the water tomorrow!
      3. Been putting a few hours into the local lately and starting to get a few results. Set a mission to get a fredd off surface and finally nailed a 109cm.
      4. Hi all, I recently have moved up to just north of Bowen for work and have managed a few sessions out since being here. My first day out was a cracker with my old man who helped me move up. We went out to Gloucester island and did some exploring. As we circumnavigated the island we started fishing the edges with plastics and stickbaits. It wasn't long before a school of small longtail appeared at the front of the boat and smashed my stickbait. Unfortunately I pulled the hooks and my dad didn't hook up. The next bay around we were graced with the company of 2 mantas circling the boat. We continued down to hydeaway bay were we managed a selection of small reef fish as well as a legal coral trout. With the sun getting high in the sky and the the fishing slowing we decided to head back. As we were heading in I spotted some splashes on the surface. I sounded over them and saw some solid arches. I told my dad to send out the bait rig whilst I jigged. Within seconds he came up tight on a solid fish. 15 minutes later came up the biggest jew I have ever seen maxing out my 130cm brag mat. Unfortunately due to the fight and susceptibility of Jew to barotrauma we could not release this beast. I had one quick jig on the school again and came up tight on a fish a bit smaller but still a p.b for me. This one had a shorter fight and didn't go deep so released with a weight. Cracked start exploring new ground!! More to come of my latest adventures
      5. I recently forked out and replaced my Yamaha 40 2 stroke for a brand new 60hp 4 stroke and have been dying to get away and give it a proper work out. A short run in at Noosa to make sure I was happy with the configuration led to a trip to Hervey Bay the following weekend. The first day saw me set out solo in hope of some surface action first thing followed by a run up turkey beach to fish the drains on the run out and to return to chase tuna and anything around them. First spot was quite and led me to my next spot which was fishing well. After positioning myself on a ledge a few casts connected me to a solid queenie. A few more casts and another smaller queen followed by a solid broad bar off the top too. As the sun rose I managed a few more queenies and some missed fish and decided to head up the river. Unfortunately I was a bit late and the tide was mostly so I only managed a small flathead, a pike and some sea toads. I moved back out and started chasing some tuna around the straits near kingfisher. The tuna were being fussy but a drop under hooked me up on my new certate with line screaming, the hooked popped though and I repositioned. Next drop connected me to a solid little gold spot to christen the new reel. I started heading back to camp and had a flick which found me a few more queenies. Then I was happy to call it a day. Next morning was glamour conditions which meant a run up to platypus bay for a look around. There wasn't much surface action but found one school of tuna that were willing to play and first cast with a zman on 3000 tate resulted in a smoking spool. Ten minutes later a solid little mac tuna came up. The lack of action up north changed my plans so I headed back up the straits. The second day proved harder work with not much action. I managed a nice little big eye on a plastic fishing the current on the reef edge. The fishing slowed down but was happy to finish on a nice little queenie and head home at a reasonable hour. I managed to clock up 14hrs on the new motor in a day and a half which was a good run in and O am now happy and comfortable with the new donk!!
      6. Managed to capture a great trevally strike right at the side of the yak last weekend. Water was only around 40cm deep and there must have been around 10cm of line left. Took me by surprise thats for sure. Also managed a few other fish on the surface and soft plastics.
      7. With the windy weather of late the boat has been stuck in the garage but my desire to get out hasn't gotten any less. With an afternoon off I decided to throw the yak on the roof and head down the coast for an explore and maybe a GH fish. I got to a spot near the goldy where I had caught GH in the past but the water didnt look as good as I had hoped and I slipped over and drowned myself and my spirits before I even wet a line. I decided to head back along the coast in search of a sheltered sandflat to pepper instead. It wasn't until I reached Wellington point that I found shelter from an angry southerly and decided to wade the flats given I had already been swimming and it was raining. I could see plenty of bait and activity on the mangrove edges and it wasn't long before I came tight on the first fish on the sugapen. A healthy bream came ashore as a consolation prize for persevering in the less than ideal conditions. Only a few casts later came a solid hit which found an algae cover pneumatophore to pin me to and earn its freedom. Luckily I managed to get my lure back. In the distance there was some solid surface action with large baitfish showering and the odd boil which looked to be either mackerel or trevally but were out of range of my lure. As I continued to wade the edges the bite really took off with whiting fighting over my lure cast after cast. My final tally was in the mid 20s of whiting and another bream in the mix as well as a few longtom. One of my highest whiting scores on lures. I would estimate about 8-10 legal fish with the largest being 30cm and as fat as they come. Overall a good outcome given the unfortunate start and poor conditions.
      8. Hey friends heres a bit of footage from a good little skinny water bass session in the lead up to summer please give me some feed back and what you like to see and what you dont like to see from a viewers prospective that would be great thanks -Brandon